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Tuesday, August 10

postheadericon What is she good for !?!?!

I've been holding onto this for AWHILE now.  I still have no one to put it all together for me, even though so many have promised to :(  But - I think it fits well with the most recent events of Tila "the pornstar prostitute" Tequila. Just read it along with this

Whore, huh, POW
What's Tila good for
Absolutely nothin'
Whore, huh, POW
What's Tila good for
Absolutely nothin'

Sing it again y'all

Whore, huh, Good god
What's Tila good for
Absolutely nothin'

Listen to me

Whore I despise
Because she brings
With all of her lies

This Whore has fucked
Thousands of girls n' guys
Touch her rotspot
Your dick will fall off and die

I said
Whore, huh, Good god ya'll
What's Tila good for
Absolutely nothin'
Say it again
Whore, Ooo-oo M G ya
What's Tila good for
Absolutely nothin'
Listen to me

Whore! She ain't nothin' but a methhead
Whore! This Mogul is braindead.
Ooooh WHORE!She's an enemy to the human race
Hollywood thinks she's a waste of space
The Whore has caused distress
To many famous reputations
Deception then destruction
Whats the next lie?


Whore, huh,good god ya'll
What's Tila good for
Absolutely nothin'
Say it say it say it

Whore, POW, huh
What's Tila good for
Absolutely nothin'
Listen to me

Whore! Famous for showing her naughty bits
Whore! Rockin a pair of wonky tits
OOOH Whore! Life's shattered
many her hopes and dreams
Thats why her blog is
so bitter and mean.

Life is much to short and precious
To spend hatin' everyday
But when its this easy
its so hard to stay away.

Whore, huh,good god ya'll
What's Tila good for
Absolutely nothin'
Say it again
Whore, Ooo-oo-M-G ya
What's Tila good for
Absolutely nothin'
Listen to me

Whore! Famous for showing her naughty bits
Whore! and Rockin a pair of wonky tits
Tweets, lies and facebook updates tell me
The ends drawing nearer every day!
They say any press is good for the image
But those minutes are just ticking away

ooooh Whore, huh, Good god ya'll
What's Tila good for
You tell me
Say it say it say it say it

ooooh Whore, huh, Good god ya'll
What's Tila good for
Stand up and shout

Thanks Ihatethere ForIam for those amazing lyrics.  They make me giggle every time I read them.  Now ... for the REAL reason of my post ...

Today it seems that Radar Online has exclusive news on who directed and starred in STDila's new "business adventure".  And by business adventure I mean raunchy XXX porn! 

Of course she's going to say everyone is lying.  The only one lying here is you skank - on your back as fuckin' usual - and through that overbite and dicksuckers that you like to throw up on cam.

Looks like her Co-Stars, Penthouse Pet Lia Leah and Vivid Star Charlie Lane are saying otherwise.  We'll keep you updated once more comes in.  

Source:  Right Celebrity


Tila, there is NO REASON to be ashamed of what you are doing.  This isn't going to tarnish your hogul reputation.  The whole world already knows what a piece of shit you are, YOU are the only one you're fooling. 

For reference, I'll be sure to post this since we all know you'll pull it off of your flog soon and pretend you never said everyone was lying!

Edit:  Ihatethere ForIam actually wrote the lyrics.  My apologies lovely.  I just went by what I had saved in my email!  Sorry girl!  xxoo


Fatty McFatterson said...

The Whore song is the FUCKING BEST!!! BRAVO!!!

My fave part of the articles is where they talk about Tila hoping its going to be this huge success and her not getting anything near what Kendra received for her tape (read somewhere that Kendra received almost $700k, plus 50% of profits). You just know Tila will say she got a cool million and 99% of profits. hahahhaa.

Thanks Rotty. We needed this shit!

TrinyG said...

ROFLMAO! The Whore song rocks!!

I can't wait to see how the desperate whore spins this and how her pathetic little army of fucknuts defend her :D

Unknown said...

Love the whore song!

Remember about a month ago she tweeted about a wild all girl party and how crazy the girls were being? Then she sort of disappeared for a while after that tweet? Pretty sure we now know where she was and what she was doing .....

Fatty McFatterson said...

oh yeah, i remember that ,it was her pajama party thing and she promised to fill us in. hmmm. better go look for that. how fucked up would it be if they filmed in her condomansionium and you could see the bedbugs flying off the vibrators?

Unknown said...

WHORE! UH good god ya'll!
This is the fkn best.

ROFL The whore song made me spit my damned drink out laughing. OMG I will never hear the War song again without thinking of this. Flippin brilliant. Really. Kudos.. I am still laughing!!!

Joann said...

The play on the War song was funny. Thanks for the the throwback video too.

"there is NO REASON to be ashamed of what you are doing"...I'm with you on this Hotty. WHY IS SHE LYING ABOUT DOING A PORN MOVIE!!!

What does she think those nude pics in the magazines she started doing as a teenager and the nude and semi nude videos she's done are all about. Did she actually think they were art???

Skank you've been doing some form of porn since you were a teenager, so why try and hide it now. That's you're calling...EMBRACE IT. lol.

Now she's talking about going to Africa and hanging out there for awhile...yea right. Don't hold your breath guys.

Madame Toast said...

Everytime the truth hits a little to close to home she posts some pathetic video and talks out her ass about going somewhere far away to get away, oh the stress! haha.

As for the sleepover comment, I think you might be right, it would make sense that every lie that Tila tells does have some truth behind it, its just the truth is pretty sad and she has to glamorize it for her Army of mentally gifted minors.

I don't understand who all is going to buy her video, I mean honestly its never been so true...why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?!

Anonymous said...

ha! oh my gosh i totally LOL'd that whole time the song coincided with the words. unbelievable. hey if tila did porn, so be it, right? honestly, at this point, who is she trying to kid??? at this point, the only ones rooting for her is young, mittie??? and the sweet girl who goes by beyond betty jean who has no real basis of reality....leave them alone. those are the types who have celebrity idols. others have the ability to see past it.

yeah tila did porn...whatever!!! it was inevitable!

BKiddo said...

If the Whore song was on iTunes, it would out sell anything tila has put out there!
It would be funny if you could somehow track down the cockroaches from "Joe's Apartment" to sing "Welcome to tila's Apartmansioninium".
Hey tila, how does one put out a restraining order "from" someone?
I can't wait to see how this unfolds.
This was great! Thanks Rotty!

Madame Toast said...

It all makes sense, the delay of her HUGE UK TOUR! happened around the sane time she got herself some pretty new hairs, suddenly became "high" on life and going to all kinds of "meetings" that produced squat...cept a porn apparently!

She needs to embrace her skankness, move to another country and become a hooker, she could be famous.

treva said...

God damn it Rotty!! I mean, seriously, WTF????

Why are you so effin AWESOME?!?!?

Huh? Huh?? Please explain!!!

treva said...

OMG ROTFFLMFAO! ( I mean PMPL stylie!) about the bedbugs on the vibrator thing...
A mental image I will NEVER be able to erase... ( i mean it's seriously up there with the 2 girls 1 cup image) *shudders and dies*

Amidoinitrite said...

Great rewrite!

& the Gosh, she couldn't even think quick enough to spin the sextape story? Anyone want to bet she'll say it wasn't a porn she was paid for (even though it's with women already in the business) & that they've leaked something personal or that she was unaware that she was filming. Then because the attention span of the TilaArmy (that Tila Soldier of the Week spot is laughable, btw) is so short, she & they will forget all about it & deny anything has ever happened.

BTW, if anyone is on her flog commenting on the new Soldier of the Week video, don't. It's obvious this girl wants attention & the best way to troll her is to ignore her.

ANYWAY, ON TO THE MUCH ANTICIPATED LOL OF THE SUMMER...Tila performing at The Gathering! It's coming up in a couple of days, right? Any TRS readers attending so we can get some firsthand footage? It's odd that Tila hasn't mentioned it even though it's only, literally a couple of days away. Or has she? IDK, I can't keep up with all the madness on Twitter.


(Add me if you like or definitely if you're going to The Gathering!)

Anonymous said...

Awww.... Lame. I wrote that not Seola. Remember we were going to do a hater/we are the world type thing with it? ThAnk you for posting it though~!!!


Ihatethere ForIam

SammiDe said...

OMG ROTTY this song & lyrics VERY WELL DONE!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA, we so need to get a parody made!! LMFAO!!!!!!!

HottyRotty said...

Ihatethere ForIam,

Sorry about that. I pulled it out of my email last night and it had came from Seola. But now thinking back that far (months ago it seems) I had emailed it TO Seola to do a song with it & she'd emailed me back with it attached. Soooo, it was an honest mistake <3 My apologies ladyfriend. I corrected it!


pankuuka said...

lol,shes so stupid :> u know if she dose things like this ( ),then porn is nothing special for her.

Seola said...

I checked in this morning and was wondering why I was in the comments! I wrote the Jailhouse Rock rewrite. :) I thought maybe I was crazy and hopped up on meth. :D

Noname said...

GREAT!!!! I have been singing that damn War song since last night...Thanks alot :( But I am keeping to the original as no way can I sing its name lol

I will say it IS BRILLIANT!!!

Joann said...

Madame Toast said..."Everytime the truth hits a little to close to home she posts some pathetic video and talks out her ass about going somewhere far away to get away, oh the stress!" noticed that too?

She'll post some BS article on her piece of crap blog or tweet something she thinks is "deep" and her little nitwit army will respond by saying "don't go Miss Tila we love you","don't let them haters drive you away Miss Tila".

When they call her Miss Tila is makes me think of people who lived on a plantation in the south and how they address the lady of the house.

VH1 needs to make a reality show about her and her army. "The Life And Times Of Nitwits Who Love an Even Bigger Nitwit.

Unknown said...

how do you highlight text like that?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Awwwwww thanks! Nothin' but love from me Rotty.

Joann said...

What we all knew or suspected anyway. Skank does not own the Lambo.

josephgein said...

Hey you guise! Things are certainly getting interesting, aren't they? And so prolific are the awesome bloggers of this site that I am having trouble wrapping my head around it all. Yeah, I know I'm a 45 year old, brain-damaged misanthrope full of bloodlust and confusion, but even I have moments of clarity. And in my most recent lacuna I came to the conclusion that Tila will not survive the year. I sincerely believe this. She is going downhill fast, crashing into lies told and forgotten on the way down, soon to fall from one of her many bridges left burning and splash into the bottomless waters of her failure and desperation. I'll dare not forecast the mode of death, but suffice to say it will be entirely predictable. A hackneyed end to a hackneyed life. Will she warrant her own episode of The True Hollywood Story? I doubt it. Regardless, come the day she finally goes extinct, I will no doubt feel the warmth of pride, knowing that I played some part in her demise. Evil? Yes. Sorry? Hell no. I cannot put into words the hatred I have for this woman. Tila Tequila is anathema to me. Plain and simple.

Anyway, I've heard through the grapevine that these Juggalo folks have quite a few surprises waiting for her during her performance at their festival. The word "urine" has been thrown(splashed?) around. Goodiegoodiegoodie. Someone please for the love of God, film and post this. Thanks for listening.

sithlady said...

OMG I love the song :)

I have been blocked 4 times by Tila and this 4th time has been the longest..over a week :)
Blocked meaning I can't comment on her stupid lies.
I love rot spot.

Unknown said...

See, I don't think Tila is embarrassed about doing the porn. I just think the "leak" came at an unplanned and inopportune moment. I'm sure she had an entire schedule mapped out to take the best media ho advantage and make maximum of its release. Something like "OMG SOMEONE STOLE A VERY PRIVATE AND INTIMATE TAPE I MADE WITH TWO OF MY BESTEST GIRLFRIENDS WHO HAPPEN TO BE PORN STARS!" Then finally "agree" to release it through Vivid once there was what she believes would be a media frenzy. It worked for Paris, Kim and Kendra, so I'm sure she thought it could work for her too. Now everyone knows she planned it and did it FOR Vivid for the cash because she's so desperate. She's a common porn ho instead of being a "wronged" celebrity. She can't control her image and this has her really pissed off.

shaniqua said...

People would know that she planned it and that it wasn't a home sex tape with pals if it were produced and filmed professionally. If you're just filming your sex with some hot lesbian porn pals at your pajama party, you set up a camera on a tripod and hit "record". Vivid no doubt had lighting, makeup, and it was filmed from several angles, with close-ups, and will be edited together to look like their work. No way anyone can claim something like that was a home video. Since Vivid planned it out, contracted it, got major adult stars, and paid the models for it ahead of time, it can't be played like it has anything in common with the Kendra tape except that Vivid owns and distributes them both. And that Tila didn't get paid for a performance nearly as much as Kendra got paid for what she does in bed with her lovers at home. Which is straight lulz. The proof will be in the quality of the film, but that doesn't mean she won't lie all over everyone's faces. She said in the Garry threat flog that she never made any sex tape, ever, even though we've all seen the one of her playing with some dudes cock, and she claimed that she had one with pre-fame Gaga. Why can't her Army pick up on these details if they're such big fans that love to talk to her, and pretend that the "haters" are lying instead? Gah the stupidity.

SammiDe said...

Well let me take MY COMMENT BACK PLEASE!! LOL, I dont even know why I left out Seola's name as well, doh! I just thanked Rotty SORRY! That was the day I was STRESSING! :/ anywho so Ihatethere ForIam really wrote it, AMAZING! Hun you did a GREAT JOB Ive sung it at least 10 times now, I know it by heart huh, POW, WHAT IS TILA GOOD FOR ......NOTHING! HAHAHAHAHHAA! I LOVE IT!!!We so need a parody made!

Tuesday said...

What a sad piece of trash she truly is.

Keep up the great work!

Alabama Worley said...

Yep like someone else said, the hair and such makes so much more sense.

the meetings too.

Now if you all recall, she was talking about being on the blvd filming for her new movie/show.

I bet it will be the plot at least how these porn stars were fans and Tila seduced them while they ran into one another on the streets.

They came back and went ass to ass.

Celeb Porn from vivvid makes money, seriously so it's not a shock she made this film.

she's been at it for awhile, which kinda confirms it might be a 3 part series.