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Sunday, June 6

postheadericon Jelis Haterz Care More About Tila Than Her Army: The Truth About Tila's "Suicide" Attempt

What a weekend. Tila has shown her true colors in the only hue that does her justice--whore red. We all know the story by now, but what you may not know is that it appears the Jelis Haters were the only people who did anything to intervene in Tila's madness of Saturday.

I saw the Twitter/Facebook posts at 10:00 am west coast time. My initial reaction was that something horrible was going on in Mogul-Land and whether she really did cut herself (I hadn't seen the video at that point, just the still photos) in a suicide attempt or as a cry for help, I wasn't going to ignore it. I supplied LAPD with the mansion apartment address I had for her, but they were unable to find her there. Over the next 4 or 5 hours I fielded tons of calls from LAPD dispatch, on-scene officers,  and fire and rescue. 

I called in a welfare check.  I told them what she tweeted about Jane and that she was reportedly to appear on Celeb Rehab for opiate addiction and she had tweeted the night before about taking those drugs. I told them I didn't know if she was depressed at the delay in taping the show, or  had OD'd on the drugs to the point of psychosis or if she really believed someone had harmed her. We all know TILA NEVER LIES, so this time I was taking no chances. I may not like her, but I don't want her to die alone like an animal like Casey Johnson was forced to die. Had one person thought to reach out to Casey after not hearing from her, she'd likely still be alive. I wasn't going to be that one person who had Tila's blood on my hands (I know not a popular decision, lol, but hey, somewhere in this HoHo-enhanced body, I have a little sliver of a heart!).

Anyway, they found no one at the apartmansion and determined Tila didn't actually live there. No one seemed to know where she lived. They then traveled to her old place (site of the infamous Garbage Sale 2010), and found nothing. Funny, the officer on the scene who called me had been assigned to the Garbage Sale, and said something to the effect that "after the owner put the house up for sale (but wait, Tila OWNED IT, SHE NEVER LIES!), Tila was forced to move out and had a garage sale." I then fielded more calls from dispatch and fire and rescue, all of them determined to find Tila at all costs. I was asked to do whatever I could to find her contact info.

I thought to contact Pasadena Recovery Center (where Celeb Rehab is filmed), and told them the story and suggested they contact LAPD if they could help. About 2:30 pm PRC contacted me and let me know they had forwarded the info (don't know what took so long but it may have been a case of their records room being closed for the weekend and having to call in someone, I don't know for sure though).

Soon after that call, Tila went on her Twitter rant against the dumbfucks who cared enough about her health and safety and who tried to get her help. She claimed at that time that this whole charade was for our entertainment. She was also quick to point out that she wasn't mad at her Army, just the dumbfucks who thought she was serious about suicide. Evidently she was made aware of the presence of rescue personnel, and took that time to tweet her rage, before she was interviewed by law enforcement. 

By this time, I was no longer in contact with any of the authorities, but heard from another jelis hater who had also been on the phone for the last 5 or 6 hours,  that the police found NO INJURIES AT ALL on Tila. They did not describe the aparmansion condition, but they did tour it and felt Tila was ok to stay there on her own.

So, rather than apologize for the complete disruption of the lives of many many people, Tila chose to spew her venom at the only people who tried to help her. Her stupid Army of Morons and Halfwits did NOTHING to get her help. Many were distressed by her posts, and instead of reaching out to people who could help her, they asked Tila to reach out to them. That's a really good way of losing a life, kids. When someone's life is on the line, never EVER hesitate to get the proper authorities involved. If it's too big a problem for an adult (Tila) to handle, then it's too big of a problem for a young person with no experience in mental health/crisis issues to deal with.

It's taken me many hours to process all this crap in my brain. I spent 4 or 5 hours on the phone, searching the internet, etc, trying desperately to give the authorities information that might help Tila. The authorities visited a total of 4 different locations over that period of time, before they finally found her. My whole Saturday was wasted. No, I did not do this to get her in trouble. I felt that she was a danger to herself and the least I could do was do what I'd do for anyone in my community.

I have to give a shout out to LAPD, both officers and dispatchers, LA Fire and Rescue, the ambulance service, and the Pasadena Recovery Center. Every single person I spoke to was kind and professional and really and truly cared about finding and helping Tila. Not one person was going to give up on her. Every single person was as determined to find her as if she was one of their own. I was in awe at the amazing compassion and determination I encountered. The fact that there was probably 50 or so of these folks doing all they could to find her, not to mention all the readers, fans and haters who were worried about her safety, is testament to the goodness in these people. Ironically, the person who I now believe deserves this attention the least, is Tila. What a warped ugly cunt of a woman. I was filled with guilt all night and today, wondering what would have happened had someone else needed those services and they were denied them because of Tila's stunt. I felt horrible guilt that I set in motion a series of events that could have meant a catastrophic outcome for another person.

I called the authorities out of sincere concern for her well-being. Would I do it again? Yes. Sadly, I am enough of a compassionate person that no matter how may times you cry wolf, I can't ignore the real cry for help behind your attention seeking behavior.

As for Tila, fuck off you slimebag whore. Don't kill yourself, I'd rather watch as this drama plays out and you find that no producers or television network wants to handle your shit. I want to watch as you reap the consequences of fucking with people's lives and destroying all your little troll hands touch. You are now a huge LIABILITY. I hope Dr Drew sees your interest in Celeb Rehab as a way to further your own agenda with no thought or concern about the life or death issues of yourself or the other participants. You plan to sabatoge the recovery efforts of vulnerable people for another shot of fame. You'll never have that fame Tila. You'll never again be the sweetheart of the internet. You fucked it all up, move on with your life.

Oh, and I don't know if Tila removed her youtube video herself, or if me contacting youtube, twitter and facebook for TOS violations (graphic images and content) had anything to do with it. 

Lastly, I'd like to point out that the biggest 'hater' of Tila, is Tila herself.

PS: Next time one of the Army of Morons and Halfwits ask why you're commenting on her Facebook/blog if you're such a hater,  just copy and paste this reply:

I may be a hater, but at least the haters tried to get her help when she went on her suicide mission. What did you, a Tila lover, do?

That ought to shut up the smart one...the others, well, nothing will convince them that the puppetmaster is anything but a poor misunderstand sensitive girl next door.

If Tila really did succeed in hurting herself or killing herself, what do you want to bet it would be her army who would point their fingers at us haters as the cause, when they couldn't be bothered to come to her aid in her hour of need. I have yet to see ONE army member step up and say they tried to help, yet I know of at least 3 'haters' who did just that, and for all the right reasons. Makes you go hmmmmmm.


Ms. Fullwood said...

I for one think you did a wonderful job....Karma will thank you...

alison m m said...

Standing ovation Fatty

Joann said...

You, the LAPD and everyone else did a good thing Fatty as any normal person would do.

Bitch is mad because her plan to get sympathy and/or more publicity for her appearance on CR4 by posting that fake picture and fake video was blown. It was not about any entertainment.

You see a real time picture or a real time video of something like that on the Internet you're suppose to let the authorities know.

Her army are a bunch of idiots who can't think for themselves, you know this because they're following Tila.

Good post and once again good work on your part.

Anonymous said...

I'll say straight up that I loathe Thien. I find her a mockery to my gender, my species, and a slap in the face to those who are mentally ill and are actually WANTING help.

You know, I would've done the same damned thing if I were in your shoes. Thien doesn't want to help herself and/or is not in the right mind to do so - that's clear as day.

Good on you. I'm sorry you couldn't spend your afternoon in the sun or doing something enjoyable, but rest assured you did do a compassionate deed here. I'm all about pay it forward, so hopefully it comes back to you soon. :)

Mark said...

Good post Fatty; for the record, at first I had my suspicions that you called the cops because you saw a good opportunity to fuck with Tila. But then I thought to myself: "Fatty seems like a really okay person, she has never given me any reason to doubt her..."

So yeah, if you are saying that it was all out of genuine concern, I'll be happy to give you the benefit of the doubt.

Unlike Tila herself, YOU have never yet proven yourself to be a liar. So as long as you never do I can't find any reason to treat you like one.

I too hope that no one who really needed those services went without them, but if that did happen it's Tila's cross to bare, not yours. She should take some responsibility for her own actions for once. Especially since this time it has been 100% verified by law enforcement officials that ***she lied*** about everything.

I've never seen the show CR, but hope Dr Drew is no fool. He should educate himself about Tila's history and really really really confront her head on with EVERYTHING. If you know how to reach the production company you should make contact with them again and ensure they have all the info they need to tear her to shreds if they get the impression that she's there of any reason other than to come clean, get clean, and stay clean.

Anne-Marie said...

She's blind for all the help.. It's really really really said. Instead of thanking the people for being so kind to check on her, she's just hating against everyone for that help. She's sick, really sick and should get the help she so need.

Good post Fatty, always a fan of your posts ;-) And although I know a lot of people probably think "why did you help her?" It's good you did! It shows that you (and mostly all the haters) are the good people in this entire story.

Tila: suck my ass, you are really pathetic. The haters were actually the ones that helped you because you were (like you said yourself) bleeding everywhere and were totally messed up. And you're just turning the story around. Your so called 'army' did absolutely nothing! NOTHING! You deserve no pitty for what you did. No acknowledgement. You were faking it. You have reached a whole new low. The bottom of the sea. It makes me SICK TO MY STOMACH because a lot of little children see you as an example. It really making me sick. Get some help and leave everyone alone. It's the best for yourself and for the others.

Ok, need to catch a breath now, because I'm really really getting mad. A whole new kind of mad.*breathes*

Tess said...

Thanks for writing a recap of Tila's "Jane" fiasco yesterday for those of us who weren't on Twitter when it all went down. Whether those cut arm pictures were real or not, I totally agree that calling LAPD was the right thing to do. I work in ER and have seen far too many people die when no one took their self-harm threats seriously. Tila needed to be held accountable for pulling such a sick scam for attention. Thank you to all who were involved. You did a good!

Who wrote this? @NotSoAnnoyed?

Isis said...

Unfortunately I am past the point where I will run to your side every single time you cry wolf. There most assuredly will come a time when I tell you "I am fucking done with you, have a nice life", and I will never look back, and no matter what happens to said person, I will never regret cutting them off. I can say that because I never wish death upon anybody, even if it were to only make me seem like a bad-ass e-Thug comment/forum/chat room troll. I am not having that kind of karma on my shoulders.

Doing self destructive shit like this, threatening suicide in as a means to get your way is a form of abuse, whether you like it or not. You are using the people who care about you's emotions and manipulating them for your own personal gain. It's like the five year old you see in the Toys R Us realizing the tantrum they're throwing isn't getting them the toy they want, so they threaten to slit their wrists instead.

Anonymous said...

all i can say is youre a better person than me. i did text the hotline yes, but i actually didnt care enough to go and call, and do all that you did. this mgiht sound cold hearted but i just think some people here on earth serve absolutely no purpose, they give nothing back to the community and pretty much just take up space and resources, like Tila.she wouldve been better off passed- no more sexually harassing children, posting porn for them, making lies on people,etc.

Rachel said...

Fatty, fair play to you for what you did for Tila, also to the other person - I'm sorry, I cannot recall your Twitter name. It shows you are both very decent people. You both tried to help and got SFA for thanks. It's hard to know what to make of what she did, if she's just famewhoring or there is a danger she will do something to herself. I think of her exactly how you guys do, but I don't want to see her die. I really hope she gets herself some help.

blahblahblogger said...

:/ this post kind of ruined the joy of the last one for me...

chey said...

The more I think about this whole thing, the angrier I get. Tila's fans are mainly a bunch of emotional, easily-led teenagers. What if one of them saw what she did, saw the attention she got and tried the same thing. And maybe they, unlike Tila, might actually hurt themselves. She has the lowest morals of anyone I have ever encountered.
Then she has the gall to post that letter to her haters, the only ones who tried to help, saying we were all on welfare, as if that's some kind of insult. Sorry Tila, but I have a very well-paying job. But even if I didn't it wouldn't make me a bad person. You could actually be a millionaire instead of pretending to be one and you would still be a dirty gutter snake.
Lastly, I don't want Tila to die. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, even her. What I want is probably far worse for her. I want RotSpot to continue to call her out on all her lies to the point that no one in Hollywood will go near her. I want her to fade into obscurity, all the while doing more and more outlandish things for us to laugh at. Then I want her to go away and get some help so she stops being such a horrible influence on children.

deluwiel said...

y'all made the big time - Radaronline!

goldenhum said...

You did the right thing Fatty. Everyone along with the LAPD were amazing. It was Tila that took away help from people who truly needed it, so the guilt should lay only upon her. She lied, she deceived everyone. She made a mockery of the system. Anyone with compassion & a heart would do what you did (I know I let them know as well) - and no matter how much animosity you feel towards her - it doesn't mean you will stand by and watch her kill herself publicly. Yes there was a 95% chance she was lying, but what do you do with that 5%? None of us should feel guilty. The only person who should be ashamed is Tila. The news of this is finally breaking and there's amount of deleting that can erase the shit storm she's brewing in. She did this to HERSELF. Thank you for trying to give her a lifeline.

Fatty McFatterson said...

I have to say I did have mixed feelings about calling the authorities. As much as I feared she had really lost it this time and hurt herself seriously, I was much more fearful that this was a hoax and that I would be disrupting essential services other people really needed.

Thanks Mark, for having faith in me. I don't need to 'get Tila in trouble', she does that on her own. I acted like I would hope any citizen would act. I've lost many people in my life to suicide and drug addiction (they tend to go hand in hand). I don't let the signs of problems related to either go un-noticed. I'd rather err on the side of caution, than to find that I could have done something meaningful.

I know it's not a popular sentiment sometimes around here to want to help her, but really, that's what this was about. Anyone who went through as much trouble as she did to convince her readers that she was attacked and injured, needs intervention immediately. And, as I stated, I only saw her written account and the still photos and that's what I based my reaction on. After being on the phone and doing other research in the interest of finding her, I didn't have time to read all the commentary and see the video until much later.
Even after seeing possible proof of a hoax, I was still concerned that something significant was going on that needed help.
Thank you all for the kind words. I was not the only one who called this tragedy in, but I did want you all to know the truth of how it went down.

Nikky Raney said...

You did a lot to help her out actually. Kudos.

Nikky Raney said...

I don't even consider myself a hater. I consider myself someone who is trying to shed light and expose her lies. I really don't give a fuck about her, but the fact that she has these loyal fans and lies about being bipolar, miscarriages, popularity -- it sickens me. I visit her site to see how much bullshit and how much damage she is doing. After all the evidence and straight up proof of Tila's lies, I don't understand how there are still people out there who believe her. Honestly. I remember she tweeted in December or something that she was a virgin. Do you remember that? it was on her old twitter, too far back to find the posts, maybe on celebrity Yeah, she said she was a virgin and promised everyone etc. How do her fans believe her, how does he have fans. I don't understand. And I go to her site to see how far this bullshit will go. I am going to keep blogging about her until she stops this ridiculous behavior. It's childish that she blocked me from commenting and blocked my NAME from being in the comments. No one can write "NIKKY" without being deleted. I have asked people to start writing "rikky naney" to bypass it. You can't write rotspot either without spaces. if she isn't bothered by "haters" why does she put these blocks. Why can't she admit this. I really hope she gets help and maybe becomes a sane individual. I don't know who is more delusional -- Heidi or her.

Nikky Raney said...

I am going to talk a bit about THIS blog post in particular. Of all the work you did to help her and calling the LAPD. I hope that you don't mind. Do you think you could e-mail me any of the "proof" of you really calling or whatnot. I believe you, but I want to make sure it all seems credible and what not. Or maybe give me the contact information of one of the officers so I could call them myself and confirm what you have said and get their side of it? perhaps? .

Lisa said...

She's not thankful; she's resentful because she got caught lying. She freaked out because she honestly didn't take into consideration the fact that somebody (hater or fan) would be alarmed enough to notify the authorities. For once, she got attention that she DIDN'T want.

But you did the right thing, Fatty. You went above and beyond. Plenty of people are grateful, even if Tila isn't.

jenelson said...

good job Fatty. I effing hate Tila, and think she should be in jail...but dead? I'm not sure.

BKiddo said...

Good for you Fatty, notsoannoyed, and everyone else who called.
I pretty much share the opinions of most of the above crew.
I got back home right in the middle of all the fuckery, and decided not to call when I found out that those pic.s were taken 3 days prior.
I was more worried about one of her army members, Roban.
Back when we'd all post comments at Hotspot, right before Truth, Rotspot, and Spiked. I looked up Roban's profile, and really feel bad for her. She's got issues with her hearing and I think mental issues as well.
Anyway, when I saw what Tila was doing and posting, all I could think of was Roban freaking out, maybe even cutting or hurting herself.
I don't even know if Roban is still following tila, but I hope not.
Fatty, and anyone else who might be feeling guilty, please don't. You all did the right thing and I want you all to sleep good tonight.

Justin said...

And people wonder why no one gets involved if they see someone in danger nowadays. Risk getting made a fool of by some attention seeking cow? No Thanks.