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Wednesday, August 18

postheadericon What's the World Coming To?

Well, so much for Method Man being hardcore. He pulled the same dumb move as Tila, staying out after he got his face cut but we thought hey, he took his lumps, was a man about it and is moving on.


He's suing now too.

Method man hasn't really been relevant for some time in the media. Seeing all the press Tila was getting, he decided to do some famewhoring of his own and let TMZ know he plans to sue!

TMZ spoke with Meth -- who didn't specify exactly who he intends to sue ... but insisted that he's not messing around.

Meth -- who continued to perform even after blood was dripping down his face -- also told us, "It's not OK ... I don't condone throwing things at the talent while they're performing."

As for why he kept going after he got hit, Meth said, "It takes a lot of heart and balls to continue performing after you've been hit in the face" and noted that continuing his show was the "right thing to do."

As we previously reported, Tila Tequila has also threatened legal action after she was nailed with some unidentified flying objects at the festival -- thrown by fans of the Insane Clown Posse -- just a couple nights earlier.
I made this point days ago and it's caught on and you guys see it too. A damn 15 year old kid named Bieber that looks like a girl took a bottle to the head. It wasn't even publicized! We found out about it 9 months later. What's the world coming to that a 15 year old almost girl is more manly than a hardcore rapper?

Looks like another famewhore in rapper's clothing wants a piece of the pie. Of course, Method Man was arraigned last year for not paying 3-4 years worth of taxes, so maybe he needs the moolah. His own site hasn't even been updated in 3 years.

I still maintain that with all the shit that went on, ICP knew what would happen and the huge amount of press they would get.


Madame Toast said...

the telling part of that is that the other guy, who's name I don't recall, told Methond Man to get off the stage and deal with his injury...he declined and said something about lets show these muthafuckers we don't play blah blah blah...he kept going.
How fucking dumb are these people?
ICP has already stated they aren't going down with out a fight, and any idiot can see, with all the evidence that has been brought forward on both sides, that there isn't really much of a case.
They might have to pay for medical expenses, or hell, they might even offer to but what is that really going to cost?
What a bunch of whiny ass pussbags, seriously, a 5 year old scraps their knee and face far worse falling down on the playground, and while they may cry for a moment and need a hug from know what? they get right back to playing and don't say another word.

So its safe to say a 5 year old has more street cred then a supposed hardcore rapper and ride or die bitch prostitute. Bravo folks.

andmommymakescrazy said...

what is the world coming to when Tom Green has more balls than Method Man. I love me some Tom Green, don't get me wrong. You don't see him vlogging and flogging about how he got hit with Juggalo trash when he walked out on the stage during tilas karoake set to take 1 for the B team.

douchery. pure douchery.

Method Man is such a bitch.

Anonymous said...

I have no problem saying this is Tila's fault and here's why! I have seen Method Man at 2 outdoor festivals, including rock the bells just 3 years ago. Both times, Method man got hit with something and he started yelling at the crowd while some goons jumped into the crowd to get the guy that threw the bottle. However, that's where the problem started and ended. There was no lolsuit or anything and Wu Tang continued the tour.

Method Man is just being a lame by trying to cash in since his albums havent sold in years. Why do you think he was playing a fucking Juggalo show? I know this isn't the "Method Man Rot Spot" but the truth needs to be expressed and it really upset me to read how corny Method Man looks suing like this clown.

Method man and Meth Head, the next great power couple of hip hop, move over Jay and Bey.

Joann said...

This is insane and anyone with an ounce of sense can see Method Man wants in on the Tila "Skank" Tequila publicity ride and a possible payday for himself.

He said..."It takes a lot of heart and balls to continue performing after you've been hit in the face" and noted that continuing his show was the "right thing to do."

Sounds like it was not a big deal with first...too bad he got greedy and turned bitch.

Anonymous said...

yeah, tom green wasnt a pussy....geez!

i have been to plenty of concerts. yes, people throw things. my boyfriend got hit in the head by a bottle back at woodstock 2 during the metallica set...

IT HAPPENS!!! you aint \m/ ROCK AND ROLL you are little BITCHES! its funny how both tila and METH both said statements, like hell no we aint gettin' off stage, than they get hit by water BOO HOO!! LETS SUE!!!

ha! what a joke!

Seola said...

Sojaded - you are right it isn't a Meth blog per se - but since he's blabbing about Tila and riding on her coat tails in this drama, I feel like it's worth mentioning the mentality of both of them at the same festival. You make some good points.

He even initially spoke on the incident like it was no big deal. Then he came out with the motherfucking this and that days later after Tila was STILL getting publicity.

I never, sadly, got to go to Ozzfest. Hubs has a few times and likes to mosh. He's been hit by some shit too (no cuts though). When you get a crowd, without seating basically - shit happens.

K.R. Omen said...

But, Vanilla Ice gets away clean?

Juggalette_Nicole said...

i think the reason why method man is suing is cause hes desperate for money being he recently served jail time for not paying taxes for 5 years , while tila is doing it to try and stay in the spotlight and make a quick buck , but regardless they're both being crybabies over this

Unknown said...

I object to one thing only in this post, Seola: I'm a girl and I do NOT want Justin Bieber on my team. Find something else other than our gender to insult the Biebs with. But I agree that when two grown-ass adults behave less maturely than Bieber, that it's a sad thing indeed.