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Monday, August 16

postheadericon Tila Becomes A Vampire by Doctor Request

Oh my lovlies - oh damn... I am... trying to... catch... my bre.. phew. Another fine link first reported from LiarFaceArmy has come to us ladies via Twitter and I caught it right as I log in, read it and peed. I have come so close but this made me pee. I will be taking donations via Paypal for Depends bitches.

So Tila has spoken to yet another gossip site, now E! online. I am a fan of quoting for spacial issues so I will stick to that. What is that? Oh, it's the $14 she sold out her Tila Army 12 for, instead of having a special "exclusive" on her site. May I point out, she's selling her stories to other rags, instead of her own site, which for those of you who run businesses know that's very, very naughty in the world of advertising. She barely had anything there, running to sell a hot story that would have driven ad dollars up for short term gain was very, very stupid. I digress.

Tila Tequila's weekend run-in with Insane Clown Posse's biggest fans sounds rather, well, insane.
The reality-TV star, who was more than booed off the stage at the annual Gathering of Juggalos festival in Chicago over the weekend, tells E! News that she needed stitches above her eye after being pelted with glass bottles, human feces and other garbage during what turned into a very brief appearance.
Okay, so we have confirmation of which injury squirted blood. It was the cut over her eye. Which was not bleeding at all in any of the pictures. It didn't bleed initially, didn't bleed during flight, was not evident in her coming home photos of any bandaging but somehow managed to squirt from an area that is quite notorious for being able to split apart and not really bleed. The lack of arteries in the area combined with the lack of actual "meet" tissue would make sustained or delayed bleeding impossible. I do like the point of the whore not wearing any makeup (something she doesn't go to bed without) for maximum "I look shitty" effect.
Though I'm new to UFC watching (I bought it for the hubs for his birthday and am hooked) I've been watching like crazy. Google search shows many topics, none with delayed bleeding whatsoever. As a new MMA fan, I've seen some pretty nasty things both on TV and video clips online. Not once, have I ever seen major blood gush from cuts like those, and in news stories I searched out, not once have any required stitches. A few that did, were cut from one side of an eyebrow to the other.
And to top it all off, Tequila says, she had reason to suspect that something nasty was going to happen to her.
"I actually was warned by a lot of my fans online, as well as all the Juggalos telling me what they were going to do to me, prior to going," she tells E!, "so I contacted my agents and told them my concerns, and my agents contacted the people who run the event, and they swore to us that there'd be a 100 or more security guards and that nothing like that would happen. and that they needed me to go."
Now, this is the utterly dumbest, most moronic comment I've ever heard. Well, to this point because it gets better. Tila admits she had prior warning from not one but two different sources. A verbal discussion on security means absolutely squat in her contract she would have signed. There is some debate on this issue, we don't have the contract but I do have both arguments presented. A few Twitter buds felt like she signed up, got paid - that relinquishes promoters and organizers from liability. I argued that she could say she had no prior knowledge and that performers under contract and being paid would have reasonable expectation of security while in her trailer (NOT on stage). However, my argument is moot at this point. My argument was not what I felt at the time, but rather what would stand in court. She fucked herself with this one.
When she arrived, Tequila says, things were very "unorganized" and "the atmosphere was really violent."
"And my own DJ didn't even show up. Even my bodyguard, who's been doing this for 15 years, said he's never seen anything like this."
As she waited in the artists' trailer, she tells E!, she could hear the crowd getting rowdy outside and, before she went on, "one of the staff members came running inside looking horrified and he was like, 'You guys shouldn't let her go on there. It's really dangerous out there and they're ready to throw stuff at her and hurt her.'
And then a fan ran up to her, she says, also telling her, "Please don't go up there. They're ready to just hurt you, they're not fans."
Yet again, another admission that she was intimidated, her DJ didn't show (but how would he have known the chaos if he wasn't there?), her bodyguard (just one now, so the other 8 guys on stage WERE from fest organizers), a fan (I doubt there was a real fan, probably someone with a bigger heart than I) AND a staff member had concerns for her safety. Now we have more admissions and more players in knowing the full danger before performing. And don't think for a second that Mr. Bradshaw's absence will go unnoticed by lawyers. Thanks to Tila, we have all these admissions in a nice package in one article that will most certainly be used in court if the judge doesn't toss it before then (which is the most likely).

But despite being "nervous and worried," onstage she went after staffers supposedly pleaded with her to at least do one song and say hello to the crowd.
"Everyone started booing," she describes, "and I was like, 'Alright, this is a violent and tough crowd,' so I went out there just to try and have fun...But immediately before I got up there, things were being thrown, there was so much stuff being thrown, besides just beer bottles.
Tequila says she kept tripping over things, and at one point, she "looked down and saw human poop."
So she's concerned, but rather than take all the warnings, they asked her to do one song. She admits that issues started immediately. Just was just "trying". First off, there are no beer bottles. I've seen pictures. Glass is forbidden on grounds for safety reasons. There is water bottles of which I have yet to see one hit her, Chunks made an appearance and my personal favorite is the dildos. (I still stand by the statement that feces and urine are worst than anything including stone rocks... that's just gross and not only disease Tila more, but workers and fans who had to endure what missed the stage.) She was asked for one song, we know she performed at least 3, so even longer than she was asked in the first place by the one who did want her to go on.

She tells E!, pointing to a bandage on her face, that she saw the guy who threw a big rock at her, causing the injury.
"These weren't fans or people that are like, 'Let's embarrass her and boo her off stage,' but looking at these people, or monsters, whatever they are, they looked very angry and violent," Tequila says.
So she pointed to a bandage? Hang on a second. Let me tape some gauze to my cheek. There bitches, I was hit with a brick! See? The problem with "let's boo her and embarrass her" is the fact that Tila has no shame. We do know that fans in attendance did know prior history. Some even know as much as you readers (like our awesome guest writer SailorVesta). This is a bitch who's taken money for her charity, strips for kids, finger bangs herself live, murders, "rapes", and so on. Not to mention, as I'm proudly owning (and repeating), she started - in a crowd she was afraid of, mind you - by saying she don't give a fuck and "I'll kick everybody's ass in the room". That made me laugh like a fucking clown (pun intended). Bitch isn't hard at all. My damn 2 year old busted his nose up by running into a wooden table - he ran off laughing with blood down his face. I cleaned him up, slapped a butterfly strip on and it was over. I was smacked with a wooden oar in 6th grade right on the bridge of my nose. What was used for a gash an inch wide? A band-aid pulling my eyebrow area down to the tip of my nose. (I like sharing stories, it makes you commenters share yours too and I love it!)

But Seola - where does this silly Vampire headline come in? Oh my darlings, this is where I peed and I was saving it for last so when I pee again, I will be done and can bathe.

And now, she says, after being stitched up and told to stay out of the sun for a year, her attorney is on the case.
ROTFLMAOWTF? Stay out of the sun for a damn year??????????????? There, I just peed. Bitch got a tiny cut (regardless of how it got there) and she's advised by quite reputable doctors at Cedars-Sinai to stay out of the sun? For what? I can't even begin to come close to explaining this one, medically or bitchily remarking. That's advice given to burn victims who've had skin grafts and major scarring as far as I know (which admittedly, I'm not a doctor but come on... a YEAR for about a 3/4" cut that didn't bleed?). Seriously, how do these dumbass media outlets get away with printing her bullshit without adding all sorts of asterisks and editor notes?

"He's taking care of that and we have all of our witnesses together, and I'm hoping this is the last Juggalos gathering they'll ever have," Tequila says. "Because it's been such an underground type of concert and I'm glad that I could bring this to mainstream and expose them for what they do to people and women and that it's not OK."
What witnesses? The cops said there has been no one identified. Other than a certain performer, who defended Tila (and threw a water bottle at the crowd himself), tweeted on her then deleted before a CNN story broke about his need for anonymity for safety. Now readers, I like to read between the lines in articles, especially quotes from people directly. I don't know if you've seen what I saw with a lot of the story, but the last sentence here - I read it as: "I knew I was scared, I was told I was going to get hurt, but I was glad I got media exposure before the release of my porn. I brought these people out and am using the woman angle before anyone realizes she's the first woman it happened to." Because you know... violence against Ying Yang Twins, BubbaSparxx, Andrew W.K were fine and dandy but how dare they go after a lying ass, gutter slut who taunted them with her song, then with her words.

Hey Alan, you think you can suppress all the shit talking Tila did in video onstage? Can you suppress dozens of fan accounts? Can you suppress dozens of videos coming out today? Finally, can you suppress all the jabbering Tila has done to media, contradicting herself? At the last few seconds of the video, Tila shows the bruising on her side. We saw pictures of an already done bruise while performing, but her showing it off was dumber... because the half circle and the arrow section are two different colors, with yellowing in the half circle suggesting it was done a few days prior to the other one. The giant bruise on her leg, was not shown in redness at all in the pics sold to TMZ.

With my soggy panties, Seola out.


shaniqua said...

I think we should all call or email Alan and ask him these questions directly. And offer to be character witnesses, as requested by this tweet by user @markl17:

Help @TilaOMG & be a character witness! Contact Alan Gutman 310-385-0700 or Let him know you support his client!

Anonymous said...

My internet connection is really slow so I may have missed something, but at the start of the video does she say there was no trailer for the artists and then in the same breath say that she was pushed into the trailer?

Another great post. The sun comment is mind-boggling - I love the headline.

Laust said...

She should've NEVER gone up on that stage, not with Juggalos in the audience! And if her fan or whatever came to her and told her DO NOT GO UP! and Tila even saw that the crowd/vibe was violent, she should NOT have gone up at all!! And when the first couple of items flew up on stage that should've been a cue to get off and LEAVE! I wouldn't have even bothered if it was that negative, violent etc. Especially when you know in your gut that it doesn't feel right.

Joann said...

I saw that eonline video and it sounds like a soap opera.

People pleading with her NOT TO GO ONSTAGE because of the unruly crowd yet she bravely goes on anyway because the promoters wanted her to say "hello" and sing at least one song!!! LMAO.

Bitch not only goes onstage with danger all around her and starts to do whatever she does(I think it's called rapping) but also proceeds to taunt the angry mob of crazy people by telling them "f*ck you bitches" and " I ain't going nowhere", not once but over and over...damn Tila was really, scared for her life.

She never, ever thought about leaving the stage immediately but continued on taunting the crowd, took off her top and still didn't worry about her safety because she stayed on the stage and continued to "perform" until one of the bodyguards rushed her offstage.

It seems the bodyguard was more concerned about her safety than she was.

Bitch please, you will be laughed out of court if this weak case even makes it to court.

"after being stitched up she was told to stay out of the sun for a year".

I have no words for that words.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Those little bitsy circle band aids are a joke. They are 7/8" in diameter. The cotton dressing on it is less than 1/2" in diameter. Those bandaids are to hide zits, and really nothing bigger. The cut under her eye appeared to be about 3/8", which means that bitsy bandaid will more than cover it. Oh, and I have a box with those little circle bandaids in them, so I just did the measurements myself.

Doctors tell you to stay out of the sun if you have SIGNIFICANT injuries, because the scars can become discolored. There is no way a doctor told her that because of those injuries, she should stay out of the sun. She'd get more cut up shaving.

The original TMZ photos of her legs, showed red splotches. That was the Faygo stains, that also cover the shirt she was wearing.

The side meet bruising is inconsistent with the photos. I believe she went there with the crescent shaped bruise, because you can see her smiling in that pic, and she still had her top on. If something hit me hard enough to leave a very noticable mark like that, I would have left, but it appears she stayed on for at least 5 minutes after that shot because, again, she still has her top on. Also, the crescent is too well defined to have occurred at that time. If something hit hard enough to cause that injury, then you'd see a halo of red flesh and possible bruising, because nothing leaves a perfect imprint like that without some fuzzy swelling around the impact.

Also, her TMZ story starts off with her saying that before she even got on stage, people were throwing big stone rocks at her face. OK. Then why continue to the stage if those big stone rocks are coming at you before you even get on? You have to know it's not going to get any better.

I tweeted that she needs to look up the legal term, assumptive risk, because that's exactly what she took and should it get before a court, they will be asked to take into account Tila's bad judgement going out there when she knew what the risk was, and accepted it.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Forgot to add, there was nothing to stitch up. Most doctors will not stitch the face unless your face meet is practically falling off, because the stitches often leave worse scars then the injury itself, that's why they use those butterfly strips. If there was any stitching of anything, they would have called in a reconstructive plastic surgeon because, especially for a female "celebrity" whose face is their bread and butter,they want to make sure they do the job with as little trauma to surrounding tissues to minimize scarring.

At most, those little circle bandaids might cover 1 stitch, but it appeared pretty much closed up when Tila took the photos, so I imagine its going to be very small. She didn't even need bandaids, that's all coverup so you can't see that she really has nothing more than a zit scar.

Br said...

Jesus H. Christ. I don't understand how someone can be so openly dumb and remain proud of it. Stay out of the sun for a year? A year? Really? She's going to milk this for all its worth, I tell you. Could Tiger Woods go hump a prostitute or something so she can get out of the limelight? I mean goodness-this woman is a hot mess. This is coming from someone who barely pays attention to her. She may not have deserved to have shit thrown at her, but she needs to-wait,fuck that. This bitch is trying to spin this into some Women's Rights feminist type of hype and it's not the case at all. Where was all of that "anti-violence against wemminz" shit when she talked about CB and Rhi? Nowhere to be found. I don't feel sorry for her one bit,so her little "violence against women" buzzwords don't affect me. Unlike her fans, I have a brain that isn't easily manipulated by mere words,especially when it comes from some gutterslut's mouth. She's really trying to make herself out to be a victim of domestic violence or some shit. It's rather pathetic. There are people with real problems who can't afford a bodyguard to protect them from an actual beating. She needs to just come clean and admit she didn't help the situation by riling them up. I would be pissed off too if some shitass singer came on stage,then decided to show us his fake dick AFTER we just expressed our disgust towards him. It's not that the juggalos were gay (as some kept saying on websites), it's just that real men don't want to see disgusting, dead, numb ass titties. Fake boobs are nasty looking, and if you're going to go fake, at least be a good person so no one will pay attention to how ugly they are-or in this case: be a good singer.

I'm tired of reading about how she was beaten. Hoe was not beaten. The eyeshadow makes her look more pitiful and exaggerates what she's been through because let's face it, she looked like shit (not like she didn't before she got on stage). She got a few minor cuts and bruises from what I can tell. I agree with you when you mentioned that male artists get things thrown at them too. Honestly? I've never been to these places, but many agree that rap (and/or) rock concerts can get violent. Now why would you willingly go? Is she aching for work that badly to where she just signs shit without reading (contract)? Uh ICP concerts will have Juggalos. All of them may not be asses, but from what I can tell,many are. It's like going to a hiphop club,then acting suprised when someone decides to shoot. She's making things out to be uncommon when they truly aren't. She likes to overexaggerate to make herself seem like a bigger victim than what she already is.

Most likely they will throw this case out of the court. Don't waste a judge's time with this crap. You can't possibly go after a group of people. Hmm,I guess she could sue the people who promised that there'd be more security, or whatever. Bleh...

Madame Toast said...

it just keeps getting better, I too almost pissed myself on the stay out of the sun comment! There is NO way, NO FUCKING WAY this girl has any sort of legal counsel or agents, other than ones that are imaginary or Bradshaw playing dress up.
The bullshit that comes out of her mouth, someone would have shut her ass up by this point, remember the pre award whatever where she has the lady keeping her ass in check, uh yeh, that is not the case anymore.
Keep digging the hole Tila...

Vincent said...

when this whore got back to LA all crying like, you know she hit the pipe real hard. she is probably on an incredible drug binge. This is looking more like the end of the Anna Nicole Smith story all the time.

Anna said...

Hey Fatty, do you think TMZ and other blogs will do some research? I really don't think this is going to hurt Psychopathic Records. If anything I think they are getting as much publicity out of this as she is, maybe more. I'm not saying they planned it this way but I am thinking they are being smart by not saying anything and letting everyone else do the talking. at least when all is said and done they won't be the ones looking bad.

Jackie said...

If I were her lawyer, I would be quitting right about now! She's dumb as fuck! Any chance of a case she would have had (not that she would have had much of one) is out the window because she just admitted on camera that she was warned, and she was told not to go out there!

Gah, she's so dumb!!! There is honestly no words to describe how dumb this cunt is!

krissylu said...

My son is 15, when he was 4 he ran straight into a wall (older house with sharper corners instead of rounder) and busted up his forehead. There was a ton of bleeding, but they just glued it shut, because like you said, they said the stitches would leave a worse scar. They would either glue or tape it shut, not stitch it. She is the WORSE liar ever!
And the protect people and women Tila? Hmmmm- so women aren't people?

Ben said...

Does she ever go out during the day? Really? In the last year she's spent less time out during the daylight than most people do in a week. Next she'll claim this made her a vampire.

We'll never see the true court case, she'll ask for $100k settlement and they'll take it rather then spend $100k on lawyers. She'll give her bulldog 30% and put the rest up her nose.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, the crescent on her hip changed again. She is definitely self mutilating herself. The three cuts were NOT there before the TMZ pics.

Also, she has wicked crack eyes. I know this because my best friend was addicted to crack for a good year and a half and so was her brother and another friend of ours. I was smart enough to never do it and distanced myself from them. They took advantage of me and robbed me many times. Addicts do not care what they do and who they hurt as long as they get their fix. I know the "crack eyes" anywhere. Also, from studying basic psychology, the fact that she keeps looking away when she talks means she is lying.

What a slap in the face to anyone who suffers from addiction or has real self mutilation problems. Also for victims of rape, miscarriage and abuse. I don't think any amount of rehab in the world can fix Tila. At this point, I just don't care what happens to her.

Even if she "cleans up" her image, goes to rehab, gets psychiatric help, etc and issues a public apology, she has done enough damage to every sane woman for anyone to ever forgive her.

tui said...

kaedemoon267, you said:

"Addicts do not care what they do and who they hurt as long as they get their fix."

Being a drug addict (heroin), I have to have a wee rant about your generalization. We're not all like that. Most addicts care a lot, and hate themselves for it. In fact, that's a big part of what perpetuates the addiction. Saying that, everyone is different. Personally, even when I was addicted to cocaine, I didn't hurt or rob anyone, except myself.

Seola... another genius post. Love your ways. Keep em coming ;)

There is STILL a lot of work to do. My bf was chatting to a neighbor of ours (seemingly normal girl in her 20s) and asked her if she'd heard what happened to TT (my bf is well-schooled on the skank thanks to my love of rotspot). "Tila Tequila" she said "oooh....she's cool eh".

Erm... cool? WTF?! There are actually people out there that think that!!!

And the sites that are reporting on TT's claim of being "almost murdered" without disclaimers or any kind of mockery...... how do they not know the reality of the trollop by now? I hate that she is getting sympathy (albeit fuck all) out of this.

PS I must be evil...... but I love & cherish the mental image of TT wiping some heroic juggalo's shit splatter from her over-inflated tits. Love it. :D

Joann said...

@raunchycb...yes she does say "they pulled up in the car and there were no trailers for the artists"...then a few seconds later she is talking about how violent the atmosphere was so they "pushed her into a trailer.".

What gets me is none of these people interviewing her are asking her any questions like:

"why did you stay on stage so long if it got that violent, why didn't you run off immediately?"

"what were you trying to prove by taking your top off while the crowd was booing you?"

"why were you taunting the crowd by calling them bitches and saying "I ain't going nowhere" if they were so violent towards you, why would you even want to stay?"

"if you were warned why didn't you tell your manager you were not about to risk your life "performing" in front of a violent crowd just to say hello and sing one song no matter what the promoter said?"

"why did you go to your hotel room and download pictures to TMZ first instead of going to the hospital immediately".

I see Tila is giving these interviews where she puts her spin on the situation but you can't ask her any questions.

Lil Kim left. She probably said to hell with this...I'm outta here.

tui said...

Another PS

If the Juggalos didn't all hate her before, they'll be out for her methy head on a stake now she's trying to "shut down" their gathering. Ah well, she seems to thrive off hatred... as long as it makes her famous.

Anonymous said...

I LOLD so hard at the E video that made my day not to mention the dildo pic below.

I fear though that with her sob story in the press she will get a settlement from the organizers of the event.

Hannah said...

You guys find THE BEST stuff.

I just have to add that I had to get stitches (about 6) on a cut that went right through my eyebrow once. But it's because I busted my head open on a rocking chair and, let me tell you, it was sure as hell gushing blood. There was no delayed effect. I don't believe for a second she has stitches there. Her cut in the pictures was miniscule and to need stitches it would definitely have been bleeding profusely on impact. I bet both of those bandaids are just covering little scabs and skin.

sniff said...

I hope her lawyer has a really big 3rd leg to stand (suck) on. Skank is as skank does.

Utter, mental, midget.

MsWonkyTits said...

I hope she dies of Vitamin D deficiency from lack of sunlight.

MsWonkyTits said...

I love how she is strugging for the word "feces" to try and make her story sound professional. Hahaha "human......poop..and piss". Dumbass.

FUYU said...

I love how she's wearing minimum makeup in this interview. She wants to look as "innocent" as possible I guess.

*kristine* said...

With all the ridiculous bull shit that came out of that icky mouth, I know this is a dumb thing to get stuck on, but it's buggin me: how exactly does one trip on poop?

shaniqua said...

It's amazing that on any other day of her life, she's in full on makeup like she's ready to work the pole or work the corner. Always, always, even the day she was hanging out of trees "mourning" Casey, she always has tons of makeup on and is wearing something tight, provocative, etc. Not now. Now that she has the media's attention, and she's a victim, now she's dressing conservatively and not making her face up in order to look vunerable. This is fucking ridiculous. To say that she's going to try and get these fans' gathering shut down because she refused to listen to multiple warnings is insane. If under the most extreme circumstances it did work? She better run. I don't give a crap about ICP but I do know that if they hated you enough to do what they did on that stage, if she fucks with their favorite band and favorite festival, they'll fuck her up worse than anything her imagination could come up with. If she were wise, she'd drop it and learn from it. But we all know how that goes.

Anonymous said...

Aw, sorry Tui, I just had a lot of bad people do some pretty bad things to me. It was probably just the crappy people and not the drug. Lol. Glad they are out of my life!