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Sunday, August 8

postheadericon Dear Tila Army: Part 2

This is going to be short. No funnies, no snark, but to the point.

Tila is going down hill fast. She's a fucking raving lunatic and a visit to her site is taking on scary proportions. Can't you people (fans/Army) see this woman is in need of a swift kick in the ass and not the mamby-pamby coddling you're doing?

When a grown woman has fucked up her life so badly that she's screwed all other viable options, and has to resort to porn, well you have to tell yourself, she's pretty far gone. Tila had the world at her fingertips for a minute...she really could have made something of herself. She wanted shortcuts and the easy way and so she burned a ton of bridges behind her. She could have taken acting lessons, singing lessons, whatever to make what little she had, stand out.  She could have worked some kind of hosting job on MTV/VH1. Others before her have, and she could have as well. But no, she ruined it all and now mainstream Hollywood wants nothing to do with her.

That leaves porn. And she's lying to all of you about that. She's lying and using you to spread the word. When she comes out and cops to the truth, you'll all rally around and tell her you understand and of course its no one else's business and the jelis haters are just fat and ugly and they wish they could do porn. 

Porn is no fucking luxury job you ass-lickers. It's degrading and dehumanizing. It tells the world you're nothing but a pussy, and a dirty one at that. Show me one porn actor/actress who has any respect outside of the industry? You can't. Women, especially, who go into porn do so as a last resort. They have nothing else to bank on and use the only thing of value they possess. Well guess what, 50% of the population possesses a vagina. They're pretty damn easy to come by.

With the degradation and humiliation of porn comes more self-loathing and drug use. Yeah, drug use. How do you think so many people in that industry get through the fucking day knowing they are everything they despise? Knowing that the taunts they threw around in high school at slutty, whore girls, they've become. You don't ever go UP the ladder to success with a porn career, it's all downhill.

So beyondbettyjean, and others who I see commenting over at the flog, give yourselves a pat on the back. You're not building Tila up, you're tearing her down. It's not the jelis haters. We are the peer pressure she needed to prevent this downfall, unfortunately we weren't enough. Hope none of you have a beloved sister, aunt, cousin, friend, or God forbid, your own mother who is showing all these signs of self-hatred and destruction. Go ahead, tell her how beautiful she is, tell her how sexy she is. That's her only value anymore and even that is fast becoming a lie. 

And in the next month or so when the Lamborghini is mysteriously back at the dealership, and the porn flick comes out (you know, the one she swore wasn't out) and she continues these insane rants on her flog, know that she used you. She lied to you. Just like she lied about the alcohol poisoning and never once thought to update you herself. Nice girl to say she's dying and leave you hanging for hours worrying and then just pop back like nothing happened. No explanation. No nothing. Oh she cares about all of your so fucking much, doesn't she?


jenelson said...

Agreed 100%. I've tried to speak with no avail. I think she really enjoys the attention that she's getting as well.

Anonymous said...


Anna said...

WOW! If that ain't slap upside the head, I don't know what is!

deluwiel said...

the alcohol poisoning, the attack by Jane/self/Garry, the mis-chairage... it's all just Tila pulling the strings waiting to watch the little Army she has dance around with their concern and their worry and their support and attention. She's pathological. I don't believe that these fans don't see it, don't question Tila's actions and motives even a teeny bit. They do. The thing is, they don't want to admit that they've been played, that they've been manipulated, that they've been fools. So in defending her they're actually defending themselves. They have this sense of belonging to something special and exclusive; they're needed, they're sharing their lives with others who feel as they do. That feeling of community and inclusion is way too important to them to start questioning or doubting or using reason and common sense when it comes to Tila. It's gotten to the point where she knows she can say anything or do anything and her Army won't question it. She's loving the power. Even if it's power over only a handful of anonymous people on the internet, it still gives her the relevance that she craves so desperately.

BKiddo said...

Excellent post again Fatty.
I wonder if the army folk will be able to wrap their little heads around all this without combusting into "I heart tila" confetti.
Maybe someday, they will figure out that all she is doing is playing with them and useing them.
I can't beleive that they don't remember when she had them all tweet Diddy,(fake suicide #?), because if they didn't, that meant they didn't care about her and she would end her life on Wednesday. Well they did, and Diddy did contact that lying skank. Her tweet back to Diddy was basically saying that she was embarassed by her fans and that she wasn't happy they tweeted him.
Uncle Eddie did a post about it, and it has all the screen caps and a better play by play.
After everything she has done to others, I don't know why anyone would ever look up to her.
tila is one selfish, sick, bitch, and one of thease days, she is going to piss off the wrong person, and I won't feel bad about it one bit.

Joann said...

God bless you Fatty. You have an awesome heart and soul. I understand where you're coming from but sweetie you're wasting your beautiful energy on these nitwits.

The nitwit army have seen PROOF over and over again, NOT HERESAY BUT PROOF, from TRS, Spiked Tequila and Tila Truth how Tila constantly lies about EVERYTHING, berates them, make them jump when she says jump, is sexually inappropriate towards the underage ones in her Army(on her piece of crap blog on a video to them wearing bra and panties)and a lot more and YET they still wish to follow and praise this dimwit?

What they don't know is how she laughs about them behind their backs and has absolutely no respect for them.

With the exception of a few who might come around, the rest of them have low or no self esteem and probably have a bad or empty home life.

Young people with high self esteem and have a somewhat decent home life would never, ever worship Tila or anybody else to the point where they can be trained like dogs and obey commands from that person like a mindless robot.

If she told them to jump off the nearest cliff in their city/country at 12 midnight tonight these imbeciles would do questions asked.

As far as I'm concerned they get what they deserve from Tila. I don't feel a bit of sympathy for them anymore.

Like I said before her nitwit army consists of impressionable tweens, teens and UNSTABLE adults(you all know who fits the unstable category).

Let them learn the hard way about this skank and what she has in store for them.

That will be the best thing for them at this point.

Bridget said...

Jenna Jameson has respect outside the industry.

Ben said...

The car excuse will be because "haters" kept having the police follow her every time she went out to drive it. Everyone is to blame but her.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. This is my first time commenting here, I'm sorry in advance for my broken English...

The main problem, in my opinion, is the fact that her "army" doesn't believe that she does porn... They are sure she is a big celebrity with a lot of influence...

beyondbettyjean is just as weird as Tila, in my opinion. How can a sane 28-years-old woman believe all the shit Tila says? She has written a list of 50 reasons why she likes Tila, in case you are interested: Yeah, very good reasons to like someone. (she can fit in a box, wow, that's the best reason to like someone... NOT)

Oh well, as I have told her, she will probably BAWWWW when Tila is found dead of an overdose, and wonder why nobody helped her... DUH.

K.R. Omen said...

If only they could read this without fear of being cast out of the cult. I've seen the posts from BBJ and I'm more concerned for her because she's a grown woman and has more excuses for wonky tits behavior than the cult leader herself.

Noname said...

Best post ever Fatty. Everything you said was so very very true. When will her little army wake up and see that they are each just a rung on her ladder to hell? She doesn't give a shit about any of them, only herself and soon that is all she will have.They,her army, are just enablers and she laughs at them all day long. She has used everyone that has ever been in her life and hurt them in the end, You're next Mr. Bradshaw.

erin said...

i love you guys and all, but kindly click here:

started off in porn, went on to do modelling here and there, a couple movies, a stint on Entourage, etc. etc. etc. she's cute, she's smart, and she definitely went uphill, not down.

porn's not my thing, but let's not get too judgy here.

Unknown said...

Bridget, Jenna has no respect outside of the sex industry. She will always be "porn star Jenna Jameson." Once you've done porn, any possibility of a legitimate entertainment career is done.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Ok, let's just say that the women who have success outside the porn industry are so few and far between that for Tila, who has no discernable talent in singing, dancing, acting, etc to actually do something respectful outside the porn industry is almost nil.

And I don't agree that Jenna has any real respect outside of porn.

Tila fancies herself a business woman, then go back to school, learn about business, learn about the process and graduate and use your new found knowledge. Tila fancies herself a singer, then take singing lessons, take music lessons and then take that knowledge and use it for good.

What Tila needs is education in the absence of any other talent.

Unknown said...

Tila's army consists of horny young boys and perverted older dudes who all want her naked/bang her. Then you have underage silly ass teenage girls that buy into her bullshit how shes living large and has the big bucks. Some of the army seems to consist of folks who are older and should know better than a bunch of naive kids but they like thinking they are getting attention from a so called "celebrity". I see no point in trying to warn them or change their minds because no matter what she does, no matter the evidence laid out before them, they are blinded to the shit nuggets antics. I am guessing somebody will probably get accused of sexual harassment on the porn set if she doesn't seem to get her way about things. That is her modus operandi: if all else fails accuse men of trying to rape her. She's became very boring, she knows it, the attention for her is slacking off everyday. There used to be so many people responding to her comments and so forth. Now its to the point nobody but haters make fun of her and a small few small minded feebs try to defend her. Nobody in her little army is gonna feel any different about her once she does porn, they will just make more excuses for her. So she will have to come up with something big soon, to get more and more attention. All this bragging about driving that car at those unreal speeds and then getting pulled over going the wrong way down a one way street and the passengers had no seat belt on. She doesn't give a damn about anyone not even herself so something will happen soon. Its coming. She's became such a big joke in Hollywood and everyone makes fun of her now including the press. I'm not judgmental about how people want to live their lives. If she wants to suck cock and fuck for a living more power to her I mean shes a delusional whore anyway, she might as well live that lifestyle. But it isn't fair for her to take other people down with her driving like a maniac in a car where nobody is even wearing seatbelts. She has no regard for others on the road that she is endangering. I also think this Garry fellow is full of shit. Something happens with all these dudes when they threaten to tell this and that about her and then slink off to the corner like a whipped puppy never revealing anything. Just a bunch of goofy asses that got sucked in by her. Any idiot that would blog around the clock for her for free isn't all there any damned way. She used him and he let her...just like most fools who involve themselves with her. I think doing porn is perfect for her, and is gonna ruin her once and for all in Hollywood. She can be a super star at the AVN awards in Vegas and be public with the fact that shes been fucking and sucking for money for years. I wouldn't concern myself with her gang of children/pervert supporters. She could shit on a dinner plate and tell them it was for dinner and they would eat it. they are just that damned stupid.

Anonymous said...

No way! tila is a really sweet girl who is just mis-portrayed by the media! ... and by the media, of course i mean HER BLOG AND PUBLIC DIARY. what an idiot. :P

this was good, and the point is, whether you think porn is good or bad, tila will not prosper from this. also, she is such a hypocrite! telling people they are sinning bc she is delusional and thinks everyone is jealous of her (?) not quite sure where she gets that one... but anyway, SHES out filming porn! where does she get off? (no, wait dont answer i already know, on film apparently)
keep it up r.s. i like you guys.

SpitFire said...

Oh Fatty... I love ya, ya lil bitch! :)

Joann said...

@ TN Hippy...THANK YOU. I agree with you 100% on EVERYTHING you commented on.

"Any idiot that would blog around the clock for her for free isn't all there any damned way."...that's the same point I made in my comments about Gary. What kind of "enlightened" person is he anyway?

Instead of him taking action, especially when she said he tried to kill her he's writing this stuff on his twitter:

"A Man Of Truth Is Not Afraid, Nor Does He Need To Rush / Cause God Even Knows, When The Wind Blows, This World Will Come To A Hush".

That stuff is all well and good in it's place but this is not the time for he just tweeted
"Tila just tweeted me she is going to sue me for what I said on twitter".

SO WHAT. She said he tried to kill her on twitter. That's slander. He should go head to head with that skank bitch. Why are these dudes so scared of that skank? DAMN.

Anna said...

Did anyone see Garry's Twitter lately? Apparently Tila is going to sue him for airing stuff out on Twitter. I don't know if I buy that. What do you guys think?

Bridget said...

yeah jenna jameson just had a NY Times bestselling book and has done voiceover work and tons of guest spot things. And someone else was right to mention Sasha Grey. Asia Carerra too. Hell, Dita Von Teese started off in porn too.

Let's not be judgmental about the porn industry and act all holier than thou about it.

I mean if Tila wants to do porn, and owns up to it. whatever, it's not the career path one would generally look towards for upward mobility and it's obvious she's going to trainwreck at some point...but let's not trash the entire industry

BKiddo said...

That bitch thinks she's that important that she can sue anyone.
She wants to sue Merriman, The Johnsons, TMZ, Courtney S., The Game, Casa, RazB, The Bodyguard Group, the Cherrios, the Lamp, the Chair, ect.
I do have the same opinion as most, that Bradshaw is next. She's set him up as a bad guy now too.
Bradshaw should ask himself, "when have the jeliz ha8ters ever been wrong?".

Ben said...

I don't think she'll prosper in porn, she's coming in as a new actress but she's going to think that she's better than everyone else, so she'll quickly alienate herself and become the hatred of other actresses.

Anonymous said...

Tila and BBJ have a sick, symbiotic relationship. BBJ always has something to justify that her and Tila are real friends. It's kinda scary and sad actually.

BBJ reminds me of that one Eminem song called Stan. Although Tila acknowledges her fans, she doesn't consider them her friends, but she considers them her obedient, well trained army.

Anonymous said...

I think your tirade on the porn industry was a little much. Have you personally spoken to anyone in porn? Have they told you that it was their "last resort" and how "dehumanized" they feel?
I'm not saying that porn is a perfect industry, but no industry is perfect. To generalize it like that is ridiculous. Especially when you imply that you can not rise in porn, what about all the popular well known porn stars? Most of them live happy, fulfilled lives. And as to people respecting them, many do, personally I could never go through the long arduous filming of a porn movie. I respect the people that can.
While I may agree that Tila has many issues, I think to debase an entire profession because she may or may not be going into is quite frankly rude. Especially since you seem to have no real basis for the assumptions you're making about it.
And back to respect, how much respect is given to someone going out of way for several hours each week to malign some d-list celebrity? Please don't try to tell me that you do it to "save the children that are mislead by her lies" or whatever is your general excuse. Because if that was your real aim, you could just post straight facts about her inconsistencies. Instead you do in a very crass manner, insulting her every move and calling her every foul name in the book.
For the record, I am not a fan of Tila Tequila. But I feel like it should be brought to you're group's attention that you are just as bad as her fans. Their coddling is just as awful as your constant abuse toward her. You are "concerned" for her well being but some how see fit to call her whore/skank/slut several different times in each post.
Tila is a human regardless of her actions and has feelings and emotions. She should be treated with respect because of that simple fact. And while she lies and exaggerated many things, it does not change her humanity. A person is a person. Period. And while it seems to, bizarrely, anger you greatly when she lies, you should perhaps redirect that, or even better, not really care. Because, those children will grow up and see her for what she is eventually, and it's not like her lies honestly affect your life at all. Well, unless you let them.
At that, I will bid you adieu. I hope you have a nice life and if, you so choose, write many more heinous and disgusting posts about how much you hate said celebrity. If that is really what makes your life worthwhile. :)

Fatty McFatterson said...

bridget I'm not acting holier than thou about the porn industry. Ok, I admit I was wrong and as has been pointed out there are people who have made a legitimate career outside of porn. But, as far as I know, those women started in porn and worked their way out. Tila is diving headfirst after failing at everything else.

As I wrote, porn is often a last resort for women who feel they have no other options to support themselves. It seems many young women today see it as a legitimate career choice, because they're seeing it as more mainstream now than it's ever been. Tila, who claims to be a multi-millionaire mogul should not have to do porn, right? Wrong. She's lying about her finances and trying to do anything to make a buck, and she's hoping her army will provide them.

Many women in porn seem damaged by a life of early sexualization and abuse. To me that's just sad. Who knows if Tila has suffered the same fate. She lies about so much, that we'll never really know the truth.

But knowing Tila as we do, she'll convince her Army that what she's doing is 'artistic' and with a social message. She'll just shove her bullshit story out there and they'll eat it up.

I understand how many get involved in the porn industry, and why many stay, and I do have sympathy for them. Tila is doing this out of desperation to stay on top, and in some ways its her fans forcing her to go that route. They're not voicing any opposition. They're not encouraging her to take a more fulfilling path. They just fuss over her and all her shananigans and when she ODs because the pain of self-loathing is too much to bear, they'll point their fingers at the jelis haters and say 'see what you did', instead of looking at Tila and asking 'what didn't you do to help yourself'.

Bridget said...

fatty, that wasn't directed at you, it was directed at jayden who seems to want to be intentionally oblivious to the fact that the porn industry is at least somewhat respectable (specifically the jenna jameson stuff)

porn is an interesting and polarizing topic. on one hand it is one of the few industries where women make markedly more than men do, but we're also talking about "a" listers.

if tila goes into porn, obviously it's a step in a weird direction since before this, even if she was sort of ridiculous, it was a "respectable" ridiculous (take that as you may, but i mean, the idiots from the Jersey Shore are getting ridiculous gigs at the moment and all they do is drink and swear) and obviously porn isn't the way to go.

it does make me sad that she has cultivated this false sense of closeness with her fans because they are probably a lot of unhappy kids who are thrilled to get her's a really sad and vicious cycle.

Anonymous said...

i just want to say, well, i hope some of her fans do read this. its such a shame that they are blinded by her. its her fame it has to be. its the fact that she responds to them. i wonder if her new blog post where she says return to innocense is some sort of guilt trip she has for feeling so dirty. yes porn is a sad and degrading path. and those girls who say they love to have sex are kidding themselves. sex is great but its great when its with someone you care about. anyways...what am i rambling about? you know what i mean...uh...but anyways, sorry distracted. im reading some interesting DMs from prophecyhiphop

hmm....i wonder if the lambo was a prop for her porn?

Alabama Worley said...

Let us not forget Traci Lords. Who had a musical career, fantastic lead roles, great book(s) and is held in high regard.

They are out there but the thing is, they didn't have this shit behind them.

They were kids that got involved and then evolved.
Sex workers are humans not lowly. However, if you are going to sign that paper, puff your chest with your spending at least be honest don't be a liar about it.

Heather said...

I agree with everything you said. No matter what anyone says about people making a name for themselves after porn, it's not a career people look at with respect. I was never in the "Tila Army" but I feel sad that she has gotten to this point. I can't stand how she lies and I hope that more people can find this blog and stop believing every little thing she says.

Agnes Agony said...

Don't forget about Traci Lords. She is by far the most successful former pr0n star to cross over into mainstream B-film Godess. I <3 her in John Water's Cry Baby, Roseanne, Will and grace, et. al.

Plus, she had a club hit in the mid '90s with whom she collaborated with one of my fave Electro-Industrial bands (they were producing Industrial beats at the time) Juno Reactor.

*I sometimes get her confused with Nikkie Darling from Lords of Acid.

Tila has no skillz other than sucking flaccid dicks. She might as well embrace her only "talent".

Anonymous said...

I like the post but I don't think you can say that all people who do porn are lesser people than those who don't. Some don't do porn as a last resort or a quick buck; they do it because they want to. I am by no means defending the evil troll tila either.

Anonymous said...

Jenna may not be widely respected but she makes millions of dollars a year off of her sex toys because of regular Americans buying them up like crazy.

tui said...

The 9head is probably her dealer, he's definitely her drug buddy.

I read a comment somewhere from someone saying they had footage of the two nitwits sucking on a methpipe together. I can't wait until that comes out.

As for Beyond Betty Jean, that girl has mental problems. Actually, the link someone posted above explained a lot.

She has severe social anxiety, has issues leaving her apartment, and no real life friends.

She also mentioned that she belongs to other "fandoms".

Her closest friends in life, real and online are the tila army of morons. Poor thing.

Keep up the excellent work rot spot ladies ;)

SaigonWhoreNumeroUno said...

Good posts to the 'tard army...too bad they won't understand a word you've typed. They were absent when comprehension and critical thinking skills were being passed out.

Tila is boring the hell out of me lately so I will comment on other moronic taint suckers this morning.

First comment is about that Beyond Betty Jean person. Several people have tried to reach out to her numerous times to no avail. For some reason she thinks she relates to Tila on some mildly retarded level; she says she understands why Tila is the way she is because "like, OMG* she's like that too and suffers with all kinds of mental illness, past abuse, etc. My guess is the only thing they have in common is their stupidity and need for sympathy and uber attention. Fuck Betty Jean. Bitch is stupid, clueless, lonely, hard up for attention, immature, not as smart as she thinks she is, not as smart as other people think she is(some of you give her way too much credit. I put her on that whore Raney's level and That's not a good thing.)

Second, Garry Sun. Ooooh you stupid motherfucker you, Garry... with your Dalai Lama type sounding rap verses or whatever it is you post on your suck as a lyricist...don't quit your day job, boo boo. I wanted him to be the good guy at first; gave him the benefit of the doubt. WRONG. I've sat back and peeped game on twitter since Tila accused him of attacking her. This guy is full of shit...he's a talker nothing more, just like the dumb heifer ho he worked for. He is just like her!! He fucking sits there and tweets all day about the "devil's daughter"...crying and whining, looking for sympathy, spouting all of his -I'm so above it, holier than Tila rhetoric. STFU, Garry, for real. You dumbass, you think you're so down, but see...down ass people (aka people who don't lie or are full of shit) don't talk and talk and talk and talk some more, tweet some more, cry some more, etc about a foul situation. They don't talk at all...they simply take action. See, you're blowing smoke up everyone's ass and not everyone is buying it. Proof is in the pudding...either put up or shut up already. You sir, are as dramatic as bobble head who you seem to be obsessed with....yeah I said obsessed, real talk. You should have listened when people tried to warn your "enlightened" ass...but nooooo. I'm no longer buying your innocent crock of shit. This thing about dragging his reputation or name through the mud is laughable. I mean, really? Seriously? Who the fuck takes Tila THAT serious where her accusations or opinions of someone would cause others to think twice about her object of hatred for the moment. Psssshhhhh. Random info: if you google Garry Sun you come up with some herbal vitamin website. lol Hell, I don't even know who Garry Sun is...I just know he's a sucker to the 10th power. So what rep is there to damage really? I guess job wise...but whatever, isn't he paparazzi and self employed? Just saying.

I've got cramps; so I'm a bit more evil than usual this morning. Fuck everyone. I blame that blasted whoreface Tila. That's all.

Oooooh I do love her "lets go back in time" ramble she posted last night. This is the beginning of the end, I believe. Jonestown, Tilatown...same difference.

HottyRotty said...


Actually READ the comments if you wanna tear Fatty a new one because you've done porn and want to defend it. It's Fatty's opinion and ONCE AGAIN this blog is about OUR OPINIONS.

Alabama hit it on the head, it's NOT the fact that Tila is doing porn really ... it's the fact that she's lying about it. If you're going to do it, why be ashamed of it?


SaigonWhoreNumeroUno said...

Also, someone up there stated Jenna Jameson has earned respect outside of the porn industry. I don't know if I would say she is respected outside of porn...I think she is recognized by the mainstream more than any other porn actress. So mainstream notoriety? Is that the phrase I'm looking for? I know she is accepted by housewives everywhere since she was featured on Oprah not too long ago....and you know the thing with the Oprah effect. If Oprah says it's ok...then women everywhere fall in line. *gags* No, I don't care for Oprah or her views on things. I respect her as a business woman and for her charity work but that's about it.

Seola said...

I don't know many of the names mentioned here... and I like porn. However, I wouldn't exactly be best friends with a porn star either. For names like Dita Von Teese - she's just nasty... she found a schtick but she's famous for stripping. Outside of Marilyn Manson, no one knows her.

Jenna Jameson has porn fans. I know of no regular person who bought any of her anything. I even have a porn of hers (and it had a ridiculous storyline where the acting was atrocious). She's a laughingstock, her sales are down and her money comes from a porn distribution. She's all of 80lbs wet, looks so gaunt she's about to die and went into drama mode over Tito Ortiz. I wouldn't consider that truly successful.

I WILL say Traci Lords and she is an anomaly. There are literally thousands upon thousands of porns shot every year with hundreds of thousands of.... actresses. Traci was smart when she started, filmed them all before she was 18, got her cash, forced them to shut down production (finding a Traci Lords porn is Holy Grail so to speak), took her money and smuggled into Hollywood films and she did well. One. Out of tens of millions in 20 years.

Going even in a different direction with all this, that short list, started there and worked outwards. Tila already had the fame, a bit movie part, TV show, etc. She's moving into porn now. For many actresses, (I'm desperately trying to recall that child actress on a show that ended up dead in a trailer), porn is the last stop before obscurity and/or death.

Unknown said...

Respect and success are two very different things. And y'all are getting them confused.

BKiddo said...

Hi there Seola Uno,
I can't tell if anyones answered your question or not, but I think you might be thinking of Dana Plato, from Different Strokes.

MsWonkyTits said...

Yes, it seems the comments got a bit off topic. The point is, no one cares who does porn. It's thier lives, thier choices and frankly no one gives a fuck. It is a huge business and there are indeed "successful" people in the porn industry.

1.) Don't lie about it. If you did a porno, then you did it. Everyone will find out eventually when that shit is released. It will just show once again how she LIES.
2.) As Fatty and others said, it's not like Tila is using this as a way to work up the ladder. She has tried everything else and failed. Instead of trying to improve on her previous ambitions, she took the porn route. So in her case, specifically, it IS a last resort.

BKiddo hit it on the head in saying "when have the jelis haterz been wrong?". Pretty fucking rarely if you ask me.

Keep up the great posts Fatty and other TRS bloggers. It's that. A BLOG.

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

I believe you are looking for Dana Plato, Seola Uno.

Bridget said...

(not directed at fatty)

Well on the other end of the porn spectrum (and i still disagree with the fact that Jenna Jameson hadn't gotten respect outside of the industry...again she was on the NY Times bestseller list for weeks. Alot of people bought her book and some of them were as you put it "Regular" people. WTF does that mean anyway?

Anyway, there are a fair number of celebrities who've had sex tapes released and it hasn't hurt their careers (like Kim Kardasian or Paris Hilton it's actively helped them) so maybe Tila is blindly hoping that will be the case if she actually does this porn.

Point is, for all everyone is talking about how horrible it is for the porn industry to denigrate women, a lot of you are directing that same negative attitude towards women who do's kind of hypocritical.

(and again, i'm not a fan of tila, i'm not trying to defend her or her bald faced lies or her actions)

Alabama Worley said...

The child actress (an adult who's left behind a child) was on Diff'rent strokes and is Dana Plato. She didn't do hardcore porn she did a softcore porn flick.

I actually knew who Dita was before Manson as she did Burlesque shows prior to dating then marrying him.

Why hasn't anyone mentioned Belladonna? She's married, has a beautiful child and is a well rounded person. Yes she's still in porn but she's more behind the lens than in front of it. She does fetish films and began at 18 I believe? She has a successful radio show and podcast.

I work in the sex industry and always have. Personally I've never acted IN porn but worked FOR a porn company. I was a stripper for 12 years and did burlesque on the side. There's a difference.

Sorry that shit irks me and reminds me of how much taunting other women would give me BEHIND my back and to my ex "Oh shit's a sex worker?! That means she does coke all day and is craaaazy" no dude just no. I have children I support and CHOSE to start out in the sex industry.

Here's the thing, like all other actresses remarked about minus Dita and Dana (I'm not sure why either was listed) everyone has built an empire.

Sasha, Jenna, BellaDonna, Traci Lords (who did films till she was 19 then bailed, it's her illegal work done with Ron Jeremy that's elusive). There are a TON out there who like myself are ALT model/Fetish players and we may not be moguls but our fans treat us rather well and we live enriched lives.

There is an entire side of this world people don't know but eat up the Christian anti feminist rant (I am a feminist btw) how this degrades us. Sorry, but we all fuck and do weird shit ... some of us like to be watched and make money while doing so.

It's what you're going to do after your newness wears off that's vital. If you aren't constantly moving up and along you will burn out, fizzle away and be one among several.

I see where everyone is coming from and get that if you've not worked in his field that you see one side of it (the burn out stars) or if you've not had a close friend that has had a positive experience.

I will be very honest and humble in stating that not all are from abused homes but a large % of us come from sexually abusive homes, me being one of them. I am a stereotype and I know it, but I work hard against it which many of the successful people you've mentioned have.

And Asia is an awesome mother and woman. Her blog is worth a read if you're a mother. Hell she gave birth to her son Devin on the floor of her HOUSE because she was doing a home birth and the midwife was late!! She's mensa among so much more.

Tess said...

Good post Fatty! I agree that it's not so much about Tila doing porn's about the decent of a young woman who once was really popular and had a chance to do something positive with her celebrity. Instead she has destroyed it all with the stupid choices she makes in her desperation to remain relevant. Porn just seems to be one more act of desperation ..but if she going to do, she could at least be honest and owned it! Appearing rich is a constant theme with Tila as seen in her recent Lamborghini and SB Resort photos and I'm quite sure she can make money by doing porn. But it seems like such a sad demise ..considering the possibilities she once had.

No matter what I think of porn, there's no way I would say Jenna Jameson is not successful. Her company JennaClub made a reported 30 million in 2009, so she still seems to have a large fan base. She did have some drama with Tito recently that made the tabloids but as far as I know ..that's not typical of her. Like Fatty said ..Some porn stars started out doing porn and never pretended to be anything else. Not true of Tila.

.. and I like Dita Von Teese! She has done a lot more than just strip and marry Marilyn Manson and I think she's a sexy little bitch!

Anyways anyone else becoming suspicious of Garry Sun's falling out with Tila and his recent tweets? ... like claiming that someone is threatening to beat him up because Tila lied to a mutual friend?? It just seems to be getting a little weird and overly dramatic..

Unknown said...

Enough fucking ragging on Fatty about the porn thing.

Everytime I hear Traci Lords' name, I automatically put, "former porn star" in front of it. Ditto Jenna Jameson and all the rest, and those are the ones with other discernable talents.

Tila's got nothing else. Nothing. She's barely literate, can't sing, can't act, can hardly even remain upright. She'll be lucky if she's even remembered for what will probably be some skanky, filthy porn that just might end up involving scat.

She should be thanking Rotspot for bothering to immortalize her, the scummy little pus ball.

SaigonWhoreNumeroUno said...

@ BKiddo

"She wants to sue Merriman, The Johnsons, TMZ, Courtney S., The Game, Casa, RazB, The Bodyguard Group, the Cherrios, the Lamp, the Chair"

LOL!!! The cheerios, the lamp, the chair. I didn't even see that earlier; I'm laughing so hard my sides hurt.

Alabama Worley said...

I blew up on twitter about Gary and to him. (he never tweet back.) Here is what I said. For the record I never ever believed his hype. I asked an ex who lives in LA who is A list about Gary he said "who?" and aside from that, Gary's website doesn't fucking work! Who doesn't have 35.00 on godaddy to get a god damn domain?

Anyway: My tweets to Gary in order top to bottom for easy consumption:

@prophecyhiphop dude seriously if you are serious and not an atten whore then quit telling the world your issue with her and get an atty.

@prophecyhiphop you chose to write about her BS knowingly and had no issue spending her money (going on trips etc) but now that you aren't..

@prophecyhiphop she's a hooker and a whore and you're going to out her.You are like a fucking shit bag boyfriend who dates hookers & spends

@prophecyhiphop their money to only turn around and talk shit and out them in the end because they get dumped. You didnt do the right thing

@prophecyhiphop the right thing would have been to walk away from toxic shit & do an intervention. You did nothing but write the lies.

@prophecyhiphop there for youre twice as disgusting. Hookers arent gross. Predators & those that are 2 faced benefactors are.

Fatty McFatterson said...

I think my point about porn has been proven. Our society views women a certain way, and women involved in the sex industry, especially, are typically viewed in a very negative way. It seems even those who have found success because of or in spite of a past porn career, can't really break that initial image from people's minds.

But, please be clear. I am not ragging on the porn industry or anyone who works in or supports it. I am ragging on a woman who LIES about her involvement because SHE is humiliated by it, but feels she has no choice but to go that route. She wants the quick buck. This is really her only option if she wants to stay relevant. What else does she have? To me, this is sad and pathetic.

Like I said, she fucked herself in the ass by being a bitch to people and lying about how successful she is and her fabulous life, and lying about people harming her and destroying their careers. Mainstream Hollywood is so over her. Had she just had patience and some determination she might have had a moderately successful career as an actress. But she didn't. She had to act all big baller and thought she was so much better than the people who tried to help her, that she fucked it all up.

At 19 she said she always wanted to be an actress. Recently she said she always wanted to be a singer. She is neither today and she could have been, but she sold herself out.

Alabama Worley said...

Fatty I got your point :)

The *rumor* is that she's doing girl on girl with toys, as in no sexual interaction (no going down/ no men) so I'm not going to ADD to the rumors but anyone can look up rules and liabilities or call vivvid and ask regarding rules if you have hpv or herpes. Since most actresses have either or there are ways around it since both are transferable even with a rubber.

Bridget said...

fatty, i'm totally not ragging on you, moreso your other readers who seem to be relatively close minded about the sex industry.

Anonymous said...

My prediction: The porn will soon be released by Vivid and be touted as some sort of "leaked" home video Tila made back in the day. That is why she dyed the platinum hair back to the light brown color she used to have- so people would believe her when she said the movie was old. Tila will do the same thing Kim K./ Pamela Anderson/Paris Hilton/etc did when her video comes out- act embarassed and pretend she didn't do know anything about it. She will then accept some kind of "settlement" and say that since the porn was already out there she couldn't stop it but she was able to get some of the profits off of it. If there is any money left over from what was advanced to her, she will promptly blow it all on dumb shit like leased Lambos and drug parties with Bradshaw.

boytoy said...

Steve Hirsch(CEO/Owner of Vivid Entertainment)will come out and say tila did the porn for her own free will.

MsWonkyTits said...

Thanks, Alabama. I wondered how she was able to do porn without STD clearance.