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Wednesday, June 16

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Who the fuck else is sick of her talking about "Piggy Perez"?  Usually the ONLY thing she has to talk about is how she's going take over suckin all hollywood cock his "Queen of all Media" title.

Really Twatla?  He may face jail time?  The same people at Fox News that was givin' you pub for handjobs under the anchor desk have quoted the Santa Monica Criminal Defense Attorney who had this to say:

"Nonetheless, Santa Monica Criminal Defense Attorney Steve Cron said that it is unlikely that Hilton would even be charged over the incident, let alone be served the maximum penalty."

 She goes on to tell us how to create a fail blog because she thinks she's something special.  No one listens to you except to make fun of you idiot.  God, when will she fuckin' get it?

You don't steal stories?  You just think shit from "The Onion" is real, post the shit on your blog, then when WE call you out you take it down!!  You have to be fuckin' kidding me.  All you do is steal stories.  The ONLY "exclusive" info you have is videos and pictures of you running around in your underwear while all geeked up on whatever the fuck your drug of choice is for the hour.  I mean, you can't even have an original idea can you?  All of the bullshit you're talking about Illuminati and shit you ripped right off of your fuckin' "friend" (and by friend I mean someone else who wanted to use you to try and sell your ugly troll face to some sort of trash mag) Garry Sun.  I bet he sure as fuck is kicking himself for even MENTIONING any sort of conspiracy theory to you.  I noticed he's not much anywhere to be found these days.  You lost your only paparazzi that wanted to even point a camera in your direction.  Pathetic fuckin' piece of shit.

 This screen cap was taken the day Casa Wilson posted pictures of his hands on her nasty ass.

That's right bitch!  You're soooo washed up that even someone who WAS using you for "free press" has moved onto bigger and better things.  He's realized he's getting nowhere with you!  Your fifteen minutes have been up - go the fuck away!

Isn't it funny how just a few weeks ago Tila was going on about Miley and now she "hopes for the sake of Miley" that Perez goes to jail?  I love how she's all cheering for Miley and is wishing her "good luck".  Why would she be doing that all of a sudden?

Via Fox News & Santa Monica Criminal Defense Attorney:
"For the issue to be taken any further, prosecutors would need to launch an inquest through the local District Attorney or US Attorney’s office, or Cyrus would have to report it to a police agency. "

Ooooh, I get it now.  You NEED Miley to report such an incident to the local District Attorney or US Attorney so that your "competition" is "out of the way".  Honey, let me break this down to you ...

You are no one.  No one cares about you.  That is why you get away with the shit you do.  The whole world thinks that you're some groupie trying to get some sort of attention because it will make you FEEL famous. 

Now speaking of Miley it seems as Tila has not only a serious hard-on for hating on her but has a serious hard-on for her.  In the below posts taken from Tila's blog herself she talks about how she wants to turn Miley into a disgusting girl like herself.  She also comments on and posts the pictures leaked from the tweens blackberry from when she was 15.  She mentions that we "all do that" at 15 and that if she wants someone to turn her out she'll do the deed.  I know that I wasn't a fucking slut at 15 years old so no Tila not ALL 15 year old girls take pictures of themselves in their panties and "sext" it to others.  

I believe the REAL reason Tila plasters Miley all over her site is for her pedo followers.  It's no secret that Mama TT uses her skanky nudity motherly instincts to lure all sorts of predators and young horny kids without parental supervision from the internet into her babbling boredom of a flog.  No one on this planet is there for reading, it's all about looking at T&A!  And like Tila said herself, "age ain't nothin' but a number".  So ... pot ... meet kettle.

I'm also so sure Miley is going to have anything at ALL to say to Tila except "fuck you".  I mean, less than a month ago Tila was calling Miley a "cunt" due to extreme jealousy and now she's wishing her "good luck" against Perez?  Fuckin' bitch please.  Grow the fuck up!


Anonymous said...

Hold up, Thien OMG flog stays up 24 hrs to blog as they can?

Didn't she post Gary Coleman's head injury (in poor form) 2 days after his death (RIP GARY COLEMAN)?

Thien = FAIL

Alice said...

She seems to think that if she says something enough times, it will become true: "i have REAL exclusives, REAL news, REAL staff, REAL paparazzi"

it's hilarious

Ima said...

I posted this yesterday here about how I was shocked that she hadn't picked up this story yet.

Surpise! She picked it up. Hmmmmm.... wonder if she got it from here???

Hi TILA!!!!!!!!!!!

Lady Luck said...

@ Ima- LOL I saw that comment yesterday. She probably saw you say that.

Anonymous said...


I missed crack o'clock last night. Oh well, it's not like it's anything new or whatever.

Anonymous said...

i am getting so sick of tila!!! everything you guys write about her its true.

anyways, this gave me a laugh. i dont think its true of course but it is kind of funny..

Ima said...

You know, she could at least link back to us!!!!

Madame Toast said...

I think the Rotspot should use its powers for some good here and somehow start a movement for people to stop going to her site and commenting, basically ignore her ass and watch how quickly her world falls apart.

Without the "haters" she has what? 50 or so teenagers that hang on her every word?

She keeps daring the haters to stop giving her hits and attention, and I think outside of the Rotspot and other such blogs we all should. Be a nice slap of reality to her and frankly I'm curious as to what she would have left to talk about, spew about or get all crazy about.

Just a thought, suggestion. Between the Rotspot and twitter, somehow this should happen.

Clementine said...

I wish I could just repeat myself and that would make what I'm saying true!

She is so fucked she can't even grasp the simple fact that if she did have an exclusive that means that only she has the information, why would she have to text TMZ and tell them not to use it? Did she pay for the exclusive? No! Because if she did no one else would know about it! Also she's broke so she wouldn't be able to pay for any exclusives. Perez and TMZ get the exclusives because they actually do have staff and people who are sources. They aren't sitting in their dirty underwear popping pills and eating Cheerios in their filthy apartments copying and pasting old news and ranting about themselves.

Today in the newspaper there is a full page advertisement for a Perez book signing at the HMV later this month. You know what this means Tila? That HMV knows that so many people will come out to get Perez's new book signed that they spent a lot of money on a full page ad. This event is wrist band only, you have to buy the book in advance to get a wrist band AND he is only signing one book per person. This is how big names get treated.
I know that the company that was trying to buy Perez's site for 20 million dollars is based in my hometown so I wonder if the other reason he is in town is to sign that deal. 20 Million Tila! You will never see that sort of money! If Perez stops blogging his readership will most likely go over to Dlisted or TMZ, not her pathetic excuse for celeb gossip.

Oh and the scratches on the previous post? I've had worse scratches from my cat! Those are superficial surface scratches, the kind you get if you scratch an itch too much. Maybe she was trying to get the Illuminati chip out of her arm.

Daniela said...

hey rotters,

have you guys tried at all to contact the texas twins, the kiwi idol, or that dude she picked up while slutting it up at the grocery store (i forget this name.. veda? ceda?). i'd love to hear their stories, wouldn't you?

Anonymous said...

She keeps daring the haters to stop giving her hits and attention

What is funny is I do NOT EVER visit her blog, I come here. 2 she tried ATTACKING me on twitter after I told her pretty much to STFU!! all I was seeing in my time line was HATER this HATER - that it is getting VERY OLD!! If she didn't care about the "HATERS" then she wouldn't have anyone and she knows that!!! Also when she attacked me (& others lol) she was using typical old "TILA JELIS" fashion!! & best believe I called her out on it! hehehe

*Also after last night I can no doubt tell now by seeing the post today on here that that bitch got some really KOOKY shit last night possibly WHY she was out walking the streets, hahaa! Tila we are ON to you, GIVE it up PLEASSSSE!!!

& Ima I saw that comment too and no doubt in my mind she got the idea from you!! :) (Ive baited her a few times- she always falls for it!! HAHA)

and with all that being sad once again Rotspot you never fail to bring the LOLz, GREAT POST!! <3

BKiddo said...

Madame Toast,
That's already happened for the most part. I haven't been to tila's crapsite, all I do is look up celebrity tweets.
There's 4 sites that are my go-to sites.
No worries, alot of people don't give her any hits. :)
How can tila wish Miley good luck, when, according to tila, Miley is one of the OTHERS?
Tila, you're stupid.

BKiddo said...

Crap, I forgot.
Yes, I'm really, really, sick of her bringing up Piggy Perez.

Fatty McFatterson said...

What I find hilarious is that she assumes all of the major celeb bloggers see her as a peer. Ummm. NO. They don't even bother coming here and they certainly don't even think of picking up her 'exclusives'. She thinks that if she's the first to report something, that makes it exclusive. Well, not really. TMZ and other blogs often do a bit of research before they post something. They may have learned of the story at the same time as Tila, but they are developing the story to provide the most depth. They don't then check to see if Tila posted the story first. She's a nothing to them. They don't take her blog seriously, if they even know of it.

boytoy said...

Perez hilton and miley cryus will be in toronto(canada) on sunday, june 20th for the MuchMusic Video Awards(MMVA).
Miley will be co-hosting and performing and Perez will be presenting an award.

i_am_that_girl said...

BKiddo, I'm sick of her calling him Piggy Perez. How mature and professional...not.

Nikky Raney said...

I hope that someone reminds Tila of this. or reminds anyone that associates with Tila. Honestly, anyone who associates with Tila is someone that I think less of just for the affiliation. How can you truly allow yourself to be affiliated in a positive way with her? Minus Vh1, because celebrity rehab will be hilarious. But honestly, how does she have CEO and all that other crap? There are people out there who DO like her and who HELP support her in her mogul endeavors.. So why?