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Sunday, August 1

postheadericon OMG Media Frenzy!!!

So we got this in our inbox today:
I just wanted to let you know I happen to live near this Lambo dealership she keeps talking about.  I was out running errands anyway so I drove by and there was not ONE person there for Tila.  In fact, I have attached a photo of all the paparazzi frenzy, tsk tsk.  The place was so dead I had no trouble pulling right up in front, and Robertson is a busy street.  The real highlight was when a dude at the dealership was telling the 2 paps to get their sign in their video footage.  I didn't stick around to see if she actually drove off in the car (which is ass ugly, btw).  After they drove up in a navy blue VW Jetta with someone (Bradshaw?) hooting out the back window I just couldn't stick around.  You can use this pic, please just keep me anonymous. 
    Viva le resistance!

Here's the pic.

Wow.  No wonder she "took them all for rides" in her new lambo.  Some media storm there, Tila.



hurrdurrrrrr said...


Anonymous said...

Aww, poor little flat-faced hooker only got two paps on her "smearing her vag slime photo op" in a Lambo of the day.

Apocryphal You said...

Resistance has eyes and ears everywhere. What a sad day when a girl gets her first lambo for pimping her body and no one shows up to celebrate but two paps, who were asked too in the first place, so they could make bank.

Hollywood = The Human Centipede!

BigPoppaPhat said...

google "Tila" the first item that pops up is tilas rot spot!

Unknown said...

I have never posted before but I was soooo upset when my favorite blog was on "Lockdown" duh duh duh ( like on National Geographic) haha I tickle me..I regress

I just wanted to say I missed you guys soo much trolled the tweets and am sooo happy you are back. Thank you for keeping me entertained. The hard work and the research you all do.

Keep being Punny,


Sheriff Gauncent said...

The thing I'm still waiting for is that the whore, a self proclaimed drug addict, got pregnant (allegedly) and claimed to be the best mommy in the world while high. How is that?

Also, what isn't the dr. that (allegedly) gave her in vitro while she was high arrested?

FUYU said...

The other paps were just way too jelis to show up. They must be haterz. If they showed up they'd be stalking her and she wouldn't want that.... *rolls eyes*

She probably called for those paps to show up and that's all she got. LMAO

K.R. Omen said...

I've sinned. I went to her sight to read the "lovefest" of comments and realized that bitch was rocking rubber diapers in the Lambo pics. I'm dying ova hea.

josephgein said...

There is a Tila meltdown on the horizon. Can you feel it?

blank said...

She must be amazing to get a lambo for putting out...Or maybe she had to put out for a while?

@joseph absolutely! She's been waaay too quiet recently.

T-4 days and counting...

B_McBitcherson said...

Okay, I caught up yesterday and now I'm just going to comment on all the new posts from here, cause I'm lazy like that.

1 - Welcome new writers - great posts!! So glad the rotspot is back and better than ever, I've been reading from the beginning and it's become a part of my daily routine. Not getting my fix was just terrible! Happy Anniversary!

2 - Lambo, lmfao! She's just so funny.

3 - This whole prostitution thing is giving me the weirds. Why has she not addressed it, and instead is pissed about us questioning what she does with her money? WTF? One part of me thinks why would she bother denying it, she's even written about sucking dick for cars in her book. And all of her "tours" DO make much more sense now. We've always known she's a nasty low class skank, and now we know she gets paid for it. The thing that bothers me is her not saying anything about it, which is just so UN-tila like, plus this etienne.payor guy on twitter. I googled him and was easily able to find his picture and his company's website - if you were soliciting girls for money you would be more discrete, no? Something smells fishy - and I'm not just talkin' bout Tila's snatch!

Also, based on her pathetic fake fights for attention in the past I'm not fully convinced that prophecy hip hop's poetic tweet is legit. All I can say is I am VERY interested to see this all unfold, and thank god I can now that the rotspot's back!

GREAT work, Rotty!

4 - UGH! It really really pisses me off that she trivializes the good work that MANY people - not just celebs - do for charity. She is such a self serving BITCH who doesn't deserve the luck she HAS had in life. Does drop in the bucket know that she's using their name for her own personal publicity? Absolutely deplorable. And what a fucking idiot! Does she really think other celebs publicize their charity work just to make themselves look good and not to raise awareness for that charity? What a FUCKING MORON!

That's all I got for now, keep 'em coming, rotspot!

B_McBitcherson said...

Fuck. I just wrote a totally brilliant amazing comment about all the new posts and writers and it was too large. sonofabitchbastard.

I'm too lazy to write everything out again so here is the condensed version:

1-awesome that rotspot is back, awesome new writers, happy anniversary, yay!

2 - hahahahahahaha, lambo.

3 - Prostitution probably true. What's fishy is that she isn't going crazy denying it. Smell something fishy that is not eminating from Tila's snatch. Prophecy guy + payor guy setups for us? Payor guy was too easy to track down, if you're soliciting sex for pay online you'll be more discrete than that. Prophecy - too many past "fights" for her own gains before, not buying this one yet.

4 - FUCK YOU TILA. some people, not just celebs, spend a lot of time and money helping others. Just one more thing for you to trivialize and use you stupid cunt.

5 - i <3 rotspot, can't wait to see how everything continues to unfold. :)

Honeythorn said...

LOL Yeah I saw the diaper photos. This broght on the major lulz! The "Lambo" she supposidly bought is still listed as available for purchase. I even called to inquire about it (I said my husband was interested) and the nice lady that answered said it was available and did I want to make an appointment to come and look at it. Even though I posted that information on her Flog, she is still posting shit like it was nothing. She posted photos of Onyx in the car. Boy are the Lambo people gonna be pissed when she has to return the car and it smells like dog.

B_McBitcherson said...

So I've been playing around on the flog posting comments and I noticed someone asked her about her clothing line and whatever happened to that since she seemed to have forgotten about it. (Yeah, I can't seem to get motivated to do any work today.) She talks about how the contracts take a long time and she's talking to her merch company to get it set up blah blah blah but that the shop will be up when her lawyer is okay with it. Well what you do fucking know, TEN whole minutes later she tweets that she FINALLY got the paperwork for worked out and all she has to do is sign it then the shop will be up.

Her transparency is just unbelievable.

Ben said...


Actually yeah, I've been sensing it for a while. I just hope it's one that levels her and forces her to move from LA and hide herself for a bit. We need Garry to talk up.

SammiDe said...


MsWonkyTits said...

HAHA! Wow, Tila. You really are a huge star! Look at that turnout of "paparazzis". Everytime she adds that "s" I scream.

Unknown said...

As for Tila being a prostitute, here's a related nugget from on October 14, 2008: "Is Tila Tequila a Vegas Escort?" called "Suzette"

Unknown said...

According to the dealership "her" lambo is still for sale. It's also a 2009 so it isn't new. You can buy the same year and model in a much less hideous color combo for far less than $200K on ebay.

I might also add that Carfax offers a world of information for just a few bucks when you know a vin number. :)

Anonymous said...

Tila can be summed up in two words "Prostitution Whore" ~ courtesy of my favorite table flipping New Jersey housewife Teresa Giudice

BigPoppaPhat said...

Im suprised karma has'nt hit her in her pancake face yet, she talks some serious arrogant shit on her tweets, and has to lie constantly to prove that shes someone to celebrate and deserves praise. Uggh

@OfficialMsTuna said...

My guess is she is leasing the car.

"We offer custom-tailored leases and special financing with our exclusive in-house leasing company"

Fitting, since Tila makes her money being leased for private bookings.

Finally, because I found this hilarious

SaigonWhoreNumeroUno said...

OMG. I didn't realize this blog was back up again! This is my first time posting here but I have been an avid follower for some months now. I just want to say I enjoy this blog a great deal and was without lols while it was locked.

While this blog was down I was forced to go to the flog and I was just there before I tried this address and omg...the laughter that just sides hurt. Anyway, she just posted her "hater of the week" dedicated to police brutality. I love it when she tries to be political and what not...there are always lulz there. To make a long story short (I honestly couldn't read the entire entry because she's just sooo fucking stupid) she posted a video about french police brutality(didn't watch that either) and then said that we as Americans should not stand for it and we should overthrow the government because "the amendment" says so. LOL. Then that dumbass beyond betty jean or whatever her name is copies and pastes part of the Declaration of Independence and calls it the Constitution. hehe. The subject matter she was ranting about is by no means funny. The funny part to me was that she's too dumb to realize there are separate governments all over the world. These are things taught in elementary, I thought.

Anywhoo, keep up the hilarious posts! I am extremely happy the rotspot is back!

SammiDe said...

The thing that bothers me is her not saying anything about it, which is just so UN-tila like

Yeah but MCBitcherson IF she did that remember the one post talked about having her sign a privacy agreement they have wives, kids, & reputations she wouldnt be able to tell anyone not one soul or she would NEVER EVER MAKE A DIME! hehe sick but true fact of the matter! See what bothers me about this is SHE ACTUALLY DID USE TO Spark allot of men and womenfolk's fantasy!! She HAD all the connections and HOOK ups to make it BIGGER and choose a far classier route then she did and IMHO she WAS VERY PRETTY, and men really do go nuts for that tiny Asian slutty chick!! BUT really, SHE DIDN'T TRULY HAVE TO GO THIS ROUTE, BUT SHE DID! Which makes it all the more worse in my eyes! She truly is just one sick and disgusting human being! Especially with her THEYRE JUST LITTLE KIDS MY FANS DUDES WTF! WOW! No words for that! just... *Gags*

Steven Clarke said...

The funny thing is- a Lambo costs what $300k? Tila made around 50k from the prostitution (let's just say she made $75k with a tip and maybe fucked one of the dude's clients). This puts a nice down payment for the car and allows her to get behind the wheel. However, how in the hell is she going to be able to afford car insurance, let alone pay the rest of it off?

The IRS might be making a trip to the moguldome before she gets 10k miles on that car.

SammiDe said...

She only leased it just like we thought! Wow, wonder how she plans on playing this LIE off! LOL, smh!