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Friday, August 20

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I have to giggle so much when I deal with reading Tila's rantings by yet another "staff member" who only writes when Tila is Twitter yet again. This one comes from "TilaStaff05" and the professionalism is about on par with Tila. Why would Tila be pushing the "magic button" on articles someone else wrote?

As far as I can tell, the Rotspot is the one who first raised the questions on Tila's half circle bruising on her side. I have yet to see any major outlets pick up that information so first of all:

You see, Tila has posted another insane ranting along the lines of "here's a pic from one single source, that no one had heard of prior that shows no bruise before performance". Okay, I'd never heard of it and no one has ever mentioned it that I could see.


The aforementioned photo:

(It's worth nothing, someone posted the same picture twice on her flog.) You have all seen the photos of her performing with the bruising so we'll save space and media loading. Here's a couple problems with that scenario. For one, the comparable pictures are of her with her shirt still on. That really helps to narrow our window down. She had her top on for approximately 1 song. In her "now here's my bruise" photo, she captioned it with this:

Oh look at that magical bruise!! Gee I wonder how it got there? Oh yea, some 300 pound due in clown make-up threw beer bottles at a 4
Two things, if she can describe them and we have thousands of videos and pictures everywhere now, she could identify him and go after him as well. We've also established, repeatedly, there are no beer bottles on the grounds. From my sources, they cracked down on this one pretty hard - and it's obviously for safety reasons, but I'd venture to say it's also for grounds reasons. Broken glass all over a campground is pretty tough to clean and quite costly. Those who lent the grounds out, I would bet my left toe, have a special clause on glass. In fact, when is the last time you've heard of any music fest allowing glass beer bottles in? More often than not, if people came in after this festival and got hurt somehow by broken glass, it would be the owners in trouble and they want to cover their asses. We have also seen dozens of pictures and video and not a single one shows glass beer bottles - which are easy to spot among water bottles and cans of Faygo. Additionally, based on Tila's height and the circumference of a standard beer bottle, that mark is larger than a bottle's bottom ring. I digress.

Your favorite lawlyer has moved on to get her medical degree. I researched bruising and I also asked on a medical forum about bruising. We are to expect a perfect bruise in less than 5 minutes. There are several factors that go into the strength, depth and quickness of bruising. Age - which Tila isn't even 30 yet so this will not factor towards her count. Blood thinning medication - for the drugs we know Tila has admitted to, this would not factor towards her count. Treatment for a bruise immediately after - this does factor in for Tila's count, she did not take care of it immediately. The strength of impact - this one does not factor into Tila's count. You see, with a perfect mark bruising, perfect marks are left after at least 24 hours, when trauma to the area surrounding it would start to lose the increased blood flow as the body fights the injury. When hitting hard enough for immediate bruising like Tila claims, the area within a few inches would appear red and swollen. In locations where there is bone directly next to the bruise area, such as the shin, it's a bit easier to get a perfect bruise faster because the skin trauma is pinched between bone and skin with very little fat.

Not a single account, between both my question and all the research online from reputed sites such as Mayo would have instant bruising, that creates a perfect bruise, without swelling or redness around the injury site. For instant bruising, the injury would have to be severe. And not just in a "I got hit with a bottle" severe, it would mean that, more often than not, a more severe hematoma would develop from the blood in the injured area. This would create much more swelling, even quicker than bruising.

In short, from all this jibe - not a single medical resource agrees that this mark, was created in seconds, with no other damage to the area.

I'll leave you with the closing quote that SHE gave from the article:

Ah... the sweet sounds of admission of taunting being deposed in court.


Anonymous said...

She's upping her famewhoring because people stopped paying attention to her already. It's funny how a person on Twitter tweeted that Tila was parading up and down Robertson Ave. and the papz didn't even glance at her.

That article is further proof that the twatwaffle reads TRS. I guess Tila is a closet TeamRotspot fan :)

Unknown said...

It makes me laugh thinking of her trifling ass laid up "IN BED REST" reading the rotspot. It is so obvious she is taking in every thing said here and its pissing her off and making her feel the need to explain and be vindicated. What a damned fool! And this was amusing, these little things on her face laid her up for a week on pain pills. That's gangsta and hardcore man!! After looking at these pics I realize just how damned ugly Tila is now. I used to think she was pretty back in the day but all the drugs have taken their toll. Check her out:

Prof. Chaos said...

Hola, Chicas! Great reporting Seola. I recently got a nasty bruise on my knee from tripping over a planter (Canadian vacation, eh - Go Beer!). It covers the entire right knee and didn't produce until the next morning. Yeah, 18 hrs later. It's still there now a full week later. Tila, as usual, is full of shit. Me thinks she doth protest too much.

Has anyone started a pool on how long this reject will be milking the "trauma?" I say September 23rd, 4:15 am when she declares that she is too evolved to continue to worry about the past. And realizes that no one gives a shit. I read on Uncle Eddie's twitter a retweet that she was trolling Robertson for a photo op. I guess her big shopping trip didn't pay off. "Shopping" for media attention that is.

Hannah said...

HAHA she really did her research on that one.

I love how much she cares what all of us jelis haters are saying. Which is proof that the mischairage and stitches are fake because we know how much she loves to show us we're wrong when she thinks she has the evidence. No medical records of the mischairage like she promised so long ago and no pictures of these stitches that require bedrest. Interesting. If it were anyone else, I would say it wasn't our business but for Tila I make an exception just because if she really had the medical records, you can bet your buttons she would be scanning those ASAP. And if we all know Tila, she would be dying to show off stitches had she gotten some.

Great post, Seola!

jaytee said...

I too believed that mark was from some other incident prior to the gathering. But now, looking at the photos on that boredom site, it does appear that she sustained that injury there.,%20IL%20August%202010/Tila%20Tequila%20-%20NSFW/slides/gathering-of-the-juggalos-1363.html

I don't have any idea what could have caused it but this was a photographer who was at the gathering and not a friend of Tila, the guy works for the Village Voice. So while she is a liar and a skank, she isn't lying about that weird half circle bruise or whatever it is.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Seola I agree with you 100%. I'm glad you went into depth on this subject, because I mentioned a few days ago that her 'bruise' was way too well defined to have just happened, with no other swelling or redness where one would expect with that impact.

Also, if a 300 pound crazed clown throws a glass bottle with the kind of velocity that 'bruise' appears to have been made, then why the fuck are you still on stage? That, right there, is reason enough for ANYONE, even someone as G as Tila, to get the fuck out of dodge.

Thanks Tila. You just made the Juggalo lawyer's job a lot easier. You did NOTHING to mitigate the situation. You allowed it to get worse, and in a court of law, that's a no-no my little whore meat friend.

SaigonWhoreNumeroUno said...

That post on the flog had me rolling!!!

I posted a comment over there where someone commented she gets all of her material for her "hater posts" from TRS. I also commented that she is biting the writing style from this blog. Fail, fail, and more just comes out reading like a ridiculous jumbled mess of words; a 3rd grader trying to sound like an adult. lol

The thing that makes me laugh with the snorts is the "shall we" crap she types before everything she attempts to explain in what she thinks is an intelligent sounding way. makes me giggle to no end.

Tila, you're a fucking idiot. Just wanted to remind you.

Sandra said...

Hey great post Seola, I was wondering that too about the bruise. I didn't think a bruise could come up that quick. The magic of Photoshop, the guy that took the photos did sound like a fan from his comments, so maybe he felt sorry for her and helped her out?? And I really don't believe an object hurled from a distance could do that, I don't know but in my thinking in my muddled brain, wouldn't you need to have superhuman strength to throw something that hard and fast to leave a perfect mark?

Have you guys checked out interesting stuff, so she's always been a liar and fraud...

P.s I want to say hi to Glibby Longstocking, we had a chat on Tilas Flog. And I love you Fatty.

K.R. Omen said...

I sent this card to as many people as I could. I didn't have an email for you guys, but enjoy it just the same.

Kungfukitten said...

Once again Miss Tila's misuse of apostrophes gives her up. Big Tits 05 aka Tila, writes rumor's video's & picture's when she's referring to plurals not possessives. Tila has this grammatical error all over her posts.

Strands said...

hey lovelies...

have you seen this new radar article?

Tila is out in the sun!!!

Fatty McFatterson said...

Radaronline has video of Tila going out on Robertson yesterday. Of course after she called them, and announced it on Twitter, they swarmed her *eyeroll*.

Anyway the video shows her sporting a much larger bandaid on her cheek, ahhahahhahahaa. I guess she saw my post about how those itsy bitsy teensy weensy circle bandaids that the HOSPITAL felt appropriately covered up the horrific injury, were a joke and revealed that her injury was so minor as to be almost zit-like in its seriousness.

Tila quit bringing up Lil Kim's name like she was so fucking scared and you're so much more the gangsta badass. Lil Kim made the classy decision to pull out. I guess ICP must be going after her with a vengeance for breaking the contract. After all, she's a much bigger name than you, and her name would draw far more people.

Seola I have screen caps of the big bandaid if you want them.

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

From the second I saw that crescent shaped bruise my thought has been that that looks like a bite mark, sans teeth imprints. And knowing what I know about her, I'm probably not wrong.

Joann said...

I saw the video on Radar and after viewing the large bandaid(after LMAO) slapped across her mug my mind immediately thought about the comment you made on the size of the bandaid she had on in the E interview.

So much for staying out of the sun for a year and as we can see Mr. Bradshaw is hooked to her side AGAIN. Gee..I wonder why he didn't go the GOTJ with her????

Also saw this on Radar..."Hardin County Sheriff Tom Seiner told that Tequila reported her injuries the morning after the event, but did not go in to have officials photograph her. LMAO...Guess not, Tila was too busy sending them in to TMZ.

Sometimes I wish the TRS staff weren't so awesome with their info when they call this skank out because she is getting schooled from this site and using it to her advantage.

Not happy with that but you have a job to do and you do it well.

Guess I"m just anxious for the bitch to fall down the rabbit role and disappear forever.

Eduardo Retardo said...

While I appreciate your little bitch fest you left us after assuming the comment above wasn't let through, maybe you should have actually checked to see if ANY comments had been moderated yet.

People, you are allowed to disagree with us. Just don't take Jaytee's route and then cry like a little bitch ("waah, you guys are no better than Tila because you didn't approve my comment!") when your comment wasn't YET approved. We do have lives, you know.

Sandy said...

OMG I love you and how you break this shit down.

Dee said...

Well, maybe the bruise wasn't there at the time of her fail performance... that certainly doesn't mean she didn't draw that shit on there for dramatic effect (which basically doesn't make it a bruise at all, just another lie on her part. Go figure.)!

BKiddo said...

Hey tila, you sickening snatch scab, you can photoshop those pic.s all day long.
Just keep in mind that there could be people out there that have legit pic.s of the crap you did to yourself before the gathering.
How was the sun treating you on Robertson, you liar.

Jennifer said...

well, I flipped through the pictures off DrivenbyBoredom, and unfortunately I have to agree... bruise is not on there pics 8 and 9 - shows up pic 25 and on. Pretty sure that the website is not affiliated with her and would be stupid to photoshop 20+ pics anyway. So maybe she did get hit there...

Ah well. I guess someone got in another lucky shot! Looks like it would have hurt REAL bad! (heh heh heh)

Unknown said...

i believe that photoshop was definitely involved here. and it will come out sooner or later and then that journalist is going to loose their job (nice favor you did for tila there, but i'm pretty sure there is more evidence out there and seem to remember another photo of her coming onto the stage with the injury). i would think an injury THAT significant would have at least caused pause in a video. isn't there some sort of software out there than can tell you when this photo was edited and originally taken. i am showing it was edited on the 17th of august. why so late?

i love how she is now creating all these personalities to now blog in her place. we all know from her previous employees that she never had more than 4 people working with her at a time and none of them were paid. PLEASE girlfriend, stop the lies. you look so stupid, big titties.


and my god, how high was she in that radaronline video? it was on a new level!!! she was walking into herself.

Unknown said...

You know on Jerry Springer when the meth-head who's cheating on her cousin/boyfriend with the morbidly obese woman from the trailer next door stands up to speak her piece and everyone chants "Sit down, whore!" over and over?

That's what goes on in my head when I read anything Tila wrote.

Seola said...

A couple things on the comments about the site having the pictures. Again, I have not heard of Drive By Boredom. If it was used in Village Voice, then two conclusions can be made. DBB was not the original photographer and would have no merit on conversing their opinion on the photos as if they were.

The other conclusion - I can't find more than a few pictures there, so if someone can point it out, I'd be grateful but they use editing programs to add watermarks, size for their pages, etc. From the few stories on the Village Voice, it's quite obvious they do not have all the facts, even in this "eyewitness" account. What's even odder is that they went out of their way (we are NOT a gossip site, we are an anti-Tila site) to debunk an issue at our site. The writer is clearly sympathizing with Tila and in haste to make sure that their side is backed up, could edit their own photos to back this up.

I'm not saying it *did* happen, but it's not out of the question. Look at how TMZ posted Tila's pics out of order to make it look worse for maximum effect.

As Tila's story began to unfold, the deceit, the misinformation - the writer who so vehemently defended Tila, has now posted a story about Tila sharing some of the blame.

The stories were NOT done by the photographer. In fact, none of the story in the "eyewitness" account was actually done with anything other than quotes taken from other sources at this point. The writer most certainly could have been there, but one would think that being one of the first stories out there, it would have been more detailed and salacious than what was posted. But again - the photos themselves are NOT that of the writer. That's misleading enough to raise flags. Those photos would have to pass not one, but two hands before posting.

Again, I stand by my post - after getting information directly from doctors than the possibility that someone may or may not have used Photoshop. I've attempted to watch many videos closely for a side impact to her - it would have had to taken the breath right out of her for such a serious mark.

The follow up to the VV's writer stating she takes some of the blame now, would have actually been the exact scenario she'd already witnessed in her first hand account. So we have a writer changing stories. Is it out of the realm of possibility to think they would change their pictures to match their story?

Anonymous said...

My favorite part of that flog post when "TILASTAFF05" said, "Who could hurt such a tiny, sweet little person. Tila is such a beautiful creature with soft skin and a perfect backline."


The more insecure she gets the more of this "mirror, mirror, on the wall" crap she spouts out, like if she says it enough, it will come true.

Honeythorn said...

Noe I do take opiates for back pain and yes the type I take does thin the blood out. When I go in for any epidurals for the pain I have to stop taking them about 2 weeks beforehand so my blood to clot properly.

Now I am a klutz and if I run into anything, with all the opiates I take for pain and I've hit my thigs on the edges of coffee tables HARD, that bruise STILL doesn't show up till the next day/morning. And not right away, But I will have a red mark where I hit.

So personally I think she did it herself and waited for a bruise to pop up.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Well it's a foregone conclusion I have no life, so I have all the time in the world to figure this shit out.

1. The bruise isn't a bruise, it's an abrasion or a burn of some sort. You can see that quite clearly on the TMZ photos if you enlarge them. I thought of several scenarios that might have cause that: one is that she burned herself with the end of a hot roller or curling wand that didn't have a plastic burn-guard. Had she been hit that hard with a can or glass bottle, as she claims, it would have knocked her flat out. That's a very sensitive area there, being that the liver is just a bit higher than the mark and she totally would have gone down. I can't believe security wouldn't pull her off the stage at that point. I do like how Tila keeps throwing out the 'glass bottles' thing, when we showed a few days ago the stage and tried to find one glass bottle or any broken glass and couldn't.

2. Even if the crescent shaped mark was received during the show, the two marks, shown on the TMZ site, in a couple of pictures, right below the crescent, were not. Where did they come from? Those appear also to be abrasions or burns. As she's being taken to her trailer, you see only the crescent, never the two distinct line abrasions, which would show up as well.

So, where did those 2 abrasions come from, and why are they on one of her pix after the concert and not others? I'd love y'alls feedback on that.

Unknown said...

i'm sure tila has an arsenal of things she can use to create abrasions at the drop of a hat. LOL, but fatty, you've got a good eye - you're right! she totally gave those to herself.

i have been on norco 3x a day for over a year due to a car accident i had where i injured my neck pretty badly. tila taking something else or making a bigger cocktail because it does not effect me badly. i prefer not to drive on it. but i don't slur my words or smack my lips. i go to a very regulated pain clinic that has to test me for other drugs. so what ever miss big boobs is using along with her opiate addiction is beyond illegal and no doctor is monitoring her lying ass. i cannot believe she drives on it and i can't believe a police officer can hold a convo with her without slapping her with a driving under the influence.

speaking of the lambo. where is her license plate? i only left cali a few years ago, but i don't remember how long it took to get plates. she's had it awhile now. come on, if you owned it, you'd have them. front & back plates sista. you'd at least have an applied for tag. and if you bought it used, it would have plates. so where the heck are they?

am i bad for hoping that she gets a permanent scar for forcing her wound to be worse? we all saw it first.... (the one on her cheek) for her to need a huge bandage - she had to bust herself up a tad more).

jaytee said...

After poking around the boredom site it looks like the guy is a freelance photographer who works on occasion with/for the Village Voice.
I honestly think Tila did sustain that injury at the gathering. No sense in photoshopping the 2 photos (out of 52)that don't show the mark. How it happened I don't even have a clue. It does look like whatever happened, it would have hurt but she looks so high she probably didn't feel a thing.