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Tuesday, August 17

postheadericon The Tom Green Perspective

Hey guys!  Tom Green posted a really long video today, but only the first few minutes were about Tila, so I've trimmed it and present it for you, here.  This video is courtesy of

Be cautioned though, there is an unadulterated look at her wonky ass nipples in this video.  You might vomit for life.

There isn't much to say that hasn't already been said.  Obviously, when you're in OMG FEAR FOR YOUR LIFE, you don't get your fucking gross, hard plastic, cockeyed tits out and chant "I'm still here baby, I'm still here."  We all know Tila has no legal recourse here, so I don't even want to address it, because that's what she wants.  Of course she's going to say she's filing.  What is she going to say?  You can't expect her to say "the haters were right, everybody hates me because I'm a lying, talentless, desperate whore goblin.  I'm just going to go away for a while."  Even if that's how she feels.  She'd never give us the satisfaction.

Unfortunately, Tila, there are way more people happy this happened to you than unhappy.  And I'm sure somewhere in your drug addled brain you realize that.  You got out easy.  Your wounds will heal.  Just shut the fuck up and go away now. 


Anonymous said...

It sounds as if she says, "I got hit in the head" and then eggs the crowd on to throw more. Am I hearing wrong?

That'll be great for the LOLsuit.

Anonymous said...

lmfao. How worthless are you when taking off your top in front of a bunch of horny dudes causes them to throw more stuff at you, but the appearance of a lanky dork who sings "my bum is on the gum, my bum is on the gum" elicits cheers. What a hag.

PS. I'm lovin' this blog!

Jennifer said...

She is like a woman way past her prime clinging to the illusion of youth and beauty and refusing to relinquish the stage/pole when people are howling for her to get off. 'No I am HOT I am MISS TILA! You ain't booing me off! that's not how my reality goes!'

Anonymous said...

she seemed like she went into strip club mode in her little delusional world...

tila did you see all the feedback youtube videos out there?

gosh! get a grip on reality!