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Wednesday, August 11

postheadericon It's almost time, Juggalos!

HEY JUGGALOS!  It's almost time for the Gathering!  I know you motherfuckers are excited, and frankly, I'm a little jealous I'm not going.  There's going to be some awesome bands performing.

But there's also going to be a skank performing.

I know you know by now that Tila Tequila is performing for Ladies Night.  And I know quite a few of you have "special surprises" planned.  Oh, you evil people!  We love it!

Anyway!  To our dear readers and any juggalos who happen upon this site, we already have one person who plans on filming this disastrous encounter - it's my homegirl Sailor Vesta, and GODDAMN does she have a doozy in mind - but we're always looking for more!  If you get any great pictures/videos of Tila and what should happen during her performance, please share them!  You can hit me up on twitter (@EduardoRetardo) or you can send your stuff directly to this website:!

We look forward to seeing your stuff!  Have a fucking GREAT time guys!  And be careful...Tila's crabs are known to jump 20 feet.


Anonymous said...

They should throw poop on her. =]

Anonymous said...

"They should throw poop on her. =]"


That will been next porno.

"A Shot at Poop!"

SammiDe said...

I can not WAIT for @SailorVesta to come back! She is one of my favorite people and EVEN MORE NOW!! YAY!!!!!! I CAN'T Fcking WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!☻

Anonymous said...

I hate hate hate ICP and that whole "juggalo" dumb shit but I would TOTALLY go to throw stuff at Tila!! I am so excited I cannot wait for this. I hope a lot of people go with Rotspot posters :) and I hope that they make her cry. That's not evil is it? muahaha

Unknown said...

The BEST part of my day is my morning coffee, my morning cigarette and my daily dose of rotspot. I love each of your girls more and more. Thank you for everything you have done. Her demise is just right around the corner..mark my words.

Joann said...

I don't know guys...if Tila knows certain people will throw stuff at her when she gets onstage(she reads these blogs and her twitter) at this event I can't see her showing up at all.

I have read where people on her twitter are saying what they are going to do to her and it ain't pretty.

Knowing this, Tila would be scared to show up and perform. She talks a good game but we all know she's a freaking coward.

So either these people are just talking or Tila might bow out of this event with some lame excuse. Time will tell.

PSG said...

Juggalos and Juggalettes rule and all that! I have been a big fan of ICP forever it just so happens that this gathering coincides with the release of their new movie "Big Money Rustlas (2010)" for which I have literally been waiting for years! I can't wait to get the dvd, but the vid of Tila could be even better!

Those Juggalettes are some bad-ass girls; Tila better bring her A+++ game or she's gonna get babooned like a chimp!

Alabama Worley said...

I was going to go and I'm obviously not there.

I'm pissed because Spice 1 and Lil' Kim were playing. Simply put I have some amazing work lined up and paying gigs that get me out there come first.

But my friends are there and it's part of a documentary so ... lol I'm sure I'll get something

Youtube will have it's moment with this for sure.

Sorry to let anyone down in non attendance.

MsWonkyTits said...

I love the "piss balloons" label. LOL. I can't wait for this. I wish I could be there to hit her square in the head with a hot bottle of pee.

deluwiel said...

What do you want to bet that she doesn't show. She'll come up with some lame stupid excuse.

sithlady said...

Has anybody else been banned from commenting on her blog?
I've been banned 4 times.. except this last one has lasted over a week.

Anonymous said...

hey my buddy ron jeremy is going to be there ha!! yeah my friend told him to tell tila i send my love!

although, i dont think she is going to be there???

i am sure she read this and decide not to go...

hopefully she does tho.

TILA JUST GO!!!! be STRONG FOR YOUR ARMY! (cuz she reads this)

Anonymous said...

I've been banned at least eight times, and the current one is holding as well. :-/

Fatty McFatterson said...

countdown to Tila being 'fashionably late' and missing her flight again or blaming the airlines for something or other. Oh wait, it's Friday, time throw another 'staff' member under the bus, see ya Bradshaw. And without Bradshaw, Tila can't squirm her way into her bedazzled whore-wear, and without whore-wear, oh wait, that's perfect for an outdoor concert.

Never fear, Tila will be there after all, wearing some GaGa-inspired, poorly made, ill-fitted atrocity and then posting pictures the paps took of her, peppered with the same bored looking people in the background and the occasional young child with the wtf? face going on as he sings the classic 'one of these wonky nips is not like the other, one of these wonky nips is different than the other..."

Unknown said...

I really don't think she's going. She's still blathering on about her fittings and she's still posting her inane celeb stories, even though she's been bombarded with tweets about how she's going to be hit with every kind of bodily fluid that can be worked up.

I think Jane's going to make an appearance and hurt her so she misses her flight.

Madame Toast said...

Honestly, I don't get why Tila was invited in the first place unless it's a joke?

Anything that happens she will make herself look good, saying she's suing, got people arrested, kicked out, turned on by friends blah blah blah. Personally I'm surprised people don't do this on the street though, lol...I'd love that.