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Saturday, June 12

postheadericon Calling All Advertisers

Hi Rotspotters!  Uncle Eddie here.  Remember this post I made a few days ago?   The one where I pondered why Tila's ads aren't loading properly?  We weren't 100% whether or not the rumors about Google dropping their ads from her site were true.  HOWEVER, Tila just tweeted this:

Yeah, I bet they're just JUMPING to be on your fail blog, Tila.  I know I would love my product associated with a tragic attention-whore goblin, such as yourself.  Can you imagine?  Your product, synonymous with fake suicide hoaxes, fake pregnancies, and paranoid blogs about Satan and the Illuminati!  Shit, dude, sign me up!

By the way...anybody smell that?
Smells like...desperation.

Okay some of you are saying you can't see the post. It's gotta be blogspot's issue. We're working on it.


BigPoppaPhat said...

somebody needs beer money...

Fatty McFatterson said...

nickelodeon channel (for all the kiddies)
PETA (for the feather shenanigans 9Head pulls)

Bridget said...

i'm still taking credit for pointing this out ;p

Eduardo Retardo said...

Can you guys see the image ok? Some people apparently can, but others are telling me they can't.

Madame Toast said...

what is it with Tila and 30k? everything is always going to either cost or has "costed" her 30k. Rehab was 30k, she once claimed she donated 30k to charity, then got 30k in free shit from somewhere, spent 30k on her baby.

Hah, what is it they say about liars and patterns?

goldenhum said...

oh holy crap, i was just coming here to mention this shizzle. seriously, as someone who started out in advertising - i think this particular blog post may be the most hilarious to me. the outright lies, grammar, and horrid lack of professionalism are just WOAH. if you are a really legitimate company or company owner with any bit of a brain, this is not how you market yourself or ask for advertising. no advertiser, in their right mind, would take this bait. " It is just standard business numbers" - that is not how you sell your circulation or website traffic to advertisers. they can see she has site meter and they know site meter is accurate and they also know that it shows she doesn't have the kind of traffic she is claiming - therefore she is LYING - another poor business practice. she is desperate yet again (not that she ever stopped).

this bs, along with the lame ass picture of her in her business attire, her poor punctuation (not that mine is fabulous, but i am not selling myself), grammar and spelling - and i have a migraine. Excedrin - where can you sign up!?

Fatty McFatterson said...

i can see it. check your yahoo IM for a message.

krissylu said...

I see it just fine. Isn't it advertisers that come to you- not vice versa?

Drexel Spivey said...

Yeah adblock plus wont let it show up.

Anna said...

@krissylu, a little bit of both. You let them know you are looking and that you have space available and they decide if it's a good fit or if they want/need it.

For the hell of it all I am checking out her ad call and wow...

Any big ad agency wouldn't pitch to her against other possible agencies unless she was a really big name/site. And there are actually a lot of companies out there that specialize in tracking actual numbers that web sites get, and other things relate to consumer response numbers. And it doesn't make sense...if she is talking to all these people, she doesn't need to give a cheap rate...

And this is my observation as someone who works in advertising.

alison m m said...

Can see the image just beautifully

jayden said...

Sponsor opportunities are endless!
Crack pipes?
Pregnancy tests?
Sturdy chairs?

gillianthemad1013 said...

Yeah, I bet all moguls peddle off their adspace on Twitter all the time, Tila.

Just came across this video ( of this guy, who has to be the worst liar ever. His methods remind me of Tila so much that it's uncanny, down to the self-harm threats.

Madame Toast said...

@jayden - Cheerios and Redbull?

Anonymous said...

"I am cutting edged I mean so cutting edge I cut myself the other day for attention, wut wouldn't I do for my advertisers, you ask? Well for one it won't costed you much, 'cause this is CHEAP, 'cause I am cheap, wut you pay for is wuz you get and all of the 13 yrs olds and wanna be pedios that read my blog would luv to buy your products.

But this a mad opportunity, GROUND STAGE breaking into a tremendous opportunity, because I am talking to major movie studios, and they keeping hanging up on me, and though even my blow jobs for the security guards at the lots don't get me in don't COUNT me OUT because I am a mogul, a freelance professional writer and i WILL work for YOU.

YOUR gain is my PROFIT media people types who like to wear ties and business suits with pearls and stuff. I have golden opportunities with my amazing blog and it gets more traffic than drugs over the Mexican border -- so you NEED me to NEED you.

Terrific opportunity to let an ANGEL from GOD expose Satan and generate REVENUE for your stuff that you sell and would put ads on my site to sell the STUFF so that I will better be able to fight the OTHERS and costed me less on building this site with my OWN blood and sweat and other things I am prohibited by the state of California to pass to other people.

JUST look at my dog, my GENERAL my beastie, she is in CHARGE too and so i would could sell some mad adspace for dog food and flea spray, mostly flea spray, because the other day I was opening my SPACIOUS stand in mirror sliding door closet and got bit, a lot, by fleas or crabs or nano bots sent by the OTHERS to drain me.

So come on down and slap you html on my virtual ass, I will give you deep discounts and superior RESULTS because GOOGLE sucks and I don't know how to remove the google meta data off my site.

K thnks bye Business peoples!"

--tila, god's angel hands, and fingernails, and nipples.

K.R. Omen said...

I was reminiscing of all the shit that fell through for her because of you guy's due diligence.

Millions of Milkshakes and Wendy Williams show for starters. I think the WWE canceled her guest spot as well, haven't heard more about it. I don't think she's been allowed to blog back on Global Grind(Thank God, I really like that site. Anyone else? I'm brain farting over here.

Anonymous said...

I can't see it either,and I have Adplus as well! Ive never blocked anything from here though, :/ weird. Ill just check her twitter, heheehe BUT I WONT GO TO HER BLOG, no matter what!!

Joann said...

Begging for advertisers at half price. SMH. Yes, she is desperate.

She's using Wordpress, and IMO, stealing posts from other sites, so I'm pretty sure she's only spending about $30-40 dollars a month on this site, not $30,000.

She also had the nerve to say her site has a lot of traffic and two other BIG agencies want to work with her, so they should grab this offer up right away.

That's a mind trick a lot of businesses use in their ads to the public to get a sale quickly but this nitwit is trying to use it on other businesspeople who have used that who use it themselves. They will know she's lying.

You're not talking to your idiot army Tila. The ad agencies, if by chance they want to place an ad on your site, will definitely check you out and see you have nowhere near the traffic of other major gossip sites. They won't make any money or get exposure from you site.

Her reputation as a business person is shot anyway with all the slandering she has done on celebs, fake pregnancies, admitted drug usage, fake suicide, naked rants on Ustream and Buzznet, inappropriate sexual behavior towards minors, stealing tips from other strippers and outright lies on practically everything....who would want to deal with a person like that, especially in a business environment.

She said her site is free...LOL, one pays to read a gossip site moron.

Do us all a favor Tila, close this piece of crap site down and go do porn or check into a mental hospital for a long stay.

Anonymous said...

Hey how WEIRD is this, right!! I go on my TWITTER right and I am new to it so to find her I still just hit FIND people then Type her name and FIND her page from there ( even though I am following her ) well............I look and HER NAME AND PAGE was NO WHERE On the search list so I WAS LIKE HUH, did she block me?!? So I go type in and of course my browser pulls up her twitter link and I CLICK it and SURE enough her PAGE is there, I AM NOT BLOCKED yet she is not coming up when you SEARCH for her on TWITTER thru the MAIN SEARCH?!? Did they REMOVE HER??


Can someone else try it and see if it is JUST ME or DID TWITTER REMOVE her ass! How cool would that be. LOL! Do they even DO THAT?!??

Anonymous said...

I wish we didn't have to wait for a comments to be moderated. :(

TessDeco said...

Tila's blog use to have ads. I remember one for makeup. Her blog hits may not be soaring but she gets enough traffic to attract at least some low budget ads ..I would think? Yet she has NONE.

Obviously the advertisers pulled them off her page. With all the stupid and disturbing crap she pulls for media attention and the negative response it generates around the Interwebz, not to mention all the negative comments posted on her blog, what legit advertiser would want their product associated with Tila?

She did it to herself.. the clever mogul that she is.. lulz

Seagal said...

I can see the image just fine.

I just don't get why she has this overwhelming need to constantly lie. Big movie cos. interested in advertising on her site? And she has to decide which co will be a good fit for her fail blog? So she goes on Twitter and her fail blog looking for advertisers? Shit, her lies are making less and less sense.

Ben said...

Planned Parenthood, for when mischairages don't work?

deluwiel said...

@apocryphalou: I think you just may land a spot on Tila's crack team - that pitch was brilliant! LOL

Anonymous said...

@apocryphalyou HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Awesome!! Especially love the nano-bots.

Anonymous said...

@deluwiel, I do think I would certainly have to drink the spiked Kool-Aid if I were a member of her team. Danke!

@rockitqueen, I think it's sort of disturbing that I've been channeling some tila lately. An exorcism is in order methinks. ;)

Isis said...

Malt O'Meal might be interested.

BKiddo said...

Nyquil might also want to think about it.
It's multi-purpose!

apocryphalyou-you've always got something that makes me laugh all day.

livvey said...

Can you guys see the image ok? Some people apparently can, but others are telling me they can't.

They are not showing up in Firefox. I have an IE tab for one of my add-ons and switched to that to be able to see the twitter picture.

allen said...

Hello all,

We refuse to visit Thien's website. If the rotspot or anybody can post a list of the companies that advertise on Thien's website we will take it from there.We have about 200 people in our group. We did this with her hotspot ads the funny thing is one of the parents that signed the complaint against her worked for one of the companies.The company had NO IDEA that their ads were being placed on Thien's website and what kind of website it was was so our friend showed them.

Please also bear in mind that there are many people who don't know THIEN and she can honestly say she has no criminal history.We are looking to make her accountable for her actions.If her blog is failing as much as we think it is look for THIEN to start doing what she does best.STRIPPING

Most of the kids Tila is trying to brainwash will grow out of it.If they are adults and believe THIENS'S lies their lives are pretty much over

Allen from Arizona