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Thursday, June 10

postheadericon Listen up Tila's Army and other supporters!

To any and all who question our motives for 'giving Tila attention, even if it's negative' or 'hurting her bitsy little feelers', I'll tell ya: We are trying to get Tila to take ACCOUNTABILITY for her words and actions. Will we succeed? Probably not. But, as long as there are innocent people out there who are hurt, if not CRUSHED, by Tila's lies and controversy, then I will be here, in a chain gang with my gals Rotty, Uncle Eddie and Gnomie at my side.

This blog has only been in existence for less than 4 and 1/2 months. Tila's shenanigans went on long before that. I think this blog and the others in the Big 3, have actually put a damper on her shit. Look where she was going with her lies in the months previous: Shawn Merriman accused of beating up the skank. I think she set him up. Way to ruin a hardworking man's career. 

The Game accused of being a DEADBEAT DAD, and cheating on his girlfriend, and the bitch was not even pregnant, nor had ever met him. Can you imagine what his girlfriend and family thought and how hurt and embarrassed they may have been until that mess was cleared up? 

The poor 'stalker' outside her last building, who turned out to be a well-known and well-liked 'special' guy in the neighborhood who was doing what he had always been doing, sitting in front of Tila's house, never threatening her, never harassing her. Tila had the media and police come down on this poor guy. Can you imagine how scared he was? Can you imagine how his family may have felt because of her unfounded and unwarranted actions? 

What about the minors she invited to her ustream parties where she undressed and spoke provocatively? You want your kid to witness that? 

And what about this phony charity that she 'started' and then advertised on her site, pleading with her army to donate in memory of a heavy menstrual period. 

And then look at the Casey Johnson controversy ,probably the single most heartless situation ever perpetrated by one person. This poor woman died ALONE. I don't know Tila's contribution, if any, to that death, but I do know her contribution to the clusterfuck that followed and it was one of the most horrifying displays of selfishness and downright meanness anyone could muster, to stab her family in the heart in their most vulnerable and gutwrenching times. The fact that bitch still has the audacity to speak Casey's name out of her herpetic mouth and continues to lie about her relationship with her, is one of the biggest travesties I know. Can you imagine if someone you cherished died a horrific, tragic death,and then would forever after be linked to Tila Tequila in such a vile and ugly manner?

My question to those who question our motives or methods is this: Why the hell don't you support a group of people who raise their voices against such insults against humanity and community? Why do you sit back and pass judgement on those of us who put ourselves on the front line (ooooooh, now I'm talking military terms like Tila!) and cull through her stories and pull the bullshit so you can make your own determination, based on truth, about whether this person is worthy of being on your child's Facebook account. You know what, I'm a snarky ass bitch. I don't apologize for it. I own my bitchiness and if that bitchiness comes out when I report on Tila's lies, then so be it. I can be truthful and bitchy all at the same time. They're not mutually exclusive.

Do I care if I hurt Tila's feeling in the process of exposing her shit? Nope. She's not the delicate little lotus blossom she'll have you believe. She's cold, calculating and manipulative. In Tila's world this equals POW MOGUL. In my world it equals very dangerous human being to all who cross her path.

Does she get off on our attention? Undoubtedly. Does this attention keep some of her more bizarre and harmful actions in check because she realizes we'll call her on it? I'm pretty damn sure we've succeeded there. You think she's going to have any more visits from Jane or suicide hoaxes in the near future? I'd say probably not.


Mason McDuffie said...

I appreciate what you guys are doing. When she first came out I was like this girl is a breath of fresh air. Over the years I look at her now and all the things she has done and cant believe people still listen to her. I know those looking for love shows are fake, but at times you could kinda see pass the facade she put up. She is just like you say, a cruel fame hungry sick individual. You have a loyal follower from me. Keep up the good work.

boytoy said...

very good and well written fatty.
I really dont think tila at all cares what anyone thinks/writes about her. She may or maynot come to this site but keep it up.

Clementine said...

I don't understand the "leave her alone she's harmless, she just wants attention, blah blah blah" stance at all.

If my neighbour acted the way she does I would make damn sure that they were held accountable for their actions. Tilas 'hood is the internet where lots of young naive kids can be manipulated into believing her because it makes them feel special to be apart of some z-list celebrities "army". You often hear them say "what other celebrity talks to her fans like Tila?" When they grow up and realise they have been idolising a diseased mentally ill has been they are going to feel so silly.

People like her need to be called out on their shit. She thinks that because at one point in her life she was considered to have a hot body(lets face it it's never been about her face it's always been about the fantasy of a tiny asian woman with bit tits who will do whatever you want, she knows that.)that she can get away with lying about anything to get attention, she can't stand that people aren't looking at her and she doesn't care why they are looking as long as they are.
She's so desperate for other celebrities to take notice that she constantly bashes them in hopes that one of them mentions her name at some point as that would deem her still relevant.

She must really hate that Snooki from Jersey Shore(her latest victim of hate.) gets 10grand for a night club appearence when Tila gets a case of Redbull and one free cheap room for the night.

Madame Toast said...

I'm curious as to what would happen if the "stalkers" "haterz" and "exfans" stopped going to her blog, stopped commenting, just kept Tila out of their twitters, facebooks, etc? This site and the others should be the go to for all things Tila and watch her world fall apart. I wanna know what Tila would do with her life if she had nothing...which it seems she would if people just ceased to give a crap about her. Its kind of sad, but something I'd watch go down.

Isis said...

Oh, wait.....


ya hear that???

that's the sound of me not giving a shit.

Prof. Chaos said...

Well said my little hoho stuffed compatriot. I've been watching this blog since it was first linked through dlisted. You have all grown from a ragtag little group to a well-oiled machine functioning on a level that the dirty hogul could only dream about. You ladies make my day. Now, I'm off to bake a cake with a laptop in it so you can blog from joint.

K.R. Omen said...

This crazy bitch is so 5150, she's making LILO look like a nun. I appreciate the LULZ from your posts, especially when you invade her home territory on FB. I don't dare go to her page, she's not getting hits from me.

Anonymous said...

I haven't commented on her site since "the incident" on Saturday and don't plan to ever again. I would implore my fellow jelis stalker haterz not to either, or to tweet her. She thrives off of responses and attention. She saw her hits were down, so she pulled a stunt out of her ass to get her name back in the press for a couple days. Other than reading jelis hater blogs, I'm gonna block the bitch out. Keep up the good work guys.

Ima said...

@ Madame Toast - you said "Its kind of sad, but something I'd watch go down."

Hunny - I already grabbed the popcorn and am staking out a front row seat!!!!!! Mwaaahaaaahaaaa!

Seriously, though, I'd never even heard of her until the Casey Johnson thing (Ha yeah, Tila. Guess Casey dying really wratched up your career, huh? You are so demented that you don't even realize how f^cked up that is).

Anywhoo - so Casey Johnson died and introduced me to the vileness that is TT.

And it just went from there - the fake pregnancies, the Hogul, the lies, (oh hey!! who remembers the record label she set up????), the ambassadorship to Vietnam, now this fake suicide blah, blah, blah.


And yeah, Tila - I actually equate you with vomit.

Ima said...

Oh and let me correct something on my last post please - I meant having a front row seat to having TT go down in a mess of her own lie.

i.e. - jail time or a large fine for faking suicide on line.

jail time or a large fine for underage (online)sex with minors.

jail time or a large fine for soliciting funds for a fake charity.

Well, you get the drift.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate what you guys are doing. I'm one of the haters that stay quiet on Twitter (I'm sure I'm not the only one like this as well). I see what goes on and I never say anything mainly because my twitter account has people who I don't want to bombard with my rants.

You guys not only give us a place to get together with others who feel the same, but you also make sure to get the word out that what she's doing isn't right.. and you document every lie she DELETES. If it weren't for TRS, TilaTruth and Spikey -- Tila would look like the angel that she wants everyone to think she is, with no evidence of anything wrong. Can you imagine TotallyTila, and TilaOMG being the only sites out there? Bleah!

Thank you for all of your hard work.

Madame Toast said...

what I think is most hilarious is that for Tila this is her reality, her life and without her antics for attention and frankly, the Rotspot and other such blogs...she would have nothing.

She claims the haterz have nothing else to do but I know me personally, I have a job, a family, friends, things to do and places to go...checking out a blog takes all of 5 minutes and I do enjoy the 5 minutes I see Tila falling further and further...and then I go on with my life.
Never has a "celebrity" irked me the way she does, I think its disgusting she is still able to do what she does but it seems like that isn't going to last very long as she seems to be spiraling faster and faster...

so on that note, pass the popcorn!

Isis said...

I'm makin' Cinnamon French Toast!! Fresh bread from the bakery, who's in??

Fatty McFatterson said...

Oh hells yeah!!! You don't wave cinnamon french toast in front of a fat chick and expect her NOT to bite the bait!

Cyndi said...

Another great post...keep it up, this girl deserves everything she gets..skank! Love this blog!

Isis said...

Well you are going to throw rose petals 'ere I walk, because it's bread from the Amish Market near me!


Fatty McFatterson said...

OMG, yr from Jersey, do you know Snookie?lol

Oh fuck the first review talks about delicious french toast. Thanks Isis. A fucking whole lot of work I'll get done today dreaming of yummy foods!

Isis said...

I AM New Jersey, babe. The question is, does she know me? ;) Now you all know where I go to sing karoke and drink beer and eat bar food lol

Isis said...

OH and btw I just realized I lied you have to use slightly stale bread for French Toast lol

Chicken nugget eating time for Mini Me

Hey add me on twitter it's my private profile I added a few of you guys there:

@salsasharkette (heh) Kevin Smith tweeted me there once

chey said...

Fatty, I luvs you, will you marry me? It's legal up here in Canada, so you won't have to worry about going back to jail.

Anonymous said...

Isis I followed you to twitter. janajustsaud

Jen said...

*stands up & claps* well said Fatty, one of our fearless leaders! What I find amazing is that the HARMy will dish out shit, call us names, wish death upon us (I've had death wished upon me because I stood up for myself and my beliefs! Ya... that makes sense)but yet when WE, smart, intelligent men & women ask them a question, put them on the spot, they never reply. I find it hilarious yet at the same time extremely sad. It just means that these kids, do not have any solid opinions, morals or core beliefs. It means that these children, who are supposedly our future, are made up of ignorant sheep who will stick their head up any "bigshot's" ass in hopes of moving ahead in life. It means that they have no solid backbone that allow them to stand on their own two feet. In the 4 months that I've been on the "hater side", I've met ONE intelligent, well spoken fan. That's pretty damn sad considering how many times I've been called names and told to go to hell/die.
So to all you "fans" out there - before you speak here, let me give you this piece of advice. If you have nothing intelligible to say, I would suggest you DON'T open your mouth because you WILL be preyed upon. We do not tolerate bullshit from 13 year olds who have NO voice for themselves.
NOW.... down to important business. Who said they had french toast and can you ship some to Canada????

Isis said...

Oh,they are NOT all KIDS.

Trust and believe.

@janajustsaud followed back!

Isis said...


Fatty ate it :(

But it's summertime and that means...