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Sunday, August 1

postheadericon Garry's Guide to Friendship and Sex for Lambos

Thank you to @liarfacearmy for retweeting Garry 'Prophecy' Sun's poetic distaste for hogul-hooker's blow job gained lambo.

Wait, isn't Garry her friend? Isn't she like family to him?

Such stunning and unwavering support almost three months ago has now turned into poetic arrows of truth aimed at the "realest and most sincere person... a friend."

Hogul was correct in saying earlier that she didn't have any friends, that her support group existed on the net.

Good news Tila, that will be on less Xmas card to send this year.

It is almost as if it has been pre-ordained that Tila, her fans, her "friends," and jelis haters have have all connected here and now to confirm she's an escort, a hooker. The only thing missing is for a Japanese businessman's assistant to walk up into the rotspot and give us all the receipts and pictures of the rendezvous. It's almost like you can smell it, and baby that's a bad, bad thing.

That kinda smell makes your nose hairs want to run away and burns through your brain like a suppressed memory of satanic abuse.

This is not Tila's 1st go around the hoe-hoe carousel. Back in 2008 she went to Macau to be diseased arm candy at a poker tournament, as recalled by poker player Doyle Brunson, who knows a hoe when he sees a hoe.

And Tila confirmed her work in Hong Kong with a shopcation in Tokyo after:

There she was in Japan, go figure just to shop and have fun. Go figure. Well, in addition to potentially satisfying a Japanese businessman's kink for molesting a petite girl on a subway, she also took her time out to take a picture with a gent who was attracted by the hogul's plastic, assets.

Just as Seola Uno pointed out in her awesome post about Tila's "charity" work, the hogul's a giver. She just gives, and gives, and gives.

In the immortal words of post-friend Garry 'Prophecy' Sun:

"Let me tell you how the bitch did it. She hooked herself into a lambo."


Vintage Pink said...

I have noticed not one peep from her about this sucky sucky scandal.
Could it be there is nothing to deny??
It is all the truth???

Oh, the resistance comes up tops again!!!

Joann said...

See, I can't believe the skank "f" enough men/women/? to buy a Lambo.

I know what Gary said but I don't see it.

I mean how many people would that have to be especially, if she's suppose to be charging $25,000 to $50,000 a pop(if it's true).

A lot of people won't be paying that kind of money to screw her, unless she's pulling trains with a bunch of men every time she books her "services".

And, why would a woman "f" that much for a car and not a home? If I was hoing that much I would definitely have my home decked out first. I would have a car but my home would gorgeous.

Ben said...

He's now protected his tweets which means he doesn't want them getting back to Tila. Remember when she had to get a restraining order on a paparazzi at 2am the other night, odds are that was him. Considering after that night he said:

Heartless personas give a fuck about nobody / except for the almighty, power and the money.

He bashed her a few more subtle times in the tweets. How quickly her friends turn into enemies.

OneEyebrowRaised said...

Apo dear, may I correct you?

Its not a lambo, but a lambho :)

One love <3

FUYU said...

OMFG and her nipples are like bleeding through that tank top. UGGGH must... bleach... eyes....

deluwiel said...

@Joann - if the car is $250,000 - that's turning 10 tricks at 25 grand each. Tila could manage that in a weekend, no problemo!

The "winning the lottery" claims at Heathrow all makes sense now...

No friends, no family, no career, no prospects... but hey - now she's got an expensive car, right? How sad is this? How utterly and completely pathetic. I'd almost feel a teensy bit bad for her if she wasn't such a total waste of skin.

Unknown said...

Far from me to praise the Hogul, and we know she was as every bit of a liar and ammoral back then as well, but 2008 Tila was much prettier than 2010 Tila. Violent dye jobs, tons of make-up, drug abuse and just overall inner ugliness has aged her 20 years in the last couple of years. She still looks plastic and fake in that pic but is still passable for a nice looking girl, while no one with eyes, taste and a sense of smell would get anywhere ner nowadays' Tila. No wonder she keeps posting "modeling" pics of herself back then.

Anonymous said...

Hey TRS Gang!

Tila PISSED big time on Garry Sun! Sent you guys an email last earlier last week suggesting the TRS crew befriend Sun because he super angry with Tila to the point of talking and talking and talking. LMAO!!! Spilling juicy super juicy tidbits.

Non-Disclosure Statement be DAMNED!

Garry knows the REAL REASON behind Tila was really kicked off CR4 *cough* failed cavity search *cough* Among other things. Remember Tila's rant about the paparazzi stalking her? It was Garry! She kicked him out of her aptmansion because he refused to take the blame for the fake suicide attempt among other things. Poor Bastard.

The other poor bastards fronting as her "paparazzi" Tila is sleeping with. Hit up Twist.

I believe Tila purchased or leased the Lambo with the money she got from Vivid Entertainment; they paid Tila six figures to shoot some hardcore XXX-rated scenes for them. The video is going to be faked leaked by Vivid.

Ben said...

She's up for signing any random people on the net but does not want to sign Garry so they definitely seem to have parted ways so his stuff is legit anger at an ex-whatever they were.

andmommymakescrazy said...

did you see this blog . saying she fired garry because he was high on the job and she doesn't condone drug use by her staff. WTF ! Wow.

she is talking about garry. she replies to all the hater comments saying " hi garry. get off my site"

what a fucking douche lord she is.

Prof. Chaos said...

You're going to pee yourself laughing after you check out the most recent post on the flog about the "contract termination" of Garry Sun (OMGOODNESS). Tila is such a dipshit. The pot calling the kettle black.

Tila Tequila: Giving all haters ammunition 24/7.

SammiDe said...

Wow, she is disgusting!! I truly am repulsed by her! ALL THAT JUST TO THROW IN "HATERS" AND STALKERS FACES!! She needs serious mental help, truly!

SammiDe said...


Anna said...

OMG! Have you seen her latest tweets? She's talking about writing a book? Where the hell did that one come from?