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Thursday, August 19

postheadericon Why Tila isn't a badass...

I'm really getting pissed off here. Earlier when Tila tweeted about wanting letters and "stuff" mailed to her, I was stomping mad. I hate, with a passion, how she manipulates those people in her army. It appears most are young or very troubled, or both. Even some of the older ones are a little scary in their devotion to Tila. Mental illness seems to be a common theme in her "army", with their commander being the brains behind the braintrust.

Now, my dander is really going up. Tila is now bragging about how "badass" she was, and has a blog article to back her up. Her army is really eating it up, defending her for standing her ground and praising her for being a badass. 

Here at the Rotspot, we break it down and put it back together the right way. Kinda like the jigsaw puzzle you left out for a 2-year old to put together. All the pieces are there, but the picture is unclear because most of the pieces are in the wrong place, and several came from a different puzzle. Tila is the 2-year old in the puzzle room and her army are like-minded 2 year olds who praise her for a job well done. It's not well done. It's crap and someone has to tell her that. 

It is not badass to challenge an audience who doesn't want you when their opening salvos are bottles, cans and assorted detritis from a garbage can. You have choices. If you're smart, you leave with your dignity and face meet intact. If you're stupid or suicidal, you stay and take the abuse. If a train is coming at you full-bore, do you stand your ground on the tracks to be a badass, or do you step aside and let it pass? No one in the real world would ever say 'oh look how badass that guy was stepping in front of a speeding train', except if you're Tila, and you do it, then the army sees you as some kind of hero. 

Several years ago, 3 'badass' guys went to the SF Zoo and taunted a 600 pound tiger. The tiger jumped from her enclosure, killed one guy and maimed the other two. Were they badasses? No. They were stupid fucking dumbasses, and an innocent animal was destroyed because of them. The guy who died...well, I don't give a flying fuck about him, he taunted a tiger, he paid the price. We're down one dumbass as far as I'm concerned and good riddance.

Tila is a dumbass. Not only is she a dumbass she's a lying sack of cunt-stain. She has whined and moaned about the 'attack' for 5 fucking days now. She's in bedrest with her opiates (her dr. didn't prescribe these for her injuries, they're her own stash) and begging for donations of gifts and money. That's a badass? You know, I'd actually have more respect for Tila if she did go on stage, take her lumps and come back and say, 'well, I gave it my best shot, they didn't want me, I'm out of here'. No threats of shutting them down. No lolsuits. No milking the sympathy of a nation. No claiming it was violence against women. Just take your lumps, and be dignified about it. Hell, Justin Bieber is now a badass in my book, because he also got hit with a water bottle and he wasn't a little pussy about it.

But what really concerns me is Tila making herself into this folk hero and her Army eating it up and vowing revenge. You have a group of mentally unstable people, following the lead of the biggest manipulating, lying whore possible, and someone is going to get hurt, or killed. 

Most of you are too young to remember John Hinckley, who in 1981 attempted to assassinate then-president Reagan, in an attempt to get the attention of his obsession, actress Jodie Foster. Is it far-fetched to think there's another Hinckley just lurking in the shadows of Tila's "Army"? I wouldn't doubt it. They are being manipulated by a con artist. I've looked up a few of them on Twitter and Facebook, and the ones I've looked up seem very isolated and alone, seeking validation from anyone, and finding that validation in a woman who has no regard for them, other than what they can do for her. When your Twitter and Facebook accounts are full of "Army" members, and very few family or real-life friends, something is very wrong.

Tila is a hero to the stupid and the desperate. She is not now, and never will be a badass. Her actions were wrought from stupidity and attention-seeking. And her "Army" praises her and indulges her, and so of course, now that she has found the lynch pin that guarantees their continued loyalty, she'll continue doing asinine shenanigans to keep them worshipping her. 

Honestly, where do you go from here,  after you've been pelted with garbage for 15 minutes and that somehow validates your existence to your fans?


MsWonkyTits said...

Very well versed. She is nothing and a nobody.

alison m m said...


Anonymous said...

MTE Fatty. Like I've said before, Tila and her fans have a sick relationship with each other. Tila's fans validate her stardom and Tila returns the favor by validating her fans' importance and existence.

Sad, some of them are actually very smart and seem like they could hold their own, but Miss Parasite just feeds them bullshit!

Madame Toast said...

well put indeed.
This is going to escalate, either the Army or the Family is going to do something crazy and stupid. I know its not on a national level and not a lot of people feel there should be a concern but isn't that how it always begins?
I think about Columbine especially, how these kids had websites and were on the internet basically going over exactly what they were going to do and spewing hate and insane thoughts, nobody paid them any mind and then they snapped. Innocent people were killed and lives destroyed forever. And this wasn't the first time or the last time this sort of thing happened.

There should be concern, yes its all on the internet but then again, look what happened at the Gathering! Honestly Tila should be thankful she wasn't really hurt or killed. AND I'm not saying the Juggalos or the Family are bad people but they have even said themselves there are some in the grouping that aren't true to what they believe in, they refer to them as Juggahoes?
When drugs, alcohol and just pure insanity combine it can be tragic and she dodged a bullet, really.

I don't feel for Tila in anyway but I'd hate to see some kid, some person's life destroyed because of her and her inability to know when to shut the fuck up and relax. If she was any kind of human she'd step back and let it all fade, she chooses her paths and frankly I hope she gets what she deserves.

Unknown said...

I'm mailing some vanilla-cinnamon french toast to calm everyone down.

nom it up guys

Fatty McFatterson said...

Isis did I ever tell you you're my favorite?

Joann said...

You summed up everything about Tila being a badass with this sentence Fatty..."Tila is a hero to the stupid and the desperate. She is not now, and never will be a badass".

In fact, Violent J said he paid her BEFORE the show and if the crowd was too out of control she didn't have to go on if she didn't want to AND could still keep the money.

Skank was given a WIN-WIN situation and now she wants to sue THEM because of stupidity on her part and she want people to think she runs a bunch of businesses.

Skank is CEO of dumb shit.

After seeing the mood of the crowd towards her anyone with an ounce of sense would have said "I'm outta here". Lil Kim did.

No Tila you're not a badass, you're a dumbass.

Anonymous said...

im not done reading this post, damn the new posts keep flowing in! HA keep it up! but i just wanted to comment,,

you know how ICP has their juggalos/juggalettes

maybe tila is trying to come up with her army. yeah, she can have 'gathering of the tilagos" where all her fans and army can go each summer to gather. sure, it will be a bunch of socially awkward kids and teenagers and mentally unstable adults.

their greeting can be BAM POW!!!

there ya go tila, come up with your own gathering...then your army and the juggalos can battle it out, and go to JUGGALO VS TILAGO WAR! WHOOP WHOOP BAM POW

Anonymous said...

yes i agree...had she NOT took some doctored pictures of her "injuries" and sent them to TMZ, i would have more respect for her. sure, she stayed on stage and we all seen her get hit. she should of just kept it at that. the fact that she sold those pictures, whined and complained, she takes any sort of female empowement (yes i laugh at this because by now means is tila symbolic of it) but still, she has potential to change...

if she was a small little female performer, who actually was bad-ass to stay on stage and not bitch and complain, that would be kind of cool, but hey, its tila we are talking about...

she just wants publicity and money...

i actually think she can gain a niche, aside from her army of nitwits and halfbreeds or whatever...but if she stopped with all the lying, if she just stopped with her publicity stunts, and become an honest, genuine person...

ahh this point, she is fodder and entertainment for all of us!

Unknown said...

first of all, I love all you at the Rotspot. Fatty, you are so very right about Tila. Anybody who spends as much time as she does trying to convince everyone that she's "gangsta" or a "bad-ass" is a complete fraud and coward. She talks (or types) so tough but if confronted in real life she shows her true colors. Remember when Bijou and Nicky came over for the dogs? where was the "gangsta" then? God I hate her.
Fatty, if you were to post a pic of your pudgy little fingers holding up a ding dong (the hostess kind you pervs!) I would use it as my backgroud ;)

Unknown said...

aww thanks Fatty here's some whipped cream to go with

josephgein said...

Very frightening, Fatty. Gave mrsgein and I both chills. Excellent post.