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Tuesday, August 17

postheadericon OMG!! Poor, poor Tila!

In the last couple of hours Tila posted an article on the Flog, describing how Juggalos were now at war with each other. It's a whole lot of Tila crap, and not worth the read, but as usual, the comments bring on the lolz!

This was posted around 10:00 pm tonight:

Let me remind you of the timeline here, the "gory and horrific attack" took place almost 4 full days ago. Ninety-two hours ago. Three and 3/4 days to be more exact. She claims she received stitches for tiny little cuts that were easily hidden by band-aids with pads only 3/8" in diameter. I will bet my life savings on the fact she did not get stitches. There was nothing to stitch. 

Within 5 hours of the incident, the cuts were already clotted and on their way to healing, as evidenced by the photos she submitted to TMZ, exaggerated blood presence, notwithstanding. Secondly, with Tila's "big name" and "high profile" as a model/actress/singer/mogul (I know, I know, I'm trying hard not to laugh too!) if she needed any stitches on her face, a licensed reconstructive surgeon would come in. 

You see, stitches leave scars that are often worse than what you started out with. I know, I've had a bunch of stitches in my life, and you get a bunch of little holes on either side of the original wound, and oftentimes if the skin stretches, you'll get a much wider scar. The very most a doctor would do to those wounds is glue it shut, so as not to add to the skin trauma. But those cuts were so small, a simple butterfly band-aid would suffice. I got my chin split open and that's all I got for it, though the scar is about 3/4 long.

Tila did not have stitches. Tila did not have the "wounds" glued shut. A PA cleaned the broken skin. A doctor came in, looked at the areas and instructed the PA to apply those teensy tiny circle bandaids. The bitch didn't even need the bandaids, the doctor had them put on, because if you've ever been around a 2-year old who bumps their knee, though no skin is broken, a little bandaid and a kiss on the owie is enough to satisfy their desire for attention.

Any doctor who gave her a script for pain meds for an injury that required nothing more than a light cleaning, should have their license revoked. The most I can see them prescribing is Tylenol for the pain of any bruises. There is no fucking way the bitch walked out of the hospital with a prescription-strength pain reliever. No fucking way. There's no fucking way the doctor ordered bed rest. As a matter of fact, doctors ordering 'bedrest' for patients went out with the horse and buggy. My mom had surgery on her foot last Wednesday. They set a small broken bone and stapled her fucking foot together. Four days later, she's walking with assistance, and off all meds. The woman has 9 fucking staples and the doctor says to take it easy, and stay off it as much as possible, but no one ordered bed rest, for 9 fucking staples! She had some opiates the first few days, but she no longer needs anything stronger than prescription-strength Tylenol. Yeah, she still has some pain, but it's managed pretty well.

So, Tila is on what she'd like you to believe are opiate pain killers and complete bedrest working into the 5th day after she got a little boo-boo on her face, yet she claims a devastating accident that not only "dented" her head, gave her a concussion, AND caused the infamous mischairage, warranted nothing more than changing into a white pair of pants and flying halfway around the world to perform at dive bars. No opiates. No bed rest. No staying out of the sun for a year.

You also know what she wants you to believe? She wants you to believe that she's in control of the Juggalo Gathering from here on out. She's vowed to stop the Gathering. Countdown to her saying in the coming days/weeks that she decided to let the Juggalos have their Gathering place after all, and they have her to thank for not taking it away. She will spin it that she felt bad for the good Juggalos and didn't want to punish all the Juggalos for the bad behavior of a few. 

Why would she do that? Oh dear rotspot reader, don't offend me with your ignorance. Tila has no lawsuit, and if on the offchance she did, she'll either lose outright, or win a nominal sum which will be a private, of course,  settlement. Tila will spin it that she decided that the Juggalos needed a venue after all, and they better behave from here on out. But, the event will never have been in danger in the first place. The Juggalos would be there next year with or without Tila, they have no fear that she'll totally shut them down. She just wants them to believe she holds the cards, so they'll be grateful for how "cool" she is when she gives them back their event.

Let's look a little deeper into this contract thing. She claims that even though she knew of the potential for violence, because it's very obviously all over the internet that the culture of the Juggalos involves throwing water, Faygo, beer, and plastic bottles at the performers, that she knew of their penchant for violence, that she went because she doesn't judge people. 

Knowing all that, she still signed a contract and then said because of that contract, she had to perform or get sued. No Tila you don't have to perform if the venue is dangerous in a life-or-limb  way. Any judge in the land would listen to your side of the story about how you signed the contract, and then afterwards you receive threats and warnings that your life was in danger. They would totally take that into account. As a matter of fact, after the first stone rock hit you in the face, before you took the stage, you'd have a cause of action to pull out of the contract. And the ICP guys claim they paid you upfront and assured you that if it got too wild for you, you could pull out with no further obligations or litigation. And they were right, you could because at that point, it would be a breach of contract on their part.

Ugh this skank bitch is just flying high with this story. Keep track of the day she says she'll "allow" the Juggalos to have their event, because she's a good person and she's a forgiving person. It's coming.


Unknown said...

She is over there posting on her flog now pretending to be the new staff member that signs their post as "big tits". Maybe its Jane

Eduardo Retardo said...

Uh...except she said in her interview to E that they warned her before she went on stage. I believe Violent J when he said they warned her prior, too. Shit, she can't keep ANYTHING straight.

Amanda Buck said...

I'm a dancer and I fell off the pole on saturday and messed myself up worse than her. Two deep gashes on my foot that everyone said needed stitches, almost broke my foot, yet I still went to work the next day. She's a joke and I've always thought so

SammiDe said...

Any real Juggalo wouldnt pay her no mind,I'm sure! As for this article, BEAUTIFUL! & yeah she is milkin this pity poor (FAKE) me BS and will continue to until she can no longer, lol!

Joann said...

The skank needs to stop trying to do her own damage control. She's as much a failure with that as she with everything else in her life.

Since I know you read this blog this is for you.

Tila, you were warned more than once to STAY AWAY from their festival and in their minds that gave them the right to show their displeasure with you when appeared to "perform"

(1)You totally disregarded their warnings, taunted them, called them names and refused to leave the stage when they started throwing debris at you.

(2)They didn't want you there or like you because they don't consider you a part of their culture.

(3)The Juggalos did not want you to show them love, they wanted you to stay away from their festival. They told you what they would do if you came and they did it.

Why would you sign a contract to go if you knew they didn't want you there in the first place?

(3)"Violent J said, "We paid her before the show and assured her that even if things got out of hand, she could keep the money if she had to leave the stage."

You had a choice to leave the stage immediately and would not get sued but, in fact, could keep the money they paid you, but YOU chose to stay and be pelted with debris.

Stop playing the victim. IMO, you planned this outcome and now you think you are going to get a big payday with your lawsuit which is going nowhere, just like you are.

Unknown said...

Ohhhh how i love the Rotspot, everything i was reading from the little troll i think is a bloody waste of space...

Hmmm, does she really believe that a couple of small little cuts means that she is unable to eat / drink / sleep / go out in the sun...

Really how on earth does anyone believe that she has stitches, and on medication due to a couple of little cuts....are people that stupid???

BigPoppaPhat said...

Justin Beiber took one to the head, but a little pansy like him can suck it up and be an adult about it. This is just really immature and shameful. Imagine would would happen if she also stubbed her toe on stage.

Unknown said...

If Tila also stubbed her toe on stage she would be telling us, in true Tila fashion, that her leg now required amputation so that an infectious disease didn't spread throughout her meth-addled body.. Fucking waste of space.

Sandy said...

You've hit the gobblin whore, I mean the nail on the head! This is absolutely what she's doing.

Sandy said...

You know, I had a really difficult pregnancy and then an emergency c-section. I was not instructed to stay on bed rest for the pregnancy (I wish). I was told to take it light though and I worked up until my due date. I got God knows how many staples, because of the c-section and did I lay in my hospital bed? No, I took a Motrin and I was up and moving with the portable bassinet. I used it to walk the hospital halls because the faster you get off your ass, the faster you'll heal. I felt amazing 24 hours later. All things considered, of course. 48 hours later, I was shopping and dining and feeling pretty good.

Now, this is for a major thing, having a baby. Not 2 tiny cuts to the face. Yet, she claims to be on meds and on bed rest? Fuck you Tila. Seriously.

This girl makes me so sick. I think I need bedrest.

Jackie said...

Seriously?!?! Bed rest?!?! They only order that for pregnant women who are at risk of going into premature labor! Hell, I had 3 c-sections which are major, and I was never put on bed take it easy yes but nothing more. The painkillers, I only took darvocets the first 3, maybe 4 days after surgery each time, I had 15+ staples in my stomach and didn't whine half as much as she is, and I had every right to if I wanted lol.

She's a laughing stock, I hope she soon realized that!

Ben said...

She's claiming Garry sexually harassed her, now she hired a blogger who goes by the name of ILOVEBIGTITS which is in fact, sexual harassment. Allowing that name just lost her the other case. IF there really was a case. But the new blogger is just NY Tila, another personality. It couldn't be more obvious.

And addicts are supposed to tell Dr's they're addicts so they can't get prescribed pills, she obviously didn't and is of course already bragging about her medicine.

deluwiel said...

She's saying in a flog post that she declined doing any more interviews and press this week about her ordeal because in the E interview she said everything she wanted to say. Nope. It's because all of her gory meet-exposing gushing maiming disfiguring slit opened face gashes are nowhere to be seen and she doesn't want to have to try to explain how her personal brilliant surgeon to which she has was able to miraculously heal her gaping wounds in 48 hours with bedrest, a few happy pills, and staying out of the sun for a year.

Oh, and she's vindicated now because Method Man is reportedly threatening a lawsuit too. Neener-neener-neener.

Mary said...

No offence but this post was pretty null and void. I know her actions are beyond frustrating but we know what she's like at this point. Of course she's going to be a completely over-dramatic retard about her injuries, but, y'know, DUH!!!! Did you expect any different?
And implying the control of the future of the Gathering.... surely calling Tila delusional is like stating the sky is blue?
Relax, guy!

Veronica said...

when i was 13, i ran into some sharp metal and sliced the bridge of my nose open, TO THE BONE. Of course it bleed like crazy but after the drive to the er, it stopped. I had to get stitches on my face, and the only medication i EVER got was the numbing injection and a tetanus shot.

Wouldn't they give tila a tetanus shot if they don't know what hit her, there were metal cans up that stage(?)

anyways, I got hurt on a sunday and still went to school the NEXT day! No medication after that!

she can't handle anything

Hannah said...

Dear god. This lying skank, I swear. Bed rest? Oh hell no. I got my appendix taken out last year on a Wednesday, was walking around the day after, and was back at school and work by Monday. NO bed rest whatsoever. And I only took 2 of the pain pills they prescribed me. I got stitches where my right eyebrow is when I was 6 and was back at school the next day, happy as a clam. Is she so dumb that she honestly believes that the majority of the population hasn't had stitches themselves or known a loved one who has? How could anyone believe that a doctor would prescribe painkillers to a recovering addict for a tiny cut and then tell her to stay out of the sun for a year? WTF?

Sandra said...

Tila was made of on Chelsea Lately too. Someone said on the show "Where can she go where she doesn't have shit thrown at her.." LMAO

So apparently she has someone new writing for her, but we can all tell it's her totally same writing styles. You can tell she does read this site, in the 'Tila Was Bleeding' post a few people in the comments were saying that she stayed up on stage and how long would we have stood there taking it, that it's kind gangsta. Well new writer writes a post saying exactly that, she's so gangsta, she'll beat anyone ass, how long would all the haterz stay up there and more of the same crap. Yeah she sure showed us the beatings she gave and the fake crying 24hrs later, ooooh she's a real "tuff G".

The Gathering is All Ages as well people said there were 13 & 15yr olds in the audience. Indecent exposure yet again. I have read on some Juggalos websites that at first some felt sorry for her, so I made some comments to clear that up. Now they are getting really mad especially as she won't stop talking about it for media attention. Someone was even (kidding?) about offering 10grand to first person to off her. She chose publicity over safety, has she never heard of personal responsibility?

I am mad again because of her, she is caught in another lie, either she was never addicted or she never actually got clean, i choose the latter. I had a prescription problem and when i got clean off it, i made sure to tell every doc especially as it took so long and was so hard to get clean. No doctor in their right mind would give a recovering addict more meds especially ones that sound as strong as what she is tweeting. I can't believe she can be so melodramatic over two little cuts, seeking medical attention, bedrest, a year out of the sun, strong medication, and now the new writer is having to look after her 5 days after the event.

P.s. I love you Fatty!!!

Sandra said...

Funny comment from Tilas flog-

Tila Tequila gets naked for drunk people dressed as clowns to throw feces at her. If this is the porno - sorry, future "leaked" sex tape you totally haven't made - instead of generic fake lesbian romp - then people might buy it after all, I mean the internet has a lot of niches!

May I just throw out a few suggested stunts for the future in case that still doesn't pay the bills?

1. Write an autobiography containing fake things that happened in your life (a coloring book version of course). You could make revised editions adding or removing ninja fights, adding battles with sea monsters once a week if you suddenly want to change your life story of course. None of your fans seem to notice when you do that on twitter and your blog sometimes within hours.

2. Set up a ficitious support group and ask people to send things to your house for nonexistent battered women you're sheltering in your mansion and sell it all on ebay. Do that quickly, before those boo-boos heal up and people realise there were women in that audience.

3. Fake a terminal illness and have people donate money to "save" you. Nothing icky that would cause professionals to think twice about doing photoshoots with you of course, tell them it's brain related and you can type funny and show symptoms in tweets, like "DURR...Me tila. tila brain go die it need money *stroke face*" maybe an implant from past alien abductions is playing up!

4. Fake your own kidnapping, beg for money pretending to be the kidnapper through your own twitter account. "This is not Tila, this is a kidnapper!" at the start of tweets should be enough to convince your fans.

5. Develop those psychic powers to the max and use them for the power of good (good gossip of course). Make a premium rate Celebrity Psychic Predictions line. That way the spirits can tell you which celebrities (that wish you'd stop saying you're friends with) have an AIDS or killed a man this week.

Hope they help! Anyone else got ideas that haven't been used yet? We need to show Tila our support!

Noname said...

Tila is such a liar about this bed rest thing. Five years ago I had cancer. Had a football size tumor removd from my right leg. I had "butterfly" stitches from my groin to an inch above my knee plus regular stitches to sew together everything under the skin, anyhow,they had me up on a walker 2 days after surgery and of course it wasn't easy. After dischargge from the hospital (4 days later) I had to use a walker for awhile but the doc wanted me up as much as possible, but of course to not be stupid about it. never was "BedRest" mentioned. If anyone deserved bed rest it was I thought Tila was this tough bitch from the streets of Texas. LMAO.. Hell, I'm just a girlie girl from the PNW and i am tougher than And she needs bedrest for a couple of cuts on her face? FUCK!! The lies just keep on coming.

boytoy said...

When i was 6 yrs old i had major heart surgery that included lots of meds, stitches and left me with an eight inch scar on my chest that is now hardly visble.(i was on bedrest for maybe 1/3 months)

I had a nose job in octber and the doctor prescribe oxcydone(some shit like that) and i was in no pain whatsoever only had to take one pill for the entire 9 days my cast was on and was on bedrest for two days.

boytoy said...

forgot to mention when i was 6-9 yrs old some stupid neighbour kid me and my brother were playing with kicked in his glass window which cut my chin bad and blood eveywhere i didnt need a hosptial or doctor just one little bandaid and no meds either

Unknown said...

I sliced off a nicely-sized piece of skin from my hand. Or should I say I lost some hand meet in a gory and horrific attack in a deli? I'll go with that. Anyway, I got a few stitches in my hand meet at the hospital and was sent on my way. No pain meds, no bedrest, just "Wear a glove over that bandage at work tomorrow."
I've never heard of a week of bedrest after a cut. She's so brave. And by brave I mean full of shit.

Caroline O'Grady said...

Hey! How do you guys feel about Tila posting her home address for "fan mail"? Ya'll should make a guide for Rotspot fans attempting to mail the midget!

FUYU said...

This whole pity thing is what pisses me off. The only reason I know about Tila is because of the Shawn Merriman thing. I heard the news, felt sorry for her and checked out her Twitter. I never tweeted her, but I felt similar to the juggalos who are currently sticking up for her, yet don't have a single clue about her past.

Tuesday said...

Not sure if anyone posted this yet! HAHAHAHA!