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Saturday, August 14

postheadericon The Gathering: What We Know So Far, Plus What We're Hearing

So Tila just finished her "set" at the 11th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos.  I personally stayed awake because I wanted to be around when reviews first started rolling in.  So let me give you a little bit of info first.

Tila went on stage sometime around 2:45 am.  Here's the schedule for the Gathering.  I've circled Tila's show for you, in case you might miss it.

See it?

Anyway, we've been hearing for weeks that the Juggalos had brilliant plans for her.  See, Tila, you actually have a rather large number of "haters," even though you don't want to admit it.  Oh, but wait, I'm sure they all come from the same IP address on your fail blog, don't they?  LOL!  So the Tila Army, the white knights that they are, all try to warn their fair Queen (*cough cough*) that turmoil and terror surely await her!  What does Tila do?  Same thing she always does, she ignores it.

Tonight she posts these two tweets:

That first one pisses me off especially, and I don't even like ICP.  It just seems so flagrantly insulting to me that she doesn't even know the band who hosts this festival.  For fuck's sake.  Anyway, the second one was just fucking funny.  YOU'RE going to spray the crowd, Tila?  You might as well just get up on stage and scream "Who wants cake!?"

Wait, hold up a second.  Maybe you're unfamiliar with the people referred to as "Juggalos."  Let's take a moment and look at some pictures, shall we?

Not kidding.  Okay, back to it.

All grew quiet on Twitter as we awaited news.  Had the Juggalos fulfilled their promises of pelting her with piss and shit?  Had they been entranced by her wonky-ass nipples?  Did she have a new baby daddy with a painted face?

Then oh God.  Oh god oh god oh god.

Could it be?
Dare I dream!?
Oh dear God!  Please, let it be true!  I hesitated in believing it, because these were the only tweets I could find.  I warned everyone (because I'm fucking Debbie Downer like that) to not get too excited just yet.  After all, this is how rumors are started.  Slowly though, more tweets have begun to trickle in...

And we get a little update from Brock

And more from random festival patrons:

We here at the Rotspot will be sure to keep you updated!  Hopefully we'll have a video or some photos to go with this story in a few days!  Stay tuned!

As more tweets come in (while I'm still awake) I'll just add them here, to the bottom.

Oh but we did tell her.  Even her precious Army told her. 

She's another act, right?  So that's pretty much confirmation then.  Hey Tila?  Suck my dick.  Juggalos?  Way to fucking go.  I owe you motherfuckers some Faygo.

Okay, so TMZ is reporting on the incident last night.  Complete with photos that make my heart grow three sizes, just like The Grinch!

Remember when Tila rubbed in our faces that anybody she ever met on the street was absolutely PEACHES AND PIE to her, because she was omg so fucking sweet and you just couldn't help but fall in love with her?  Hi, welcome to the Truth.

Aaaaand cue the pity party.



Oh, and here's a picture of the stage, post-Tila:


Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm so stoked. :) Thanks Rotspot!

krissylu said...

OMG- this is so great, thanks for the recap. The Klown really bothered me too- what a bitch.

Unknown said...


Nice way to finish a quiet Saturday night in.

Thanks Rotspot :)

shabbycat said...

Can't wait to see her injuries! This is like mutha fucken Christmas morning, like the BEST Christmas morning ever. Atleast she will have a good excuse to start her opiate addiction back up. Busted up face, stitches ,broken bones in face , shit like that gets ya good opiate addicton pills! FUCKED UP SLAG!

Seola said...

Under normal circumstances (and I've taken flak for it) I would not condone physical violence, but she's pushed too many buttons of too many people too many times. It's about time she got her comeuppance.

When you push and push and push, even if they hadn't known about her prior antics, the whole misspelling of the damned organizers of the event for years (I don't care for ICP but geesh, even I knew it was C for Clown), taunting people before she went, taunting them from onstage in a crowd of rowdies, she's gonna get pelted.

Honestly, WTF were ICP thinking inviting her? I think they knew what would most likely happen and got some major press for it and will once the story hits over the next few hours in gossip rags. They have a devoted cult following (one of my old bf 10 years ago was crazy into them including a Clown tat), but everyone wants more money and more exposure. They can't have possibly not known what their "family" was up to. I think they intentionally put Tila in the crosshairs. She didn't belong there, never has and never will. To say ICP thought she would, would either be a mistake that they didn't know their fans or an intended consequence.

It's been too long coming for her. I'm frankly glad it wasn't urine (that's just so disgusting and has health consequences), bust her up sure... don't go around making her even more diseased.

Tiffany said...

Insane Klown Posse? They are famously known as ICP. Did she think they were two different bands? I don't like ICP either and that irked me as well. I hope to God they actually did fuck Tila up. She claimed that people in real life are super nice to her. Yeah right.

Alabama Worley said...

so I heard from friends there various things because some people don't have decent reception on their cell phones.

Apparently she went to go to stage butt ass naked with some sparkly stuff on (that's all they could see). She did NOT have body guards where as most people had them to walk out first to "hype" everyone up aka take hits to the head.

So all my friends could see were sparkly type stuff and hear her. Then there was a loud smashing sound and that was it, her show was over from what I've been told.

I was told it was a can of faygo not beer (and unopened) and grape! haha because it rolled back into the crowd so someone grabbed it.

Dude a brick would have rendered her ass out of it. She is little so I'm surprised that a can of faygo didn't kill her.

Then the EMT's were called to her trailer and she left like an hour or more later from the venue.

That's what I have (everyone just passed out) because the last text was an hour after I woke up at 5am (I'm in Chicago) with "going to bed, she just left for sure"

I can't wait to dig around on twitter!!!!

Fatty McFatterson said...

I don't like that she was hit with a full can, or a brick. I know, lol, unpopular view, but physical violence like that is going overboard. Now, if y'all want to pelt me with HoHos for that perspective, then, sigh, I suppose I'll just have to take my punishment.

I do think it was funny the Juggalos chased her, 'cause that's totally going to be in her nightmares for years...insane fucking clowns chasing her down in the midst of an Ambien high.

I agree with Seola, and she beat me to the conclusion, that Tila has been taunting them, just as she taunts Gaga's Little Monsters. She knew what their shows were about, because many had warned her. She decided those warnings couldn't possibly have any merit, because she simply doesn't have the self-awareness to set limits and recognize that she's not this beloved idol.

I hope this is a wakeup call for her. This wasn't the doing of the Rotspot, or any of the jelis haters currently on the roster, this was the doing of people all across America who have followed her antics for the last couple of years and who basically said FUCK YOU BITCH in the only language they know.

She was humiliated, and though I feel for her in that sense, I believe it's a humiliation she deserved and she should learn empathy from. She has publicly humiliated many people with her flog (khloe kardashian, paris hilton, and others) and in her well publicized unfounded accusations against Shawn Merriman, The Game and the slew of men she accused of being dead beat dads. She tried to ruin those guys and now she sees what happens when you humiliate people in front of an audience.

I hope she wasn't badly physically injured, but I think a little injury to her mindset is a good thing. She, hopefully, got knocked down a peg a two and may rethink this whole Army thing. ICP's "Army" kicked her ass.

angela said...

Tila is a trashy cunt, and deserves what she gets. I'm sick of all her bullshit.

Unknown said...

Jesus, I almost feel sorry for her. Oh wait, no I don't. She was warned, did NO research on how Juggalos react to certain shit, ignored all warnings of what they were going to do to her (which is kind of strange for someone who googles her name so desperately as Tila), acted like a diva (1 hour late? Bitch, who do you think you are?) and TAUNTED a fucking crowd of Juggalos. She had it coming, no one to blame but herself.

Anonymous said...

I submitted this article to Oh No They Didn't!, hope that's ok!

shabbycat said...

HAY I wanna add I absolutely do NOT condone violence either. I was being more festicious than YAY tila got smashed in the face. I was thinking back to the ARM meet incident and I think this could be facemeetgate 2010. You know if she even admits this happened it will be so much MORE serious and dramatic than it was. I only posted this out of guilt after reading my comment compared to everyone else, and I sounded kinda vicious, and that's so not me as far as any kind of violence is concerned. Verbal ASS kicking toward tila I partake in but id never smash her face with a brick myself. I did not take anyone's comments personally, it was my own "self" that read into my comment that I sounded mean. Anyway love you guys and it still did Feel LIKE CHRISTMAS MORNING as this was coming in. But I really have a feeling she's not really physically hurt or not very bad. I guess we shall find out at some point. :o

Unknown said...

So do we know if anyone filmed it?

andmommymakescrazy said...

I knew she wouldn't be welcomed there. I have been to an ICP show. Shit gets crazy real quick.

And as much as I despise Tila for all that she "stands for " I really don't like that they physically harmed her. That's a little much.

I know, I know... lol

Sandy said...

Bowing down to the Juggalo who threw whatever at that evil, evil bitch. Karma is good. Shall we spike our Faygo to celebrate?

Sandy said...

Well said, Fatty and now I regret my joyful comment, made minutes ago. Humiliation is a better hit to her ego than a brick to the eye.

*kristine* said...

I feel all warm and fuzzy inside after reading those tweets. Absolutely delicious...

cray-zee asian said...

Honestly.. I'm going to go ahead and say that that bitch got what she deserved. She mocked and trivialized issues that are so close to my heart and it was literally painful to watch her make fun of rape, miscarriage, and everything else.

On brocksleezy's twitter page it says that she took her shirt off to calm the crowd and it just pissed them off more.

.......... HAHAHAHAHAHA........

I can't wait to see how she spins it.

SammiDe said...

I was awake 2 watching it ALL go down, it was priceless!! Great post Eddie! How awesome is it, I go to sleep and wake up to a new post, WooHoo! I am still so thrilled you all are back, don't ever leave us again! LOL......I cant WAIT for her to get online & run her mouth!!

SammiDe said...

::::Passing out ice cold Faygo to all involved!::::

Ben said...

If she did shed blood she's going to use it 100% to her advantage. She'll blame the haters and the resistance, though it had nothing to do with us. She'll post pictures for sympathy, she'll exaggerate and put her life in mortal danger 4 or 5 times and make herself sound like a hero. Why couldn't they just have thrown soft and sticky?

Anna said...

Ooh...I hope there is video proof that she taunted them. I would hate for this to turn into a lawsuit that she may actually win. But I have to admit, there is a part of me that wonders if she did it to set one up. She knew what was going to happen, why stir the pot even more? Unless she is trying to go for the whole sympathy bit.

Kahvi said...

I am sorry, but I have to say I do not like it.
Violence like this is a crime and it should never, under no circumstances, be glamorized. Even if it is Tila. Even if she has done so much wrong to people in the past - that is no justification to get down to that level, to use real violence, to break the law. If you throw a full can at someone on the street you can go for jail for that, or at least, have to pay a nice fine. There were a mass of people, hiding in the anonymity of the crowd, thinking it was right because no one would catch them.

I have no respect for Tila and I think she deserved a little bit of humiliation, a little bit of showing her what people think of her as she seems to be completely blindfolded and thinks everyone but her "3 haters with the same IP" love sher - But what happened to the good old vegetable throwing? Why resort to violence?

Alanna Kay ♥ said...

TMZ has pics and her account of what happened. Hate to say it, but I'm glad. Bitch had it coming.

Anna said...

Sorry for another comment so soon after my previous one but I just found this article talking about it, and there is a picture!

Is she actually smiling???

Unknown said...

check out TMZ......the pix of tila's face.....I've never seen her look so....humble.

Spiritualitygirl said...

TMZ picked it up with a first hand account and photos -

janelle said...

Jeez she's loving this! Sick, twisted thing already ran straight to TMZ and is threatening to release the lawyers to which she has. The army is gonna eat this up and I suppose it's a great distraction from the porn info leaking out.

Unknown said...

not sure if my previous post made it thru, but violence is never the answer, even if there is a strong argument she probably deserved it. While I don't like to see her or anyone cut up, I'd much rather see her dripping in poo!! That doesn't leave a mark!! ;)

Luv u RS!!! <3

Madame Toast said...

Tila is an idiot, the fact she showed up proves this. Whether she wanted the attention or dare I say, hoped that she would be able to spin this...the girl is a complete idiot.
The fact she is spinning it to be about violence against woman is disgusting, this has nothing to do with you being a woman Tila, it has EVERYTHING to do with you being a disgusting human being in a place you did not belong and were warned MANY times not to go.
I'm not for violence but I don't feel bad for you one bit, I don't think very many people will. You've built your world around destroying people and making light of tragic things. In a perfect world they would of finished what you claim they set out to do, because people like you are not what this world needs, not what kids and troubled adults need to be looking to.

The sad part is she will spin it all to make herself feel better, she will never understand that she is disliked, hated, despised by so many people! and sadly, its going to be her end, her inability to grasp reality is what is going to take Tila down, completely down.

I think this is just a peek of what is going to start coming down for her, the more people hear about her the more she becomes a target and there are some bat shit crazy people out there (who aren't Tila) Girl better start watching herself, who knows what someone might do.

ChunkyM0nkey3x said...

TMZ got pics of her face with cuts lol

Unknown said...

TMZ has the photos of her "injuries." A couple of cuts and scrapes. She claims 2000 juggalos were trying to kill her and a lolsuit is pending.

And why does TMZ have the exclusive photos and not her flog? Because she sold them to them of course.

I really don't condone violence against anyone, but a normal human being knows enough to not to taunt and disrespect people like the juggalos. And of course EVERYONE warned her not to do this show. She just wanted to show how badass she is and it is now the most epic fail of her life.

Unknown said...

She was warned. I can't believe she never once did her homework on this event. I mean seriously, type it into google. Even here on the west coast I know ICP fans are intense.

Hannah said...

I also can't really approve of them throwing things that could actually physically harm her. I'm reading the story on TMZ and now I almost wish they wouldn't have gone so far with it. She is going to milk this for all it's worth. You know the next few weeks are going to be a ginormous pity party and I hope to god she doesn't get any more publicity because of her battle wounds. Jesus. She would honestly do anything to play the victim and with all of these cuts on her face she's really going to play it up big!

Unknown said...

have you guys checked out tmz yet? they have pics of her injuries up, looks pretty bad. I actually feel a little bad for her. just a little.

WindWaker said...

Oh dear...

hurrdurrrrrr said...

I am a bit conflicted over the Juggalos event. Mostly because she's getting cozy with the media again and will be whoring her story for years to come.

Ben said...

I think the fact that Tila sold the pics to TMZ says a lot. She went to the hospital, got some more painkillers, then called up TMZ and said "I have a scoop for you".

Yes, it's 100% not right, but the writing was on the wall, they've done it multiple times in the past, they'll keep doing it.

The fact that she mocks their trailer in the report shows her thought process. Well, that and the fact that she didn't tweet until TMZ launched the story. It's 100% calculated for maximum pro-Tila outcome.

Joann said...

I went to sleep about 12:30 AM so I didn't know what happen until this morning. I'm sure you guys saw this is on TMZ but I have not read about it anywhere else. This should be all over the gossip blogs.

I'm going to wait for more info to come in.

Can someone please tell me what 4saken187 meant when he/she tweeted.."Man at gathering tila tequila naked and peeps thru a brick at her bullshit that bitch was raw"....other than tila being naked I have no idea what that tweet meant. lol.

Joann said...

Oh I forgot to add, I'm not one for violence either but in this case I say go for it. I agree with Seola Uno 1,000%

Skank is getting her just desserts. She was warned beforehand not to show up. She showed up and got her ass beat..IMO, she didn't get her ass beat bad enough.

Unknown said...

Guys, I'm your side when it comes to Tila, and even though yes, she was stupid to go despite the warnings and hopefully, this will be a reality check for her (doubt it tho, she'll be able to milk this for all the 'scrip pills she can get her grubby hands on), I do find it slightly hypocritical that you condemn her for siding with that Shit Brown for beating on Rhianna, yet here Tila is being attacked and you guys are all laughing. What the fuck is that?

I honestly think Tila is total scum for some of the things she has done and continues to do, but no matter how STD ridden and skanky a woman is, she is a women no less. Violence is not excusable no matter who is on the receiving end. And yeah, you say you are a cunt Retardo, but you claim not to be a hypocrite. Don't sit there and say she is a shit for condoning violence against women, and then rejoice in this. She makes me fucking angry too, but you've actually disgusted me. But I am only one person, and I thank you for letting me have my say and not deleting my post like Tila would. Peace x

Eduardo Retardo said...

Hey Debby,
I didn't say she was "shit" for anything. In fact, all I did was point out HER hypocrisy and write "HA!"

Now let me go cry a million tears for disgusting you. BRB.

Solo Girl said...

Who ever did this, are they too much of a pussy to show the video?

I don't like Tila, but I equally don't like juggalos.

Yeah I said it. FUCK JUGGALOS! Silly ass little white trash kids will never amount to anything.

Unknown said...

OMG! is it Christmas!?!
She didn't even get the exclusive on the story...bwhahahahaha

Tilatakedown said... a way i kinda feel bad for her....but not really...
cuz karma is a bitch

Unknown said...

Since it's apparently trendy here at the Rotspot today for one to declare themselves anti-violence, here goes: I too, on most occasions, don't condone violence. However, I seem to have developed a mental glitch regarding Tila Tequila.

I don't particularly like Juggalos, but five minutes on Google told me all I needed to know to make the educated decision of NOT MESSING AROUND with them. If Tila can't be bothered to look after her own safety and actually RESEARCH the crowd she'll be mingling with, why should we care about what happens to her? You created your own drama, Tila, you didn't care enough to come prepared - or not come at all. It's your mess, you pick it up.

I don't feel bad for her. I don't feel one smidget of pity for her, actually. Does that make me non-human? Maybe. But I reserve my right not to pat people who I consider to be evil on the back. And I consider Tila to be a very, very bad person. She faked miscarriages, falsely cried rape several times, accused an innocent man of domestic violence, named several different dudes who had families and girlfriends of being her baby daddies, she faked a suicide attempt for attention and then accused someone else of the self harm she caused herself when Jane "attacked". She often jokes about things such as rape, adoption, miscarriages, she's a staunch Chris Brown cheerleader (I guess violence against women is only wrong when Tila is the actual target, isn't it Tila?), she has/had a fake charity running which is basically just a scam for the terminally dumb to invest in, she used the death of a troubled girl to garner attention towards herself, she often tells impressionable sick people to go off their meds and I'm not even counting the sexually explicit videos and twits she devotes to her young "fanbase", if you can call half a dozen retards like Mittie that. She has gone out of her way to establish herself as an horrible human being and to destroy the lives, careers and credibilities of several people for the benefit of her getting press. There's absolutely nothing redeeming about Tila and if saying that I genuinely don't like her and don't care about what bad things happen to her makes me a monster, so be it. At least, I never claimed to be an angel of the lord so my conscience is clean.

Unknown said...

LOLz4EVz, why post your own exclusive when you can sell it to TMZ for $$$? She should be glad she's getting more or less sympathetic press again.

Anonymous said...

KOBE!!! Got her right in the head!!

Anonymous said...

she should of gotten beaten to death along time ago when that stupid show was on tv

Anita said...

this was on u tube from a guy who said he was there.

shabbycat said...

SHE KNEW. She knew shit would get bad. She did it on purpose. I am almost positives. Here is why (with all the other reasons people have said, sympathy, thinks she's badass, etc. Etc.) I am actually going to a judge on Monday to file formal complaints on two juggalo. They are brother and sister and have been harassing me for months with calls ,texts, death threats. Now when the term juggalo first came up in connection with these idiots who stalk me on the phone and at home ,I Google it and it did not take long for me to see what I was dealing with. So instead of answering calls and telling them to fuck off or texting that to them after 60 texts in a row several times a day, I call the police and make reports and document everything. Now I go forward with pressing whatever charges I can. I know what these idiots are capable of and noone warned me , noone tweeted me, I had to look it up. She knew exactly what could and would happen but decided to go the I'm s badass route. You reap what you sow. That goes for everyone. You think id be granted permission to finally file charges had I said shit to these people and told them off like I wanted ,nooooooo it has taken forever to finally get enough onesided harassment to do anything and these people fuck with my car my home my life. Think id go to a ICP gotj? HELL no!

That may or not make sense I'm typing this on a stupid touch screen and it sometimes decides what words I want. Lol

Not condoning violence and cuz I wanna be pc here .........tila knows exactly what she is doing. Pure and simple.

Unknown said...

So making fun of dead people isn't okay but getting bottles thrown at your face is? You provoke people all the time, so someone went and tried to get scoop on you and made fun of the wrong person. Boo fucking hoo, she's dead, it's not like she can read shit people are saying and people on the internet say RUDE SHIT all the time yet you threw your little pity party because your boyfriend was being a pussy about it. It's like the Heidi/Spencer scenario, Spencer was always talking shit and Heidi just sat there and laughed along with it until they said something about her. You're the Spencer and you're boyfriend is the Heidi. I don't like Tila Tequila either and most the time this site is funny as shit, but the writers, especially Eduardo Retardo, are as hypocritical as they come. I'll still never like Tila but condoning violence isn't my style and I'm sure if it happened to you there would be NO EXCUSE for it. I'm quite sure you're way past due for the occasion to happen as well, still wouldn't give them the right to lay their hands/throw objects at you nor should they have done it to Tila.

kristina wong said...

I concur with Debby, as vile as Tila is, I am worried this site is becoming uglier than she is by condoning and cheering violence against her. Sure, you can hate her, wish her career to crumble, but to actually approve of those physically hurt her? That's not cool.

As wretched as Tila is, I always liked that this site seemed to be reasonable, well researched and witty about talking about it. But to full on say you approve of Juggalos attacking her? That's not cool, and low. Lower than many of the things that Tila's done.

I hope this site can be better than what this post reflects and to not condone violence. Just report on it.

Anita said...

sorry about posting this twice, i wasnt sure if i did it right the first time.. this guy is totally creepy but he says he was there,

BigPoppaPhat said...

Yep, here it comes, big cry baby pity party, alot of blah blah blah late night meth rants on violence against women, huge billion dollar lawsuit that never got filed but shell go on and on about it for the next 6 months about how shell win and donate it to charity, one sided twitter war with ICP, surprising miscarriage from the "beer can" hitting her face, flog about how this was a calculated move from TRS and the other bloggers, Im sure there will be much more that I wouldnt even consider that shell pull out of her ass for her site hits.
IMHO she needed a good ass whopping for all the trouble she causes, she had it coming. And Im sure she knew about the threats they were making and walked into it anyway taunting them to do something.

Anonymous said...

Those injuries don't convince me until I see the video. If she was hit in the head, why isn't there any swelling?

Disgusting that she's still posing in her "injuries" photos. She was hoping this would happen so she play the "strong survivor."

Madame Toast said...

This is nothing like the Chris Brown situation and I don't think there is a lot that you can compare to it.

Tila may not be the brightest crayon in the box but she was warned, she knew, she continued to taunt people and made an adult decision to put herself in that position. I would put money down this was calculated. Based on the pictures her injuries are not as bad as she would like one to think.
My BF had a can of beer thrown at his face a few years back, the result was a big bloody black and blue mess, stitches, puffiness and all. If someone really wanted to "kill" Tila, that would be the headline. She'd be dead.

Now I don't support acts of violence, but I think this could be considered a bit of a grey area. Everyone who knows anything about ICP know's about the Juggalos/Juggalettes and just like you wouldn't taunt and screw around with a vicious dog or a rattlesnake, why would someone knowingly do the same with the Jugg's after being warned MANY MANY MANY times, even by her own Army and the GOTJ people themselves.

It would be like Chris Brown showing up to Lilith Fair...she was an idiot and her "people" are idiots for letting her go. If she sues anyone she should sue her management/agent/whatever she has team.

Unknown said...

A cursory - and I mean cursory as in not trying, being lazy - search, brought up a vid of a guy named Andrew K, I think getting his ass pelted with shit at a Juggalo gathering. He took it for a while, but was eventually ushered off-stage by STAFF who were apparently concerned about him.

Tila is a batshit LIAR if she really wants anyone to believe she wandered her wonky-ass out there, blithely unaware that anyone in the crowd might not like her brand of yowling, disregarded the potential that anyone might be, oh I don't know, thinking about tossing anything her way, despite the fact that I'm sure they weren't cheering for her to come out by happily chanting her name and waving signs with smiley faces on them.

At the first sign that things might not be going well, that some shit was flying through the air, this teeny tiny person just stood there and took it? She was so terrified for her personal safety that she kept performing? Her big bad bodyguard of which she has left her there, and apparently held back the event security too?

I call Bullshit, capital B.

She was warned so many times that this was the wrong venue for her, that these were not fans of hers, that there was an actual risk of injury here, and she not only ignored it, she taunted the Juggalos and talked up connections to artists who didn't know who the fuck she was. Frankly, my suspicious little mind is wondering whether there's even a timing connection between the porn tape leakage, the Lambo business and the Juggalo festival. Sure seems like the little cuntwart is making a lot of news all at once, all designed to make people who aren't familiar with her feel a little sorry for her.

No, no one deserves to get beat up by a significant other or out of the blue. Um, she got whacked in the face with a can of Faygo at a place where she was warned she would get...whacked in the face with a can of Faygo and worse. Not like the bitch didn't know it was coming. Sort of like competing in a rodeo and being surprised when you get your ass reamed out by a bull.

Maybe I'm missing something or maybe I'm reading too much into something. Tila's motives are about as white as the shit I wish had hit her and they were going into this. She did it for publicity, for money and to take the heat and attention off of her porn contract and what looks to be an interesting story about her hooking. Is anyone even bothering to talk about the slander she was flinging at Garry? Her ass ought to be getting sued for it, but he's too nice for it and now that she's on to this next thing, she can drop it and no one will remember what she was ranting and raving about. Watch her delete that shit about him abusing her.

She's probably too retarded to plan this all in advance, for her it's just spin one lie, then move on to a bigger one, and take the next lie and manufacture something from it that makes it bigger and bigger. You'll note even TMZ and every other news org. that's picking this up is still calling her side of this "alleged." Because they've been led down this path by her before.

I've been hit in the face by a plate, accidentally, when I was putting it away in a cupboard and it slipped. I had very, very similar injuries to Tila and the bruising actually hurt like a bitch, not the cuts. It did NOT take much force at all to make the cuts, not that I'm minimizing what happened, I'm just saying, she didn't have to get hit by a frigging grenade launcher to get the cuts that she has.

andmommymakescrazy said...

I really love TRS but I can't believe how many people here are condoning physical violence.

Everyone raised 10 kinds of Hell for TT supporting Chris Brown because of what he did to Rhianna.....

I will continue to read and be a "jelis hater" but I really really really am in shock.

I really want TT to get her ass handed to her, but this was a little too far.

Tuesday said...

Okay, as a mother, I want to feel so bad for her. I want to cry for her. How dare people do something so mean and vicious but, I just can't seem to get to that place with her.

I have said for years that some people really do need a good ass whooping! That moment where reality is about survival. That moment right there can really turn a person and actually help them. I know, I've gotten my ass kicked and I deserved it!

I am praying this will help her. She really got what she deserved here. I feel like good finally told evil to f@ck off!

I'm not holding my breath with this girl...she's almost a lost cause but, one can only hope. I'm an eternal optimist - just my nature.

Anonymous said...

@kristina, no one is condoning violence here. Some of you need to get off your high horse for a bit. She deserves the humiliation but she doesn't deserve to get pelted with whatever it was she got pelted with. Also, I don't believe her story one bit. She's a damn drama queen. Fuck her.

boytoy said...

as Nelson on the Simpson would say

Bitch got what she disevered.
ICP fans are the most deadicated fans next to Slipknot and Manson fans.

I am for violence on just tila and tila alone and for everyone else on here crying because tila suffered violence get the fuck off. This is a "hater" blog dedicated to tila and violence is what most of us want for TT so if nobody likes it the best thing would be to leave.

Joann said...

This may sound farfetched but I would not be surprised if Tila went to the Jiggalos concert(she knew they were going to throw things at her) just to taunt the crowd and to make sure all hell would break loose so she could sue...hoping to get a big payday and more publicity than ever.

Why would a person go to a concert knowing beforehand what people said they would do to he, with no bodyguards and then get on the stage and taunt these same people by saying "haha I'm still here".

Tila knew exactly what she was doing and decided to take a beat down in hopes of getting a big payda. I for one would put nothing past her when it comes to money and publicity.

And, can someone tell me why Mr.Bradshaw was not with her last night?

He is with her at EVERYTHING she goes to both in the country and out of the why not last night when they both knew the skank was going to appear at a concert where the people would be hostile towards her?

Cam said...

I feel like an awful person for this, but on the whole I don't feel sorry for Tila. I read through the ONTD comments and am genuinely suprised that soooo many people are defending her.

Tila tweets that violence is not acceptable, but recently said that Rhianna 'deserved' her beating and vehemently expressed that Chris Brown was in the right. She also talks about 'fucking people up' on a regular basis. She is now trying to ruin the Juggalos and is hoping that they get beaten up/pained in return. What sort of message is she trying to send?

She was warned explicitly by dozens/hundreds of people, through a variety of mediums, that this would happen. Her PR/booking company should have known about the risks in advance. It's not right, but don't knowingly choose to swim with hungry sharks if you don't want to lose a limb. (And, don't taunt said sharks by making them wait an hour for their dinner, or by getting naked and exposing more flesh).

Plus- that t-shirt in her tmz photos is not covered in her blood, it looks like faygo. The stains around the t-shirt neck don't correlate with any stains on her neck. She is playing it up big-time.

boytoy said...

Anonymous said...

I hope you're all kidding with this "i dont condone violence" stuff. Tila is the kind of person who would have been happier if she had a cast on for those "exclusive" pics on TMZ. The more "tragic" her story, the better for her. Tila eats this shit up and if there was a way for her to die and cash in, she would. Tila is the scum of the earth and loves one thing: Attention. The last thing any of you should do is give her PITY, the attention she craves the most.

Next time, let her sing a song or 2 and then pelt her when she's comfy!!

Unknown said...

Dare I say, perhas she knew what was coming?

She would have read tweets about it warning her not to go..

I mean the fact that, like someone else pointed out, the story was so meticulously laid out makes me wonder if it was planned.

The attention whore that Tila is, she would of being straight on Twitter talking trash about all the jelis haterz, but she didn't say a word. Instead, she took some photos of her face, shot them off to TMZ with her story, and kept quiet till the morning (? im assuming that's what it is in the US - i live in Aus) so everyone woke to this story on the blogs.

I'm also assuming the fact that Tila also isn't as news worthy as she once was and if she wanted some sum of money for her story, they asked her to stay quiet so they could at least get some financial gain from it (ad revenue etc). I'm thinking those photos and story were probably 1k max (comparing to the prices of nipple shots/cellulite/baby pics)

Agnes Agony said...

Wow. Just wow. For .0001 second, I almost allowed my black heart to melt when I saw her photo but eh, her soulless eyes shanked my heart.

Over the years, I've hosted many rave fests all over the country, was one of the winners of Miss Ozzfest, gone to hundreds and hundreds of metal/rock/industrial tours and fests and I've never had witnessed violence on any level. I guess I'm rather lucky then.

I don't know anything about the lifestyles of 'los and lettes as none of my friends are into the HorrorCore scene but I've heard hearsay accounts over the years about what exactly transpires at the shows and what to expect and I have enough common sense to avoid it like the plague.

For Tila, it's all about the fame whoring and the notoriety that compels her to participate in an event or events regardless of the harmful consequences and the lack of judgment it may have on her.

Hopefully, this incident will serve as an eye opener to her. That mayhap this experience will actually humble her self-absorbed ego down a few notches and realise that maybe, just maybe, she isn't that a big of a deal as she would like to have us believe.

Br said...

I'm not a follower of Tila at all, and I don't like her judging from what I've read about and seen her do. I do think they went overboard. The most they should've done was embarrass her, not harm her. That being said, I find it to be bullshit about the Chris Pound argument. Did Rihanna fake like she was abusing herself? Nope. From what others have told me , she has falsely cried rape . Now if this is true, she is trivializing people who not only commit self-harm, but those who have been actually raped . You may want to White Knight this woman but from what I can tell she likes to trivialize a lot of things, then uses them to her advantage, when it's convenient for Her. "violence against women" also includes being raped, and if she lied about that then my goodness, she is not worth defending, regardless of her gender.

And she needs to do her research before agreeing to do a concert for anybody. I am not too familiar with juggalos, but the ones on the net seem to come off as irate jackasses so why would you want to see if they're exaclty as obnoxious and violent as you think they are? It's like going to a hiphop club and being suprised when someone decides to start shooting.

See, the most someone else would've done was probably throw some soft items at her, an empty waterbottle, pebbles. These guys went too far to me. That being said, I kind of lol'd at someone throwing a firecracker at her.

BKiddo said...

I have to say that I wish they would've just thrown rotten fruit and veggies at her. Don't waste the good stuff on little miss "I'll cut your throat."
Something tells me that tila has taken it upon herself, like only tila can do, and embelish her wound(s?). I've never seen anyone bleed orange before, and the scratch over her left eye looks like she pulled out her favorite safteypin. Also, the pic. of her side,from TMZ, looks like she dipped the bottom of a beer bottle in a winecooler, or whatever she had, and simply "stamped" herself. If a bottle hit her hard enough to leave an imprint, it would also leave brusing around that area. She must've forgotten to bring out her blue and black eyeliner like she used in the Merriman fuckery.
Running to TMZ right away, and pulling her ususal "I'm going to sue", also raises a few eyebrows.

Unknown said...

Violence against women? BULL FUCKING SHIT TILA, more like violence against skank whores who deserve it.

I get everyone taking an anti-violence stand but I'm fucking happy she got pegged in the face. Thanks to GOTJ for taking her down a notch and pure brilliance whoever threw shit at her.

She thinks she's invincible with her gullible twat army and I'm glad she's been shown otherwise. So much for being a "hard bitch" who has gone to jail.

shaniqua said...

The only reason I disapprove of what happened is becaues I believe she knew that she was going to get attacked. She was warned, people might say she ignored it, I say she looked forward to it. Because look at her now. Yeah, she got pelted with human waste, and yeah, she got some cuts and bruises. She fucking THRIVES off of cuts and bruises. She immediately took this opportunity to call TMZ and give them the exclusive so she can tell the world about what aa victim she is. Again. So she can put up pics of genuine injuries, not the fake ones that we're used to, because this time, no one can say she's making it up. She's fucking in love with this situation. And it's worked. Just look at the comments. There are haters up there talking about how there shouldn't be a reason for violence, and that's true, but that's exactly what she wants. Now she has genuine sympathy, instead of a bunch of people rolling their eyes over another made up attack. Even if it had been just piss and shit, that's still disgusting, that's still a fucking health hazard, and she could have still used that, but she has real wounds, and she's gonna milk them for all they're worth.

So yeah. I kinda wish she'd been too scared to show. But nah. She just got to play the victim role that she loves so much. Only for real this time.

LauraAnne said...

My brother, a good dude, is a juggalo...big time. He states that there is some harshness in the shows...but when i asked him about this...he declined to answer (partly cause I dont think the kid knows who Tila is,
'What amkes me chuckel a tad that NONE of these pics seems to be at a hospital.
Very very serious.

Alabama Worley said...

I doubt anyone is going to read this (there's a lot of new faces posting).

They do not allow filming with cell phones etc near stage side *hell it states it on their flyers* If you caught using your cell phone near the stage to make video you will get your cell phone taken away.

I have friends who are making a documentary about the counter culture, I was supposed to go and help. I didn't (obviously). They aren't allowed access up to 200 feet from the stage, so basically just the camp ground area, blah blah. Which is fine because they are there to film the culture not the performing artists. Most people have to turn their cell phones off when going certain areas in case it gets checked too.

You're allowed photos but not video and not streaming live on anything. Why? (well here you go).
Plus artists are supposed to sign off on these things too.

I don't condone what happened to Tila but from her line of thinking, she doesn't believe a bunch of UNDERAGE people or younger kids would pelt her with things. Nor did she believe it would get *that* bad, I promise you there's no way she would show up to something of that magnitude and get dealt with had she really thought this one out.

She didn't think this out. She thinks nothing out. This is why no one came with her. Also this was a paid performance (probably a 10K plus hotel and food) & it isn't like she's staying in Chicago. I fucking live here and she's over 300 miles away! It's not like it's enticing to stay somewhere in BFE.

She isn't going to file any chargers because well, those photos look like they were taken in her hotel and NOT at the police station, so I don't think she filed a report.

Yes she was warned and no a brick by no means hit her. That would have KILLED her. Think about this shit. She's how tall? Weighs how much? She was hit with debris and it fucked her up. The laceration under the eye didn't require stitches (unless she went to the hotel FIRST then the ER because it's not even cleaned up!! OR bandaged!)

I don't condone what happened to her but that's what she gets for sticking up for women beaters.

And to those that asked or can't understand the tweets from Juggalos

"Raw" (hip hop term) means - Real with nothing stopping it.

Hasn't anyone listened to Wu Tang?

Seola said...

After the day of comments on Twitter, here and otherwise, I think a few other things need to be said.

For one, many of us never gave a stance on Rihanna per se, we just used it to show how she was all "she deserved it" when that was a true domestic violence case. I'll reserve my opinions on that simply because this is a Tila blog. To my knowledge as well, Rihanna has never faked the things she has, tried to specifically ruin (at last count of mine 14, 15 with Casey and many more if you count the whole Johnson family) people's lives with her lies, and Rihanna has never pretended she was something she isn't.

For two, Tila has pissed and moaned over Karma since I've been following in December. She's threatened violence against people on Twitter, threatened violence against "baby daddies" and so on and on.

For three, I believe her TMZ injuries were exaggerated and we still ONLY have her side. Fresh blood when we know she was in that trailer at least an hour and probably a minimum of another hour to get back to a hotel and not only did she have fresh blood, BUT common humans, out of sheer reaction feel something on their face, they wipe it. You would have to consciously keep yourself from cleaning up. The two photos of two different blood streaks are suspicious to me.

For four, she WAS warned by many many people (we know she reads this site), we know that those she follows and tweets regularly told her too. If someone tells you that you go to McD's and they and their 20 friends are going to kick her ass and throw shit at you, would you still go? On top of that, would you then call that person the wrong name, call all their friends YOUR friends, stomp out in the middle of McD's while getting fries in your face and say "I'm still here bitches"? Then to try and impress them and their 20 friends, strip down naked? Then what would they and their friends do if you sat around threatening to sue?

For five, if you had a manager who booked you, would you sue your manager for not knowing WTF was going on at these places? You just go where you are asked? Was she asked, did she ask and someone allowed her to perform?

Lastly, if anyone fucked with Gallagher, I'd have shot a bitch.

Seola said...

P.S. This is also the woman who sings "I'll kick everybody's ass in the room".

chey said...

Yeah, I'm not going to shed a tear over a couple of cuts to the face. Especially not for a skank like Tila who's hurt so many people and trivializes serious issues that so many of us face. If that makes me a cold-hearted bitch, so be it.

Madame Toast said...

while a bunch of people are feeling bad for Tila and thinking the Juggalos took it too far.......Tila is loving every second of it and you all know it.
If a bunch of people including your "family" warn you about something, a normal person would at least research it, realize how dumb it would be to show up and bail. Perhaps that IS why Bradshaw was not with is precious lil gem?

She's not dead, she's not even badly hurt! all we have heard is her side of it and we should know by now that Tila exaggerates everything to super duper Tila proportions.
I agree with a lot of what Seola is saying, the pictures seem really off. I also don't see anything wrong with what the Rotspot has posted or anything anyone is saying. People are going to feel what they feel and that is what makes a blog interesting.

Has anyone actually gotten a different side of the story? anything official? seems like everyone including the NYP is pulling from TMZ, makes me believe its another little game for Miss Tila. Also notice her lack of tweeting, she's becoming so predictable.

krissylu said...

Seriously- there are a couple cuts to the face- the eyes look like black eyes until you realize it's her whore makeup. Whatever- I've been bruised worse than that during rough sex- whatever- you stupid whore....

kristina wong said...

@Jules, you say nobody here is condoning violence.... then reread the post and the comments. I've read the post again (it reads "Way to go Juggalos!")... how is this not condoning violence? It seems a lot of people believe this violence was "her karma," that she deserved it, that a woman deserves to be brutalized by strangers for her actions.

Whether or not Tila's enjoying this "pity party" as you call it, whether or not it only "feeds her ego," this kind of violence is never ok, no matter who "earned" it.

Tila has done vile, despicable things,she cries Wolf, a LOT... but it does not warrant beating her up. That makes those who beat her up even more vile, in my humble opinion. Disagree with me if you want. But I much prefer when TRS would write sassy smarmy blogs dissecting Tila's actions... I was kind of surprised to find this blog come from the same people.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Tila is riding this all the way to the bank. Eduardo Retardo is NOT condoning violence - she's pointing out that Tila was told this would happen and obviously still saw this as a cash cow. What irritates me -and I remarked on @tilaomg - is that Tila is like the boy who cried wolf, always claiming to be a victim. And that trivializes and degrades the REAL abuse that women actually do endure. She's a liar and just like the boy who cried wolf - the wolf actually showed up in real life and pelted her with grape Faygo.

Amidoinitrite said...

Oh, poop. They shouldn't have thrown things that could HURT her. Now I feel just a little bad because she has cuts (as superficial & minor looking as they are). I think it definitely would've been more effective if it was just fecal matter & piss, don't you? It would bruise her ego, the stench would be hoe-rrific, & it'd be far more embarrassing.

Now she's spinning it as "violence against women POW" so she can seem all righteous, but if she had been hit with shit & urine...then we could all laugh comfortably as she either

a) blamed teh damn jelishaterz.
b) died of embarrassment (we can only hope for so much).

Either way, it's still delightful to know whatever liquid was thrown on her will eventually lead to her finally brushing out her hair.

justmyopinion said...

sounds like she got welcomed to the dark side for real

Anonymous said...

OK! SOoooo.... Did you guys notice the pictures she took (and gave to TMZ) were self shots? Look at all the angles. Looks like the camera was set on the counter for some of the pix or she was taking pix of herself. One of them you can CLEARLY see the top of a zipper makeup bag. BTW her hotel room looked fail...heehee! I digress... ALSO the blood "splashed" on her white sweater? The drops are going up the sweater not down (which would be consistent with blood spurting outta her head) It also looks pink to me. I don't think its just lighting b/c it looks pink at multiple angles. LOL I think that is what is all over her legs too. I don't feel sorry for her because I DON'T BELIEVE HER. Not because I am okay with violence. I got more fucked up with a surfboard and some gnar waves this summer (cracked eye socket, 6 stitches under my eye and a broken nose) than she did with the 1000's of juggelos trying to "kill" her. Maybe I should sue my surfboard for "woman beating" HA! At least Tila is finally famous! She will now forever be know as that chick "who got her ass kicked that one time".

I hate Therefore I AM

Madame Toast said...

Not to be a over poster here but my sister brought this to my was a comment on another blog...

"What I found very strange about the original TMZ report is that police cited HIPAA as the reason why they declined to release information.

However, HIPAA refers to confidentiality of medical records, and certainly would not stop the police from making a statement about a crime of this nature unless they have reason to believe that Tila harmed herself because she suffers from a mental illness. I cannot think of any other reason why HIPAA would stop the cops from commenting, but I'd be interested to know if others can think of any. "

but I also thought law enforcement did not have to follow the rules of HIPAA. Well, I'm sure its just something random but it is kind of strange that no one is commenting on one but Tila, TMZ and random sources that were not even there.

Something is up!

Beth said...

I post as "w4t3v3r" on her flog, and the comments wishing her death are making me feel sick to be part of the resistance!

It does not mean that I am beginning to like or pity tila, it means that you/we (since we are all a group) are stooping to the level of her "army". I just had one person reply to me stating she wished she was there so she could bash in tilas brain! WTF are you on to wish that upon anyone?!?!

I do not believe soda cans or rocks or whatever was thrown that broke her skin were deemed laughter worthy. Maybe if it was "ho-ho's" like one person posted (and pun intended) it would be comical. But physical harm is never humorous.

Eduardo Retardo said...

You're surprised? You don't read us very often then, do you?

Jenny said...

Ever hear a story about a little boy who cried wolf???

I don't know why there is no video of this? Or did I miss it somewhere? In this day and age of the Youtube? Just seems fishy?

Joann said...

laurenzia..I was reading some of the comments on TMZ and it was said the stains on the sweater were from the soda thrown at her.

I know Tila embellished her story to TMZ. No way could her trailer be surrounded by 2,000 people throwing things at the trailer, busting out windows and all she has are two cuts on her face and bruises on her body.

If it was 2,000 people, the trailer would be flattened and her and the guards would still be in the hospital.

kristina wong said...

@eduardo, yes I do read this blog alot and I am still surprised. I remember reading how one of the TRS called LAPD about her suicide attempt and said something to the effect of "as much as we hate her, we don't want her to die."

Because who would there be left to make fun of?

But somehow, her getting beaten up badly is not as bad (if anything, is laughable), as opposed to her hurting herself?

HottyRotty said...

@kristina: Unfortunately people get the misconception that we ALL feel the same way here (as far as writers). Fatty actually cares about Tila's well being. Gnome, Eddie, nor myself give a fuck about her well being. She's no one to me except someone who lies about anything to get any sort of attention. Well the bitch got attention this time, she got what she's been begging for...

Tuesday said...


I don't think her "beating" was that bad. Looking at the photos, it's not nice but, I've seen worse. Much worse.

I have a friend whose whole forehead and nose are a metal plate because, his skull was literally caved in during a fight. He almost died and has to go to the hospital yearly to get an MRI. Ya know what? I never heard him feel sorry for himself. Not once. He probably deserved it. He used to piss a lot of folks off.

No, it's not right to do this to someone. However, I do notice that sometimes, just sometimes, it happens to the right person.

As I said before, I hope she gets a wake up call with this. I really do.

Unknown said...

I think a post on why people are less likely to root for Tila and how her situation is completely different from Rihanna's and the like is in order, so the "OMGVIOLENCE!1" peoples will shut up once and for all.

Unknown said...

this is just way too funny. im not for violence against ANYONE (man or woman) but some bitches (men included) have it coming and she is one of them. she's lucky to be alive at this point after all the crap shes pulled

Unknown said...

She knew what they were planning. Why else would she tweet this beforehand?

Lil Kim also performing tonight!! Woohoo! This is gonna be so fun!! I bought a TON of cool shit that imma spray at the crowd!!! Lol!
about 20 hours ago via UberTwitter

SaigonWhoreNumeroUno said...

Eh. Something isn't right with the story at all.

I'm not sure I understand the people who feel bad for her....I sure the fuck don't and this is why: Tila Tequila is as manipulative as they come. While she seems to be a dumbass who lacks common sense most of the time, the woman is not a total idiot. She is constantly plotting, scheming, formulating, hustling, etc. on ways to capture the public's attention...that is a fact. I'd bet money that this was the end result and then some she was hoping for regarding "the gathering". Remember, mentally ill does not = stupid. Just think about video(I'm sorry..where is it? Not one single video with all of those juggalos and juggalettes there? I believe it was done and over with in less than one of her or it DID NOT happen), the TMZ exclusive(nothing on the flog), the tweets about the creators of the gathering becoming bankrupt (oooh, that one is just so haha) Tila wants two things: people feeling sorry for her and money...that's part of the plan; If she has everyone's sympathy even the haters will leave her alone and she will be loved by all and everything will be right in her dick sucking world. Meh.

Fuck you, Tila Faygo Face. Compared to all of the other horrid shit you've done/said to and about other people...a fucking faygo in the face is pretty damn mild. Besides, I thought you were a gangsta boss biatch who will shank a motherfucker in 2.5 seconds if they fuck with you...soooo, what happened last night? lol In your words, "You got 'pwned'" I'd like to think it came straight from Casey Johnson via some kid out in BFE. That hit in the face will never be enough justice for what you did to that girl and her family. Karma is working overtime and you haven't seen the last of it...I'm sure of this.

Anonymous said...

i am not done reading the comments, but this really makes me upset. i do not condone violence at all. no one deserves this. she had beer cans thrown at her! part of me wonders if tila actually is sort of happy this all went down, too. after all, she was warned prior, yet she still went. does she want pity? yeah she is on tmz etc....but still, violence is not cool.

it is barbaric and terrible! but yeah, the juggalos do consist of a bunch of KLOWNS!

what IS A JUGGALO!??!!

Unknown said...

Hi TRS Readers and Writers,

As I read through some of the comments, I do believe it could be some fake red liquid dripping down her face. A small superficial cut, after what looks like a quick shower, would of clotted and turn into a beautiful reddish/orange brown scab on her face. Or maybe she picked at it and squeezed her cut 'til it oozed when she thought about selling those pics to TMZ? I dunno. Just my opinion, who am I to make the observation after assisting with many debridements and wound packing of patients in their follow-up surgery?

I was also curious too, did she really go on stage naked or stripped after taunting the audience? Oh gosh, I wished someone did record the incident and uploaded it on youtube or something. =)

**Good Job ladies for keeping us posted. I didn't actually think this would happen, but now this tops off the suicide hoax. Hmm, maybe Jane taunted the audience. She should surely sue Jane for her injuries.***

Anonymous said...

So Madame Toast comment got me thinking and researching.

So HIPAA laws are the reason the police aren't making a statement on the Tila/GOTJ beat down. My theory: Tila was on something or drunk, the EMTs took her to local hospital, police had to meet them there to take a report. The hospital would have been the ones to discover she was intoxicated, NOT the police *important*. From what I gathered on that site, you can't disclose the VICTIM is intoxicated without their permission. Police probably couldn't get any info outta her due to intoxication and couldn't release a statement without revealing that. I can't figure out a theory as to how her mental health could be directly related to the "beating" and why a statement couldn't be released. So I gotta go with drugs....

Seola said...

Let me ask you people on here "not condoning violence" against Tila a question....

If you are regular readers as you claim to be - this blog, ALL the writers is full of some pretty snarky comments from us gals. You think it's funnier/better to prolong the lolz with what could be construed as emotional abuse over a 2 minute fight when the women basically BEGGED to be hit and egged on?

Out of all the shit she has stolen from people (money, reputations, career and LIFE), all the accusations she threw around, all the hurt she has caused several races, several types of women, AND threatened violence herself, including a self serving song about being able to kick YOUR ass, that nothing is above reproach? Give me a fucking break. If you're best friend or mother was being taunted, lied to and extorted, you'd be like "Gee, golly - it's not nice but I'll let it go". Well, some of us do not condone violence, except in the case where the person (man or woman) brings it upon themselves. If you step up to smack, be prepared to get punched.

You are going off HER story alone. We have no word from security teams (and the douches who admitted on YouTube and Twitter don't nearly come close to the chaos she claims), no police report, no hospital report, no other media reports, NOTHING.

If you loved this blog so much in the first place, you know we don't take this bitch at her word. Do you know how many dozens of artists, across the world, get pelted with crap onstage? Fact is, it happens, and the more violent the music, the more likely. the dumber the act, the more likely. And this isn't just this Gathering Bull.

Seola said...

And an aside, even fucking Justin Bieber got smacked upside the head a while back.

Alabama Worley said...

I don't know how people confuse that everyone here was all freaked out and n' shit over her suicide hoax. A few people were concerned and did what they felt was right.

Others (including myself) am on the fence. Because I live a solitary life and if I killed myself no one would find my ass! On the other hand we all knew it was BS and wanted her finally called out on it.

Other writers (yes there are MORE than 1) have stated over and over and over that they aren't here to be compassionate but they don't judge those that are. I don't know this is confusing for anyone. It's plainly stated.

What you see on her SHIRT is something having been sprayed on her ( a can of faygo, her spraying herself or others? who knows but it's not blood. She does want it interrupted as such though...obviously.)

If she was hit in the face in the alley would anyone freak out?

She knew what was coming and it's why now her twitter post about bringing things to spray at people is gone.

Lets get one thing straight. She wasn't beaten to a pulp. Her lips, her eyes (other than her pinned pupils that are glassy and red from either drugs or crying - combo of both obviously) are just fine .Nothing is swollen shut and only he precious Target eyelashes are MIA.

For someone so attacked there sure is no feces on her, no urine stains on her shirt.

she was hit in the face where if you were punched near the eye it would leave a laceration.

If EMTS were called to her then she denied care because she is not cleaned up, nor are there any bandages. Why would they leave her unattended to like that?

Notice that only the sides of her hair are wet or appear to have been wet recently? odd how although bloody some streaks are watered down (orangish in color).

If she were to have gone to the ER she would have liquid bandaged / stitched and butterflied then sent home. Maybe kept overnight for head trauma but obviously they cited no reason.

Hippa is involved when someone either gets care or denies care but was seen by a medical professional. They will not release information on a patients status etc unless you are an emergency contact or relative. The reason this seems "odd" is that we are used to people who get injured who are celebs having comments about their medical condition released to the media promptly. It isn't so with Tila as she doesn't have a publicist.

Every year there is someone *assumed* to have been raped. Stage acts that aren't on the ICP label are treated this way. Lil' Kim backed out and Tila has a need for approval, constantly. To her in her mind she's the baddest bitch ever so she wants to prove it.

She provoked people after they were already started by getting nude, then they chased her, destroyed her trailer or what have you and the EMT's were brought in.

The moral of the story is: If you aren't full of shit you don't have to prove anything to anyone. No one that's a "hater" that doesn't want to see her dead ;) Wouldn't have really sad too much (I dont think) about her not attending. Most of us wouldn't attend due to chaos and lack of security.

Even those in attendance were shocked at the lack of security for any act that wasn't on the ICP label, which should let you know ....this is meant to happen. I'm far from saying hitting the shit out of someone on stage is "OK" but it's been going on long before the Gathering (Hello it happens nightly at tons of venues) but I will say no matter how she spins it, she got nothing compared to the women she makes light of that have been raped, beaten etc.

In fact she got off rather easy

Suki said...

Looks like Christmas came early! :)

cray-zee asian said...

Her beating? Seriously? Are we really going to call it that?

When she talked about how Rihanna deserved to get beat by chris brown, it made me so frustrated that I literally sat there and cried tears of rage. I have gotten my ass BEAT by a boyfriend (ex now, thank god) and I had to go to the hospital because my entire face and most of my body was either black, blue, or bloody.

I've been raped by the same guy as well and seeing her tweeting about "raping" casa while eating pizza made me want to throw up.

Her miscarriages? A miscarriage is one of the most painful things in the world. And I mean painful in EVERY sense of the word.

Suffice it to say, ( since it feels like this post is getting kind of long) most of the things she "joked" about, I've been through.

I'm going to come right out and be a bitch. Occasionally, I do condone violence. When some bitch threw food at my mom, I went right the fuck ahead and beat the ever living shit out of her (the food throwing bitch.. not my mom).

This is one of those cases. Besides.. she got like two tiny cuts and a few bruises. I'm sure she's had worse on an ambien binge. Hell, I can knock that out on a twelve hour shift at work and I'm not fucking whining about it.

Tess said...

Well ..there seems to be lots of different takes on Tila's night with the Juggalos. I'm looking forward to hearing what people have to say who were actually there.

I seriously think it's despicable that in the midst of all this violence with thousands of people trying to kill her, Tila (in true Tila style) took the time to capture her wounds on her cellphone and then send/sell them to TMZ. Who does that? This story probably wouldn't have hardly been mentioned in the news if Tila didn't provide the pictures and spill her dramatic depiction of what went down. And what's up with the weird color of the blood on her cheek?

Personally ..I thought the picture/video she posted of her bloody self-inflicted arm wounds were far more graphic and disturbing.

I had to lol when I read BrockSleazy's tweets about Tila last night:

"Tila actually tried hard to control the chaos at the end, and even took her shirt off , which infuriated everyone even more"

"#1000s of horny scumbags, and this bitch topless couldn't save the day."


EDC said...

so, this website is run by some fatties?

Chi said...

She boasts of being violent herself. Bitch deserves a LOT worse. I won`t be the one to do it, but I will enjoy watching it when someone else does.

PSG said...

Wow man, as a longtime ICP fan I have to say this is some bad news all around.

I sort of expected that if Tila's set didn't go well and she didn't bring her A+++ game that she'd get boo'ed off the stage or whatever, or that the Juggalettes would be vocal and hollar stuff, but I didn't expect anything like this.

It's bad for many reasons, but mostly because it paints all ICP fans with the same brush and makes them all look like goons.

I don't like Tila, but I feel bad that this happened.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure it's not as bad as she said. She IS known for exaggerating things... and it looks like the guys up front were getting pelted more than she was. It's not like other performers didn't get shit thrown at them either. They just had the guys to take it and keep performing. Obviously, tila is just guna try to milk this situation for all the money it's worth.
She's obviously lying about the firecrackers and she's most definitely flattering herself thinking 2000 would want to chase after her.
Sure.. maybe she didn't deserve such a harsh beating, but how do we know anything she said even took place?