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Friday, June 18

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Courtesy:  DC

When throwing the word cult and religion around mixed with some trashy Tila Tequila all I can think of is her raunchy cam shows exposing herself to children with little or no self esteem. Over the weekend Mama TT did a "roll call" for her new little cult. Now where the fuck else do you do roll call except in grade school?!?

A couple of days ago she blogged, for all the world to see, about her demographic being 15-35. So, one would think she'd be on notice that a semi-nude underwear video, including the provocative pulling down the side of the undies and playing with her breasts is more than inappropriate, it is right up there with her allegations about Perez being a pedophile. Perez posting a picture of questionable merit is not a pedophile, a 28 year old woman videotaping herself in tacky lingerie and making provocative poses and gestures to an audience she fully knows is as young as age 8, is as close to the definition of 'pedophile' as you're ever going to get.

SMH ... Karma is cooking up something very special for this skank. Yesterday we were pointed over to the Hotspot.

That wouldn't happen to have anything to do with all of the complaints that were being sent to buzznet about it, right?  We were already tipped off via two other artists a couple months back that her contract with Buzznet would be expiring which is why she had to come up with her flog.  I honestly don't care about all of the technicalities of all of the different clusterfucks of bullshit that surrounds this monster.  I'm glad to see shit falling apart right in front of her eyes.  The only thing she has to sell is sexual images and broken promises to children who do not know any better.  So even though I am no fan of Perez Hilton I can certainly tell you that if ANYONE should or will be spending time in ol' county it would certainly be Titla Tetwatla!!


Anonymous said...

This is EXACTLY the POINT I was trying to make when she TRIED ATTACKing Perez!! Also Kirstie Alley was going on and on about Perez and I pretty much told her she should VISIT this site, PEREZ IS HARDLY THE ISSUE HERE, TILA IS THE ONE WHO NEEDS TO BE STOPPED THIS IS CRAZY!! & hopefully this BLOG POINTING out the AGES of her fans will get some MASSIVE ATTENTION that it truly needs!! People REALLY need to be aware on what the bitch is doing to our kids on the internet. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

B_McBitcherson said...

I think she's seen how much press Perez got - hell, he even got onto CNN for it! - so she planned this. Why the hell else would she be blogging about her fans' ages?

missnicky87 said...

Wow. She's so sick! Anyone who is in the Tila Army is STUPID!!

Ben said...

You guys are just hating on Tila because you're jealous of the life she has. Everyone one of you wish you could be exactly like her.

Do you know how sick I am of hearing that response? She has her fat army members calling Perez "piggy" and not seeing that they're essentially making fun of themselves.
She's calling people pedos, and this is the woman who claims to have bagged a 16 year old.
And her recent trend of making fun of people for getting plastic surgery is absolutely absurd.

Did you read the Tila fansite blog that claims that haters called animal control on Tila about Onyx. In typical Tila fashion they offer up 0 proof of anything. Yes that's the fansite of the now blacklisted army member who Tila said was speaking the truth. How quickly things change.

It's nice to see that she's finally gathering her army together, in an effort to make more hate of overweight people.

I do hope the BBC comes to their senses (or it turns out to be a lie) cause I'd lose a lot of respect for them if they promote her sorry ass.

Sheriff Gauncent said...

Perfect post Rotty!

Now we need to get Chris Hansen involved. Seriously! Anything I can do to help let me know. I am without kids this weekend and just sitting and home on the mend healing from surgery so I have nothing else I'd rather do. Well, except to maybe play some poker online, drink beer, and finish off my pain meds and call in for a refill!

Alysha said...

How do you justify, trying to make this women kill herself? I'm sure if she reads this blog, something else crazy will go down soon.

Eduardo Retardo said...

How do you justify being old enough to use the internet and still typing the way you do? How precisely are we "trying to make this women (sic) kill herself?"

And yes, we know she reads this blog. We've heard it from her own mouth.

Joann said...

I have always said Tila fans consist of tweens, teens and UNSTABLE adults.

I agree Rotty, her adult fans look lost and suspect. I don't think any of them are dealing with a full deck.

The skank had the nerve to say in her post on Kim and Justin.."Kim is a 30 year old woman. Justin is a 16 year old kid. Sure he’s adorable, but to try to lure him in, KNOWING that boys at that age LOVES older women, that is just SICK!".

Tila told on herself(KNOWING that boys that age LOVES older women) which is why she's always naked or half naked on her videos, vlogs and pictures to her "fans"..she's wants to lure them in.

She also confirmed what we all knew... her trying to lure minors with her body makes her the sickest of all because she's doing it on purpose. Skank using minors to stay relevant. Pathetic.

The last time I went to her Hotspot, which was the first of the month, I think, her fans had taken it over and were talking about defecating, who had the biggest one, where they had one..just disgusting.

I think she abandoned Hotspot right after her piece of crap gossip site went online. Buzznet probably informed her it would be going down at the end of the month so she just left it.

Tila is a dead women/child walking and all we're waiting on is for her to fall down.

Joann said...

Did you guys see this RT on her twitter..

Fatty McFatterson said...

Alysha said...
How do you justify, trying to make this women kill herself? I'm sure if she reads this blog, something else crazy will go down soon.

You know, it's shit like this that PISSES ME OFF! How dare you come on this site, and say that shit, when Tila has been campaigning for Perez's downfall for DAYS. She's at the point where she's siccing her Army of Twatwaffles on him and begging them to make videos. Do you think what she's doing could cause him to kill himself? How do you justify her doing WORSE what we're doing here, to Perez? At least we're not lying about her.

Tila has taken the whole Perez thing and run with it. She knows there will be no further inquiry or charges. She knows it's now a non-event, but because she's such a vicious hater, she has to take it to the next level. Perez is not a pedophile. The photo he posted showed Miley clothed, it might not have been obvious, but she was clothed and just because there was concern that she wasn't, doesn't mean he's quilty of anything.

I'm not a Perez fan, but I also don't think he should be castrated by Tila because of her jealousy.

Tila's Army sees what Tila does as 'fun and sexy' but when others do far less, we're accused of being hateful and jealous and pushing a woman towards suicide.

Grow the fuck up and go buy a fucking brain. I hear Tila bought her brain for $30,000. Mayhaps she can get you a deal on another syphilitic brain.

kristi said...


MsWonkyTits said...

@Alysha- We KNOW she reads this blog. She has said it at least a few times. The problem is, the content on this site is HERS.
Tila did all of these things. We may throw in some satire and some choice words in our comments (and the hilarious authors in thier postings), but most of the content is screencaps of Tila's ratings, videos, drugged out slurs, tampn stripping, etc. So if she has a problem with this site she needs to take a GOOD hard look in her "glam room" mirror and realize she brought all of this on herself.
She is a trainwreck and it honestly scares me to think of what could happen to one of the child "Army" members. I have a feeling something bad WILL indeed happen at somepoint.
She needs to be stopped. It seems each week she is more and more out of control.
I also know all of us here can't stand the bitch, but I doubt few, if any don't want her dead. We just want her out of the media and to get herself some help.
If you don't like it here, get off and click on over to I hear it's a really well run and written site. LOL.

MsWonkyTits said...

Oops, I meant to say "few, if any WANT her dead." Geez, Im tired today. I'm starting to type like Tila.
My point is, we want her stopped, out the media, and into a rehab facility before she causes more harm to herself or others.

Mason McDuffie said...

I saw a post on twitter prompting users to complain if we see anything that could be construed as offensive. I followed the link and sent this:

The misstilaomg account not only has a highly offensive picture as it's profile pic but the owner of the account posts links to videos. The videos are either of a woman parading around in undergarments or dancing sexually to highly explicit music while implying the watcher is involved in some kinda sexual activity with the poster.

The owner of misstilaomg needs to be reported for the use of these videos and pics. The majority of her sunscribers that are subjected to her updates are mostly below the age of 16!

Something has to be done. This is borderline soliciting pornography to minors.


Here was my reply just minutes after I sent in my complaint:

TheCaptain, Jun 18 01:25 pm (PDT):


Thanks for the heads up. We’re aware of the profile you’ve reported and we're currently investigating the issue.


Twitter Trust and Safety

Megan said...

I've always felt that the 'pedophile' accusations of Tila were a little too far - I truly don't think she is one. Inappropriate? Yes. A pedophile? Probably not. The minors are seeking her out, not the other way around. Yes, there is the "phone bone" thing, but I just think pedophile is a bit of a harsh word to use for her.

I don't know about this Miley Cyrus thing that Perez posted, I never saw the picture, and I'll never look for it, but posting pictures of a minor w/out underpants is pedophilia. If she was wearing underpants, it was still in very questionable taste bordering on pedophilia - it's exploiting a minor.

I know this post won't be popular around here, but that's how I see it. I've been a very big critic of Tila's actions, but I think that people should be somewhat careful about getting too hysterical about this sort of thing.

Flame on :)

Mason McDuffie said...

Not sure if I just got a "kick rocks" kinda shove off but I'm hoping something will happen. After seeing the videos from her "tila army" I am honestly sickened that she is still able to access a computer and not having to register every couple of months as a sexual predator.

This woman, and I use that term begrudgingly, needs to be stopped and have all her BS accounts flagged and suspended. This site is a great format to educating as well as entertaining. We need to exercise a lil more of our adult abilities and start sending a message. She is a drug addled pervert who is taking advantage of children and enabling other sexual predators to have open lines of dialog with their targets.

We gotta start sending messages and squash this sick person. These comments of cults and army worry me because teens are impressionable. Guys obviously she preys on their under developed sexual curiosity, and girls because she preaches to them she is powerful because she is sexually explicit.


Eduardo Retardo said...

First of all, you're allowed to feel either way on the subject of Tila being or not being a pedophile. You probably don't know as much information as a lot of the people here. Personally I don't think she's a pedophile. I don't think she's sexually excited by children, I think she uses them and the fact that they get sexually excited by her. But whatever. I do, however, think you need to find things out before you open your mouth about the Perez situation. I don't even like Perez, and I hardly ever go to his site, but before you throw your uneducated opinion around, you might want to read up on some things.

Nikky Raney said...


Megan said...

Eduardo, I've actually been following this site along with tilatruth from the beginning, and follow Tila's twitter as well and used to post on her facebook as Devin Sharon before I got banned (I refuse to look at her abortion of a blog, however).

Anyhow, I know that Miley was indeed wearing underwear and he won't be charged. That being said, what he posted was of very questionable taste especially if it was so difficult to tell if she was wearing underwear or not. It's using a minor's photo in an inappropriate way. Would you want your minor child's upskirt picture posted to the internet? I wouldn't.

But sure, shut my mouth or whatever.

Anonymous said...

Ew ew ew! That roll call video is chilling.

Eduardo Retardo said...

You said yourself you didn't see the picture, nor would you go looking for it (it's been taken down now anyway). However I did see the picture. The only reason it is difficult to tell she is wearing underwear is because the area was pixelated. Perez did not post anything - he linked to it on his twitter. You obviously don't know what you're talking about with it. I also never told you to shut your mouth, nor did anyone else here. Please refrain from putting words in anybody's mouths. This is merely what happens when people form opinions while claiming not to know any of the details.

Also, you asked if I would want my minor child's picture up. Well, frankly, Miley was well aware of the paparazzi at this video shoot. She should have gotten out of the car in a more lady like fashion. This is not Perez's fault, nor is the fact that the picture was taken. He didn't purchase the picture, he did nothing but link to it and admonish Miley for getting out of the car that way. Also, she's 17, so I really couldn't give less of a fuck.

Alabama Worley said...

:snicker: I love when I'm right (about her Buzznet). A lot of people don't also realize that the owner of Mister Skin is also a contributor of Buzznet at least of 2008 as are a few others.

Sorry chica you broke contractual rules & on top of it if you even blog anywhere else which wasn't in the contract you will be let go.

Buzznet pays for internet, cellphone and in checks. There's a lot but she's stupid. Jokes on her as some of us know a bit about her "life" and also about being efamous.

Megan said...

"Also, you asked if I would want my minor child's picture up. Well, frankly, Miley was well aware of the paparazzi at this video shoot. She should have gotten out of the car in a more lady like fashion."

Let's take this to the extreme, while we're here anyhow. This is like a rapist saying she asked for it. Additionally, the legal age in CA is 18. She's a minor at 17.

Anyhow, I'm not here to argue with you, this will be my last post on this subject. I obviously didn't know everything about it - I'll gladly admit that. I did not know the image was pixilated, but I stand by my original statement that it was of questionable taste to post a photograph like that. Pixilated or not, I would not want an upskirt photo of my minor daughter to be posted on the internet. Period.

On a more positive note - I really do enjoy your blog. I largely agree with what you're doing, and I hope you are successful in bringing Tila's craziness into light for some of her fans and hanger-ons who still believe she's something respectable. Additionally, I hope she gets some help, because she desperately needs it.

Fatty McFatterson said...

I don't think Tila is a pedophile in the strictest use of the word, but I do think she panders to her underage fans, and knows that sex sells to them, so she does all she can to promote that aspect. I also believe she exploits these kids, by using her sexuality and grooming them to trust her. Maybe not a pedophile, but definitely a pervert in all senses of the word.

The litmus test for me is if I ask myself if a 28 year old man was prancing around in a thong and provacatively licking his lips and shimmying his hips while pulling down the sides of his thong, and calling out to his 'army' of 14 year old girls, what would I say about that. I would say he was a pervert, and I might even go as far as to say he was a pedophile.

In the example above, there is no way any rational adult can say that that person is not guilty of pandering to a minor, which is a sex crime.

Regarding the Perez thing. He linked to a photo and called it out as inappropriate. He was commenting on something that was already out there, and his comment was completely appropriate to the situation. Unfortunately, people don't understand how the internet works and that his merely telling you where the photo is located in a public place doesn't make him guilty of a crime. Of course, so many people, like Tila, read someone's account of the story, and assume it has to be factual, and so it's that story that gets passed around.

Alabama Worley said...

I also want to add that to those saying things about "How can you encourage her to kill herself".

I'd like to say this (I'm not a writer here); no one that's a writer here is saying "TILA KILL YOURSELF" because who wants to find themselves in court if she chooses to do it for cyber bullying? But the posters who state it often have rather mean spirited one sided and mean comments. So be it. But the thing is, no one stating "kill yourself" is going to cause her to do it. She may do it and write a suicide letter claiming so but it'll be a "fuck you" and nothing real. She would do it in spite of but to garner attention in the end. Again she's deluded enough to believe she's an angel etc.

If Tila wants to kill herself she would have. She hasn't. She will though, on accident.

As far as a pedophile, she's a cyber pedo and someone that is considered a pedo who begins to feed and coax a person into giving in. A little bit of this and a little big of that. It's called covert pedophilic behavior.

Either way, the people that are adults and doing her deeds are who needs to be watched because if they are encouraging her then they are just to blame and most likely upon the same brain wave as she. I still go back to the frantic mother at the garage sale who bought sexy lingerie for her 13 year old daughter! predators and prey.

BKiddo said...

Great post Rotty.
The idiot kid with his sister singing that jacked up tila song really pisses me off. The other lone kid, is just that, lonely. I feel bad for him. He really didn't have anything to say about his day.
Tila's closer to the clink than Perez will ever be.
Just where do you get off saying that we're trying to get tila to off herself?
Don't you know by now, that tila is too selfish to kill herself? She gets off on fuckin' with her army's minds and trying to bring down other people who are more successful than she could ever be.
So when you report back to her, make sure you give her your name, location, and age, just like she orderd you all to do in her tweets. With any luck, you might be the featured idiot of the week!

Eduardo Retardo said...

I agree, Fatty! I think Tila uses raging hormones against the kids who have them. We all remember being that age. At that age it's not about quality, it's about quantity. But really, I don't think she's, you know, turned on by kids at all. I don't think she would literally do something sexual WITH a child, but I think she gets off on the fact that she's turning people on, regardless of their age (or taste, because seriously that makes me want to vomit).

And Megan, what point are you trying to prove, exactly, by taking what I said to such an extreme? Those two things have absolutely nothing to do with each other, and all you've done is serve to completely invalidate your point.

Megan said...

You're saying she deserved those pics posted of her on the internet because she should have gotten out of the car in a more ladylike fashion. The rapist says she deserved it because she shouldn't have been drunk or shouldn't have been wearing a short skirt.

Anonymous said...

Did anybody notice here new ads on her profile..The only sponsors she can get are from herself..

Alabama Worley said...


As a person who's been raped, do not compare this cunt ..getting out of a car showing her pussy and panties as a victim of rape.

Getting in and out of a car (celeb or otherwise) knows to put your purse in front of your fucking crotch if you are wearing a god damn short skirt. If you know the paparazzi are hounding you and you do NOT like them taking photos of you then why bend over and pose like that? Why go out in lingerie like that? Why stage photo ops at Ralphs at 4am in see thru lingerie?

WHO SAID SHE"S RAPED? Her entire intent of being in those clothing, in those poses were for attention and nothing more. Did anyone rape her? NO. You know what she did? She tweeted she raped Casa while eating pizza and it was fun.

You sicken me to compare her panty flashing and slashed arms to those of us who have been raped, physically abused and got zero attention or aide. She got the attention and did what with it? NOTHING.

Your point is moot.

Eduardo Retardo said...

Again, Megan, you aren't making a very good point. You admittedly took it "to an extreme," and this extreme has NOTHING to do with what actually happened. In fact, it's a completely revolting extreme. I can't believe you're honestly trying to say that someone flashing panties when getting out of a car (I'm going to assume she did it innocently and that it wasn't her intention to flash her panties), and thus having a picture of that moment posted on the comparable to RAPE!? My god. You just sound like an idiot. I didn't say she DESERVED it. But shit happens. For god's sake, I don't even know why I'm bothering with you. You're trying so hard to tell everyone it's pedophilia, when it blatantly isn't.

Next time, when you're trying to prove a point, you may not want to copy PART of what someone said, then admittedly jump (completely illogically) to an extreme. Now nobody can take you seriously. My god.

Veronica said...

can we have our own contest on how dumb tila is?

Joann said...

The cartoon had me LMAOROTF Tila and Mr. Bradshaw "entertaining" the kiddies is funny enough but the bubbles over the kids head are PRICELESS, especially the ones that says "my mommy says you're a ho" and "can we see your fake suicide scars?" PURE GENIUS, PURE GENIUS.

Meagan, you do have a right to your opinion and I do agree Tila is not a pedophile in the sense of the word but IMO, Tila will USE the "turn on button" of any age group or gender to get the attention she wants to stay relevant, whether good or bad, because she has no conscience.

As Eddie said..."but I think she gets off on the fact that she's turning people on, regardless of their age" so on point. If Tila thought she could get something out of using the elderly she would.

I did some research on sociopaths and the term they are now using is Antisocial Personality Disorder. After reading a few of these articles and discovering how Tila operates, IMO, she fits the bill perfectly.

This part of the first article is definitely her...."They are like infants in adult bodies, demanding that others gratify their immediate needs while not understanding that they should offer anything in return. They take what they want when they want it through manipulation, threats or force."

josephgein said...

Tila a sociopath? Oh, hell ya. Without a doubt. I often wonder how much her parents know of her activities and what they think about their daughter. It seems she has no relationship at I all with them.I am 45 years old and my wife is 6 months pregnant with my 1st child, and even now I feel there is nothing I could imagine my son(when he is born and grown) doing that could even cause me to turn my back on him or disown him, but this seems to be the case with Tila. I wonder if she evn cares, numbed as she is by the drugs and (lack of)fame.

Anonymous said...

@ Joann, thanks for the link, as soon as I started reading, this caught my attention and defined Thien's actions to a T.

"Psychopaths often claim to have suffered from amnesia, temporary insanity, multiple personality disorder or blackouts to justify their crimes."

( Read more at Suite101: Behavioural Traits of Psychopaths: Common Sociopathic Behaviour Traits

I agree with most comments on here and she does whatever it takes to capture anyone's attention regardless of age.

Also, I was browsing around a couple of celeb gossip sites and came across Thien's recent picture of her in public where she showed off her "Jane" scars. In one of the pics, it shows her puckering to her own reflection in the mirror. The accompanying caption made me laugh so hard.

"Tila greets her only fan."

Sheriff Gauncent said...

All these posts are pissing me off.

Bottom line is this.

She's the typical old man driving up (using the internet) to young kids saying, "Hey little girl or boy, you want some candy?" As she shows her tits.

It's called indecent exposure! Whether you use a car to find kids or the internet, it's still a crime!

She may not be a pedophile. It's pedophilia. She's sexually abusing children of a minor age. It's abuse when she knows the target age and continues to do this shit.

I'm done and now am going to go out of my way to make sure this whore goes down!

Clementine said...

What Tila is, is a pornographer giving pornography to underage persons.
She KNOWS shes doing it. Shes admitted she does. THAT is illegal.

Yes we can all argue that its the internet and kids can access porn BUT I highly doubt that if someones parents had site blocks on their computer that her sites and links would be blocked. Yet there she is inviting her underage fans to watch her writh around sexually, talk suggestively to them and make them believe that they are phone bone buddies.
That is luring a minor.

She doesnt care who is on the other end giving her attention as long as its someone.

Perez linked to a photo. He did not post it. The photo was photoshopped to look like she wasnt wearing underwear(she was). Yes it was a lapse in judgement from him and he is getting railed by the press for it because he does own the #1 Celebrity blog. There has even been some speculation that Miley and Perez where in cahoots because she is trying to change her sweet teen image and she hasnt issued a statement about that photo or the shit storm it has caused.
The question I have is why didnt anyone go after the person who took the photo and posted it originally? Why? Because a no name pap doesnt create the same sensational story as a famous gossip blogger being called into question.

Just saying.

As for the person comparing Mileys upskirt to rape. How dare you.
Miley = a pap taking non stop pics catching the split second that some underwear showed. Bad luck and shitty timing. But I hardly think Miley is going to go through the years of anguish and therapy(if they seek it out.) that a rape victim does.
I doubt that upskirt pic even registered any higher than a -That sucked- on Mileys radar.

Megan said...

Uh, wow. I was not comparing rape to panty shots. I was stating that you saying that she should have gotten out of the car in a more lady like fashion is similar to a rapist saying that the victim shouldn't have been drunk/worn skimpy clothes if she didn't want to be raped. Obviously I know the two are different, but in both cases, the victim is being blamed rather than the person that took the action (ie taking the picture and/or posting it on the internet).

Maybe I can get my own Meganresistance page. Haha.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to DC for the hilarious photo used in this thread...

Isis said...

I don't think I deserved being forced to watch Miley Cyrus grind on on top of an ice cream cart like it was a stripper pole at the Teen Choice Awards but it happened anyway. That was pretty risque and she did that of her own volition, right? That wasn't an accident, it was deliberate.

If I found out my daughter did something similar to that say at the high school talent show, or was "freak dancing" at a school dance, yeah, she'd be in some freakin' trouble if she was underage when she did it.

An underage kid's panties accidentally being shown is in no way comparable to rape, and how dare anybody belittle actual rape victims like that by even hinting it. You should be ashamed of yourself, considering all of the poor underage kids sold every single day into brothels or raped because some idiot thinks a virgin cures AIDS.

Get off your soapbox and get some fucking perspective.

julie said...

(I logged in as Oztralian before, but can't seem to log in without using my email, can you please hide that part? I'm a bit techno-illiterate)

Wonderful video, spot on. Is it on youtube as I'd like to forward that. I was sexually abused as a child and the traits predators look for are the same she is looking for in her 'army'. It is so sad to see these kids exploited. She may not want to have sex with a minor but she is luring them in for her disgusting adult followers to get their rocks off to. Also, let's be honest, if she thought she'd get 15 seconds on TV she possibly WOULD have sex with a minor.

Rotty (TRS) said...

The video is on youtube. Visit my channel:

Mark said...

Sorry to bust in on the conversation; I just have to give a thumbs up to DC. Those satire pics are always off the charts, LOL!

Sheriff Gauncent said...

Now this whore says she got an offer to go to Iraq.

The government needs to know about this.

Anonymous said...

@ Sheriff I hope she goes there and stays there. No internet, no crackberry, and no more of her bs.

Anna said...

Oh my gosh! This is funny! I found an article about game 7 Lakers vs Celtics and this is the first sentence...

"Tough defense. Nothing easy. Enough banging down low to make Tila Tequila jealous. This was the culmination of what was a tremendous series and season."


RNB007 said...

That Has got to be one of the funniest pics I have seen in awhile

Now we need to get Chris Hansen involved. "Sheriff Gauncent said..."<----HAHAHAH LMFAO!
Get well soon BTW my friend, every time I bitch about my back they just throw my opiates at me! f%ckers!
RNB007 ;)

Anonymous said...

OMFG that picture by DC was not on the post when I 1st commented!! HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!! Well done DC! *Lmfao*

She may not be a pedophile. It's pedophilia. She's sexually abusing children of a minor age. It's abuse when she knows the target age and continues to do this shit.

I'm done and now am going to go out of my way to make sure this whore goes down!

& I agree, now you guys should put a post up telling EVERY ONE who to contact to STOP THE EXPLOITATION OF MINORS, AS WELL AS DIFFERENT ORGANIZATIONS THAT WORK PRIVATELY (we have them on the east coast) to catch Internet predators such as Tila then use ALL the evidence (SUCH as you all have clearly gathered) & USE that to convict her ass and send her away for a VERY LONG TIME!!!!!!! WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT THIS CUNT DESERVES!!


Eduardo Retardo said...

It's all under the Real Talk tab. You can see which organizations have been contacted. Feel free to contact them if you want, although I think it's just wasting their time.

Also, everyone is responding to the person who made the "why are you trying to get her to kill herself?" comment by saying nobody here wants her dead. I may be giving her too much credit, but remember, 3 of the 4 writers here are pretty much waiting with baited breath to wake up and read that she overdosed or drowned in her own vomit in a gutter. We already have our posts ready. While we aren't actively trying to get her to kill herself as that poster suggested, it doesn't mean we don't have our fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

& another thing I wanted to address but seperate and also someone else said it as well!

As for the person comparing Mileys upskirt to rape. How dare you.


Anonymous said...

yeah I JUST SENT A RESPONSE to THAT COMMENT NOW!! AHAHAHAHA! :D and thanks for the tip on the tips! I will research to find out if they have any organizations out there. Sometimes in local districts parents and law enforcement will run them, so we will see! :) Anywho thanks!

Anonymous said...

& LOL Eddie! *winks*

you said..

Also, everyone is responding to the person who made the "why are you trying to get her to kill herself?" comment by saying nobody here wants her dead. I may be giving her too much credit, but remember, 3 of the 4 writers here are pretty much waiting with baited breath to wake up and read that she overdosed or drowned in her own vomit in a gutter. We already have our posts ready. While we aren't actively trying to get her to kill herself as that poster suggested, it doesn't mean we don't have our fingers crossed.

I have already gathered all that from being a VERY faithful reader here of the post and comments!! :) I really think with ALL this new proof of the ages some MAJOR media might be able to pick it up then maybe some parents who had children in the "Tila Army" could come forward and so on and so on......then eventually the public officials would have no choice but to JAIL her. One way or another she is breaking the law, obviously they want to WAIT TILL THEY HAVE A VICTIM before they do shit which is BS! Victims take years to come out and say what happened to them :( I KNOW I WAS ONE!! And some victims NEVER DO COME OUT and seek help also studies have claimed those are the ones who go on to do the very same traumatizing act on another child as was done to them. Its just sick, she is sick and she belongs in prison. NOT DEAD!!

Marsh Hatah said...

Bloody hell that 'roll call' video gave me the horrors. The end shot of Lissy and the cake....*shudders*

I see it included the screenshot -which is archived here at Rotspot - which sickens me more than anything else she has ever said.

It's where she enthuses about a nine year old watching one of her sleazy videos and says (I had to just go and look this up so I was sure not to be misquoting)

"9 or 90, who cares? Age aint nothing OMGGG! Someone sent me this video of their 9 year old watching one of my Grid Off videos....and his facial expression is PRICELESS!!!! Damn and he's only 9 years old! HE DIDN@T EVEN BLINK!!!!! Hahahahahaah. Sooooo cute!!!! But I guess either9 years old or 90 years old...they'll probably all have the same reaction right? Age aint nuthin but a number! LMFAO! Best Video Of The Year!"

This cunt needs to be stopped. I love the work you guys do at Rotspot. I love all the piss-take and bitchy stuff but I admire your dedication in exposing all the sinister stuff too.

Isis said...

Megan, you flatter yourself way too much. You chose to take your argument to such extremes that it ceased to even make any sense, and now you're bitching about the backlash. You're like the last idiot who posted here "OMG I DARE YOU TO POST MY COMMENT", you wanted a reaction, you got it, now fuck off.

RNB007 said...

Ok seriously, now that I watched the first video (sober) with all the comments from Twitter and the ages and what the little kids said I got goose bumps. I don't have kids but my sister in PA is well aware who the hogul is so my nieces will never see her face. (Or any other part of her!)

*As young as 8! (Eight!) Faints.....9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15,16+ just OMFG! Creepy! She will be 29, 7 days before Halloween! I just turned 33 May 23rd and if I were putting up Vlogs doing 5% of the crap she does I would be in prison for 10-15 years! Nancy Grace would have me on TV every night! Just because she is a "female" I am using that word loosely, its all good?? I am in SHOCK a 12 year old girl is looking up to a grown a$$ 28 1/2 year old woman, wanna be drug addict, who all she has going for her (she thinks) is a (butchered) breast job, a crap blog and a Twitter account. What an effin' world! (Hurry Tila pull out those balls of saline you call breast out and scare a few lil' kids!) BTW November 17, 2006, the FDA re-approved Silicone Gel Implants, Saline Aka Salt Water Jugs Aka poor stripper implants are soooooo 2006. One more suggestion through the nipple not under the breast. Ever watch Dr. 90210? Never mind, a little too late since you have those horrid 3" scares under each salty water balloon.

I don't wish death on ANYONE but something about that video, and the innocence of those kids tweets (they have no idea WTF they are saying!) just really got to me. It makes my skin crawl and it REALLY pissed me off hardcore! Prison is too good for her. The ONLY thing she cares about is herself. PERIOD. And that is the one thing I wish could be taken away from her. Casey might have had some problems (god knows I do) but she deserved a chance at life and get help. Tila was SO jealous of her, Tila wanted to BE Casey! I WISH they could trade places!

She does not want to be the ghetto Vietnamese immigrant Pow! girl she plays on TV, scratch that, Twitter. She want's to be Paris Hilton, Nicky Hilton, Rihanna, Lindsay Lohan, Lady Gaga, all these people she downs and belittles in her blog. Jealousy, and she calls us "Jelis H8TRZ"! WE ARE JELIS! Please!
Tila is jealous of anyone that has more than her. Gets more attention than her. If you have something she wants she will try to get it one way or another. If she can't she will try her best to ruin it for you. A sad, sick, soul who wants to destroy as many people as she can, and screw up as many kids as she can while she can. She is like a virus that kills everything it touches.

She had a screwed up childhood so why should any other kid have a normal one if she has anything to do with it? Misery loves company and all she has is Jane now, and Jane seems to be a Jelis H8tr also. It is also killing me that she is just getting wet because Perez Hilton kinda sorta, but not really got into trouble. Funny though how his ratings are up even higher. Of course even "When Jane Attacked!" you never even came near to getting some what close to his ratings on his WORSE DAY.
I swear if my Dr. told me I had 6 weeks to live.
Well. Hmm? I have not been to L. A. in years!



Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Thanks for letting me vent!

Have a great Saturday y'all Ryan ;)

RNB007 said...

I was reading and I noticed some people said they do not think Tila is the pedo type. Well I live in Tampa Bay Area it is crazy here. School teachers Tila's age and younger some older getting it on left and right with 4-7th graders. I think some do it to try to hold on to their youth.

While guy teachers do it for others reasons, mostly just pervs. Here is just a link of just ONE SITE of over 100+ school teachers ages range from "21-60" "ALL FEMALE" all looks types etc. You never know these days. It is a crazy world.

Tila is not getting any younger the big 30 will be here soon and she is VERY vain!

Female offenders in general were slightly younger at the time of arrest for their first sex offense. Females were significantly more likely than males to be a first-time offender at the time of arrest for the sex offense. Males generally had a higher number of sex offenses in their criminal histories compared to females. Female offenders in general were slightly younger at the time of arrest for their first sex offense. Females were significantly more likely than males to be a first-time offender at the time of arrest for the sex offense.

The big list:
Female teachers with students

Jana said...

The BEST part of my day is my morning coffee, my morning cigarette and my daily dose of rotspot. I love each of your girls more and more. Thank you for everything you have done. Her demise is just right around the corner..mark my words.

boytoy said...

Sammi and Megan the both of u need to leave this board you two are attacking everything and everyone.
Everyone has thier own opinion if u morons dont like it PLEASE leave and stop blaming others.
Megan you seem to be a big tila support so you must be a tila support/hater in disguise.


The two of you should take your fighting off this board and contunie your fights via email or msn or twitter, etc. Keep comments to the topic.

Vendetta said...

>:[ boytoy, you obviously didn't read this whole thread.


BKiddo said...

Had an issue with my laptop, and I just now saw the roll call video.
I agree, it gave me chills, but I'm also thankful you made it.
If that video dosen't strike a nerve for some people, then I don't know what would.

Alysha said...

Someone above said that no one has ever told her to kill herself or wished she would. I've seen it many times here and on Twitter from many of TRS users. Just be careful what you say. Don't want anyone getting in trouble, because they are venting and frustrated with her antics.

Rotty (TRS) said...

Please keep in mind each of us are allowed our own opinion. Some want her to get help, others want her to O.D. already. My legal team has made it PERFECTLY clear that you can say "Why doesn't the skank kill herself already?" There is nothing wrong with that on legal terms.

I really wish each person would speak for THEMSELVES ONLY. Please don't say "No one has told her to kill herself". I've mentioned it in her direction on several occasions and I'm not ashamed of it one fuckin' bit. If you don't like it, get the fuck off my site.

Everything we say/do goes through a team of legal advisers so please don't act like you know shit when you don't.


Jana said...

The BEST part of my day is my morning coffee, my morning cigarette and my daily dose of rotspot. I love each of your girls more and more. Thank you for everything you have done. Her demise is just right around the corner..mark my words.

Anonymous said...

Jana, we get it! the best part of your day is your morning coffee, cigarette and reading this! haha! jk...

i find this all disturbing and chilling, because of all those minors who want to be part of her cult...

Cybilseyes said...

Great post! Hey what's the name of that song in the cult roll call video?! I must have it! lol link me on my twitter. @cybilseyes Thanks darlin!

Anonymous said...

You (Rotspot people) and Nikki Raney have more fans than Tila! It's so true that Tila's only fans are children, because adults know better than to idolize someone like her. The only adult fans that she has are unstable old men, that honestly look like child molesters from their twitter pictures! I think the reason that (besides being naive) that they worship Picasso Tits is because they are going through that phase that teenagers go through, where rebelling against everything their parents says is 'cool'. All that Tila is, is the exact opposite of what parents want their kids to turn out to be. Slutty, no self respect, lying, immature, unsuccessful, ignorant, racist, hypocritical, etc. And so when they find a "role-model" that is the EPITOME of all those things, they decide to worship her. For the same reason that teenagers all want to get tattoos and wear tons of makeup and be "gangsters" at some point. They'll get over their phase in a year or two. At the most. Soon they will mature enough to realize how horrible of a role model Tila is,(hopefully) and they will stop being her fan. Then maybe when Tila is all alone, with no fans at all, the only things she has left are Onyx's corpse, and her apartmansion, Jane will come back to finish what she started.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and 2 more things.
1) Nikky Raney; If you read this, I seriously have so much respect for you. You're so confident, and you're absolutely gorgeous! No matter what Tila Tampon tells you! You really hit her where it hurts, because she's mentioned your name a couple times now on her blog! WAY TO GO GIRL. (She's calling you "Piggy Rainey", because she can't come up with a second insult, she can only call people Piggies)
And 2) Rotspot; Tila's copying your blog. You know how you always write something such as "porn muppet" and then cross it out and write "Tila Tequila" or you write "mansion" then cross it out and write "apartment"? Well she did that for Kim Kardashian on one of her posts! Also, I thought I'd tell you that i found a facebook page with Graduates of 1999 from Hastings High School, so these people might have been in Tila's classes.. I was going to message people to get dirt on Tila, but I'd have nowhere to post it. So I thought I'd tell you. It's a "In Memory Of" page.. But they won't know that that's where you found them!
- JelisHaterOMG