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Sunday, August 1

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I’m a fan of the “thou doth protest too much” logic. I know, it’s a sick disease. However – it is also extremely entertaining to watch someone roll around on the ground screaming out their lies repetitiously in hopes that enough people start repeating it themselves and it will make a legend and grow into truth.

Let’s start with jellis haterz and “her” Lambo. I believe she got one, I believe she gets to drive it, I do NOT believe it’s hers. I believe a John is paying for it. (John is the name given to the men who visit hookers.) So far, we’ve seen neither hide nor hair of these alleged paparazzi pictures. But I like the RT’s from two people, like Tila is trying to convince people she has friends on her side. I do like the RT on Karma though. Tila is already feeling the effects of her Karma, in the form of people hating her, many gossip sites shutting her out completely and no one of importance in Hollywood wants anything to do with her. The reason her hair looks so nasty in that video, is because she’s got a cheap ass horsehair weave. I do know though, that all of you are eagerly anticipating her merchandise website though… right? We’ve been hearing about it for about a year!

Now we have moved onto yet another tirade of falsities on charity. Stars DO publicize their charities because they want to attach their names so that it gains more attraction to their cause. Part of their chartable tax deductions include appearances and promotions (they do it for free, claim it as charity). When a star attaches their name, all their fans flock to those organizations & the organizations LOVE this because it gets them publicity, donations and volunteerism. All that aside – publicizing her donations is her tweeting about it. She’s on her third or fourth “I’m going to Africa” date. I like how she stresses dangerous however. Doctors without Borders (one of my personally favorite charities) goes above and beyond and they never issue press releases on the places they go, most doctors don’t even talk about it – they just go on vacation. This is just one of thousands of worldwide organizations facing extreme danger everyday to help the good of man. I will show one truth – she DID work with a company to create a cast mold of her breast for charity. However, she has not donated a dime. I should also mention, for a multi-millionaire, $30k ain’t shit. I’ve probably, in my time with the Humane Society and through my own mom-and-pop business done more than that in volume and volunteerism. I did peer counseling when I was a teenager and just never stopped giving with my time and what money I do have. It’s not a lot, so if I can’t do money – I spend time.

Let’s take some lolz here though and look at her last tweet. I didn’t know hypocrisy and stupidity could fit into one tweet. How about you, why don’t you… then do you see me telling you how to spend your money? She just said give all your money to charity!

Wait, she already bought a mansion… right? I mean, she was posting pictures of this fab place in Thailand as her own (and too stupid not to link back to the original real estate site). But Seola, she posted pictures of the kitchen! I know, I know, she’s an idiot. Just like when she “owned” the house she had her garbage sale at. Learn to have manners though kiddies, so you can be like skanky Tila, who whines and cries about everything under the sun, has no self-respect and tweets nasty things on people’s looks. Or blogs about those she’s jealous of having some sort of crisis (oops, some of those posts are gone!).

Here, she RT’s a few people defending her. Let’s start with the first and her work with Drop In The Bucket.

Wait… the search on even Tila alone, no other names yields nada. Nothing. Zip. Zilch! How does this guy know she’s working with them? Because she says so? Yeah, she also said she’d meet a fan, do interviews, have fans at her garage sale, donate garage sale money to Haiti (that she ended up saying she was keeping for her non-existent baby). But thanks Barbie for chiming in about “reading stuff” on the internet. Perhaps it was her Millions of Milkshakes appearance they canceled because they found out she was a douche… while Tila tweeted it was security issues. Then tweeted it was rescheduled for February… maybe I slept through February and missed it. Barbie can fill me in, I’m sure. Let’s visit this blog Mr. Blamo claims has all the details of Tila’s charity work. It must be a celeb gossip blog to be proof of how Tila has done things, right?

Nope, it’s a FAN BLOG! The proof is what Tila herself has tweeted, that no company, organization or otherwise has confirmed at ALL. It also includes outright lies. I’d break this apart, but it has too much lolz and this post is already getting long enough. But how awesome is it that Tila gives her maids her hand-me-downs? Totally giving! Basically, all the bullet points are lies though. We all know this. There is so many dozens of things wrong with this blog that I peed a little while laughing and reading it. It’s a tough thing to handle while I’m vibrating right now so you can see this post. Anywho, that’s what this guy says is proof of her work and what Tila retweeted as proof of her work and what I’m posting is complete bullshit. :D

I leave you with these little gems. One of her fans crying that everyone ignores them but Tila and it says a lot about the mentality of her fans. Never fear however, Tila is vibrating her way into a “vacation”, of which I’m sure she signed a confidentiality agreement to not leave a hotel room or have contact with the outside world during her stay. She’s been going on these little “vacations” a lot lately. Showgirls is a great camp movie, but the businessman part in there actually is true. They pay some dough – usually a cost that doesn’t even bother the cash in their wallets – to have someone come to their place to show them a good time. More often than not, they come to the US because starlets with dollar signs in their eyes are easy to spot around here. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you Tila – without that technology you’d never have gotten away from your hammer wielding man in a trailer park. Maybe we’ll get lucky and her and “herself” will get dragged away by a bear.


Apocryphal You said...

Seola I'm glad you took care of the charity bs that went around again last night. I just cannot believe that some lackey would bring up Jayden's Angels again after it was proven to be just a shell.

How can we ensure that the bear will take her? Would the smell of desperation turn them off?


Ben said...

My favorite part of that blog is the last line says "It's only Jan" yet the blog was posted in March. Such an obvious forgery. Especially claiming that Jayden's Angels is up and running. It may be taking money, but not legally.

I can wait for her to go on vacation...but she won't. She can't go 2 full days without hearing the cries of "we love you" from the minions who follow her.

deluwiel said...

LOLOLOL!!! There's that magic $30,000 number again! What is it with her and 30K? Yeah, please Tila. By all means publicize your charity work. So we can all go through a few fact checks and out the lies once again.

Colleen Machine said...

I'd like to see if anyone can contact a lambo dealer and find out if Tila legit bought a car or not...

FUYU said...

Seola you are on a ROLL!! I just to put some butter on you and eat you up! Oh and by the way, awesome post once again! XD I appreciate how you explain things in advance (I have no idea about how celebs and charities work - always thought it was just for tax write off for them) so I really appreciate your explanation!

I especially LOL'd at her yesterday when a fan said that "SHE DOES DO CHARITY WORK! I READ ABOUT IT ONLINE!!" Yeah.... maybe Tila DID imagine and blog about it. ;) Didn't she tweet that she donated to Haiti not too long ago and then forgot about it and said something else?

That BAMFScott guy... He sure is something. I remember seeing him tweet tilatruth a few months ago and he didn't know whether to hate or love Tila. Or maybe he thought he could be her undercover spy/kiss-ass biyaach to her... oops looks like that's what he already is. *gasp*

SammiDe said...

I saw all this right before Twitter went on Maintenance! She's an asshole and doesn't do shit for no one but herself! I can't believe they mentioned her charity from Jayden's angels I hope that fan she stole money from comes back out of the wood work and exposes her for the true scum she is, just disgusting!

Seola said...

I am glad you all are enjoying my writing! AcYou - as for the bear... I'm hoping they are attracted to the stench of Valtrex and warts. I'm not a bear, but there have been weirder things animals have scent attractions to.

FUYU - thank you humbly! I'm a nerd who loves to read randomness. I'll spend hours reading absolutely nothing in the Encyclopedia. Don't ever test me in trivia. :D

BMAFScott is in for a real surprise shortly.

Unknown said...

There she is picking it up and still wearing a damned "onesie". WTF with her wearing this shit all the time now? Its like a baby onesie or a dance recital costume. Bitch has rented this car, there's no way in hell she bought it. NO WAY.

Agnes Agony said...

Doesn't Titzilla realise that in pr0n, lezbo scenes are paid in coppers?

So, all her whingeing of looping the loop (I've no idea what that means but erm... let's pretend it has lesbian connotations?) is nothing but pure yawnage. Missionary and girl on girl no longer pays the bills as it once used to.

If she really wants to rake in the big doshes, she should go the bestiality route. I know! Ewww! Currently, top USD is paying for anal and double penetration.

Forgive me sister, for I am embarrassed for knowing these blasphemous details!

::self-lashes 100 Xs::

Those That Do said...

I'm so happy you came back now I don't have to even go to her blog anymore, it because more Fascist by the day in how she deletes anything and bans anyone who dares to question a thing she does ;).

Joann said...

I thought she had put up the videos and other pics of her and Mr. Bradshaw and the Lambo. Then I read this on her Twitter.

Read from bottom up:

# So gimme a few, I'm trying to get in touch with the paps so he can email me all the video's and pics from yesterday! xoxox about 1 hour ago via web

# BRB guys! I found the video's and awesome pics that the paps took of me yesterday so I can post up on the site! MUCH better pics than mine! about 1 hour ago via web

Ok Tila which one is it?

In your tweet you said you FOUND the videos and pics the paparazzi took of you yesterday.... and in the next breath but same time frame you tweet you now have to GET IN TOUCH with the paparazzi so he can email you all the videos and pics.

God this woman/child lies so much.

Anonymous said...

I think that person who tweeted Tila about the dogs was talking about my blog. Dumbass. If Hitler were still alive he would forget about the Jews and be trying to eradicate the gene pool of these retarded Tila fans. By continuing to allow them to breed we are giving possibility to a future similar to that movie "Idiocracy".

Anonymous said...

I wrote this over on SpikedTequila, but let's say - just for a minute - that she did buy the Lambo. Why would she brag and care so much that jeliz h8rs don't believe her? Shouldn't fulfilling her goal be enough?

As for her "ENVY IS A SIN!" bit - Apparently she forgot about lust and pride. (And hell, her posts about Lindsay Lohan reveal her jealousy.)

OneEyebrowRaised said...

LMAO her life reads like a bad Jackie Collins book (of which I am guilty of reading), as she is so good at describing the Hollywood way of which Tila is self destructing on.

Seoul, gotta give you credit for the fantastic writing. You sound like a fantastic person with a shitload of integrity :)

Anonymous said...

@ The Colleen Machine,

I have indeed tried to contact them and am awaiting an answer. Waiting on details as we speak. Will post more info as it comes in!

Unknown said...

hmmm...anyone know how to let the IRS know about this so they can be sure to "verify" if all the money is being that would be funny!!!!