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Tuesday, August 3

postheadericon Tila is still stupid...

First a big fat welcome to our new writers! YAY!!! Good stuff coming out, I really enjoyed your blogs!

Second, happy anniversary to the Rotspot!! Who knew Tila would still be lying and skanking around 6 months later? Oh, wait, we all did. Never mind.

Third, I just can't get over how stupid the Mogul is. If she's not making a story about her, then she's skewing it all out of proportion. Take the story hitting the airwaves of the French police breaking up an illegal demonstration by dragging pregnant women, mothers and their children. I've heard the same news stories regarding this incident as all of you. From what little I've seen of the youtube video, it's not quite up to Rodney King standards of beat downs, but certainly could have been handled more humanely. I've read that mothers were using their children as shields to gain sympathy for their cause. That, I don't know. See the video below.

The Hogul decides to take up the migrant women's battle cry, and of course, she can't get a story straight to save her life. Read Tila's outlandish take on it here, and then we'll recrap...

The news reporter said the woman "appeared unconscious". There was no mention, or actions depicted to suggest she was "kicked down". And it was one woman, not multiple women.

They even dragged little infants on the floor and underneath their mother’s on top of them!
I know what she's trying to describe, but for fuck's sake, how long has English been your first language, skank? 'underneath their mother's on top of them'? Did you have a cock in your mouth when Bradshaw tried to take dictation for this story?

They killed MANY infant babies as well as these pregnant women!
I searched all over for evidence that people were killed. I found none in the current news stories. Sensationalism much?

You're giving the government too much credit. You're already as ignorant as you're ever going to get, and you did that on your own.

I suggest y'all take a pee break now, because Tila's own brand of crazy just entered the building!
What "ammendment" has the people the right to overthrow the government? (notice the Tila way I worded that? Fucking genius of me, if I do say so myself!). There is NOTHING in the Constitution, which is considered the law of the the land, that says anything about giving the people the right to overthrow the government. You may be thinking of the Declaration of Independence which gives the "right to revolution" against oppressive governments, but that is hardly an ammendment and even less a legal recourse, and if you think you and your Tila Army are going to overthrow the government anytime soon, well Tila, I have a $30,000 penthouse in Trump Towers for you...oh wait, you already bought a $2 million one.

Oh, and Tila? Just one little itty bitty detail you forgot in your rant. This happened in France, not the US. Yep, France. You know, where you purchase those vats of eau de Hookertrampcocksucker parfum that you slather all over your cottage cheese-filled yeasty vag before your 'tours'. 

It gets better thought I was making a funny about Tila and her Army protesting, well here it is, straight from the whore's mouth...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAA! I can just see Mittee now, leading his own platoon of Morons and Halfwits down the streets of France, wearing their glittery onesie uniforms, while Tila gyrates on the ground with her wonky tits hypnotizing all who are unfortunate enough to be in striking distance.

Did I mention no story on the Flog wouldn't be the same without Tila somehow turning it into a public relations opportunity for Tila? Well, here's my proof:

As a matter of fact, when I was just in London for my UK Promo Tour,
Allow me to digress here for a sec, because I really want to know what the hell she was 'promoting' on this promotion tour. Is there some new STD that no one knows about and so Tila has to spread the word and the disease? I've heard a couple of her insipid interviews and she waffles between the UK Neighborhood Tour being a promo for her Flog and a promo for her 'music career' (heheheheheheheh, that always makes me giggle....a music career....).

Back to our regularly scheduled crap....

Tila ends with this graphic sentence:

Where the hell did she hear that the babies were dragged on the ground until their skin fell off and they died? How the fuck do you conjure all that from 50 seconds of bad quality video?

I commend Tila for trying to tell a serious story, but she fails so badly in reporting facts, that the story is more a fairy tale and completely unbelievable by the time she gets done with it. Add her cockeyed government rant that has no place in the middle of the story (similarly, her cockeyed nipples have no place on the floor of the red carpet), and you have overall bad blogging and grand stupidity. Of course the Army are lapping it all up, as they tend to do. Not a fucking brain amongst the lot of them. 

Take a minute and think of the ramifications of a perspective like Tila's. This is hardly the first time Tila's penchant for over-the-top embellishing a story has been proven. Sure, this is a horrible story, but it's not 'horrible' enough for Tila. She needs to rachet up the drama and horror to ensure a captive audience. I wonder if the Shawn Merriman story was even 1/10 the truth that Tila ascribed to it. In light of some very serious allegations against one of her former 'staff' members, I have to wonder if anyone in her circle is truly safe from her evil.


shabbycat said...

Omg! This one is by far the funniest shit ever. Now I don't consider myself a rocket scientist but if anyone didn't notice those how completely "wonkey" this story was, reported by miss tila, then Omg Hahaha they defo ride the short bus. I think I need to contact her idiotness to find where to get those rubber diapers cuz this shit makes me laugh so hard I lose bladder controll! You explained this so well and spot on I just wanna squeeze you.

I love every Damn last one of you!



Anonymous said...

Sorry mods, I wrote my LJ wrong. Corrected here.
You guys rock!

Bedazzle THIS said...

I read that outloud to my friend and we both laughed so hard over our laptops, she told me a little wee came out. A LITTLE WEE.

I really do hope Tila stays alive and well, because she is such an intense fucking idiot/retard/fuckwit that when she does overdose (oh WAIT SHE STOPPED TAKING PILLS! yeah right you douche) there will be no one stupid enough to replace her.

'cept mebbe the 9 Head.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I saw that last night and I wanted to reach across from my laptop, grab the hogul by the neck, and shake the stupid out of her. I think one of the reasons why she posted that was to deflect all the hater comments off her hater of the week post about Garry and she wanted to see thumbs up and comments that agreed with her to fluff up her ego.

There was no stomping, bloody babies, and dead people. I doubt she even watched the whole clip or even listened to the audio commentary.

Reporting on an international incident, she's doing it wrong.

Misty said...

Maybe it is how she gets her exclusives or doesn't feel the need to link back most times. If you change all the facts in a story, technically it is a whole new story.

"dragging infants on the ground until their skin feel off" - I'm feeling pretty sure, this would have popped up on the front page if it had been true.

She is a sick, sick woman.

Mary said...

Sweet baby Jesus, this girl's an idiot.
I think the incident in the UK she's ATTEMPTING to describe is this:

It was tragic and outrageous that it ever happened but it sickens me that some attention-whoring bitch feels this man's death isn't dramatic enough. I'm sure it was plenty dramatic for his family and friends, Tila, no need to embelish.

Also, kind of ironic that she considers someone who's only 17 years older than her 'elderly', eh?

deluwiel said...

oh. my. god.

Yeah, she was definitely under the influence when she watched that video.

The "ammendment" bit totally cracked me up.

This reads like a current events paper a 13-year-old wrote at 2:00 a.m. because mom said if she didn't she was going to be grounded. BTW - any news stories about the events Tila supposedly saw on the news in London? anyone? I didn't think so...

Sandra said...

No way, I can't believe someone can be that stupid to get things so so so wrong! I guess Tila never does research properly. At least for things like this she's great for a laugh!

On another subject, on the Garry Sun post ( which, by my understanding it's a slander and defamation case???) she accuses him of sexual harassment, someone in the comments section cracked a funny, they said "They feel sexually harassed by Tila all the time!" Bwahahaha!

Noname said...

She never ceases to amaze me at how stupid she is and appears to be getting even dumber. Tila should be the poster child for :This is YOU on drugs. I think rehab facilities would fill up if that happened. LOL

Unknown said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! This shit makes me pee my pants! OMG, fatty, u are the greatest! Seriously, your posts always bring in the LOLs :-)

Keep it up, honey! #FattyArmy for life!!

blank said...

Ah, Fatty. This made me laugh especially the part about the "wonky tits hypnotizing all who are unfortunate to be in striking distance". Quite the epic visual for early on a Tuesday.

She is so...are there even words for it, really? I think her posts, actions, hell, her very aura transcends any vocabulary in our seemingly limited language.

I wish she'd just disappear. The LOLs are nice, but when she spews such skewed facts on something that is really a hot button issue for many, many people around the world...well, let's just hope that her army of tards is still down around the tens of people...

SaigonWhoreNumeroUno said...

So much for her hard hitting journalism skills, lol. What is up with her morose obsession with "meet hanging out" and "skin falling off" type statements? Yuck.

Also, I was banished from the flog for pointing out the whole amendment/constitution/declaration of independence thing in the comments last night. lol All I can say is that it's an honor to be banned since that status is usually reserved for people with IQ's over 70 that actually base their comments on fact and logic.

I still cannot get over how she managed to throw some self promotion in there. Wow, just wow, Tila. Leave the actual news reporting to real journalists. When you try to be political it makes you look even more idiotic. Talk and action are 2 different things, dumbass. You won't be marching or doing any of this up with people bruhaha nonsense. I'm pretty sure you have forgotten about the story already since you never really cared in the first place. This was just more lameness to deflect from the fact that everyone now knows you're a prostitute;)

OneEyebrowRaised said...

She farted out the latest piece of shit poem that just reinforces that there's nothing in her but STD's and jizz.

I didn't read it, but I LOVE this jelis hater'z own version of the poem they graced the comment section with.

Just though I'd share the lolz. If anyone from here wrote, please put your e-hand up so I can commend you on it cos its fkn hilarious.

a jelis hater · 13 hours ago
heres my version:

People come people go
everyone knows Tila's a H O

I close my eyes and count to five
Pray that after suckysucky she dont give someone hives

The world is not a place for me
Cuz a L Y I N G S K A N K Y C U N T cannot be

One day we live, next day we die
But she dont die, Cuz she lie lie lie

So smile dear , your life is great
Cuz we all know you hate hate hate

she get attention making up crap
it hides the fact that she probably got the clap

hmm i think mines better, Jelis haters what you think?

...Absolutely, Jeliz Hater

Ben said...

Apparently I'm banned again by her after pointing out that her word filter is not a glitch and you can say the n-word, but not the word "lies". Go figure.

Her old other twitter account is still up where she accuses her former bodyguard of sexual harassment. Between the cries of sexual harassment and $30k she really needs to learn to lie better. You'd think that someone with so much practice would actually be good at it. Especially when she knows there are people other than morons now watching her.

OneEyebrowRaised said...

My bad, our Jelis Hater sent it to you and screencapped it before Tila SuckySucky deleted it.

Oh well, enjoy. Made me piss my pants laughing.

Jelis Hater, love your work :)

Unknown said...

A story I would love to read if yo guys are able to is a breakdown of her youth. I saw that post:

Would there be any way to break this down or check for validity? There has to be someone she went to school with that would tell us about this skank monkey. Or if this was already done please point me in the right direction. You guys are the best fact finders and I appreciate all the hard work.

Anonymous said...

I live in London and was a bit puzzled as to her police kicking a man and killing him while she was here. I read and watch the news every day and can't recall a time this has happened, especially as it's precisely the type of the story the press go mad about.

It's possible the link Mary provided could be it, but as that was over a year ago, why in the world would she 1 - have seen it, 2 - be bringing it up now?

It may have happened somewhere in the world and she's assuming it's the UK, but honestly I think she got that confused, a surprise to no one.

Anonymous said...

Erm no Mary..
Shes talking about violence against illegal immigrants in France.
They showed the entire clip last night on German television.
She is right, when she says women were dragged across the ground and there was one woman who was carrying her toddler on her of the police man just pulled her without realising that she had the toddler on her back..and dragged her across the ground..the second they saw the toddler, they picked him up (it wasnt shown what happened to him afterwards etc).
The only positive thing i can say about her entry is, that she did write about it, and however cruel it was and how much controversy it caused and how inhuman it was, how can she just write sh*t like that?
I mean seriously..was there any need to overdo it?
Its bad enough.. oh man..why cant she just stick to the things shes best at and just shut her gob.

Hannah said...

Every time she has tried to write an actual news story it has turned into a disgusting clusterfuck. How does she always managing to turn it into something about her? That may be her one true talent! Babies skin falling off? No way this bitch is off the drugs.

Hahahha and the day the Tila Army actually does something useful will be the day the Illuminati and their satanist pop stars take over the world, right?

Joann said...

When I was skimming over headlines on her piece of crap blog yesterday I saw this but ignored it.

I just viewed it here and yes certain parts of the video are more disturbing than other parts.

I do agree while the video was heartbreaking it was not at all like the skank reported it.

Tila's version..."They even dragged little infants on the floor and underneath their mother’s on top of them!"... made it seem like the police saw an infant on the floor(ground) underneath his/her mother so they reached underneath the mother and started to drag the infant across the floor(ground) as well as the mother.

When in reality the infant was strapped on the mother's back all the time and when the mom was knocked down the infant naturally would be under her.

When the police started to drag the mom away the baby was automatically pulled along too.

This is heartbreaking and I'm not making light of the situation but the skank should get someone else to write a story of this kind.

Dragging infants on the concrete floor(ground)until their skin falls off?????? WTF is she talking about. I didn't see that.

See, Tila is waaay out of her league reporting on a story this explosive.

She would get innocent people killed or put in jail if they were to believe her idiotic version of this story and make a move on it and you named the person I was thinking of Fatty. lol

Skank, to tell your nitwit army to march and fight for their human rights, get their freedom back and to f*ck the police is ludicrous on your part. You won't be anywhere around marching with them.

You will leave these saps hanging in jail or get them killed by the police because they think they are fighting for their freedom, not because of REAL injustice to them but because they are listening to a moronic bobble head trick like you who will be long gone in the and they will be wondering why you didn't come across for them like you said. In fact, they will probably never hear from you again.

AND, to even INSINUATE to people, especially that nitwit army of yours ON A PUBLIC GOSSIP BLOG YET "that people HAS the right to overthrow THIS government anytime because they don't feel the government is doing a good job" will land you in some serious trouble with the government.

In fact, someone could send that statement you made on a PUBLIC blog about overthrowing the government to the Feds.

When you read this is what I suggest....If you are sick of THIS Government...LEAVE. Take your rotten ass to another country and live, we don't want you here anyway.

FUYU said...

OMFG her writing gave me the lulz. It sounds like an elementary school kid that drunk 20 cups of kool-aid wrote the article!! Especially "DRAGGING INFANTS ON THE CONCRETE FLOOR UNTIL THEIR SKIN FALLS OFF AND THEY DIED! NOT WARNING: NOT FOR WEAK HEARTS:"

ROFLMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO I just imagined my daughter's friend saying that. XD


Prof. Chaos said...

I'm glad to see you're back, Fatty. I'll scarf a twinkie in your honor.

This post demonstrates the worst case of hyperbole I've seen in many moons. Of course, Tila probably thinks hyperbole is a form of an STD, but I digress. Is this her lame ass attempt to show her "serious" side? Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I for one am excited to read Tila's earth-shattering blog on Quantum Physics and how all your dreams can come true. She will probably be hailed as the great genius of our time, far surpassing Stephen Hawking. We should all be HONORED that she would even share her brilliance with us mere mortals.

Unknown said...

I've never in my life disliked someone I've never met until this woman. What's even more sickening are the few idiots that actually give her props for making millions of people aware of police brutality. Really? Millions? Hahahahhah! Give me a fucking break!

Hannah said...

Yessss, you Rotspot girls have done it again! She changed her comments back to the WordPress format because people were calling her a prostitute. I guess her mogul feelings got hurt? Or maybe it rung a little too true. Anyway, great job!

K.R. Omen said...

I'm surprised she isn't rushing overseas to adopt the little babies with no skin. Shit, I just gave her another flog post. Ya'll know she reads this shit.

Unknown said...

I'm so glad you guys opened this blog again, I felt a bit lost without you. This police brutality story of hers sickened me more then the actual event. What the hell is she going on about the babies skin falling off?! Its just... I'm usually a fairly eloquent individual but I just have no words to sum up my feelings about what she has written.
Oh yeah, I live in the UK, in London in fact and I kid you not, I would not have known she was here had it not been for her flog. I've also not heard of any riots here recently. There was some stuff that kicked off between the cops and some dude, but that was very different. whatever. I just hate the fact that she has a platform to say these disgusting things and that kids actually look up to her. Take her down, Rotspot. Take her DOWN!

Unknown said...

Maybe Tila's referring to the hogul amendment to the cuntstitution?

Joann said...

This skank has no business whatsoever posting an article of this kind. It's too explosive and she does not have the expertise to present it in an objective way.

Even though this did not happen in the US, I think the Feds would be interested to learn an American citizen has posted on a public blog for all to see "that people have the right to overthrow the Government anytime we feel they are not doing a good job."

If you're so sick of the American government then pack your shit, get on the next thing smoking and leave America skank. We don't want you here anyway.

Mary said...

@khandersuk I was thinking the exact same thing as to why she would have seen it to begin with but it was the closest thing I could think of that might have actually happened. In retrospect, yes, I realise that might have been a bit silly of me to think that Tila CrabPie was eluding to something that actually happened.

@Catdeely I was talking about her little embelishment about the story of the elderly man being kicked to death vs. the possible story she might have been attempting to describe. It's ragingly obvious how much of a cock up she made of the overall entry, just wanted to sprinkle a li'l more light on the subject. Granted, I may have jumped the gun on assuming that she was talking about events that happened outside of her oversized head.

Madame Toast said...

She's beginning to fall apart, she claims she doesn't care what people think or say about her but she jumps on every negative comment with something completely space cadet.
I do believe she bought the Lambo and the really sad part about that is the fact she is getting old, her celebrity light is pretty much out and the only people that she has left are her army of mentally gifted minors, her leachy "friends" and the disgusting men that pay for her "services"...which leads me to believe she might soon be living in the Lambo. TMZ touched on her briefly but mainly for the lolz, nobody else seems to really care what she does, what she says and really, that is funny in itself.
She still amuses me though, watching her grasp at strings to stay relevant makes me feel really good about my life and where I am, but more importantly it makes me laugh. I'm not one to hate on people but I firmly believe Tila is not a person, she is just a joke.

I really really love the fact yall ruffle her feathers so bad, she changed her flog comments once again...Tila? can't take the heat?
Every time she makes a comment about the haters, how lame we all are, how pathetic and blah blah blah she keeps us relevant too...further proof she can't live without us. :)
AND finally, lets face it, this is the internet and I really have no problem spending a few minutes of my day watching and participating in the downfall of such a monster. Of course I'd point and laugh at her face to face if given the chance, what would she do if faced by a crowd of jelis haters!
Can we find out, can we?

Fatty McFatterson said...

It really pisses me the fuck off that she's spreading such volatile mis-information. This is yellow journalism at it's worst. It's completely unprofessional and unethical, even if you're a lowly blogger with teens as an audience.

Her desire to incite people's emotions and exploit real human drama to further her readership and 'exclusives' just infuriates me. She knows what she's doing and if she thinks this makes her blog 'legit' she is far off the mark. The Sunday comics contain more legit news stories than anything that freaky looking nincompoop can conjure up.

Poor Rob Johnson, she claims he's on his way to LA so she can manage his music career. I wish he'd take our warnings seriously. The only man who has lasted in her life, in the last year, without feeling the wrath of Tila,and the legal and public spectacles she brings to the table is Bradshaw. He may be somewhat immune because he doesn't depend on Tila to lead him by the nose, he appears to have a career outside of her, but poor Rob,alone in a foreign land at the mercy of the Hogul. God save him.

Joann said...

Now the skank is talking about going on a much needed vacation, which she was originally suppose to be going on when she finished her London bar hopping, er, tour.

She's probably leaving to get away from the backlash of being found out for hooking for a Lambo(which I still don't believe she owns) or she's got another f*ck marathon lined up somewhere.

I see Gary Sun was the omgoodness writer on her piece of crap blog and the skank claims he was fired because because he kept writing in an unprofessional way(and she doesn't)and his harassment towards the other OMG staff members, of which she has none.

Bottom line is lying bitch fired him because he outed her ass as a hooker.

Anonymous said...

This is off topic, but Tila is claiming to be going on another "Vacation"...I think she's going to accompany another wealthy businessman lol. She's no longer a celebrity but an escort. a NASTY one lol.

Also, it seems like Gary Sun (or W/E his name is) is mad at her...his tweets sure make it seem so!! We should try to get an interview with him muahaha

Anonymous said...

Two thoughts

1 - I hate to mention the 'N' word, but what do you suppose Ni**i Ra**y thinks of Tila's expert journalism in this story? :-)

2 - Whilst there are many things about this blog entry that disturb me, in the excitement of her rants going off on the government and the police, you may have missed her early statement 'it's one thing to keep the immigrants in order and get them together and properly kick them out . . .' WTF is that? Whereas she is trying to make it sound she is so compassionate and concerned about the welfare of the women and children, that statement goes completely against it. She must have missed the fact that these were squatters given three previous warnings to move along, who started a protest and attacked the police when they arrived. Nevermind they held their babies and took their children when they started their attacks. Or that the housing rights group that shot the footage have a long history of accusations of inciting violence toward the police. She reckons if the immigrants had been better organized, you could have 'kicked them out' the right way. Nice.

Simona Mannone said...

Is anyone covering the Juggalo Gathering performance?

Fatty McFatterson said...

khandersuk, I saw that thing about 'properly kicking them out' but I didn't include it, because frankly, I couldn't figure out what the fuck she was trying to say. It's funny you brought it up because I read it several times trying to get a sense of her intent, and just gave up.

BTW, you confirmed the intent I initially thought of, but I dismissed it because I thought it was my own bias, lol. I do try to be credible, you know!

Anonymous said...

Fatty, I am thrilled to have you back...You have been sorely missed and I appreciated the laughs you provided me with.

I will tell you all that I have spent the last few days investigating the true situation with Tila's Lamborghini. It took three days of emailing and phone calls to persuade them that I was who I said I was and I was truly an "Interested Buyer" due to the overwhelming response to Tila's presence at their dealership. It seems NO ONE believes a word that comes out of her mouth.....Imagine that? I was able to bluff my way quite nicely into obtaining enough information to know that at first it was "Sold", then when I expressed I really wanted THAT particular (Ugly Ass) vehicle, and I had gained their trust, it was actually "Leased". They could not tell me exactly how long it was leased for but told me to keep checking the website and it should be available "Shortly". We all knew there was NO WAY she could afford to buy it, even before she tweeted that "She got approved" and then "Paid Cash". I'm wondering where on earth is she parking the damn thing?!?! It's not something you can park at a run down Condo in Studio City!

Throughout this whole thing only one song keeps replaying through my head....

"What do we get for ten dollars?"
"Every ting you want."
"Every ting!"

I figured out why she wears those onesies now. For the same reason I dress my babies in them. Easy access!

Ugh. Thats just wrong.

Unknown said...

1. Anyone else notice that the only pictures and videos she has of her alleged SCAMbo purchase is when she's in that diaper suit?

2. Also the number of comments has taken a complete dive once again, so I'm sure she'll be restoring it to the original format sometime soon, for her twat army; obviously.

deluwiel said...

I'm spewing coffee right now - @K R Omen - "rushing overseas to adopt little babies with no skin"... HAHAHAHAHAHA

and @ReallyTila? "Easy access onesie"

OMG. I'm dying.

Anonymous said...

I have a question - if Noodle-head Tila is hooking herself around the world - which I do believe she is. And she is then turning around and leasing/renting a "Lambo" with her "sucky-fucky" money - How much is she reporting to the IRS?

Really now. If Nic Cage and Wes Snipes are being hounded by the IRS then how is it that Miss Noodle-head-suckey-fuckey" is going around flaunting her whore-money and the IRS isn't on her ass? Hrmmmmmmmmmm aren't tax returns available for public access?

I'm actually rather worked up about this, coming from one who makes a decent amount but has what seems to be nearly 50-damn-percent taken out of my paycheck every week and that whore is flaunting her ill-begotten money around town.

I'd love to see her get audited - let her sit down and explain her "licked an asshole for $20" receipt.


Jacqueline R said...

Oh!!....She keeps proving her stupidity to the World. I couldn't stop shaking my head, when i read about her talking about something which happened in France and she brings it in USA and all her rambling about the Country. ha ha


Hugs from Norway

Agnes Agony said...

Really Tila? said...

I figured out why she wears those onesies now. For the same reason I dress my babies in them. Easy access!

Ugh. Thats just wrong.
August 4, 2010 2:16 AM


Well done with your bit of detective work there, Really Tila.

I loool'd for a good minute with your above quote. I remember those from the late '80s to mid '90s. I think the ones she wears were called body suits and the longer version that includes the leggings were called catsuits. (I have rubber versions of the latter)

The bottom half were meant to be worn UNDER skirts and pants.

TiTi Mcskeeze is skank personified. She just exudes it to the nth degree. Her tastes in clothing ensembles and her outrageous public antics just confirms not only how classless she is but to me, it signifies how much she truly hates herself.

The way she spins tall tales of everything she claims to own or have purchased as if her materialistic wants will impress anyone that isn't in her Army. She will go to any lengths to degrade herself for the all mighty dollar.

Clearly, she is so desperate for attention and acceptance that she can't really separate the positives from the negatives because in her world, any attention is better than none.

She has burnt down more bridges than she has. Who will be there for her when the shit finally hits the fan? Certainly not her kool-aid drinking fans.

High end escorts are nothing but glorified prostitutes with wealthy clients. One day, she will meet a John that will treat her in a physically sadistic way. What a sad, lonely and pathetic life to lead. I wouldn't wish her life on my frenemies.

Joann said...

Really Tila? said..."it was actually "Leased". They could not tell me exactly how long it was leased for but told me to keep checking the website and it should be available "Shortly"."

Excellent work RT?. I knew that skank didn't own that Lambo...just couldn't prove it. Kudos to you babes.

I love to see Tila put on blast when she is caught in one of her many, many, many, many lies but the "thorn in my side" with that skank is her inappropriate behavior towards minors.

I don't know what else she's doing with her band of teenage army nitwits but I know it's not anything good. She's using them and she doesn't care. They are so gullible(because they think she's a celeb who cares about them) they can't see it.

I can't wait for the shit to hit the fan regarding her undercover activities with minors. IMO, there are a few of her army nitwits she has crossed the line with.

Joann said...

Tila tweeted:
"# & yes I'll be speeding in my lambo with @MrBradshaw! It sucks to buy a Lambo and drive it in LA traffic! WTF is the point! Gotta SPEED! lol about 2 hours ago via web".......she's suppose to be going on vacation now.

First of all skank you didn't buy the Lambo so not being able to drive it fast in LA should be the least of your concerns and why do you have to take Mr. Bradshaw with you every place you go? Why is he going on vacation with you?

It sounds more like she's going on a photo shoot, probably for some sleezy men's magazine and she had to supply all the props...clothes, car, location, camrera, etc. That's probably why she leased the lambo. Lets see how this "vacation" plays out...or maybe she's going to her second job..LOL.

I don't know if TRS know these two but they have me LMAO when they talk about Tila on twitter and they are tilafullofshit and Neenahboo(sp).

These two slam Tila like no others on there. Kudos to them both.

Unknown said...

MUhahahahahahaha tila's doing porn. din't she say she would never do porn? Radaronline has the article...teheee

Allkindsofsex said...

Tila doing porn?

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh! REALLY TILA! the onesies! HA! i didnt want to laugh, but i did...

poor tila her empire she imagines in her head is falling apart, seriously, how sad is it that she feels happy to spend some of her "hard-working" cash on such a flashy car?

she doesnt seem to get it, she has STALKERS, or rather, ha! you know what i mean, she has rotspotters everywhere, staking her out? dont you think she would try to change for the better?

now all these escort rumors flying around just adds more flame to the fire...

WindWaker said...

I read that she's doing a porn.

Unknown said...

Angel of god right here:

Unknown said...

Check this link out from 2008! Maybe you have this one already, not sure...but good laugh either way of Hogs.

BKiddo said...

The whole thing is funny, and I don't have more to add, except her amenedement-or however she spelled it, reminds me of when tila and her army were talking about "Mister Meaner".
Oh the laughs I still get from that one.

SaigonWhoreNumeroUno said...

OMG...lulz over at the flog! I've been away from the internet all day and came back to the latest gem she posted. Threats, threats,and more threats! And wait for it....the cuts from the "suicide attempt" are neither from Jane, herself, nor was it a joke...ittwas(ralphie from a christmas story) Gary Sun!!!! Dun, dun, duuuuuuuun. eeeeeeeeek! *pulls at dreads*

This one comment caught my attention and I am hoping it was legit because it made me pretty giddy.

"Well someone who worked for you sure knows you are on Subutex for your opiate addiction. PLUS how you abuse coke and M E T H and are on Adderall, yet you say crap about LiLo. You are such a fraud and have ruined so many people it is about time everyone knows the truth about you!

So much is about to come out! You were all messed up in your apartment while someone was snapping pictures. Casa and you snorting Oxy! You and Miss Bradshaw smoking M E T H. Like they say a picture is worth a thousand words. How many words are about 70 plus pictures worth?

The world is going to see the real you very soon honey!


This time there will be no way to lie your way out, lets play!"

Dear baby Jesus, let this come to pass!

PSG said...

Mama Mia, did you guys see the latest?????

Given the history of what Tila herself has claimed regarding the cuts/scars. Her brand new assertion that Garry Sun is the one who cut her may just stand to be the most absurd claim Tila has ever made (AND THAT PUTS IT UP AGAINST SOME STIFF COMPETITION!)

At this point how can any living being on the face of the earth believe a single word this woman says!

Unknown said...

@ Gibby,

that comment you just pasted..WOW!! this whole saga could be bigger than the "arm-meet" scandal.

I oughta hook TRS, Spikey, TTruth and Twitter to my retinas so I don't miss out!

Jubilee said...

khandersuk - I'm from the UK too and I was actually genuinely quite offended that she basically makes out like our police are just monsters who randomly kick old men and don't pay the price. WTF? Bitch, you went to CHINAWHITES, you're probably confusing the police with a brawl between all the waste of space drunk idiots outside the club. Easily done when you're on meth. Fuck you, Tila, most people from the UK are well aware we're known for being 'rowdy' and have had issues with the police and riots in the past, but Jesus Christ, did you time travel to the 80s? Don't you dare come to our country for three fucking days, go to the shittiest venues around and start fucking judging us. I will start a petition to make sure you NEVER get to enter our country again, you stupid whore. So pissed right now.

SammiDe said...

OMG to WHOEVER made that comment Glibby posted, please post the picture PLEASE please PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SammiDe said...

Uh Lori/Starfish : now all these escort rumors flying around just adds more flame to the fire...