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Thursday, June 10

postheadericon Tila's "Wigging" Out!!

Today the bobbleheaded mutt is so "subtly" trying to bait you mean ol' haters into calling the police on her again.

Now, I KNOW you all are SO EXCITED to see the "picture" she's talking about, right?!  The BEST part of this picture is that she actually thinks that she's going to pass this picture off as a "current" picture.  Notice the fucked up wig.  Someone like Tila loves to post pictures of herself and when people love who they are they love nothing more than to post the most recent and up to date photos ... that is ... IF they look good.  You see, Tila has no real recent photos and the most recent ones that she DOES have we've picked apart and talked about how meth-face and strung out she looks.  So what does she do?  She goes and finds the ones of her with the platinum wig so that she can try and pass it off as something current.  Cute ... really, it is.  Check out the date on that bitch:


Does she realize how easy she makes this for me?  You can tell she's running out of shit to threaten.  She's going back on the ranting cycle.  I also notice that she still hasn't given her army that she cares so much about an explanation as to what happened and how she is doing.  She hasn't explained to them WHY she'd put something up on the internet like that for attention.  Instead she is rallying them up to forget about her lies and continues to focus on how mean all of you and I are!

Here Tila, I figured you might want some recent photos posted being as that it seems you're a bit shy about how you look right now.  It's okay, your army will love you no matter how you look, right? 

Courtesy:  MissTilaOMG

I'm sure her "lawl-yer" keeps giving her this mind-blowing advice to keep baiting everyone that she claims to be so fearful of.  If so, she should stop giving him blowjobs for free legal advice FIRE him PRONTO!!  You can't engage in mutual combat and then scream victim silly!


Hope said...

HO-LEE-SHIT!!! Warn a sista before you post Tilas current phots. I haven't laughed till I peed in a long long long time!!!! I knew that photo wasn't current. I've said it a million times over there to her, She has a bunch of computer nerds that can call her on her bullshit when she posts lame old shit. I said it when she posted that bullshit last week when she was called on it. And she's dumb enough to keep doing it.

I know you read the comments here Tila. Give it up already.

Madame Toast said...

I haven't studied law but isn't there something about keeping your trap shut during an investigation or impending court case?
I would think her MOST POW-ER=FUL ATTORNIES at this point, would have advised their client to cease addressing the "haterz" and keep it on the DL on the blog until everything came to light, you know...papers being served, people arrested, etc etc.

I'm interested to see how this storyline ends...what will be the excuse when there is no case and nobody goes to jail? or will she just claim they did and now she is going after the people that took their place...
the ongoing battle of Tila and her army of mentally gifted minors!

oh lawd.

Anonymous said...

You know she looks like that IRL. Lol, it's funny how she tweeted that she was gonna eat a turkey burger last night. I guess she was able to save enough money over the weekend to eat something else besides ramen sprinkled with fairy dust.

Sandy said...

Bwahahahaha at her tits in that red belt. OMG I think I may have peed myself laughing! What else do we have here? Contacts and fake lashes? Check. Tan in a can? Check. Ghetto nails for a klassy touch? Check. Plastic Barbie hair? Check.

She is the epitome of understated elegance.

PS: Looks like Hope had the same reaction I did, LOL!

kellymae said...

Bwahahahaha she looks like my best friend Seths Bubie. Seriously, I just told him he had to come and look at this and he is rolling on the floor because it looks so much like her.

livvey said...

She is so dumb she doesn't realize all her antics harm the potential of her gossip blog to be anything but train-wreck watch.

If she is already resorting to this to drive people to her website, think of what she'll have to do next. My guess is sex tape leak.

Anonymous said...

Oh God, her boobs look absolutely disgusting in that second picture. I'm definitely going to have to claw my eyes out after that disgusting shit. Rotty, prepare yourself, for I'm going to contact Tila's oh-so "POWerful lawyers" and sue you for causing me such distress.

Eduardo Retardo said...


Been there, done that.

So she threatened to sue them if they didn't take it down. She claimed it was stolen off of her laptop that got stolen once. NOW SHE SAYS IT ISN'T HER.

You can totally find the articles about it on TMZ. So much for being a big ol' lesbian, huh?

livvey said...


I can't check the link because I'm on my work computer and that link scares me!

So we have:
Leaked sex tape. Check.
Proclaiming a mental disorder. Check.
Faked a suicide. Check.
Sex tape. Check.

It's pretty scary what lengths she will go to for people to notice her.

livvey said...

Oops, I put in one too many sex tapes.

I guess I'm just trying to be a psychic.

Alabama Worley said...

Holy shit on the last photos hahahaha. I about died. I really like the added "belts".

Alysha said...

Thats from when she had those dumb handcuffs and shit on her nails, they are old.

kristi said...

Dude...those last pictures are so gnarly. I honestly have no more words, and now I have to go dry my eyes from the gagging.

BigPoppaPhat said...

Shes posting old photos on Myspace too, back when her hair was long and brown. She looked ALOT more healthy IMHO.

Joann said...

She tried that bait shit last night when she tweeted she STOLE an exclusive from TMZ on the Mary Jane Girls/Rick James and put it on her piece of crap gossip site. I made a comment about it on a prior post.

The skank probably don't have any money to pay Mr Vo or whatever his name is to re-bleach her hair and it looks like a hideous rat's nest or she looks so bad she's ashamed to take a current picture knowing even if she photoshopped it, it still would come out looking beyond bad.

RockitQueen said...

My god, her boobs look painful. I can't believe she didn't rupture one of those back-alley saline bags while she was rolling around on the red carpet.

And what the fuck is that crap on her nails?? It looks like hardened frosting.

K.R. Omen said...

Oh God, I peed a little. That shit is so wrong! LMBAO!

ari said...

Ewww; My eyes! :(.

On a 2nd note, LMFAO bobblehead!

I was listening to a song called that no too long ago: "Christina Aguilera - Bobblehead."

Instantly made me think of Tila :].

The shit should be her theme song.

Jacqueline said...

Ha ha....I am out of words...great Job guys:)