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Wednesday, August 25

postheadericon Tila's Myspace Friends

We've gotten a lot of comments since our friends over at Ghost Rider Radio posted this entry about Tila.  You guys have been asking us to report on it.  There's nothing new we can really add to it, so I urge you to go check out their entry (and the rest of their blog, too).  Anyway, I'll touch on it briefly.

GRR introduces a screen cap they found via Queen_LaQueefa (who is fucking hilarious) by saying it was
written by an unknown guy, going by the name of admin, on the website owned by Gerard Spinks Publishing, LLC.
And here's the screen cap:

Ghost Rider Radio continues by breaking this down, step by step.  It's really interesting.

In any case, there's no proof of this being factual.  Did it happen?  I'd guess yes, it probably did.  It wouldn't surprise me in the least.  Do we know for sure?  No.  So I suggest we all keep this in the back of our minds until more proof comes up.  But it's a good read and definitely an interesting (and probable) theory.


jaytee said...

Completely unrelated is a story about Tila that appeared today on Gawker

Joann said...

I did read the article some days ago on Ghost Radio. I know it will probably never be proven but I believe this article is true and the reason I say this is:

How could someone have the smarts to pull in a million people on Myspace to become Queen of Myspace...ALL BY HERSELF...and cannot duplicate that success in any other area of their life.

I know nothing about Tila in her Myspace days but from what I know about her now, there is no way she pulled in a million + people on her freaking way.

Her Myspace days were years ago and Internet technology has grown a lot since would think with her "formula" for bringing people to her Myspace page back then Tila would be a pro at it now and her piece of crap blog would be over flowing with hits.

IMO, it was another person's "smarts" that gained her the title of Queen of Myspace. She does not have that person's smarts to help her anymore which is why she is such a dismal failure with all things she tries to start on own today.

Again IMO, Tila has no original thoughts or ideas. She takes info she has read on Google or other celebrity blogs, including this blog site, and incorporates it on her blog as her insightful thoughts. She's a liar and a thief.

I hope one day it can be proven she became Queen of Myspace by riding on the coattails of someone else and not because she made that happen on her own.

Eduardo Retardo said...

You make a really good point, Joann. She hasn't been able to duplicate that success on her own since then. Her facebook page only has half a million fans, and when I look at it, I recognize TONS of "haters." And many people have no recollection of adding her there, or are spam bots, or don't even speak English.

And yeah, I don't think it'll ever be proven because so many people have moved on.

BigPoppaPhat said...

Tila MySpace whoring? No way!

I did the whole whoring thing when MySpace was big, and got over 5000 friends in a matter of days for my artist page. Since then I deleted most of them since I was getting spammed up the ass. Im down to about 250 of mostly people I know and super hot females.

Yeah right said...

This is long and OT, but after spending a week reading TT's exploits, I *needed* to write this.I didn't know where else to submit it, I know she reads this.

Gather 'round boys and girls and let me tell you a story of someone I once knew. She was born and raised in a working class neighborhood in the south, her parents worked hard to give her the things they didn't have in life. They wanted something better for her , and you could tell from a young age she was going to go far in life. She was smart, funny, pretty, had a great personality and a lot of friends. Somewhere it started changing, probably around the time she reached puberty, when she discovered boys, and what these boys would do for her. They could supply sex, drugs, cars so no more sitting around the house on weekends, now it's going out to PARTY ! The more she lived this lifestyle the more she learned to manipulate people, because you see, I personally think you have to have some brains to be such a con artist, I know I couldn't do it. Once the manipulation started, it just grew into this terrible monster, the lies started and compounded on each other until this person was unable to keep them straight anymore. Yet she clung to them regardless how many times it was pointed out the inconsistencies. I truly think in my heart of hearts, she actually started believing them. An armchair psychologist would probably diagnose the problem with Munchhausen syndrome with underlying Narcissistic disorder. It didn't matter what it was, how big or small it was always "LOOK AT ME" she was always pregnant, miscarrying, being beaten up by various boyfriends, even getting her own tv show. Anything for attention. The people who really cared begged her to get help but she never did, it was everyone else with the problem, never her. I don't think she ever apologized for anything she did because in her mind, she never did anything wrong. In her mind she was a beloved and wonderful person . After many years of this her friends and family trying their hardest to help, they finally gave up, and stopped talking to her. At some point the people around this person has to focus on their own mental health and family and wash their hands of it, does it sound harsh ? Maybe, but until you've lived with it for years on end, you can really have no idea.

Does this sound familiar , who do you think I'm talking about ? Ms Nguyen ? No, I'm talking about my sister. She died last year of an overdose after putting her kids and grand kids through a hellish long Ambien addiction when they finally had to get out for their own sanity. She had been dead for a few days before she was found, because she had chased away anyone that was close to her. It was almost a relief when I got the phone call I had been expecting for years. Every time she got a new doctor I would contact them and let them know of her addiction, some listened and quit prescribing Ambien to her, then others didn't care and gave her anything she wanted.

SaigonWhoreNumeroUno said...

Hmmmm. Well, I was on myspace back in the day when most of it's members were Cali residents (I have a couple of friends who live in San Diego who told me to join because they were on there) The thing with Tila is that she was always in everyone's top 8. This is back when you weren't able to control what people appeared in your top friends and they were listed in order of join date. She was always #2 or #3(if you happened to add her) listed after Tom who was always #1. The trend i saw going on back then was everyone would see her in the top 8 on a cool person's they would add her and it snowballed. It's not that anyone knew her or even cared to know her or her was just the cool thing to do. She was rebellious and a lot of people liked that including me. I personally had talked to her 4 or 5 times through PMs on myspace, mainly about her "FUCK TOP 8" thing she had going on her page(does anyone remember that? lol) Anywhoo, she was genuinely nice back then and even somewhat funny. This was BEFORE she had 500,000 friends. I lost my train of thought....

My point is: I think this report is half true. Do I believe she used a friend generator at some point? Yes. BUT, I watched the snowball effect happen also. Who you had on your list was some sort of status thing on myspace, lol. She wasn't the only one who was cool to have on your friends list. Jefferee Star was another one. No one new what these people did...we just knew they looked different and basically everyone was a friend collector back then. Everyone was on everybody else's lists. So it's not too hard to believe she acquired a lot of her friends on her own. Not because of who she is, but because people in general are followers and want to look cool.

I don't know if any of that made sense and I don't know how to articulate how myspace was at the time. It was extremely different from what it is now. Actually, it was better back then. JMO.

MsWonkyTits said...

I think this is EXACTLY what happened.
Joann is spot on. Everything she has tried since has been a major fail. Each year that goes by she gets less and less noticed. Hence her antics and constant ploys for attention.
She will either be dead or off the map within a year. See ya Tila.

Sheriff Gauncent said...

This is unrelated, but Did anyone notice in a post she made today that she went out to a store yesterday and wanted to get out of there fast so she wouldn't be notice so she could get to a meeting? But someone in the store called the paps and were able to take pics of her.

Please! Somebody for the life of me tell me that if she wanted to get out of there so fast that someone was able to call the papz, they got their gear together, drove down to the store and she was their long enough to get her pics?

I guess I'll answer that. You call them yourself!


SaigonWhoreNumeroUno said...

@yeah right

I am so sorry for your loss. Unfortunately, this is the tragic end most people with addictions that refuse to get help will come to. It's a very sad situation for everyone involved. Take heed, Tila.

Madame Toast said...

@yeah right, also...

I wish it wasn't as common but I think we all know at least 1 person either personally or by association, that has been through this.
The addictions amplify everything and someone who started off just manipulating a few boys here and there or their family to get what they want suddenly become a monster nobody recognizes.
Tila is a classic specimen.
I personally don't believe she will ever change and its going to be her end.

I also agree with Joann, judging by her many fails since Myspace its hard to believe she really rose to fame with hard work and determination, blah blah blah.
Once she was "the queen" she became a novelty, moved on to A Shot of Love and look how quickly she disappeared.
Hard work and determination don't get you nowhere fast, she likes to claim she isn't like Paris Hilton or the other trust fund babies but isn't she just the same? minus the trust fund...

Joann said...

@ Sheriff Gauncent...I read that also and was LMAO. The first thing that came to my mind was "does this skank ever stop lying". Just like you said Sheriff, she called the paparazzi herself.

@Yeah Right..I am so, so sorry for your lost. I know you and your family did everything you could to turn your sister around but she didn't want to listen and as hard as it is if they don't want to listen you have to let them go.

Madame Toast said..."Tila is a classic specimen.
I personally don't believe she will ever change and its going to be her end."...I agree with you 100% and this is not wishing any harm on her...this is what happens when you play by your own rules because you think you know it all.

Anonymous said...

@yeah right, thank you so much for sharing your story.

♥Bea said...

I totallybelieve this is true! Due to the fact my dad who lives in NYC wanted to have a myspace to contact and find his brother in oregon. I rememberspecifically about 3-4years ago he message me and ask who is tila tequila? And I started crackin up because he ask me who it was and this is when she was very popular and on everyones myspace page. I just simple told him its just an internet hoe and he said oh because she requested me to be her friend I thought it was one of there u go! *true story* also she was very popular back in the days..

♥Bea said...

Also another thing I have to mention jus because I saw her going to the market to grab something and call the papz while at it picture...that jacket she's wearing looks awfully familar to the one that she bought her nephew...matter of fact I think I remember her actually wearing the jacket twitpicing it and sayin "look I can fit my nephews jacket" so is this bitch tellin me she bought a jacket for her nephew...then took it back? Or was it jus another one of her lame ass lies??? Goddd tila u kill yourself and fuckin mean it this time!

BKiddo said...

Have to agree with MsWonkyTits.
You said that perfectly.
@Yeah right,
Thank you for sharing, and my thoughts go out to you and your Family.
My sister wasn't on ambiean (sp), but she sure has caused some pain. I'll go into that someother time.

If you all don't mind I wanted to say "I Love You MoM", she turned 70 yesterday, and for putting up with alot of shit, she looks fucking awesome!

Seola said...

first - @yeah right - thank you for sharing your story. It paints a real picture of the things we see everyday that can help those on the fence about her see this isn't a joke to us.

I actually saw this exact article about 3 months ago.

I think GRR did a great write up going off the information, but I think it's improbable for several reasons.

I start with the smallest. For one, with any new business, word of a scandal for a start up can be extremely detrimental to the security side of things. If you are an internet business and there's word of a massive security breach, it's almost death. Facebook is huge yes, but millions left in droves when security settings got too difficult to manage and left them open to begin with. Now apply this to a guy starting a social media app.

Secondly, what this guy claims to have done is against the law. Not only just a little law, but if he was in Atlanta and MySpace was headquartered in California, it violates several federal laws. The robot, not so much - people do it all the time, but copying over friend files inside what should be secure servers isn't exactly "petty".

Not only all this aside, but Tila would have to have known an engineer at MySpace (who would not help her before) working in cahoots with a person he didn't know on an illegal project. The level of trust is another almost impossible aspect.

When she joined MySpace, she'd already had done some modeling and in some circles, been a sensation. This alone would have netted her more than just 125 friends. The size of MySpace at the time, we all see who's friends with who. We all are adults and wouldn't care, but the majority of frequent MySpace users is exactly who Tila's fan base is. The type that things it's cool to have a naked chick as a "friend".

Additionally, there is internet evidence this didn't happen. Thanks to the glory of archives, I can tell you that after almost a year on MySpace, she had around 35k friends. More than a month after that, the friend count went up to 40k. Another two months after that, 58k - it took her 3 years total to surpass 500k friends. (Or two full years after the first number I found of 35k friends.) Internet archives don't lie.

Jennifer said...

@yeah right - Late condolences :(

This is the reason why I love to come to Rot Spot. All the commentators are real people that either have been through a lot, or has known someone that has gone through a lot, and are clear-headed, logical, and smart. I really respect all of you (except you, TT!) and thank you for opening up about your experiences.

ghostrider has got some good stuff, too! Now my fave sites (seriously I stop by these regularly) are Rotspot, Tilatruth, Spiked, QoCAP and Ghostrider. Thanks guys for keeping up with all of our dirty mutual 'friend' so I don't have to debase my computer by going to the failblog!! :) XOXO

Yeah right said...

Like the rest of you, I also don't think she will change, someone with that type of mental illness won't because "we" are the problem, not her, and it frequently does end in the persons death.Thanks for letting me write that, it was quite cathartic for me.

Now, that's the last time I get sappy. On to some serious lolz .

Yeah right said...

@Sheriff Gauncent, I saw that. My question is who wrote it ? The first few lines are well written and there is even a word with more than 3 syllables used in the correct context. Baffling.

boytoy said...

Remember tila was a popular car/nude model back in the day so some of those people she meet at car shows were word of mouth and through her website at the time.

Now this i really good. About a year ago i was on tila myspace and her friend count was five thousand people(remember this was a year ago)and i'm looking at the number thinking something is up, and i wanted to tell someone but who. So i leave the page and i went back to tila myspace an hour later and her friend count is at a million people. Now when you look at tila "friends" most of the profiles have been deleted and they have a big red X on them.
I always knew the whole one million friends thing was fake some people who i talked to on myspace before have never heard of tila tequila she just added them and these people didnt know it.

Five thousand peeps is the real number of "freinds" tila has.
When myspace was starting out does anybody remember christine dolce aka "forbidden" she was popular at the time/

Unknown said...

This story is 100% true, was around when it happened and had several friends who had tila mysteriously added to her myspace. Was common knowledge, the other thing that pushed her to fame was linking up with hollywood undead and getting a shout out in their song. It reached the untapped emo market. The engineer has since been either reassigned or fired depending on the story you hear. Thats the only speculation, the rest is all true.

K.R. Omen said...

Ho wasn't ever on my list. LOL. I specifically remember writing in my profile that I wasn't Tila, didn't need millions of friends. I only went from 42 to 580 because the needed the men for MAFIA. LMAO

josephgein said...

Interesting. I've only been a hater since right after Casey's passing, so this is all new to me. Was TT as big a deluded liar when she was on MySpace? It seems she had a lot more going for her. Anyway, with the bitch having been so quiet as of late there has been little for me to "hate on", but @ParalyzedQueen has bravely stepped up to the plate(bless her heart) and become almost as big a target of derision and scorn as TT herself. Is this girl vapid or what? I seriously wonder about her. There is, without a doubt, something wrong with her. Perhaps "wrong" isn't the right word, but I'm sure you all get my meaning. She has so raised my hackles that I've been tempted to start my own little blog all about her. Dunno. Might run into that whole internet bullying issue. Anyone converse with her via Twitter? Anyone know anything about her beyond that which she has commented on? Ah well. The RotSpot has been as kickassy as ever. My best to my fellow haters.

Yeah right said...

@ Josephgein, I don't know if she has always been like this. I just really paid attention to her last week, I actually started off having a bit of sympathy for her when my daughter told me what happened at The Gathering (she was there, and I will be happy to regale y'all with her account), it took just a few hours of reading her exploits to make me hate her.
Paralyzed Queen is an easy target, but she is really the only one over there that can hold her own and can reply with something somewhat intelligible.

In case you didn't know from what I understand @robanjenn is really mentally handicapped, so I don't say anything mean to her.

Unknown said...

Yeah I remember Christine Dolce, she was a metal head as well. Never heard about her since though.

Obvious Troll said...

Technically speaking, that story is highly unlikely. I cannot see that of 250,000, not one would happen to mention that they were magically forced to be friends with someone. Sounds like someone is bullshitting or deliberately "poisoning the well". Funnily enough I'm currently doing a bit of hands on research on SEO types using social networking sites and there ARE many ways you can automate things, but literally manipulating MySpace's database to copy MySpace Tom's friends is a tall tale, but pushing stuff up by bots and scripts is a thriving business, very much more noticably on YouTube these days. It's also a method that phishers take over big accounts, so Tila, if someone emails you asking for your username and password to get you a million YT views overnight, he's probably legit.