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Saturday, August 28

postheadericon People Continue to NOT Take Tila Seriously.

Just want to share a few things with you guys.  I was just on Facebook and I nearly died when I saw this ad in the top right corner:

Yes, Facebook, you're goddamn right I like that.

So where does the ad lead?  Right here.  The video is old, obviously, as the article reads "At an Illinois music festival over the weekend..." but it leads me to two funny things.
#1: Fox News covered this whole shebang at some point, and had a banner that said "Tequila Trauma."  HA!
#2: They mention that Tila plans to sue "the owners of the juggalos."

So I was thinking.  A few days ago, Seola made a post about Tila, Method Man, and their plans to sue.  Except OH NOES!  It looks like Tila's now on her own.

Welly welly well.  Looks like Method manned up and left Tila out in the cold with her "impending" lolsuit.  Kudos to Method Man.  Now, when will Tila pull up her big girl panties and admit she's nothing but a sue-happy douche nozzle?  You know she won't.  She'll just do what she always does.  She'll drop it, move on to some other cock-eyed calamity, and leave this in the dust like so much spilled Faygo.

And hey, wanna listen to something that is goddamn HILARIOUS?  Check out Ralph Garman and Kevin Smith completely making fun of Tila and the entire GOTJ incident here.  Holy insanity is that funny!

Later, Rotspotters!


Unknown said...

OK, I finally wet my pants, I really did, when I heard Ralph and Kevin, the promise has always been there, I mean, you other girls have spoken about having a little wee, and I was always jealous of you for being so free to giggle, but Ralph and Kevin sorted me out and I just say thank you. Even though eddie still makes me crazy and I can't forgive him for the abuse

Joann said...

LMAO @ the Ralph and Kevin clip.

Besides making fun of her they said she originally came to be known from having a show called A Double Shot At They even got the show's title wrong which shows you they don't know who she is.

I'm still amazed her agent/manager or whoever would consider booking her at a GOTJ event unless her agent/manager are so desperate to get her work they book her anywhere people will take her.

Tila knows she is over and done with and the cat wailing, er, singing and the suppose to be rap crap she's exposing the public to will never be accepted by anyone in the music business let alone be a hit.

The reason she does all these outlandish things is for publicity. That's her other drug.

We are seeing her desperate attempts at staying relevant in mainstream media but what she doesn't realize is mainstream media never thought she was that relevant in the first place.

If anybody believes the lie "all press is good press" it's her. SMH.

Anna said...

Oh wow! That was funny!

I remember a small Facebook ad that took you to a poll asking if you thought she deserved it. 94% said yes, she did. I really wish I had the forethought to copy and paste that ad, I haven't found it since.

SaigonWhoreNumeroUno said...

This comment is OT but the hogul has blocked me from the flog again. I said that database is really her. Hmmm, must be. Anyway, she come here to read the entries and comments so this is for her because her bitch ass deleted mine.

Dear Tila, real celebrities don't have to brag over and over about some new shit they bought several days ago. You're like the preteens I know who have barely discovered name brand anything. They make sure everyone knows that what they are wearing is name brand...when in reality no one gives a shit but them and their parents who feel stupid for shelling out $50 on a single t-shirt.

Me: Hey little one...I like your t-shirt.

Clueless pre-teen: It's a HOLLISTER t-shirt. *rolls clueless beady pre-teen eyes*

That's you, Tila. You can't just say..."I bought a dope ass backpack" and be done with it. Noooo, you have to go on and on about it for days It's GUCCI, it's GUCCI. Ok, I think your fans got the point. lol

But think about it, from the looks of what some of your teen fans have have said...a lot of them don't have a lot of money....they don't come from well off families. Why do you invariably insist on rubbing it in their faces? That is what you are doing. Most moguls buy so much crap on a day to day basis they can't even keep track and don't care what the general public think of their purchases. I don't see Kimora Lee Simmons on all kinds of shit talking about her gucci this her gucci that. I don't see that crap with P. Diddy either. You say "oooh but I interact with my fans." Um, ok but interacting is not BRAGGING. It's genuine communication with people who stick by you no matter what. (I honestly do not understand why they like you) You say you're about positive shit....but yet you are teaching these kids that their worth is determined by the kind of car they drive, the brand of bag they carry, etc. Not cool, not cool at all, Tila.

BTW, I own a long lens....yep the same type the papparazi use. I photograph weddings and that is how I get the gorgeous candids of the guests at the reception. Hmmm, that's odd my pictures always come out crystal clear and fabulous. You're telling me the paps have shitty glass or what? I doubt it.

lol You are trying way too hard to prove whatever with these "long lens"'re pretty transparent.

Tuesday said...

Wow. That interview is hysterical!!!

Oh, you know Tila will have dropped this like nothing happened and, be moving on to her next lolsuit. She is so pathetic.

Ben said...

The Kevin Smith thing was hilarious. The fact that Kevin Smith doesn't know who she is, and KS knows pop culture says a lot. I think this was one of the best quotes from that bit:

"Do you know how much you have to hate some stranger to reach into a port-a-potty"

The Tila Army should hear that, they say everyone loves her, no people hate her so much they are willing to brave a pile of nasty shit just to have something to throw at her.

Unknown said...



Fatty McFatterson said...

Y'know, I often don't click on the radio spot links, cause I usually don't find that them funny. I clicked on one last week posted by one of the gals and was pleasantly surprised how on point and hilarious it was. I delayed clicking this one until I saw the reviews here, and fuck that shit is fucking epic. Please listen to the broadcast, you'll fucking piss yourself (and have a handy weapon to throw at Tila to boot!)

Thanks Uncle Eddie! You did good!

K.R. Omen said...

Kevin kills me. How angry do you have to be to grab shit, not your own, and fling it at somebody. LMBAO!

SaigonWhoreNumeroUno said...

That sound bit was pretty funny.

"Sounds like she's making fun of asian people. Maybe it's our sound system but it sounded like 'hiney hiney haaaaa..'" lol

That part made me bust out laughing for some reason.

Unknown said...

Hiney hiney haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .........


Ben said...

I think that was the sample from KTLA because she obviously forgot the lyrics. Can't she get 9Head to get on stage with her and sing backup instead of singing along with the CD? Then when people throw rocks they can hit 2 with one of them stoned.

Anonymous said...

that clip will never get old...


*listens to it again and can't stop laughing*

Kungfukitten said...

When Tila said she wanted to get stoned at the Juggalo concert it didn't go exactly as she imagined it would.

Bella Sera said...

I guess now Tila will have to put Kevin Smith "on blast" and "go innnnn" on him. SOP for her whenever any person with more popularity shows the World what an ass she really is.

Anna said...

I know this is probably old news but I just found this article on Celebrity Right. It talks about how a couple of people came forward and said they are IN the supposedly nonexistent porn flick. It's kind of funny actually...

I don't understand why she is denying it...

I won't make the mistake of trying to understand her way of thinking. I hurt my brain last time doing that.

Sheriff Gauncent said...

Well, it's been a good two weeks now since the whore's last stunt. Seems like it's about time for more drama and lies to start. It's been much to quiet on the whorefront.

Being that the Emmy's are tonight. Seems like a good time for drama to start since other people will be in the limelight and not her.

Any wanna take a quess on what the next dramatization will be?

Madame Toast said...


her twitter goes almost 24 hours now with no tweets, her Army freaks out and keeps begging her to come back.
Something is going down, everything else she has tried has fizzled.

I think the only thing left she could do is fake her own death, seriously she has done everything else.

Something tells me though her drug issues are spinning out of control and she might actually find herself in real trouble. Its gotta stop being funny at somepoint.

LoriT said...

Not long ago she posted a comment that she had been invited to the Emmys. Of course, we all knew that wasn't true. But before I decided to write this, I sat at my computer and went through all 500 pictures that I saw on AOL...because, yes, I am just that obsessive-compulsive. And to my shock, (rolling my eyes), there was NOT ONE single photo of her! Then I thought, oh, I know...she went in the back door for her own safety...that must be it.
But yes, it has been very quiet over there in Tila Skankquila land. Who knows what she'll come up with next.

Joann said...

@Sheriff....mmmmmm I don't know. A while back I really thought she would plan her own kidnapping and "escape" and blame it on the Others, since she said they were watching her, but I don't think that's going to happen now.

Maybe she's doing another porn film. I'm sure she needs the money..gotta keep up the leased payments on that Lambo. Her GOTJ money is probably long gone.

Fatty McFatterson said...

I'm betting Tila and Biff got back together and she's demanded he stay off Twitter. Probably taking a little vacay now that she has her whore-money.

Her excuse for the Emmys is that her idiot driver was late to the red carpet, there had to be way too much security, or the red carpet is so boring she just went to all the wicked afterparties

Ben said...

Well she's faked a break-in before when they locked her dog in the trunk of her car, so she's due for a huge stunt. I think part of her exile from the internet had to do with her LOLsuit because every time she typed something she contradicted something else she had said and her chihuahua probably told her to shut her whore mouth.

She'll pop up tomorrow with pictures of her high at parties claiming "I skipped the boring part and just went to the fun" I'm over her, her and Bradshaw need to dipped in sauce and placed in a burlap sack with a family of badgers.

9head tweeted Nina Dobrev telling her that she was one of his best dressed on the flog, which of course referred to her as Nina Debrov. What a joke.

Unknown said...

This is kinda weird if you haven't seen it, a photographer front stage centre at the Juggalos in bumfuck Idaho -

kellymae said...

Just thought I'd drop in and see what thundercunt (trademark pending) was doing lately. That talk radio thing made me LOL for a very long time. I cried a little I was laughing so hard.

Love ya bitches....

Jim said...

I just picked up a copy of Las Vegas Weekly (I live in Vegas). Guess who is appearing at the new Hustler Strip Club on Sep 4. Yep, Tila. Guess she's pimping her soon to be released porno of which she has.