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Friday, August 20

postheadericon Rotspot on the Radio!

Good afternoon, everybody!  So last night I got the pleasure of listening to GI Wayne's radio show.  GI Wayne has been a friend of the Rotspot for a while now, so when it came time to talk about Tila Tequila, GI Wayne knew where to go for the truth!

Listen to internet radio with GI WAYNE on Blog Talk Radio

You can listen to his whole show, or you can fast forward to the 80:00 mark and listen to the Tila Tequila segment.  And if you like his radio show, you can go here to listen to his archives!

Thanks for all the plugs, GI Wayne!


Tess said...

Cool shout out for the RotSpot! Man! ..that GIWayne guy really has no love for Tila!!


Danielle said...

Unknown said...


Joann said...

Checked out GI Wayne and his reaction is not surprising. Nobody really likes this psycho except her nitwit army.

I hate to give this skank any ideas because she takes info from this blog and uses it for her advantage but I got to thinking about something.

I live in Cali and they have a bunch of new Shasta Soda commercials running. I was wondering if the skank would try and pull a LL over this or something similar.

I don't see how but I put nothing pass this piece of trash. You'll know exactly what I'm talking about when you see the commercial.

Also, her "record company" page is disgusting. Is this what she meant by changing the name of it to a symbol?

MsWonkyTits said...

Awesome, well deserved shout out for the Rotspot!

Anonymous said...

lol, I love that guy(Howie?) saying "She came out of the internet". It just sounds so funny XD

Unknown said...

I have to say, I've read a bit through GIWayne's site and I have a weird feeling about him. He doesn't really inspire me any trust. Yet, he doesn't need to if he's going to talk smack about Tila... here's hoping it won't turn out to be yet another Nikki Raney situation.

Unknown said...

Thanks for hooking it up!

BKiddo said...

Too cool. Nice job!