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Tuesday, August 17

postheadericon Tila + IKP(bahaha)+Juggalos=NOT a happy family no moes...

Hey all my pretty bitches!!!!
So first of all, let me just give a quick holla to all you fiends, freaks and creeps out there!!! I miss your asses!!! You know who you are! *wink wink*

**Clears throat**

Now that we got that outta the way, I just want to point and laugh at a couple of things. All the badass bitches here at the Rotspot have already covered this from damn near every I get to come in and do what I do best. Be a dick.

Might I present exhibit A to the court....

As you can all clearly see, the porn muppet is oh so excited to be performing at the "Juggalo Gathering", and acknowledges that it's going to be bat shit crazy. She then attempts to hype it up by professing her love for The Family...

Moving right along, she throws a random shout out to KMK, which pisses me the fuck off that she should even dare SPEAK their name....that bitch ain't down for the crown, and that's for fucking sure. Next!

Now, might I point out that in the short little span of 12 hours, her entire tune changes dramatically. Granted, I'll give her a mulligan, because had I just been pelted in the face while attempting to perform a lack luster strip tease, I don't know that I'd still be in love with them either. HOWEVER, I'm not stupid. And I tend to acknowledge when a situation doesn't seem to be the very best for me to flash my tits, all the while taunting an increasingly agitated crowd. It's been said, but I'll say it AGAIN...the dumb bitch KNEW what she was going in to.....and on the off chance that she didn't...Well whatever, you can lead a horse to water and all that other metaphorical shit.

Do you guys like the part where she's going to "make the owners of the juggalos bankrupt". I sure do!!! And I'd just like to say, Really you fucking cunt scab? I speak for my damn self when I say not a goddamn person owns me. And I'm pretty sure that every one of those individuals at that venue can say the same. So please explain to me how you're going to sue the owners of a fan base. Did you mean you were going to sue ICP, or maybe you meant Psychopathic Records as a whole...any way you slice it, you're a fucking retard. And while we're pointing and laughing at your extra chromosome, please tell me that you're not stupid enough to believe that it was only MEN throwing things at you!!!!

Now, I'd like to present to the court exhibit B....

Awwws, her feelers got hurt so she has to post a blog explaining who and what Juggalos are. I didn't realize they were a group of underground people. You know, like cavemen I assume...but underneath the surface maybe? God, she's dumb.

Moral of this story:
There isn't one. Well, other than Tila's a fucking idiot and willingly performed at a concert where she was threatened, taunted and made fun of for days prior to the event. For shits sake, she was warned THAT very night by members of ICP, Psychopathic Records and God knows who else, and she still tried to play the "I'm a bad ass bitch from the rough streets of Texas" card.

The prosecution rests.

Oh, but wait...let me just add...
Bitch, get the fuck off the stage of life and make room for someone people actually give a shit about!!
Gnome out!


Sheriff Gauncent said...

So where are the charges for indecent exposure for the whore? The last I recall, it's illegal to take your clothes off in front of people!

Eduardo Retardo said...

Oh! I get it! Juggalos are "underground people." They're fucking Morlocks!

Goddamn, watch this bitch change her tune. "I'm so excited to be going to the Juggalos!" "Ew, the Juggalos are rapists and murderers!"

Fucking cunt. Making me be pissed off for and side with the Juggalos.

krissylu said...

I agree Uncle Eddie- she knew EXACTLY who the Juggalos were before she ever agreed to go perform, and in her whacked out meth-induced haze she lives in, somehow convinced herself that these people were going to like her. When they didn't, because very few people do, now suddenly they are rapist and murderers?

Drexel Spivey said...

What makes me shake my head, is what lolyer in their right mind would still represent her after she had went all over town and gave interviews and blogged about the alleged incident. I mean if the videos alone are not enough to throw a wrench in her lolsuit, then her admissions in print and video surely are enough to tank whatever case she may have had.

In a personal injury case or whatever this is the lawyer usually comes out of pocket for all the expenses in the case and recoups his money from any settlement. Here she is stating in interviews that she knew the danger, she was informed by people at the venue that it was dangerous and even told that she would get paid even if she didn't go on. Yet by her own admission she goes on anyway. Then there is video proof of her inciting an already unruly crowd and taking off her top. She was on stage for at least three songs in the videos that I saw and she wasn't really hurt till the end. She could of left the stage at anytime and avoided serious injury.

I mean I'm no lolyer, but what legal leg does she really have to stand on and based on her not keeping her mouth shut what lawyer in their right mind would take this terrible case?

Anna said...

She will probably push emotional distress and negligence

Cephas said...

You should watch this.

There is one thing this kid does, point out the bigger picture. The Gathering is most likely going to get axed now. This fan expresses it perfectly. What sickens me is, Tila knew. She not only knew, but prepared. What other artist, ever, would come on stage behind an instant security wall? None. She planned this. She is, honestly, a fucking PR genius. Why not book a hostile environment? Why not take a few BS hits? Her name is now once again in the media. She wins. Like it or not (it makes me puke) she wins. What makes me more sick is, she now will probably be booking every metal festival she can find. Ozzfest beware.

Joann said...

@ Cephas...IMO, her or her people don't have the power to get the Gathering shut down forever.

They may incorporate more stringent rules as far as behavior is concerned but that's it.

Let me say this though...if by some fluke of the Universe they do shut the Gathering down because of Tila, she will have to leave the USA. Trust me, that is the last thing she should want to happen.