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Tuesday, June 15

postheadericon GUEST POST: Addressing Tila's "Open Letter"

Seola breaks down Tila's "open letter" to the haters:

Tila’s claims of how angelic she is, while bashing the haters has taken an ironic turn as she blogged about a “hater” in Iowa.  Of course, it starts with “bumfuck Iowa” – if you’ve been to Iowa – it all is bumfuck.  Not knocking Iowa, I come from nearly the border of Iowa in Missouri.  In fact, some people prefer not to live in cesspools like Hollywood.  Just because we don’t care to pack 19844 people into a 20 story apartment complex doesn’t mean anything except we like (and can afford) space.  That said, living in a building with sex offenders… I wasn’t aware that any one person had the ability to kick people out at will when you don’t own a building.  Anything wrong with apartments?  Not at all.  Unless you consider the irony that Tila herself lives in an apartment, while bashing someone living in an apartment.

Let’s break down her stupidity, shall we?

“I Address The Haters, that Underestimate Us, then Ride Up On Em Like Escalators”

I admit it.  I do underestimate you – just when I thought you couldn’t get any dumber or childish – you fake suicide, fake arm scratches then cry about it.  Then tell people not to worry.  Then get busted by the cops.  I just can’t wait for the next circus to catch you again.  When your life *might* (I say might because we did not believe you, and we were right, but hey, we’ll take the 1% chance) be in danger, the dumbass army begged you to Tweet you were okay.  Except it was us jellis haterz who sprung into action, calling the police and recovery centers to get to you, to make sure you were alright.  Gee Tila (obligatory wave and a flipping the bird, fuck you), it was us who did that – not your dumbass army, who not only acted like they were worried, but defended your actions of wasting police reports and bandwidth that could have been used much better – say by showing some idiot in China an lolcat.  At least that would have been amusing.  As for us being like escalators – thanks for the compliment.  I do have multiple heights I climb effortlessly, and always end up on top.  You however, are a nasty piece of gum, stuck to a pipe cover in the floor of a club that caters to skanks, sluts and all around tunnel puss-rats.

“Look Up In The Sky, It's a Bird, It's a Plane / Hell Nah, It's "SuperWonder Tila" Runnin' Game”

Runnin’ Game eh?  So you admit that you are lying to everyone for your little game?  I get it.  Funny.  Really funny.  (insert John Travolta Grease laugh here… ah ha ah ha ha ha.)

“There is something that has to be said, about people, or a certain group of individuals, that have dedicated their lives to terrorize others, or to spew hatred, or some of the wickedest evilest things I have ever seen wished on a human being.”

Yes there is.  It’s called Tila and her army.  Tila has spouted hatred and death threats against the Johnsons, Hiltons, Bijou Phillips, Lohan, Perez and her haters, to name a few.  She has, if you will, stooped to “our level” by calling out a hater.  Because you know –it’s like it’s so nice and sunshiny to go on about one of her haters for several paragraphs, because she tries to say “with all due respect” first.  I’ve seen Tila threaten to “cut a bitch” (maybe she meant herself?), and with the irony in this very post, seen her bash on a “hater”.  Hey Tila, I’m a married mother of 2, soon to be 3 – with my own business, working on a college degree, own my house, two cars, two dogs and an IQ of 148.  I qualified for MENSA before I realized how stuck up and hoity toity the people are, that they need a club (Tila army much?) to praise how great they are.  I have a sex offender on my street, because the city could care less, as long as he doesn’t live next to a school.  Maybe it’s cool to do a lynch mob to get people to move, but in reality – 85% of people living in a suburban setting live within 8 blocks of a sex offender.  In fact, based on the address you are living at, you have not only several within spitting distance, but 17 within 5 miles.  Does that define you?  By your logic, I suppose you are the nasty skank because you live close to one?  Of course, we all know that’s not the defining reason Tila is a skank – she is because she’s had so much jizz inside her, the sperm bank called for a loan.

“There is something to be said about this new world we’re living in, where people feel that since they have anonymity behind a computer keyboard, that they can let out all of their life’s angers and frustrations on complete strangers, celebrity or otherwise.”

You know, Mr. Google told you who we all were.  We are shaking so hard that you know who we are.. wait – you said anonymity?  So you are saying you don’t know who we are?  Did Mr. Google not like his blowjob or did your knees finally blow out before he finished and you didn’t get our names?

“There is something to be said about people who wish sssoooo bad to gain fame, that they do so by defaming my name.. In hopes I might mention their retarded blog that is nothing but knock-offs of mine.  Or hoping I might mention their names or their twitter pages, so they can finally get their precious 42 followers.”

I, like most of the jellis haterz, have no desire for fame.  We aren’t defaming your name, you are – and it’s not even your real name.  Irony defined here kids.  Take notes – “knockoff blog” – except Tila has the exact same tags, exact same colors, exact same slogan as Perez, and STILL cannot get advertisers.  Don’t be jealous that the Rot Spot beats out your blog – YOU provide our material.  We just report it.  And guess what?  We have exclusives!  How’s the Onion treating ya?

“There is something to be said about those who lack their own ambitions and goals, only to make their ambitions and goals to take down others.”

I have plenty of ambitions and goals, but we’ll not delve into that here.  What I will say, is that my other goal IS to take Tila down.  You see, when a nasty skank ho like Tila (who by the way, knows the blog is retarded apparently, even though she claims to never see it, or read what haters say, and is also supposed to be receiving that lolsuit any day now, I digress…) when a nasty skank ho like Tila makes fun of rape, and you’ve been raped – it pisses you off.  When you spend 4 years battling severe endometriosis, suffer 5 real miscarriages and she makes a joke of it – it pisses you off.  When her worst story of childhood is having to work in a flea market and you’ve seen more horrors than any other human should – it pisses you off.  And now that you’ve made fun of people with Dissociative Identity Disorder – DID - (even though Tila likes to say Multiple Personality.. they do not use that term any longer), fake cut yourself and trash your own place – it pisses people off who have seriously blacked out and done things they don’t know about.  It pisses off people who know people who have committed suicide or have tried to.  It’s not funny.  None of that shit should EVER be used to create press or attention for any reason whatsoever.  When you do – it pisses people off.

“Well, for all those people, since you don’t seem to know how the Soul, the Mind, and the Body works, let Mama T teach you children a little something… Now gather around boys and girls, it’s time for Kindergarten, since your parents clearly did not give you the necessary tools you need to better our world.”

Since you have shamed your parents so badly they refuse to have anything to do with you or care if you die, I really don’t think now is the time to try and play teacher of manners.  Or did you want to show people how to rape a guy, eat pizza and tweet at the same time?  Cause let me tell you something sweetie – I have great sex and when you have great sex – nothing else crosses your brain except your eyeballs.  I’m sorry you are that bad at having sex, and that you are not good enough that you can’t even wake up a sleeping man with that tunnel you call a cooch – but normal people, yeah.. we have good sex and once we get started, our hands are on each other (because all hands, fingers and mouths are in use if you do it right) and my cooch ain’t so loose that my man doesn’t wake up if I sit on him as if there is nothing there.

“Ya see, your soul is just like your body. If you eat double cheeseburgers every day, eventually, your heart will be attacked. There is no way around it. And in the same token, if you keep spewing out venom, from your mind, your thoughts and your words… Your soul too will be attacked.”

So THAT’S how you got to be souless!!!  I was wondering about that.  I suppose experience does give her a few points up to teach this to us.  I mean, her soul is so “attacked” it looks like Baghdad circa 2003.  Some theories for DID (mind you, not a doctor, just presenting thoughts) are that people feel so extreme in their normal reality, these additional people manifest to deal with situations that the main persona cannot handle.  Think Me, Myself and Irene without the dead cow, funny one liners or the albino.  The giant dong is still there though.  If we follow this theory – Jane manifested to kill Tila.  So it’s really Tila that wanted to commit suicide, but Jane manifested because Tila didn’t have the guts to do something Tila herself wants to do.

“In other words, all this evil that surrounds these people, guess what… They are the ones who will lose. Because Mama T is still here!! And they are still nobody.”

One remark to this.  It doesn’t matter if I’m famous in Hollywood, my children and husband think I’m a great somebody and THAT is all that matters in this world is family - you have none to care for you.

“As a matter of fact, you are somebody. You live in Bumfu*k Iowa, and you live in apartment buildings with registered sex offenders. You collect welfare checks and food stamps, so you can open up web pages designed to defame fair maidens. Yes, I know who you are. My people are already watching you and they know your every moves. They know who you’re talking to, they know what you say. And when the time is right, you will pay for your actions, for your terror, for your stalking of my life. This is beyond normal. This is a sign of the times we are living in, and I am afraid for our future if this is the product our children are becoming.”

You are about 2 minutes older than me Tila.  Don’t be jealous that you haven’t had your money machine of a child off someone famous to sit around and collect welfare (welfare isn’t always from the government).  For someone who has to wait around to go to FREE rehab because she’s flat ass broke – I really don’t think you should be talking about anyone taking handouts.  I’m picking my nose and flinging boogers at you – can you see that dearie?  Come on, tell me – what did I say on June 4th, 2010 and who did I say it to?  If you are so on to us – you’ll be able to say it right away!  It’s even sadder that people like you could possibly have a product of a child.  By the way, our children are not products.  We don’t sit on assembly lines, getting porked on one end, being fingered by doctors as we go down the line to pop out something at the end.  You see, since no guy in their right mind will have a child with you, you don’t understand that.  It takes blood, sweat, tears, worry, love, care – things you will never understand to raise a child.  It’s “products” like you that corrupt them, making fun of rape and miscarriage – making false claims of DID and fake cuts on your arm to get pity.  You know how much easier it would be to raise children if we didn’t have to explain why cunts like you exist?  It would be so much nicer not to have to explain to them that some people are just that stupid, to pull the stunts you do and to direct them that it’s no way to live.  That lying is plain stupid and never gets you anywhere.  The thing is, with sluts and skanks – there are enough that even if we eradicate or reform one, another will be in your place.  When you fade away in the next year or two, and my son will never have heard of you, when he’s a teenager – there’s another one, doing famewhore stunts and I will be the one to tell him to RUN RUN RUN FAR FAR AWAY FROM PSYCHO BITCHES!!!  He’ll ask how I know, and I’ll tell him… if you knew Tila, and saw the things she did on a daily basis – then you know what gutter sluts look like.  So I guess I could say thank you, for giving me experience on the exact kind of women I want my boys to not only stay away from, but RUN FAR FAR AWAY, screaming down the street away from any one like you.  As a mother – you should feel really nasty and ashamed that there are women who will tell their sons to stay away from girls like you.  No guy wants to bring you home to Mama.  As a REAL Mama – I’d be have a Madea slap fit if my son brought home trash like you.  And if a woman like you walked through my door, I’d make him throw a trash bag over your head and take you to the curb because that’s where women like you belong.

“Your mama would be proud.”

My mama is proud.  I left a man who put his hands on me when I was pregnant with my first child, worked as a waitress at a fast food joint, went back to work 2 weeks after giving birth, was on WIC and I made my own way to get off WIC and Medicaid.  I worked for everything I have.  It wasn’t always easy, and it wasn’t always cheap, but I never had to hide in shame from my family like some gutterslut famewhores I know.  Being on welfare and food stamps in this economy isn’t exactly taboo.  Millions upon millions joined in the last 3 years – people who thought their lives were made just 5 years ago.  While at the WIC office, yeah I saw morons with their kids wearing Gucci, diamonds and driving down in an Escalade.  I showed up for my WIC checks in a 1994 Mercury Wagon.  But I bought that car on my own.  I made my way for my kids.  And that’s certainly nothing you are going to make me feel ashamed of or for.

“So anyhow, keep spewing forth your venom. And you will find yourself even less happy in life than you already are. Just watch. Cause in the end, I’m not the one that’s going to lose. No, No, No… I’m definitely not one that’s going to lose. The Proof is in the pudding. Where am I? And where are they? They’re just upset that they’re stuck in their dead end jobs (if they even have one) and that I am a woman of ambitions, goals, and achievement. Yes, every goal I have set for myself in life, I have achieved, and there are many more to come.”

You’ve already lost babe.  You’ve lost your friends, your family, and respect of fans who have become flabbergasted over your little stunts.  You have a whopping 4 people in your little army ready to defend you.  I have more than that living in my house!  Where are you?  I’d say standing on the corner of Skank Street and Slut Drive, whoring yourself out any way you can.  Where am I?  In a loving marriage (6 years next month), wonderful kids, beautiful dogs, a 52” flat screen LCD, running my own business, working on my degree standing on Up and Coming St. and Happy Road.  Hey, don’t get all mad – you asked.  What goals have you achieved?  Hmm… killing off your fiancé, going to Australia writhing on the floor while supposedly bleeding profusely from a miscarriage, denting your head at night and cutting yourself while NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU enough to take you to the hospital.  When you “dented your head”, who could you call to help you?  The ambulance and a paparazzo.

“These people, can’t do anything without me. If I did not exist, they would have nothing to talk about, no website to bash me with, and no ambition for anything. The 80% of their lives that’s dedicated to hatred, towards me, would be empty and devoid. The other 20%, they eat, shi* and sleep. Take away the 80% that is me, and all they will be left with, is hanging out with their registered sex offender neighbors. I would hate me too!!!!”

No, you got your math all wrong – 100% of my hatred goes towards you.  Because you are the one that causes it, so you deserve it.  You see, while I sit her writing on a new laptop, watching my nice TV, having my husband laugh over my shoulder at your stupidity – you are sitting there with some pills, a trashed bedroom (that given the empty bottles and trash on the floor cannot have been nice before you faked all this) and NO FRIENDS OR FAMILY.  You see, not everything in life is about how much you can get the media to talk about you.  Real people care about those they surround themselves with.  Yeah, you say that only jealous people hate on others?  Well you spent all this time hating on us – how jealous are you?  So jealous you can’t see straight.  So jealous, you pop pills to make yourself feel better.  So jealous, that when people stop talking about you, you cry and make up some fake drama in life just so those 4 people can say they care about you.  Us “little people” don’t need to be reassured by strangers that someone cares for us.

“So with that said, I need not devote anymore energy to these filthy individuals. I pray that God bless your soul, and show you a way to true life, because life is too short to waste it on hating people you don’t know. Life is too short to think evil is a true goal. Life is too short, to think Miss Tila is going to go.”

You will always devote energy to us haters.  Without us, you are even less than nothing.  You are a zero – with us, you are a -17.  You say life is too short to spend hating, but you mention us haters at the rate of 10 to 1 over your fans.  Without us, NO ONE would be watching you.  And without us, you’d have nothing to spend your time on and realize how pathetic your life is.  Without us, you’d have to step up and realize how lonely and nasty you are, how you wish you had a tenth of what we do in your life.  And without us, NO ONE, would have sent cops to check up on you and catch you in your latest big drama lie.  When we do fade away, as we slowly are because it’s fun, but real life happens – you will be left with yourself, your “addiction”, and a busted ass apartment, with no car, no friends, no family and no one to talk to.  I say that’s the biggest tragedy of them all.

“I’m still here bitches”

Yeah, and?  I’m still here too.  Wait, am I?  Or am I a figment of Jane’s imagination?  Oh wait, yeah – you’ll never leave because if you leave Twitter or your asinine blog, you’ll have absolutely nothing left.

“Love, and only Love,”

Does best Tila voice – “And I mean that for you, because it doesn’t apply to me cause Imma cut these bitches and hate on haters.”

“Miss Tila
4 Eva”

Now dammit, last night you said it’s Tila Fucking Tequila – who are you today?

Thank you Seola for the guest post :)  


K.R. Omen said...

Once again, good post. I guess, as a hater, I should stayed glued to the screen hitting the refresh button to see what other venom I can spew, but I got car repairs to look after, food shopping, gym memberships to use, basically the life that the "Army" tells us to get. The funniest part is that making fun of her takes up so little of my day, it actually takes longer to walk the dog.

josephgein said...

Excellent post. Quick question; forgive me if I missed it: Do you know how Tila may have gotten the information about you or were her comments random? Just wondering. Anyway, anyone else wake up every morning hoping that this bitch may have died during the night? Is that wrong? I'm a reasonably friendly, good-natured person who wishes harm on no one. But oh my God. This bitch turns my wife and I into Micky and Mallory from Natural Born Killers. Arghhhhh. What is it about her that creates such hatred and vitriol? Feels good, though.

Rotty (TRS) said...

Who knows really. It's something she came up with a few days back. She says her PI's and Mister Google gave her all of this info about "us". She's a fucking moron. LOL

Cathy said...

Well said!!! I cant think of more to add!

"you will be left with yourself, your “addiction”, and a busted ass apartment, with no car, no friends, no family and no one to talk to. I say that’s the biggest tragedy of them all."

Awesome....If a Tila falls in the woods and no one is around to hate on her did she really fall?" Answer NO

Nightingale said...

The thing about the fake suicide attempt that pisses me off.. well, it's really two-fold

My best friend killed herself 10 months ago and I would have done anything in life to save her.

I was "a cutter" for 11 years and have been free of it for a year, and her faking it (not even TOUCHING herself but using some other poor soul's photo) TRIVIALIZES AND DEMEANS the actual torment that people who self-injure have...

Not to say she's not tormented, she clearly is.. along with vile, delusional, ect.. my psych degree has a field day with her posts.. but I'd feel a hell of a lot more sympathetic for her if she was ACTUALLY reaching out for some help instead of these piss-poor attention ploys.

Barbara said...


I'm a writer, so as one, to one, you rock on all levels.

Tila is so done. She's careening out of control so fast, she's Lohan-ing faster than LiLo is.

The Colleen Machine said...

Wasn't that open letter blog posted when Tila was 5150d? I thought she didn't write it... it doesn't have RANDOM words capatalized and it's missing her POW nonsense. I think Bradshaw wrote it.... I could be wrong though.

Mason McDuffie said...

This was a great post. Honest and informing. I know I come to this site for entertainment but sometimes I forget that tilas actions will adversely affect others who have gone through these tribulations. Where as she mocks them by claiming to be a victim only later to recant and deny, there are real people out there dealing with these demons. Thank you for sharing. This post makes it even harder for me to understand how anyone in their right mind could find tilas actions acceptable and cool.

Anonymous said...

Bleh, when is she going away? Has anyone noticed that she stopped the DID act and picked up the whole conspiracy theory to get attention? Ha, too bad she got called out on that BS that she can't pull the Jane card out anymore.

Jane said...

I have always loved this blog but making fun of a person's mental illness is really crossing the line. Is there any doubt that Tila is mentally ill? Come on people.

Psychotropic drugs are no joke and neither is suicide whether or not the "attempt" is deemed fake by this blog or claimed to be fake by Tila herself who is clearly unhinged and seeking attention..

This blog is starting to remind me of Heathers times 9. Slam books are so old and so cruel. Remember Pheobe Prince?

Just saying.

BKiddo said...

Thank You Seola,
It's always irked me when she has the nerve to think we have nothing, are nothing and contribute nothing.
It's pretty easy for anyone who comes here to see that, the writers, and commentaters are fun, healthy, happy, and pretty damn satisfied with our lives.
AND Tila hates that!!
I don't want to live where she does, do what she does, or act like she does.
I wish she'd figure out that we're not only haters, but we're Happy Haters! lol
There's nothing she can do about that!

Isis said...

First "Jane" was her alter ego and Tila claims she was doing the alter ego thing long before Beyonce ever did, and now all of a sudden it's an extra personality. Eh, whatever.

Lady Luck said...

@Jane - she's not mentally ill.

If she is, it's nothing more than an imbalance that can quickly be fixed with a few PROPER pills. So, no, I don't feel sorry for her.

99.9% of the things she does is for attention. Not out of an illness that prevents her from knowing any better.

Ben said...

She's just a sad junkie who's told so many lies she doesn't know which was is up. Problem is, she seems to thoroughly enjoy the fantasy world she's created.

Kudos to Seola for a brilliant jelis post. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I only read not even HALF of this and just wanna say THANK YOU again, REALLY for all you do!! This one is a Dooozzy here, lol and I cant wait to read it all!! Woohoo lol! :))

Anonymous said...

Exactly K.R.!!! I was out shopping ALL day and its funny WHILE we go on with NORMAL every day life this bitch is all knocked out from being high all night then it starts ALL over again! THIS IS HER LIFE, not ours, she knows that!!!! Or it wouldnt bother her so much!! hehehe!

H. Mills said...

This whole thing is so amazing.

Tila...please, please get off the internet for a while. I think you're the one that needs a life with how much you're on twitter.

She's supposed to be a 'mogul' with a 'record label' and she has all this time to be on twitter? ahahah, don't make me laugh.

Also Tila ONTD is better by far than your sad excuse for a blog will ever be.

William said...

@Lady Luck

You really believe that Tila is not mentally ill? What is your definition of mentally ill?

Lady Luck said...

@ William. Ok, maybe saying not "mentally ill" isn't the right way of saying things. Because obviously she is cray cray.

But, not the type of mental illness to feel sorry for her. Or think that it's not funny to point and laugh.

GhostofChunks said...

I made this account just so I could write this... and hopefully many more. I just hope and pray that all my future posts won't be as morbid and serious, but since our best buddy (waves to Tila!) reads all there, I thought that I could get my point across here.

Seriously, parts of this post may refer to some graphic events which have happened in my life, but they apply directly to Tila and after today, I want to get my point across to that selfish bitch.

OK, listen up Mama TT, Tila Tequila or whatever you are calling yourself depending on the way you rolled out of your little hammock this morning. I have something I need you to read and take really good notes.

Listen up, Tila, and keep in mind that EVERY WORD of this story is true.

OK - My husband and I have just returned from a memorial service of a GREAT guy and awesome friend whom we miss so much. Maybe if you learned how our friend died, then MAYBE (still not counting on it) you'll think of how your actions affect others, especially when you go call 911 for attention for a little bump on the head or fake a suicide attempt.

I wrote a much longer version of this but blogspot couldn't handle it so I'll make it short(er).

Our family friend and my husband's boss who was a private pilot, did a perfect takeoff from a private airstrip. However, something happened with the plane, and he tried in vain to get back to the airport. Sadly, the plane crashed with him and his mom inside.

Here's the sad part: He could have been saved, but wasn't. The nearest rescue unit was out on a bogus call - some 24 year old man had faked a suicide because of some girl.

Because this rescue unit was out on a bogus call, they had to call the nearest available squad to the airport: 45 minutes away. My friend and his mom burned for forty-five fucking minutes because a squad that could have gotten there in 2 minutes was out on a bogus call. If that FD and rescue could have gotten there in 2 minutes, chances are great they could have been saved. But no. Some selfish kid wanted to hoax his friends about his latest breakup. He's alive and well. We are grieving the loss of a great friend. At the memorial service, our friend's gf wrote such a tribute that I cried because that wonderful man won't be around anymore. Because a dumb kid took an ambulance out of service for his selfish games.

I dare you, Tila... think of this story the next time you want to waste valuable EMS services, you cunt. And maybe even think about the fact that someone in LA could have died of a heart attack or a mom with three kids died in a car accident all because of your little stunt.

If you have any conscience, think about this Tila, before someone else dies.

Anonymous said...

@Nightengale So, so sorry for your loss. ((hugs))

Manda said...

@ Nightengale and GhostofChunks
- Sorry for your losses.

- Thank you, thank you so much. A lot of what you said is what has been swimming around in my mind, it feels good to read that. It was also extremely well written.

"....when a nasty skank ho like Tila makes fun of rape, and you've been raped – it pisses you off.

....fake cut yourself and trash your own place – it pisses people off who have seriously blacked out and done things they don’t know about....

...It pisses off people who know people who have committed suicide or have tried to..."

These are just three of the reasons I hate Tila. I don't think she nor her mindless drones get that. For someone who has experienced such things to read her BS is a hard slap in the face followed by a huge gob of spit.

Then to top it all off, these are the messages she is delivering to children, she is saying making fun of these things, faking these things, is perfectly acceptable.

So again thank you for a very eloquently written post.


I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed reading this marvelous, articulate post, mercilessly shredding Tila down to the very last fiber of her being. Bravo.

Seola said...

Thank you to everyone who commented on my post. I think it's something we've all been thinking about, I just organized it. She's a vile woman who uses people and while I may be strong enough to handle her making fun of my lost children or family, etc. there are other women, especially if it's more recent than mine who would see the things she says and be hurt.

I don't pretend I'm better than anyone else, just Tila. I have rarely ever said that about anyone because I think everyone contributes, but she truly contributes NOTHING to society. She's skin and silicone and not much else. With all her fake stories and jabs at true celebrities, I will not be surprised if a crazed fan of Rihanna's, Gaga's or Miley Cyrus' goes bananas on Tila.

I think majority if not all of what's left in the Tila army cannot possibly be parents (aside from one chick I mowed down for putting a picture of her adorable child next to her half naked attempting seduction on a bed). I think I speak for all mothers when I say she's a disgrace for our kids.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Ghost of Chunks, I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend. The scenario you described, about someone needing the services of police or fire and rescue, is the stuff of the nightmares I had that night, after calling 911 for Tila's stupid stunt. I went back and forth for several minutes on whether or not I should call 911. Knowing Tila's history, but not knowing if this was the one time she really and truly needed the help, or if this was just another sick ploy, was the longest, most agonizing several minutes I've experienced in a long time.
Even though she's a vile human being, I would not have been able to live with myself if I had allowed her to die because I didn't take her seriously. Had someone else died because they needed those services that were unavailable, well I don't know how I would have lived with that either, but at least I know my motives were true and it would be on Tila, not me if something horrible happened.
I know the memories of your friend will someday bring you comfort, and that today is just one more hard day to get through. Your friend was a lucky man to have people like you in his life. Too bad Tila has no one to remember her so fondly if she did indeed die that day.