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Saturday, June 5

postheadericon The Mogul-tard does it again...

My favorite Uncle Eddie covered this subject superbly below me, but I want to weigh in here as well because I have some questions for my favorite mogul:

1. Miss Mogul you claim you have a long term problem with 'painkiller' addiction. If you really were pregnant (not that I think you were), how could you put your child at risk? Oh, wait you answered this on Twitter, you said you QUIT EVERYTHING, INCLUDING CIGARETTES when you were pregnant. Well, then my followup question is: if you were able to quit then on your own, why can't you revisit that method now?

2. Several weeks ago you gave an interview (good Lord I have no clue which one it was now, you can look it up. She made herself out to be a fool, wait, that won't help, because ALL her interviews make her out to be a fool). Anyway, you were asked if you are currently worth in the 'seven figures'.  After much mogul math in your head (does $10.00 and $5.00 sucky sucky count as seven figures?) you confirmed that you were definitely worth in the seven figures. That puts you at anywhere from $1,000,000 to $9,999,999 . Are you trying to tell me that $30,000, or anywhere between 3% and less than 1/3 of 1% of your income is too difficult to part with? At the upper end of that, you're telling me that you can't spend 3% of your income to get clean and stay healthy? 

I gotta tell ya mogul-breath, that's a slap in the face to every addict who has bankrupted their families to get clean. Think about it, you have an average American family making $30,000 per year (ironic, ain't it, but yeah the US Census claims that's the average income), and they need 3% to keep one of their loved ones alive. That's $900. Not chump change, but I think even middle America can dig in their pockets for that amount if it meant saving their loved one. But you, a POWerful under-30 year old mogul, can't afford it, and has to wait for not only FREE rehab, but rehab that PAYS you. 

You should be ashamed. Someone who really and truly wants to get clean is out in the cold because the attention -whore mogul would rather take their place for another minute of 'fame'.

3. You talk a lot about how we shouldn't miss your upcoming performance appearance. You tease that you might have to go 'in' on a few people and you might flip your lid every now and then. Wow. So, this is how you tease your 'audience' into watching. You have no intention of working the program for sobriety, but working it for attention. What about the poor people who are there for sobriety? The ones who have children and loved ones who depend on them and who struggle without their support? Your attention-getting antics will take away valuable resources and medical attention from those who need it and you'll essentially sabotage their sobriety and health for an extension of your 15 minutes of fame. Your outlandish behavior will rob people who really want to be a part of that program. They don't want you going 'in' on them, they want to concentrate on the hardest job they'll ever do. Nice that you'll be tripping them up every step of the way. 

4. You thank that Army of Morons and Halfwits for standing by you during this hard time, and you thank God for intervening. Get a fucking clue bitch, it wasn't your Army who supported you, and God didn't intervene. It was your jelis-haters. We've been imploring you for months to get help. We called out your addictions loud and clear and said 'TILA, YOU ARE A FUCKING ADDICT. STAY AWAY FROM OUR KIDS. GET YOURSELF CLEAN!" Did your Army ever tell you that? No. Your Army denied you had a serious and deadly problem. They attacked us jelis haters and called us liars and defended you. They did all they could to bolster your own warped image that told you you were fine and weren't killing yourself. Looks to me like your Army is worthless. It's your jelis haters who have put you on this path. It's your jelis haters who really did care enough to tell you the truth. You claim we brought you down, but in reality, we've lifted you up. I'll accept my 'thank you' anytime.

5. I'm not convinced on any level that you seek sobriety. You'll go on the show, try to make out with that wretched Shauna Sands, thinking that will capture you an audience, fight with whomever will give you the opportunity, lie about your true addictions and problems and then walk away saying 'oh my Army, I am only human, and I slipped back into addiction'. Anyone who truly wants sobriety, at the level you claim you want it, would go into rehab right now. You'll do your 30 days and then continue with Celeb Rehab if you still need that support, or go into sober living to learn independence from your addictions.

You are a sad, miserable cunt. You have yet again made a mockery of something that effects all of us in some way.

I wrote the follwing for a family member, but the sentiments are those of anyone who has looked addiction in the face and realized it's not so much a mask as it is the peeling away of a horrible truth. Unfortunately, the young man I wrote this for doesn't have the luxury of waiting a month to get paid to fuck up other people's sobriety. He doesn't have $30,000 for rehab and the places that will treat addiction at no cost have very few free slots at any one time. So Tila, think of this young man, age 19, only an addict for a year, but who is ravaged by addiction to meth to the point it's killing him. Think about him when you're doing a strip tease on Celeb Rehab, or acting provocatively, hoping producers are taking notes for your own reality show. Think of him when you create drama for the sake of camera time. Think of this young man who has fallen to his knees time and time again praying for help, only to have meth lure him to his feet. Think of all you have and all you've destroyed. Think of someone besides your own pathetic waste of humanity. Or just lay down and die. I don't give a damn, just don't subject me to your mockery.
Meth has a hold on me. I look in the mirror and there it is. Sitting on my shoulder, reflected in my eyes. It creeped across the floor, army man-style, and attacked without warning, without provocation. I wear this burden like a shroud, weighted down by its power, weakened by its allure.  It lurks in the doorways of decayed storefronts and litters the path with betrayed promises. I sidestep the worst of the destruction, but the balance sticks to my soles like tar and I track these footsteps across time, leaving evidence of its presence where ever I stand.  I can’t identify it in a lineup, but when I look in your eyes, I can see it. It has never passed before my hands, but it has gripped my soul. It has wrenched all I love from all you loved.  When meth has a hold of you, it has a hold of me. 


Sunshine said...

Was just on Twitter and read the following:

# I told u guys i have multiple personalities. I fell asleep and just woke up with blood cuts everywhere! and everythig is smashedd half a minute ago via web

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Everything in my room is shattered! I woke up with blood all over! Jane tried to kill me! I just took pics of it its really bad! 4 minutes ago via web

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Jane was just here! She tried to kill me!! Blood everywhere! She slit up my entire body with knives! I'm scared blood everywhere! 19 minutes ago via UberTwitter

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Dont got to sleep yet! I'm almost done bloggin! about 1 hour ago via web

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deluwiel said...

Preach it, Rotspot! Once again you guys nail it. There's just nothing more to add.

jayden said...

Someone who has her address needs to call the police and have them do a welfare check. They will 5150 her ass for this "Jane tried to kill me" stunt. If it isn't bullshit fake blood, it will show an intent to harm herself, and the police can make that determination. No family or friends will need to intervene.

Clementine said...

God she is desperate right now..with her Jane tried to kill me blogging/twitter...BECAUSE IF YOU WOKE UP COVERED IN CUTS AND BLEEDING THE FIRST THING YOU WOULD DO IS FUCKING BLOG ABOUT IT.

It is so fake and about 99% of the comments on her facebook are calling her out on it. Its such fake looking blood too. God she is fucking pathetic.

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

The only good thing about her going on Celeb Rehab is that Dr. Drew is not the one (love MK) and he will see right through her and her delusions, and hopefully set her straight. I doubt that she will be the first mentally defunct person he has ever encountered and she won't be the last.

Isis said...

Beautiful write and so dead-on.

As a straight edge bish whom fell off the wagon due to script pain killers, my sobriety is something I deal with daily. I was never one to ever be addicted to alcohol. Abused it, sure, never been addicted.

Anywho, I have been forced to watch so many people struggle with their addictions. Breaks my heart even if I hate or cannot stand the person.

Tiffanie said...

I agree CR will do nothing for her. You wont get sober unless you want it. I am also a recovering addict (pain killers) and its a battle every single day. Even if its only for 5 minutes you think about it and cravy all the time and have to fight it back. You cant fight it back unless you REALLY SERIOUSLY want to be clean. I mean how many more things is she going to make a mockery of? Miscarriages? Infertility problems? Mental/Personality Disorders? Addiction? Im sure I missed some too. She makes me sick!

boytoy said...

Fatty us jealous hater(myself)and i dont know about the rest of the jealous haters but i dont want tila to get help i rather see her dead.

We tell tila off cause she is a worthless piece of shit.

Veritas Ignis said...

This might have been her reason for not coming to the MTV gifting suite... as opposed to admitting she wasn't invited or allowed to come. So what would Tila do if she was "persona non grata" at an event? Make up a giant lie to cover up why!! In the screen cap she even says she wanted to go to the MTV gifting suite, but now can't because she's all cut up.
The sickening thing is that there are a lot of young impressionable people watching her every move. Odds are, some of them struggle with addictions or self-harm and she's making it seem like it's the cool thing to do to be noticed and feel important. She's such a slimy cretin!!

Nikky Raney said...

I wrote about you guys at (Which is on TMZ's blogroll) So i hope i gave you more traffic.