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Saturday, August 21

postheadericon The Soup Dishes Tila

Lots of you saw Joel McHale causing major lolz, covering the GOTJ incident (or "face meet gate 2010") on The Soup last night.  In case you missed it, check out their blog, and here's the video!

It got kind of vicious.  We also got to see Oscar Nuñez decide against throwing poo and recommended throwing textbooks instead, namely a physics book.  Irony?

To see the entire episode, catch it replaying all weekend on E!  It's definitely worth it.


Joann said...

LMAO @ "who is tila tequila".

When will Tila get it through her booble head she's done and over. She has zero talent and nobody wants her...well maybe for porn.

IMO, everyone knows she's not bi so she can forget about hooking up with a woman.

Bitch can't even fall back on getting a financially well off or not so financially well off husband cause the only thing men want to do with her is "f" her, use her, smoke dope with her then kick her ass to the curb.

Tila finally performs somewhere other than a bar, even though the concert was in the boondocks of Illinois, and screws that up, has to lie about everything in her life to make others think she's living the good life and can only get media coverage if SHE calls the paparazzi to inform them where she will be.

If that's doesn't spell over and done I don't know what does.

Eduardo Retardo said...

What's extra funny about the "Who is Tila Tequila" thing, is that it's from Good Day New York (or whatever it's called) and she just came from her NY "press tour."

Apparently she didn't do a very good job.

Unknown said...

I loved this so much!!! Thank you! :)

Cathy said...

I just saw this on e! So hysterical I don't think I have lol'd that hard in a while. I was hoping you guys got it! In your Awesomeness of course you did. My favorite part the newscaster "I know I should know this but who is tila tequila"lol bawahahaha

Anna said...

My only real issue is that it still mentions her name and gives her some press and exposure. The two things she wants more than anything.

Anna said...

Sorry for this second post so close to my first one, but I just had to ask...

After this whole fiasco, who is going to be willing to work with her? Seriously, what promoter would want to take a chance on booking her when she will cry wolf, trash them and threaten lawsuit? How does she think this is going to help her career?

I just don't get that.

boytoy said...

tila tequila is a murderer
tila convinced casey to stop taking her meds which casey very much needed and in the end casey died most probably from a broken heart

Unknown said...

Joel McHale could have all the babies he wanted with me. He's absolutely awesome.

Madame Toast said...

sort of off topic from The Soup BUT! I was reminded today of how "Tila" I acted when I was 15.
There was a guy who was my best friend and I adored him. I used to get so jealous and upset when he would ignore me that for about a year I did stupid shit to get his attention, I'd lie my ass off about the dumbest things to the point where I completely transformed into someone else.
I'd get "drunk" and pretend to pass out so he'd take care of me. I'd "cut" my wrist up so he'd not want to leave me alone, walking around with full on bandages. I'd make up random guys that would "sweep me off my feet" to try and get him jealous. I probably wrote the book (I'm sure others did too) that Tila is using now, "attention whores for dummies".
Yes, I was dumb and looking back I don't even know what possessed me but at 15 I acted just like Tila. I feel dirty now...maybe I'll shower.

I noticed she hasn't tweeted in 21 hours, which is what reminded me. At one point I told my friend I was depressed and going to go die, disappeared for about 72 hours. I can't even imagine myself doing it now but I can see Tila doing it and I keep waiting for her to pull that one. Cept something tells me she might disappear for 72 hours and actually be found dead.
Its not even sad, I feel worse for myself that I wasted a year of my life being so stupid over a guy, over wanting his attention. Granted I had great friends and family who took notice, stepped in and set me straight. The boy finally forgave me and we've been best friends ever since. Oh well.
Email me Tila, I could give you some pointers. *snicker*

Seriously though, I'm the same age as Tila and I can't imagine acting like that, being hated like that and just over all being a HUGE joke. I'd probably disappear, forever.
Why hasn't she?! haha.

Ben said...

The sad part is as negative as the press is I'm sure she got off to it. I really believe she doesn't hear anything but blah blah blah Tila Tequila blah blah blah and then thinks she's awesome.

Like the post she made talking about breaking contracts and that's why she had to perform. She doesn't realize that she gave herself away on video essentially confirming that they did talk to her prior. ICP says she said "I ain't no bitch" when they told her she didn't have to go on and then when she gets on she starts screeching "I ain't no bitch" once the crowd starts booing.

Also, if she's so concerned about her contract, don't you think she would've shown up on time?

Unknown said...

Joel is sex on a stick.

funkymofo said...

Hey, just a quick note with some interesting info.
I wrote a comment on Tila's failblog today, something like this:
Look on the right side of the screen, between the ads for male enhancement and the ads for hormones or condoms or whatever. In the box that has 'most popular posts', there is also a tab for 'most popular comments'. Check it out, it's too funny! Every single popular comment is a beautiful little distilled gem of abuse.
Anyway, I came back to check later and shock horror, the post had been removed (no surprise there, right).
BUT, the box itself has also disappeared, along with the entire voting for comments thingy! A little suss, I reckon.
So, the cockles of my evil, wizened heart are a little warmer (or should that be colder) this evening having possibly having played a part in causing a ruckus down there at mogul international corporate headquarters and pharmaceutical research lab.
Anyway, if this info is useful to rotspot, use it in any way you see fit (except to ridicule me- I'm sensitive)

Joann said...

Well said Ben.