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Wednesday, August 11

postheadericon Bipolar Tila Only Exists In Fantasy Land

Many of you who follow me on Twitter know my well documented tweets on my 6 year old having bipolar disorder. In my first post here, as a guest writer, I pointed out all the things Tila has used for press or made fun of. She seemingly hits the bullseye on things that have affected me personally. This one takes the cake, readers. Bear with me as I not only rip this bitch a new one, but give some education on bipolar disorder to those who do not see it every heart breaking day. I do not ask for pity, I ask for those to gain knowledge and understanding, including Tila Army. We'll start with her latest episode, since it's got the most "info" from her and though she's mentioned it before, it's never been so... appalling and insane.
K, so gutter whore starts her "upper" ranting with TYPING IN ALL CAPS. Because you know, when bipolar highs kick in, you can't help but e-shout at people. She goes from suicidal (again? Was this Garry's fault too?) one night to so giddy she can't help but amuse her ghetto ass. A) Bipolar does not work in days and nights. It also does not work minute to minute. It's been glamorized as a disease in the movies where you laugh then cry, then shoot a bitch the next second. Many symptoms never go away at all - hallucinations, hearing things and suicidal/homicidal thoughts are there. Swings of bipolar are about being in control of them. Only with medication can you control the worst aspects and by controlling those, hope the others fade out. It's not "fun". You don't feel "better" because you felt worse before. I'm speaking light to moderate. It's much worse when, like me, you deal with moderate to severe when you constantly fear for your family's safety because they are not controlled.

The Tila Army seems to love her regardless of her bipolar. Go fuck yourselves. Yeah, I said it. You know why? Because if she was bipolar, you are sitting there backing her up for not being medicated while she's admitting to having suicidal issues. We know she's not and for that, it makes you look like dumbfucks for not only believing this bullshit, but PRAISING it. "For those diagnosed bipolar" they have no fucking clue what Tila is talking about. Because she is trying to make up symptoms straight down the list in Wikipedia of symptoms and signs and theories. Bipolar isn't diagnosed by tests. It's diagnosed based on behaviors and thoughts. Bipolar does not mean "intense happiness". It's actually an incredibly heightened state of hyperactivity. When it happens for bipolars who do experience it, it's incredibly terrifying. They cannot control racing hearts and racing thoughts. Many experience extreme anxiety from the highs because unlike some disorders they are completely aware that they cannot control themselves.It's not a blessing, it's a continual lifelong battle to stay as normal as possible. It's a lifelong battle for families to advocate for their family members. But her comment on "consistently crazy" is quite telling since bipolar is never consistent, you can be episode free for days or even weeks and then be so bad, you need hospitalization on the drop of a dime.Society doesn't label people with mental disorders and illnesses, doctors do. For good cause. It's to get them under control so they are not a danger to themselves or anyone else. Advocating people to stop taking medication seems to be Tila's mantra. She "got" Casey to stop taking hers and look how well that turned out. For the love of children of the Tila Army - bipolar has such a large range, will you really take the advice of a stranger who has never met you, to stop taking medications that were prescribed for you to function? Tila is not a fucking doctor, hell - she's so stank she can't even snag one to infect and infest.

Now, onto the middle tweet in there - "I was diagnosed Bi-polar B". WHAT THE FUCK IS BIPOLAR B? It's bipolar type 1 and 2. Never has it even been written that there is a type B. This is the same dumb bitch who said she was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder - a phrase they haven't used in about 20 years. Bipolar B never existed. So we have another fake diagnosis while telling, probably what should be the smarter of Tila Army in BeyondBettyJean to stop taking meds, bipolar is a blessing and it stifles personality. Welllllllllllll - if my son's personality is to think about hacking people up (a child who has never seen a PG rated movie, plays only Pixar/Dreamworks video games), hear things and see things outside a two story window, well I guess Tila knows best. I guess if a bipolar person's "creativity" is stifled by those pesky times when they go so low they cannot get out of bed, or those pesky times they go so high up, they freeze in fear... by all means, I guess people should stop being medicated. Then again, we've already found at least one stalker liar in Tila's little army, maybe BeyondBettyJean is one of those "I am whatever Tila says she is, so she'll tweet me" bitches.In the last of the rambling, she goes onto another Wiki mention in the theory that some creative people may have been bipolar. It was first discussed by a novelist in the early 90's, who made the argument. This was never proven or given any serious thought in the scientific field. In fact, research throughout has suggested just the opposite, in that creativity may be stifled by episodes. One of the traits in movies, suggests recklessness and grandiosity. While I agree on grandiosity, Tila is calculated. She knows the Army are sheep and can say anything outrageous and get a sympathetic response. As we see some of the stronger members of Tila Army leaving her behind, she claims spies, traitors and the like to detract other members for coming to their own realizations. There isn't a disease for everything - but when someone DOES have a disease, you don't make up your own version because every time some stupid bitch like Tila rants and raves, more people get wrong and dramatized versions of bipolar. It's hard enough to fight the good fight of advocacy for doctors, insurances, schooling and more without having people have in their heads some glamorous ideas from the movies or celebs faking shit.

I've heard from literally dozens of people both during Tila's rants and throughout my son's trials this last 7 days. Many expressing ideas, thoughts, sympathies but also many, many people expressing their own trials either within their families or their own struggles. Trivializing something that affects so many (and I must mention, not a single is "grateful") is part of the reason it is so tough to get not only good treatment, but treatment at all.


Bunny3.1415 said...

My best friend was bi-polar. Today is the one-year anniversary of her suicide. It fucking kills me to see her making this into a joke, telling others to stop taking their meds. Not taking meds is partially why my best friend is dead.


Simply Lemonade said...

As the wife of a bipolar husband, and as a medical student, I know first hand, that being bipolar means, weeks of mania, and weeks of crippling depression.

During his mania, we stay awake all night because there's no way for him to fall asleep. During his depression, he doesn't eat, doesn't smile, doesn't feel any connection with the world. And in any of these given periods, he does not listen to reason or logic. So every day that goes by, I pray that nothing triggers him, because if it does, then my whole will turn upside down again.

Having ups and downs in a day has nothing to do with being bipolar.

Being bipolar is not some thing to be happy about.

Hannah said...

Seola, it's official. Love this post and you. I'm so sorry about your son, I can't imagine how difficult that must be to deal with every single day. Both of my parents are bipolar and I knew growing up that them going off their medications was NOT a viable option. My dad is moderate-severe without meds and with his mania comes intense anger. I think the creativity myth comes from the heightened sense of energy that comes from mania - sleeplessness and racing thoughts often mean you end up writing or painting or drawing or something just to keep going.

Thank you so much for writing about this, I was speechless when I saw her advising people to not take their medication. In my experience, bipolar meds don't stifle personality unless the prescription needs to be changed. Bipolar medication should actually bring out true personality because the intense emotional swings get brought under control. Tila is such an idiot and most of the time it's amusing but to me this was infuriating.

I wish you and your son all the luck in the world and I can somewhat understand where you're coming from. Thanks again, this post was great.

Noname said...

Seola, Like I had said in an earlier post my sister in law is bipolar. We shared a house with her for about 6 months, that's all I could handle. She would say the meds made her feel"not right" ,I think she was on lithium. She knew she should take them for her own sanity and for her daughters, etc. Well, she went off her meds and it was hell. Her highs were terrifying to her and all of us. Her lows were as bad and there were a few suicide attempts. We would get her hospitilized and they'd let her out as soon as her meds started working again. it was avicious cycle and almost drove my husband, who was my fiance at the time, apart. Her daughter ran away and ended up pregnant at 15 then dumped the baby off on her Grandma. To save our relationship we had to get away from the situation. She was convinced I was out to kill her and then she attacked me.

What I am trying to say is I understand what you and your family are going through even tho not all bipolars are alike it is a devastating illness and for that dumbfuck bitch to say it's a "gift" and makes them "special" so basically, don't take your meds kids, makes me crazed. She has no idea the danger she can cause with telling some of these kids shit like that or maybe she does. I feel most of the kids she has in her little tween army are so easily manipulated and have low self esteems etc and can be talked into anything. I pray nothing bad ever happens to any of them but if they keep listening to her something really bad is going to happen. And I am talking about a kid who IS bipolar or anyone of them that suffers from a mental disease. I don't give a rats ass about the "sane" ones. Most of them are just fucked up idiots who blindly follow a cracked out skank and when she is gone or they get bored with her they'll find another to idolize.

Just One of Many said...

Thank you so much for this post, honey. Bipolar is NOT glamorous, or "fun". Like all other illnesses, it causes pain for many people and many families. What sort of response would this dumb fuck have gotten if she was talking this way about cancer? Or the VD, of which she has?

It is rather sick that these minions listen to a dumb skank ho who has basically no education at all. You hit the nail on the head when you discussed how she forbade Casey from taking her meds, and we see what happened there. There's a reason doctors have the power to diagnose and prescribe meds--they're fucking educated for years and years to do so.

I am sorry for your family's devastation and hope that help and a solution comes very soon.

Bridget said...

you might want to read some of Kay Redfield Jamison's work...she's a psychologist with BPD and is a really fantastic author. just if at some point you feel like you want to read something from the patient's perspective in an effort to better sympathize with your child. It is a horrible disease and nothing to be made light of, especially when it effects children.

Msue09 said...

This bitch is you have stated there's a huge range...I was diagnosed 4 years ago...been hospitalized twice and live on a cocktail of depakote, Lamictol and Seroquel just to be able to function as normal as see Tila use a disease that is real and that its so damaging and as an excuse for her BS...really Tila?!?!? She just hit a new low...just when we think the girl can't go any lower...she still manages to do so...ROT SPOT...I love you guys I have never commented before but I've had it with Ms. Bipolar B... and whatever else she will claim to be next...

janelle said...

Great post! I mentioned in another that these lastest rants just left me furious. How dare she attempt to glamourize having a mental illness and suggest going off medication. My sister is off medication currenlty, self medicating and god knows what else she's doing. Mind you she has already lost her Children over this and thank God my mother and aunt have been able to provide a stable life or they would be in the system. The whole family is bracing themselves for the possibility that this may be the time she never makes it home. So yeah Yay for bipolar, stupid bitch!! I hope nobody takes her up on this suggestion, some in her army seem very troubled!

sithlady said...

I have mental illness in my family history and my doctor suspects I may be Bipolar ( along with my diagnosed ADD )..but my Doctor didn't want to label me "bipolar". I am offended by her tweets and her army's tweets.
It doesn't make you "special", it's scary.
I have Dysthymia (not sure yet of it is Bipolar) and am pissed off & sick of her bullshit.

nonamenevertell said...

I'm bipolar and in the Tila Army. She was saying Type 1 or 2 as A and B (duh) I know it's not easy at all to live this way.. I stopped taking my meds over a year ago. I might be "crazy" but I'm being the real me whatever I might do.

Anonymous said...

O hai my username is caught in the screenshot o_o @foosballwizard

To those who are freaking out over her saying she went off her meds.... In some cases getting off the meds is the right thing to do. I was on bipolar meds for two years and they didn't stop me from being suicidal. They numbed my depression, yes, but they made me aggressive all the time, and my solution was to get off the meds and fix my way of thinking. I wasn't depressed but I had a very depressed and self destructive way of thinking, which I needed to fix on my own. Yes, I'm still bipolar, but I've gained a lot of self control, left a bad environment, and I can manage myself now.

For some people, they need meds as extra help, and I think that if something works for you then just use it, regardless of what people think. If it's not working, try something new like I did. Effectiveness is the greatest measure of truth.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Thank you Seola for these beautifully written, heart breaking account of what this devastating disease does to an individual and the ones who love them.

You know how I know Tila doesn't have bipolar or any of the litany of other syndromes de jour she claims? Because she could never ever write such a compelling blog that grabs your heart and twists it in a knot. Only someone who truly knows that devastation can write from the heart and soul like you have. All Tila writes is mindless drivel with no substance and no soul.

I often take long breaks from writing here. It's because I have two family members who are bipolar,neither are blood relatives, but their story is haunting and scary. The mother tried to kill her son when he was an infant, and her along with him. She had been bipolar for years, so it wasn't just postpartum depression, it was just another facet of the bipolar leaving her helpless and hopeless. Her son (who is also bipolar) was removed from the home and she was subsequently hospitalized for almost 4 years. The hell her disease put their family through was beyond anything you can imagine.

Her bipolar is now under control, but his has recently been diagnosed (or recognized, might be the proper term). He comes over to my house, so despondent and lost, so absolutely hopeless and helpless he can barely function. I have had to call the police on him, sadly, more times than I can stomach. I check our local police inmate blog every morning to see if he's listed. He's been arrested at least one dozen times since February for things like breaking into his mom's house (she's had a restraining order against him for 2 years), for petty little things, but mainly they believe he's under the influence.
He is currently in the mental health section of our local hospital. They have been working to get his meds in line, but it's so hard because he hates the way the meds feel so he stops taking them.

Everyone in the family is afraid he'll kill himself or kill somebody.

Physically, he's easily the most beautiful kid I've ever seen . Seriously. He's had tons of modeling offers and yet he may never be able to have that career because this horrible disease controls him.

Tila is right about one thing. It really gives you a rush of creativity. For example, the young man I speak of is not allowed around any of the infants or small children in the family because he's sure they have been sent to destroy him, so he plots their demise in the most creative ways.

I didn't write this to hijack your story Seola, just to add another dimension to the face of mental illness. I pray the kids in Tila's Army don't think it's cool to flaunt their own mental illness by throwing out their meds. It's all good and fine to own your mental illness, but there's a difference when you allow someone else to own your thoughts to such an extent you jeopardize your health.

Please think of Casey. Lightening can strike twice. If it does, we may never know. But someone's parents will know something went horribly wrong as they bury their child and discover their meds in the trash and a raunchy video of Tila on their kid's laptop.

Kahvi said...

Thank you very much for this post.
Tila constantly uses serious issues to draw attention to her.
Miscarriage, suicide, rape, etc...

For someone who had a family member who was bipolar and actually committed suicide it is very painful to watch how she makes up all these serious issues for attention and fame.

As a person who's life was greatly affected by bipolarity in a horrible way I look with disgust at this person who takes these serious matters for her dirty intentions.
It's disgusting how she makes bipolarity look like something cool.

Joann said...

My heart goes out to all who are bi-polar or have loved ones who are.

I am not bi-polar and could never understand what you guys are going through but after reading the comments I do have compassion and will keep you in my prayers.

I agree with you Fatty, Tila is not bi-polar...just like she's not bi, not ADD, not allergic to alcohol and anything else she lays claim to.

She is using bi-polar as a distraction to take attention away from her latest antics of lying about NOT filming a porn movie, lying about buying a lambo and getting caught in her lies.

She is sick but her sickness is she's a sociopath.

I reported this skank and sent her sick tweets to a bi-polar organization.

Will let you know if and when I get an update.

ArtistJess said...

My uncle was bipolar and shot himself a few years ago because he got off of his meds and couldn't handle his disease. Way to make a good example for your young fans, Tila.

Unknown said...

Thank you for highlighting this Seola and also for sharing about your son. It's this kind of stuff from Tila that re-iterates that she isn't just some harmless hogul. When she spreads her ignorance and thoughtlessness to the masses of brain-washed tweens she is doing considerable damage. I know many people who have bi-polar, the struggles they have faced and it would disgust them that the likes of Tila would make light of bi-polar.
There's a D list celebrity in the UK called Kerry Katona, who was in a band many moons ago and then became a reality TV Show queen. She went from being well liked to being despised, mainly because it emerged she lied about taking cocaine. She appeared on morning TV a while back, appearing to be drunk and out of it and blamed it on not taking her bi-polar meds. This became a common echo from her: "oh, it's not drink or drugs, it's my bi-polar". A few months later, a video of her snorting coke while her kids are in the house emerged. When these people use a something like bi-polar to excuse or justify their behaviour, when we know the cause is likely to be something else they are spitting on anyone who has bi-polar, is living with it or has tried to raise awareness about it. They are a disgrace.

Unknown said...

Amazing post and amazing comments. What is so depressing, is that we know Tila will read these, but have no sense of remorse for what she has done.

Zombilicious said...

Excuse me, but I was diagnosed with MPD ten years ago. The DSM IV didn't officially change it to DID until late 1996. So please, An official diagnosis can be MPD, if you were diagnosed with it before the name change. Not knowing the name change only indicates that she hasn't received treatment up until 1996. So please.. I know what you mean, But don't hurt me in the process. xD

tui said...

The skank has gone over the line. Telling teens to go off their bi-polar meds could cause a fatality. Surely there is someone we can report this to? I'm in NZ and unsure which authority would be appropriate to contact, but this is a serious issue. Any ideas?

Excellent post btw. You're a great writer Seola and an awesome addition to one of the wittiest sites on the web.


tui said...

The skank has gone over the line. Telling teens to go off their bi-polar meds could cause a fatality. Surely there is someone we can report this to? I'm in NZ and unsure which authority would be appropriate to contact, but this is a serious issue. Any ideas?

Excellent post btw. You're a great writer Seola and an awesome addition to one of the wittiest sites on the web.


Seola said...

First, thank you to all who have shared and commented.

I'd like to address the few comments (which I still appreciate because it opens dialogue).

Nonamenevertell, "she was saying as" doesn't mean anything. Never has it been referred to as A or B - and I mean never. If you are diagnosed, you are told Type 2. Why would someone randomly change it to B? People don't say Type B diabetes. It's Type 2.

FoosballWizard - thank you for sharing your information however I believe, based off what you posted, you were misdiagnosed. As a child growing up in a very difficult environment, my teachers recommended evaluation for me. While adamant I may have some issues like ADD, it was twofold where I was not only placed on an extremely intelligent scale which made me insanely restless in school and two, I needed therapy to deal with my childhood.

You also may have been taking a medication (I don't know your age of course) that was not right for you. Treating bipolar is a crap shoot and with as many medications are there are, it takes more than 2 years to go through them as they recommend around 6 months minimum on each before changing a med, while adjusting dosage.

With true bipolar, without medications, control is not attainable and according to several medical journals published throughout the 90's and 00's, it's a progressive disorder. The range of 80-90% of patients over time, especially without medication grew to very dangerous levels over a period of 20-30 years, many either committed suicide or were incarcerated for a variety of issues. Others were functioning fine, but with a cocktail of drugs.

I don't know your situation or specifics and I'm creating dialogue here, but there have been many who have had severe depression without true highs diagnosed bipolar and treated with improper medication.

Zombilicious - I was using my information based off the National Mental Health Institute's recommendations for DID. In any event, I'll spot you the info (I'm sure you'd know best and some doctors could have held on to a certain name), that was still at least 14 years ago. Meaning that Tila, while being the wild child she claims with no support and no family who cared about her at 14 years old (by her accounts), was somehow able to make it to several very serious doctors appointments (on her own none the less) as a minor, and get a diagnosis with no history of symptoms up until we see Jane on the scene within the last year.

Sandy said...

I have 3 bipolars in my immediate family, one diagnosed as a child, the other two as teens. It's an exhausting illness for everyone involved. My heart truly goes out to you Seola. Tila has gone down to yet another sickeningly low level to shock and get attention. When will she stop? Until she offends every last person in the world?

Dana said...

If I didn't hate this bitch before, I surely hate her now.

I am bipolar, diagnosed as type I in 2003 after an episode of full-blown psychosis...I was hearing voices, was convinced that a "shadow" was waiting outside of the room where I was taking a Medieval Literature final--ostensibly to kill me--and generally hallucinating. That, coupled with severe depression, earned me a hospital stint (involuntary psychiatric hold, which "Miss Tila" should be familiar with) during my junior year in college. Upon my release from the university hospital, I was required to attend sessions at the campus psychiatric center, where I frequently flew into rages and screamed at my therapist.

I have been on several kinds of medication over the years, and after college there was a brief period in which I was off my meds: my mother didn't know that I had been diagnosed, I was too ashamed to tell her, and I was unable to use her medical plan plus my own sucked. As I had while still at university, I self-medicated; regularly drank myself into a stupor; smoked up and took whatever my friends could get their hands on.

Bottom line is, I was miserable. I couldn't sleep because my thoughts wouldn't stop racing; I stayed in bed because I couldn't risk seeing my reflection in a mirror and looking for something ugly to match what I felt inside; could just barely quell the urge to bang my head against a wall or beat it with my fists or do anything to myself that would stop me from lashing out against my loved ones...that would be the "upper" that Tila loves so much, the raging skank.

Having bipolar disorder, no matter the type, is not fun. Rapid cycling does not send me into fits of joy. Mixed states...fuck, don't get me into mixed states. If that isn't enough to drive someone over the deep end, I don't know what is.

As much as it pains me to say this, seeing her tweet something like "being Bi-polar is a bitch ain't it? But it's so much fun being crazayy," enrages me. Tila, you keep threatening to kill yourself? Do it. That's my advice, one "crazayy" bitch to another. Psycho.

Madame Toast said...

I've only worked with kids/teens with a range of diseases, everything from mental to physical. I have to say that the parents of these children, like Seola, are extremely strong and amazing people and that is another reason Tila disgusts me. To advise children and foolish adults, to glamorize and make light of such things is so far over the line. If she knew what she was talking about she wouldn't be saying the things she says. I never once in my time working with these kids have had any of them say the things she says or speak about their disorders or illnesses in such a manner.
Of course her "Army" is going to back her up, they will feign illness in support of her, but spew the same nonsense she does. It seems they have all watched "Girl Interrupted" one too many times. Though based on truth the movie never really touches or goes deep enough. As with most movies and popular cultures take on such things.

Its too bad there isn't somewhere to report this, the fact someone who (and I say this lightly) is in a celebrity "status" can say such things, so wrong. Most celebrities aren't this stupid I suppose.

Great post, open conversation, touching on issues that go outside of Tila (just the skank brings them up) is why I love the Rotspot.

B_McBitcherson said...

Tila sinks lower and lower every fucking day - seriously, can she just hit bottom already and self destruct or something? I have a friend who has bipolar disorder and she most certainly does not think it's fucking cool or fun. It's been a strain on her and her family her whole life and is something they ALL struggle with and work through EVERY day, not just when my friend decides she wants some attention, because that's not how it works. And you know what else? She's never once bragged about it or used it for sympathy - because she's not a fucking piece of human garbage like Tila.

Tila is a danger to these kids that follow her, no doubt. This is just disgusting, and I'm sure the depression and bipolar support alliance would agree:

It is BEYOND irresponsible to glamorize these horrible things that in reality can and do tear families apart - drug abuse, mental illness, rape, miscarriage, suicide - just to make some misguided people think you're cool - seriously, what the fuck is wrong with this cunt? And outside of a high school - maybe - who the fuck thinks these things are cool? Obviously publicly shaming these wastes of humanity doesn't do any good because we're creating a society that says whoever can act the most ridiculous and shocking will get a reality show or some other sort of attention for it. There is no such thing as shame for Tila as long as she gets the attention she's addicted to.

No morals, no shame, no soul, no heart - is Tila even really human, or could she be an evil, slutty cyborg created to test the limits of our society?

I really cannot wait for the day she comes to visit Houston again - I'll be waiting Tila, and will gladly go to jail just for the sheer joy punching you in your stupid fucking face and kicking you while you're down will bring to me and the many others you've metaphorically slapped in the face with your disgusting antics. Hopefully it'll be my Christmas gift to myself this year...

jennie said...

My uncle passed away from suicide due to his bi-polar disorder. Tila has no idea WTF being bipolar even means. She most likely has histrionic personality disorder. She has all the symptoms.... being a promiscuous attention whore.

fuck you tila

Unknown said...

there is a really great (and extremely sad) book called "What Goes Up" about dealing with a loved one with bi-polar disorder. Not only do I find what Tila says to be tremendously dangerous but also extremely offensive. She is trivializing bi-polar disorder. Telling people to stop taking their meds may be one of the worst things she has ever done.

Fatty McFatterson said...

I agree with Seola about the crapshoot with the meds. That's part of the problem with getting a handle on ths disease, which is why it's been so difficult for our family. It can take up to 2 weeks for meds like Seroquel to make a significant difference, but in the meantime the patient may become impatience waiting out the time, go off on other meds/drugs, or completely go off meds. Even with a cocktail that works today, in 6 months you may have to have it all readjusted.

As for making the choice to go off the meds, that's really something you need to speak to your doctor about, especially if you're a very young person. Your doctor can advise alternatives and really keep an eye on you and your progress. Reporting in to Tila is not recommended by most physicians. There are many people who are not with us today because they went off their meds without supervision, and the disease became too hard to bear.

I thank the Tila Army members who commented here. I hope you recognize that controlling your meds and your disease is something you have to take up with your dr. Please be safe.

Sandra said...

I was diagnosed with Bipolar, but I was actually misdiagnosed. I have ADHD and severe depression. I have tried to commit suicide a few times (not in the last year, I’m finally getting better after suffering for 13yrs) it makes so mad that Tila makes light of all these devastating diseases. Tila got help –from the HATERS- for her fake suicide, one time when I had an attempt the hospital sent me home because they had no beds available. When you are trying to commit suicide and you are sent home by professionals, well that’s someone else that doesn’t care and another reason to add to list of why you shouldn’t be on this Earth.

3yrs ago I had severe back problems and couldn’t walk, I ended up with a prescription drug problem. I also had a raspy voice (like Tila) from not sleeping and mixing recreational drugs as well. At that time I was again misdiagnosed with Bipolar, the doctors instead of looking at all the prescription medication I was on thought I had Bipolar because I was so erratic and out of control.

This just makes me hate Tila more and more, mental illnesses are not “fun” I put my family and my wonderful husband through hell. Telling people to stop taking meds is F*#KING dangerous, irresponsible and ignorant.

My thoughts and prayers are with you Seola.

Tila you are a dirty no good lying skank and I hope you get what you deserve!!!

Unknown said...

I've had to just pass by her bi-polar shit for the most part because it either makes me boil or makes me just..cry.

I've been diagnosed BPD 2 for more than 18 years now, with OCD and panic disorder to toss onto the pile as a nice bonus. I had to come off of Lithium 6 years ago because it had reached toxic levels and now I've got to come off of Lamictal and Topomax because both are doing the same and god only knows what the hell I'm going to be doing now. Getting your meds straight, getting your HEAD straight. Some days you thank god you're alive and happy and others you wonder why the hell you bother; try that while being a single parent. I've cycled as fast as four or five times a day, which is fucking hell.

That fucking piece of shit whorebag waste of air should be so lucky if being biolar is the worst thing that could be wished on her right now. I can think of a lot of other things I'd like to do to her.

(Kay Jamieson's book - I can't remember the one I read, it was when I was first diagnosed, but it was simply incredible and worth reading if you're struggling)

Unknown said...

I hope my last post was clear - my coming off of Lithium and now my upcoming removal from Lamictal and Topomax is under my doctor's supervision. I never, never, EVER do it on my own. We work together to manage my side effects and weigh them against the benefits and risks. I have blood work done on a regular schedule to monitor my kidney and liver function (essential, since these types of meds affect them).

My doctor keeps meticulous records of what I've been on, what combinations worked in the past, what meds don't work for me, what meds I don't like taking (I HATE Seroquel and Risperdal) and we periodically retry different combos.

I made the horrendous mistake of coming off of my meds on my own about seven years ago because I thought I was all better and I was so out of control, my family threatened me with a 5150. Never again.

Unknown said...

Great post, Seola. I've been reading this blog since its inception and very rarely comment. Today I feel that I must.

I am bipolar 2 (or "B" in Skankanese). I've lost everything due to this illness. After my first suicide attempt and subsequent diagnosis, my parents wanted nothing more to do with me. Although mental illness runs rampant in my family, they believe that it is nothing more than weakness on my part.

This illness is not a gift. The depression is debilitating. My brain tells me to do horrible things to myself. I can't get out of bed, much less do mundane things like check the mail or take a shower. My "highs" aren't so manic, but in this state I cannot concentrate on anything more than 5 minutes before I'm racing off somewhere else. The accompanying panic attacks made me feel like I was going to die.

It took 2 years and countless medications before we found a cocktail that works for me. My symptoms are under control and I've learned to recognize the episodes for what they are.

Because of the medication, life is good again. I am once again a functioning member of society. I've developed new relationships and a new "family". I have a wonderful man that loves and appreciates me.

I cannot believe this stupid bitch would actually tell her fans to discontinue medication. That in itself proves she has no concept of the disease. No one with BPD enjoys the mood swings.

The skank can smoke her crack pipe and spew nonsense on her flog and Twitter to her heart's content. As long as no one gets hurt, she can do whatever she wants. This BPD bullshit she is spewing is not only completely irresponsible, but possibly injurious and I want this bitch taken down. With any luck, the Juggalos will take care of this for me.

Hugs to all of you that either are, or love someone who is, bipolar. It isn't an easy road to travel.

meghan said...

thank you for your post.
rape, miscarriage, mental disorder - she has faked every subject close to my heart.
i loathe her.

Jen said...

I'm sitting here in bed crying after reading every single one of your posts. Not from pity but from sheer disbelief that Tila has once again shrunk to a new low. I want to hug you all..... Just like Meghan posted, Tila has faked so many subjects that are close to my heart. Subjects I've cried so many tears over. Mental illness being one of them. In 2003 I was at work, feeling really shitty. My boss called me into his office & I totally freaked out crying/hyperventilating/yelling (I look back on that and now laugh cause I was his first female employee (I worked in IT at the time!) and I guess I was his last!! Poor bastard!) - I was sent home & saw my shrink the next day. He made me take a fucking 20 question test and voila! I was diagnosed as bipolar and put on Lithium. That night, I remember rolling on the floor, crying in the fetal position halluscinating. To make a long story short, I got off that medication & my shrink put me on an anti-psychotic & another anti-depressant. I was off work for 1 year, in a bitter depression where I attempted suicide twice. It was horrible. Gut wrenching horrible. But what was more horrible? A few months laters, I asked my shrink - do you really think I'm bi-polar? He said, "Oh no, that was my mistake.You have depression". No shit. I should have figured that out when he gave me that test and Question # 1 was = do you spend a lot of money when you don't have the money to spend????) OMG - I was going to take him to court but he ended up ending his practice not to long after. FUCKING ass.
However just having a GLIMPSE into what mental disorders can bring and how they devestate the lives of everyone involved, how they hurt friendships, your life is completely devestated and your stuck in time - and to know that Tila is trivializing it by saying "it sucks", I can't take it anymore. And her Army asks us why do you care?? I care because there are kids following her. I care because these poor souls cannot see past her bullshit & kiss her ass so fucking badly they lose their lips inside her anus. I care because it's NOT RIGHT that someone in HER position, who could be using her "fame" for good, is instead making up constant bullshit for attention. I wouldn't accept that from a friend, I wouldn't accept it from ANYONE and I certainly am NOT going to accept it from some washed up whore. I've never hated anyone. (OK maybe a boy who hit me with a lunchbox in the forehead when I was in kindergarden) but I can honestly say I HATE TILA. I fucking hate her & hope to God that these dumbass Tila members can see the light. Tila, go fuck yourself. I hope you get the shit kicked out of you one day. So you feel the pain of what you've put so many people through, including me. I'm proud of us Resistence.... if this post shows you anything, is that we are a bunch of empathetic people who only want what's best for ourselves & the society we live in. Great post Seola. xox

Fatty McFatterson said...

This comment thread is the #1 reason why it's safe to say NOT ONE OF US is jealous of Tila. Our hate/dislike/distaste, whatever you want to call it, stems from a very real and very honest offense and concern with how she affects and manipulates the weakest of our society, who also seem to be Tila Army members.

There are a lot of celebs I could be "jealous" about. Men and women who not only make a difference on-screen, but off. Men and women who do live a life of luxury that stars their families and friends, first.

You will never ever see a discussion like this on Tila's flog, because it's just as heartless and soul-less as she is. Her 'fans' are shallow and driven by the intimacy of fame. They care for Tila no more than Tila cares for them, they only care as long as their 'friendship' with her can shine some little beacon of validation on their own miserable lives.

No where do you see her fans open up their hearts and post the kind of heartbreaking stories you see here, because it's just not in them. They are as vile and empty as she is.

Thank you all for honoring us with the gift of your experiences and insights. It really does make me happy to 'know' all of you.

Noname said...

I feel so lucky to be a "member" of this incredible group of people. You all have true and loving souls. Even tho at times we can come off as a bunch of "bitches,all in fun tho, there are real people in here. I am proud to call you all my "cyber friends". With all of our issues in life never have I ever heard anyone say "poor poor pitiful me". We face our shit day to day and deal with it the best we can. Like I have said a few times "YOU ALL ROCK!!!"

Joann said...

Hey guys, remember what I said in a prior comment on this post..."I reported this skank and sent her sick tweets to a bi-polar organization"....I received an email from them today:

Sent: Thu, Aug 12, 2010 9:17 am
Subject: re: T Tequilla

I'm afraid there are hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals who use the internet in ways that misinform about mental health. I see it often. On the internet, in the media, in support groups and any number of arenas, there are individuals who communicate opinions and untruths that may influence the choices other individuals make about their health care or the way they think about themselves and their illness. Some perpetuate stigma.
People express their opinions, give advice, even say things that aren't true about any subject.
How is it that prominent figures in the media, depending upon their political beliefs and what channel they're on, can broadcast opposing "truths" or "facts"?
The First Amendment gives them the right to do so.
Except in some incidents of inciting violence, violating obscenity laws, divulging trade secrets or reproducing copyrighted material, you and I have the right to free expression.
Some people will question what they hear and turn to reliable sources for confirmation, but many won't. People choose what to believe.
But no one has the right to silence anyone.
If you are frustrated and outraged, I understand. I am too. But if one individual calls her illness a blessing, another tells people to throw their meds down the toilet, another says there's no such thing as bipolar disorder, another says prayer is the only's their right to say it.
Deborah Wiig
Executive Director, Editor
For people living with depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder and those who care about them.
A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
Please tell others about".

I have no comment on the answer. Needless to say I am greatly disappointed.

stephaniebear said...

Why are you disappointed Joann? I think that's a very concise answer. People DO have every right to freely express themselves, however they should so choose, no matter what the issue is. People do it all over the world, all the time.

Tila's a skankwhore, but I don't hold a personal vendetta over her despite the fact she speaks about issues that have affected me personally as well - everyone's been affected by the things she complains about it some way, and everyone's got their tale etc. etc.

The thing I have against her is just that I think she's completely and totally pointless, and I like reading this blog because I find it hilarious and some of the writers are really fantastic in the way they dig up all this information about her - as well as it being very well written in my opinion.

So yeah, I don't get emotional and personal about what she's saying, I just ignore it, obviously. If I DID feel that watching her write about this sort of stuff was provoking emotions that I choose not to deal with, I would then be ignoring this blog too, if you're at the park you don't sit your picnic down next to the only pile of dog shit.

I like picnics (:

Anonymous said...

while reading this and all the comments, a plethora of personal thoughts overwhelmed me.

i think tila is full of nonsense. we all know that. her 'army' is aroused by a famous person who makes them feel special.

she is merely spouting her 'highs and lows' as a way to bait us, meaning us the rotspot, the resistance.

she thinks its funny.

no tila, its not! have you read all the comments people who either have bp or know those who do? its not funny! ok? its not a movie! its not girl interrupted.

this exists. its manic, its getting wacky thoughts. its thinking something is happening when its not.

its alot of things.

tila does have mental issues i am sure, but she is also a grown adult.

do you see any other mature indivuals here who are diagnosed (as in the comment section here) joking and mocking and laughing about it? NO!


Joann said...

I understand your viewpoint stephaniebear but I look at this differently than you.

We all have freedom of speech to say what we want but that does not give anyone the right to yell "fire" in a crowed movie theater or "rape" when a young man accidentally bumps into a woman.

Tila is ABUSING her freedom of speech for nothing more than attention and her "medical advice" to her fans who are bi-polar might cause a few of them to suffer dire consequences since they go along with whatever she says.

In the early days I would laugh and make fun of some of the things she did and basically ignore her, but she has gotten considerably worse.

Her inappropriate behavior towards minors among other things and now giving unprofessional "advice" on an illness that she knows nothing about and does not have is waaaay over the line.

So yes, I do get emotional when I know her selfish actions could truly hurt someone who worships her and she could care less about them if they followed her idiotic advice, stop taking their meds and died.

IMO, that's not freedom of speech, that's using her status, or what's left of it, to control the minds of a group of young people, who she knows are insecure, into a false sense of security and follow her blindly in every way even if she's wrong, just for self gratification.

Anonymous said...

Seola, words cannot ever convey how sorry I am for the struggle you go through every day. I appreciate your blog about your sweet son's struggles and each and every one our fellow readers who have shared their heartfelt daily and past experiences with Bipolar Disorder in their lives.

This post touches a chord in my life as well. When I was 7 years old, my Mother married my 28 year old Stepfather, who very shortly would change our lives. He brought to the relationship 2 daughters and as the oldest, I quickly became a mom figure to them (even at seven.) Within a few months, my stepfather started to exhibit signs that at first we thought were alcoholic rages. He started to have manic highs and lows. He started to stay up all night because he was afraid that bed bugs would eat him while he was sleeping. He started talking to himself, responding to the voices he heard. A year later when I was 8, my mom was working a late shift when he started talking crazy. I had just put my brother and sisters to sleep after making them dinner and bathing them, when I heard him laughing hysterically. I walked out into the living room to see that he had slit his wrists and said " Oooooh! Look at all this pretty color of red!" I was so terrified that I quickly ran in to the bedrooms, woke the three of them up and we all climbed out the window to a neighbors house. When you see the Swat Team surround your house, break nearly all of your windows to shoot tear gas in and sit there shaking and crying on the sidewalk hoping and praying that they don't shoot your daddy who's hurt, it kinda leaves you traumatized.

That was my first experience with living with someone who was bipolor. I had to quickly grow up and watch my stepfather go in and out of mental hospitals for the next 8 years. He tried to commit suicide 2 more times and each time, I happened to be the one to find him. My two step sisters grew up to exhibit signs of bipolor disorder, but after 15 years of living in hell, they have thankfully moved on and I no longer have contact with them.

I have worked with many, many people who have various types of mental illness, as well as different types of Autism. I could have let my many years of hell shape me into a different person. Instead, it has left me much more compasionate and understanding towards the difficulties people face, whether they are a patient or a loved one.

I too have been mocked by Tila on many levels. Physical Abuse, Miscarriage, Infertility and now this. To think she is lying and making light of this and advising people to discard their meds is enough to make me violently ill. Last night I laid in bed and relived my childhood due to this post and laid in bed crying quietly so I wouldn't wake my husband.

I sincerely hope one of her unmedicated stalkers sees her on the street and follows her home. We'll see how much "fun it is being crazayy" then, you ignorant demonic bitch.

Fatty McFatterson said...

I am very passionate about bringing Tila down. I see her as a very toxic person who is poisoning those around her. According to her Twitter following status, she has poisoned at least 233 young people. She claims she only follows Tila Army members, so it's not rocket science to do the math and figure out how many people have taken the leap from 'fan' to 'army'.

There's a difference between the regular fans, who are likely fans from afar, just as most of us are to the celebs we admire--we may know their favorite color, but beyond that we only pay them heed when they launch a new product. Army members follow Tila's every move, and have taken that last step by tweeting Tila with a request to join her exclusive club. They know what they have to do to be in that club, they have to worship Tila. What Tila says is final.

That's the danger, and that's what makes my blood boil. If they want to remain on good terms with Tila, they feel compelled to 'think' like Tila. If Tila says it's cool to be bipolar, then it is, otherwise you're a traitor and a spy and you're not only publicly booted from the roster, but Tila promotes other members to shun you. And because these kids believe she is bipolar, and because Tila is for the most part, older and in their eyes, wiser, they feel she should know better and if she says you don't need meds, then dammit you don't need meds. They feel Tila is looking at them as if they're weak, and they want to be strong. Tila is strong, she says so all the time, so get rid of the meds and be a man!

It's not easy to walk away from the shit if the shit is sticking to someone you love. When you read that kind of horrid advise to stop taking meds, and you know personally and firsthand the potential devastation, it's hard to walk away without having some kind of emotional reaction.

OneEyebrowRaised said...

Seola, I know you don't want sympathy which I totally understand but a little empathy goes a long way. You struggle each and everyday with this disease that has a hold of your 6 yr old. One of the toughest and most heartbreaking jobs as a mother.
A relative whom I'm very close with suffers from mental illness but its so elusive, he's been treated for bi polar, schizophrenia and depression. Seeing his life unravel and destroy him in the space of 10yrs hurt more than anything cos there's NOTHING you can do to help them with what's going on in their heads.
Also, seeing friends and acquintances fall to mental illness too hurts and studying psychology to hopefully help on a bigger scale makes you realise how important REAL awareness is and how you CANNOT treat it as a joke.

I would NEVER call anyone schizo or psycho as a petty insult (would rather call them an ignorant dickhead instead haha) because ppl suffering from mental illness are living a real life hell every single day and every single second of their lives.

Even bi polar is too good for that rotted skank.

Fuck you, Tila. Seriously, fuck you.

Unknown said...

Her army are just all waiting for the prompt to say "the voices made me do it"

Anonymous said...

Seola, thank you for writing about this subject. When I saw what Tila had written I wanted to flip out. I don't have any experience with Bi-Polar first hand but I just wanted to say to each and everyone of you that are living with it, I commend you. You are a strong group of people. And Seola, I hope things get a little better for you and your son.

I love this blog and the writers are awesome. I've already expressed to some of you on twitter how much I love this blog. ;-)

deluwiel said...

I hate when people cite freedom of speech to excuse blatant unconscionable stupidity. Would've been kinda nice if Ms. Wiig and others who work to dispel myths and misconceptions about mental illness would take a few minutes to give Tila and her Army a little reality check. Tila's just too far under the radar, I guess. A bigger name celeb couldn't get away with this kind of shit.

On the upside, however, she was tweeting about the Gathering yesterday, so I'm squeezing my eyes shut really tight, crossing my fingers and toes and wishing on the Good Fairy of Dreams Come True that she actually sets foot on that stage and gets what's coming to her.

Hannah said...

I don't have a twitter so I don't get to socialize with everybody quite as much except here or in the hater comments on the flog but I just want to say that all of these stories really got to me and my heart honestly goes out to everyone who has had their lives touched by mental illness or bipolar disorder. I think it's amazing that one lying, two-faced pseudo celeb brought all of these people together who actually have a lot of similar issues or experiences. It sounds like you're all incredibly strong and this post and everyone's comments were really touching. Thanks again, Seola!

@Fatty - Exactly right. Tila has real sway over the people in her Army and what she says goes to most of them. It seems to me that her die-hard fans don't have a lot of support either through friends or family in real life and they look for that in Tila. So when she tells them to do something, they usually do it. Her joking about mental illness and advising fans to go off medication is pretty serious to me. Will most of them throw their pills down the toilet just because Tila said so? No, probably not. But even if just one of them did and it ended catastrophically, that to me makes Tila's seemingly innocent tweets conducted under her First Amendment rights a serious offense.

Anonymous said...

hey, has anyone read the comments on her tila army post? just for the heck of it, it is pretty entertaining. everyone is all fighting and arguing over there, about the wrong and right way to throw a peace sign, and the pic of "naima" is not real...

ha! check it out:

her army and fans are all young, high school and immature 20 somethings...

it is kind of sweet tho i have to admit..i just wish tila would use her status for good, instead of mocking issues and telling them not to take their meds.

she can change and be more positive for these lost and lonely young adults...

such a shame

Joann said...

OMG Really Tila? OMG, OMG. I read your story twice and it brought tears to my eyes. You and everyone on this post who have bi-polar or have loved ones suffering with bi-polar I feel for you to the very core of my being. I truly do.

And, to have Tila touch upon this illness by making ludicrous statements such as "embrace it" or "God made us special" when she does not suffer from this is like letting a child play with a stick of dynamite.

I can't wait and it's coming soon, very soon. That's all I'm gonna say.

Unknown said...

Oy, what's the next disease? Lockjaw due to sucking too much dick?

Seola I'm sorry Tila has you so livid. I can't stand people who insist to voice every reckless thought that passes their mind the way she does, and then they wonder why their lives suck.

Unfortunately she's so sick in the head and sees this as another from of attention. But as least no one here has to pay people to seem like they have friends.

Joann said...

Tila in London on "tour" at one of her bar hoping lip syncing "concerts" where, as she said, she killed it. LMAO.

The two dudes in the front actually turned away from her for a few seconds. You can see how excited everyone was with her act...*rolling eyes*.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Ironically, the one person who seems to have a modicum of intelligence, beyondbettyjean, is precisely the one person who would likely throw out her meds because Tila advised her to. She's argue that Tila has lived with the disease, and therefore would know better, and look how strong and confident and awesome Tila is.

SammiDe said...

This just makes me sad, I really wish she would be BANNED from the Internet, ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

O' and have fun at the Juggalo event Tila, HOPE THEY PUMMEL YOU!

sithlady said...

I wish there was someway to "legally" shut down her site and other social media outlets.

If only :)

Maybe one day she'll realize when she wakes up and her meth'd up famewhore ass falls off her bed and squishes the last of the bag of rolos..What a pathetic life she lives.

I just can't understand how anyone would still be a FAN of hers?

The lip-smacking hoe crossed a line a LONG time ago..why can't her "army' see that? All the proof you need is on this site.

Anonymous said...

I used to be a fan of Tila, actually I defended her from the "jelis haters" on her blog. Just to discover that she blocked my IP adress from posting any comments whatsoever. Now I have to use a proxy. I've finally seen the light. I don't know if you've read this or not, but please tear up this Tila interview:

It would mean SO much to me.

If you have a twitter please let me know!
Mines: @David017x


boytoy said...

The TRS(writers) has saved another person.
Pat yourself on the back.

Unknown said...

I have bipolar, i have never seen things that were never there but my mind is uncontrollable. I will get on meds think i'm "normal" quit go in to a mental whirl wind until it's completely uncontrollable and my husband threatens to leave me (because i get violent) or i can no longer take the feeling that the whole world is against me and my daughter. I start all kind of conflicts i become a very vendictive person and then the suicide thoughts come pouring in. I have been on several medications and even when medicated you still have to fight the crazy thoughts and feelings you have to deal with. One med can make you feel like a complete zombie, one may make you sleep for 3 days straight, one may make you feel like you have the most energy in the world you'll whip around the house cleaning, you get really loud when you talk, you get super anxious and you feel like your going to burst and then you crash. It's the worse feeling in the world. My biggest fear is letting people know i have it because people do judge, or if they are going to see the scars. When i was 17 i stopped taking my meds "because i didn't need them" and the voices took over i took over 200 pills i just started pouring whatever we had in the medicine cabinet and washing them down with milk and then sliced my wrists and waited for the pain to go away and i felt it slipping away and then i woke up in ICU 4 days later. I tell you this not because i want your sympathy but to show you the lives we live everyday is a night mare it is no joking matter, and we don't brag about the things you have read above we would rather not have to endure it at all nor would i ever wish this nightmare even on you skankila....

theredjawa said...

Good work. I agree with absolutely everything you said. Too those of us with bipolar or near someone with bipolar it is obvious she doesn't have it. I have bipolar disorder and as you know the highs aren't good. Nothing is good about it. I would give it up in a second if I could. I was hospitalized for suicide watch in the beginning. Anyway good job making more people aware.