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Monday, August 16

postheadericon PR stunt for sure!

I'm sooo sick of hearing people whining about "violence against women".  First of all, you are the same fuckers who have done nothing but talk about what a fuck up TT is and how you'd love to see the headlines of her being found in a dumpster.  So don't get all up on your fuckin' pedestal acting like you give a fuck!!  You see friends, words aren't JUST WORDS now are they?  You like to talk the shit but if something REALLY happens you get all frightened and fragile.  Fuckin' please ...  Second of all, this bitch is nowhere NEAR woman .. nearly fuckin' human.  And all of a sudden you fuckers forget that she all but congratulated Chris Brown for beatin' on Rhianna.  I recall her saying "She deserved it".  Really!?!?!?  She wanted to play with the big boys ... thinkin' she was all "hard" and shit.  And then turning around and actin' like a fuckin' victim. This all went EXACTLY the way she wanted it to.  She was taunting the fuckin' crowd.  Who in the FUCK takes off their shirt when shit doesn't go their way!?!?  Oh that's right "Tila Scarface Tequila" .. that's who!!!  Since she's only used to "performing" in strip clubs I guess this USUALLY works for her.  Not this time sweetheart!!!

Truth be known, I'm against ANY sort of violence.  Fuck if you're a "woman" or not.  You bitches whine and cry over Tila fuckin' Tequila but do you give a fuck about the kids overseas DYING for absolutely NO reason in a fucked up war right now?  That's what I thought.  Shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down you media thirsty fuck ups.

If any of you bitches had a fuckin' brain you'd have realized already that this shit IS a PUBLICITY STUNT for her upcoming porn flick.  And if you HAVEN'T figured that out already then you're just as fuckin' stupid as she wants you to be. 

You see idiots, this seems to be a common practice at the Gathering.  Don't believe me?  Well, I didn't figure you would so I put together a little somethin' for ya...

Tila was warned by her fans and even others that were concerned for her going to the GOTJ.  She KNEW this would be a great publicity stunt for her.  With her up and coming role in a XXX hardcore lesbian porn flick Tila needs to get back into headlines, so that people will buy her porn.  I mean, for years no one has had to pay for jack shit since she opens her legs all over the internet for children and child creepers for FREE on her "Hotspot".  So she has to rally the troops to be interested in her yet again ... once again, to try and gain profit off of them.

This sort of thing happens at events as fuckin' mild mannered as a Justin fuckin' Bieber concert!!!

Yes kids, that's right!  A 16 year old kid gets knocked in the fuckin' head with a water bottle and brushes it off, finishing his performance.  A Justin' Bieber concert.  What's so "violent" about a kids show?  Those marching for "women's rights" because Tila POSSIBLY got hit with a plastic water bottle need to jump on this one too!  He's a minor, no!?!?!?

*rolls eyes*

And come the fuck on guys.  This is NOT the first time this cunt has CREATED and/or EMBELLISHED injuries for media publication.  She just tried shit with the whole fuckin' "Jane attacked me ... with theater makeup" "It was all a joke, theatrics like Lady GaGa" "I have issues that I'm getting professional help for" "Garry Sun cut me" act like what a month or so ago!!!  That shit didn't work for her so she found another way to try and get some fuckin' exposure.

I can't believe ANYONE, including TMZ, could or would fall for this.  All she does is make people look fuckin' stupid when they believe in her....isn't that right Garry!?!?


Anonymous said...

I cannot wait till everyone gets back from the gathering and starts blowing up the internet about Tila lying! The clock is ticking!

kellymae said...

Rotty, since I am apparently one of the evil bitches that really really does wish this cunt would just fucking die already, I decided to just fly my flag with pride. Do I condone violence? Towards her? YUP, I do. That being said, while I am sure she probably was a little scared, she is certainly not maimed, and did NOT require stitches for any of the wounds she showed off (yeah, big sarcasm on wounds) Blood does not dry pink on a white shirt and blood does not generally run both up and down a face at the same time.

I wish it was as bad as she made it out, I really do. If that makes me a bad person then fuck it, save me a place in line if you get to hell before I do.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

What is sad is if TMZ paid her $kank A$$!

I can not wait for her porno spin.

Misty said...

I'm in agreement. I said from the start (and a post or two back) that this smelled like a PR stunt. Things just didn't add up - no responses to the warnings, no 9-head (remember he was conspicuously absent during the faked self-harm attack as well), then the suspicious photos, etc.

I don't condone violence either, but hell, I am disappointed that Tila wasn't actually beaten into the ground. And should she or one of her fucktards be reading this - Tila's death would not, in fact be a loss to society. Fucking whore goblin.

TMZ just came off my list of trash rags I like to peruse.

On an up note, The Superficial had a LOL article, pretty much bashing her - they have earned my respect. Check it out for a giggle!

Fine job Rotspot, as always.

Misty said...

Here's the link to The Superficial:

Do check out the comments, there is one from someone who was actually there!!! Wish there was a way to contact him - that would be pure LOL!!

Jes said...

Thank you! Finally I wasn't the only one that saw past the bullshit! I don't condone violence either, unless they're begging for it, like rotting vag crab aka tila. I honestly wished the bitch got worse, but I'm never that lucky. Go ahead and play that victim card, rotting vag whore. Everyone will see past your bullshit and lies. Fuck they'll see that you lied on that video. Hell I honestly think she was trolling twitter and just used the items she saw us type on our wishful thinking. I know for a fact that I typed that the bitch should get hit in the head with a bottle and look what she claimed! I think she cut herself up for damn sure. You know I ain't lyin'. She needs professional help, like for real professional help, like someone call 5150 on this bitch! For real!

Unknown said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I usually do not condone violence. I'm even on that group that doesn't particularly wish Tila to die. But she's an horrible person, who jokes about serious things like domestic violence, miscarriages, adoption, catastrophe on the third world, rape, suicide, mental illness and so many more for her benefit only. She's the same person who faked multiple miscarriages, a suicide attempt and cried rape countless times for attention. She accused an innocent man of beating her and many others of fathering her imaginary child. She championed a woman beater, Chris Brown, and said that Rihanna, who was a real victim unlike her, deserved it. That doesn't make her a lolcow anymore, that makes her a freaking EVIL human being, and just like the villaing getting pwned in a movie gets a round of applause, it's very difficult to cheer for Tila Tequila, and far too easy to rejoice when she gets what she had coming. ESPECIALLY when she was warned what would happen.

Anonymous said...

<3 god I love this site. <3

Unknown said...

All I have to say is Karma is a bitch. You taunt any large crowd of people and your gonna get shit on. I've seen worse shit done to Slipknot on stage then Tila. I don't believe in violence anymore than anyone else here, but what's the issue since Tila is a big badass gangsta? She can't handle a little trash thrown at her that she asked for? I don't pity those who ask to be treated like shit. She knew the reaction she was gonna get before she went and she went anyway. Her biggest problem is people fucking pity her when she could give a shit about anyone else, but herself. Fuck her and her playing the victim for shit she asked for!

Anonymous said...

Rotty, check yourself before you wreck yourself. No one is saying that Tila's minor injuries compare to soldiers dying in Iraq in a pointless war. I mean, you could have a blog dedicated to all the kids in Iraq who are DYING(!) if that's so important to you. But you don't. You have a Tila Tequila website. So when leaving comments here, your readers are going to respond to the blogs you've written, not random shit about soldiers in Iraq or children in Africa.

People aren't idiots for saying that the juggalos shouldn't have injured Tila. She may have known that she would receive publicity for this, but that doesn't mean that the juggalos should have taken it on themselves to (allegedly) launch bricks at her face.

Also, juggalos are fucking disgusting.

I don't want to be on a side in this situation, because one of the sides has crabs and the herp, and the other smells like dried paint, scabies, and the bad part of a trailer park.

HottyRotty said...


How do you know what ALL I do on the internet? How do you know that I don't have other blogs? You don't ... thanks!

Also, I saw NO bricks anywhere. I'm actually sad that I didn't see any sort of bricks flying.

I don't have an opinion of the Juggalo's. Apparently you missed the point in which I am trying to make ... Tila wasn't "singled out" here. This is something that they do EVERY YEAR. It's EXPECTED. THAT is my point.


OneEyebrowRaised said...

To me this just proves there IS a god and such a thing as karma.

Love how the universe restores the balance....the rest of you bleeding hearts can go get fucked cos there are REAL, innocent women out there right now all over the world getting the absolute SHIT kicked out of them and being murdered by domestic violence.

Getting bottles thrown at your skanky ass DOES NOT compare, so FUCK OFF. (in fact, FUCK OFF to a women's shelter and see the face of REAL abuse before you start whinging again)

OneEyebrowRaised said...

Oh, and I've been to many music events and festivals, one of my fave memories was when I was 15 and standing in the mosh pit waiting for whoever to come onstage...people were bored so they started a water bottle fight.

The first bottle thrown, I copped in smack bang in the face..I think in the eye too.

It was fucking hilarious and I still laugh about it now, so yeah...STFU

That is all.

Anonymous said...

So on Fame they have a still pic of Tila on stage with that bite mark visible, there it does not have the added question mark look to it and it looks like an old wound.

blank said...

Yeah, did the little Biebs sue the concert producers, or the fan? Or waaaay the hell back when Panic! played at the Reading Music Festival in England and Brendon Urie got knocked out cold by a bottle, did they sue?

It happens, it sucks that it does (well, to acts that aren't asshats), but it happens. Take it like the pro you claim to be, dumb turd.

Unknown said...

I'm speechless that TMZ, of all the "news" organizations out there, would start this shit. They know her. They know how she works. Are they that desperate? They're already looking like idiots. Where are the 2000 people who chased her? Where are the pics of the trashed trailer with the broken in windows? Where are all the reports of the people arrested for trying to rape her?

I sincerely hope someone (Radar Online, I'm looking at you) follows this up with a major league, tear it down, expose the bitch with every fucking source there is story that wipes her ass off the map.

If she's going to be on CNN, then let it be for exposing her for the piece of shit that she is; let her stupid "Army" see that she's nothing more than a shallow, lying whore, who lies, prostitutes herself for a buck, doesn't care about anyone but herself, will make up shit just to keep suckering in impressionable kids and is uncaring enough that she endangers everyone around her, including her "wifey," Casey.

The woman is a menace to society. Does that mean she deserved to get pelted with pebbles (c'mon, does anyone think she REALLY got hit with boulders?), cans of Faygo and hopefully piss and shit? If it accomplishes all of the above, FUCK YES!! I admit it, I loathe her with the heat of a million suns and if I'd been at the GOTJ, I'd have been front and center with my bag of shit just waiting for her to get up on stage.

Eh. HottyRotty's right though. It's not like Tila was actually singled out, unfortunately. Everyone got pissbombed. If I heard right, Lil Kim actually was a no-show because she didn't want any part of it.

cray-zee asian said...

Wow... the comments got that bad that rotty actually had to put up a post about it?

That bitch doesn't deserve an ounce of sympathy. What she does deserve is to get the fuck back up on that stage and get the whole goddamn portapotty dumped on her head.

Who taunts a crowd of drunk/drugged out fans of icp? Seriously, that's like covering yourself in bloody meat and prancing around in the lion enclosure of the zoo.

She deserved everything she got and probably even more. And everyone who is criticizing the writers of this blog for "condoning violence" and saying bullshit like "oh women should never be hurt"..

Don't be fucking hypocrites. Two weeks ago everyone was talking about how she should "disappear" or that they'd clock her if they ever saw her in person.

Oh wait.. no. I get it now. It's okay for her to get socked in the face by YOU but not by anyone else. Right? Well you can fuck right hell off.

Rock on, writers of rotspot.

Unknown said...

If she was scared and badly injured on stage, why didn't she just get off, or not taunt the crowd? She brought all this on herself. And she is loving it. Look at all the attention she is getting, she doesn't care what she has to do or who does it to her to get it.
As for TMZ, from the tone of their posts (specifically the one about the watermelon being marinated in fecal matter and urine for days that was marked for Tila) I don't think they are taking her seriously. But they are probably protecting themselves from the super bad lawyers of which Tila has.

krissylu said...

Ugh- And it's working apparently- just last week she had 35,1XX followers on Twitter- right now? 39,972. Almost 5,000 more.

Just Rhonda said...

1st time poster: hi y'all! I read all the Tila posts everyday and I'm just endlessly entertained by the whole thing. Can't say I really hate her but definitely don't like her; just think she's a waste of space and not really worth wasting any good rage over. Anyway, watched the video from the concert (what's available so far)...even though this doesn't cover the whole time she was onstage, did she even get hit in the first place? Looks like the guards deflected everything. Also, the article on TheSuperficial is it out! Hope my nerdiness isn't showing too much. :)

Tuesday said...

I love how you guys are all over this! Great work.

I wrote a Hub and gave a back link to The Rotspot and Queen of Copy and Paste. <3

I'm with RIPTilaTequila...I can't wait for this porn spin from her.

Her blog is at a halt. It's amazing.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU FOR SAYING THAT ROTTY !!!!! Everyone on here saying she didn't deserve, but before, talking shit hoping something horrible happens to her. Sit your asses down. <3 <3 I'm bringing over fried chicken fo you and eddie.

Anonymous said...

hey i did say i dont condone violence because i really dont. i think that throwing shit and piss is just barbaric. but yes, she knew! yes she used this to incorporate for PR. of course, after her 'porn' is leaked, she is going to get more attention, but i doubt it will go the same route as fellow leaked porn entreprenuers, paris hilton, kim k. and all the rest of them...

oh also, ron jeremy introduced her. former porn star ron jeremy?

why would he introduce tila? (well he does introduce alot of bands but still)

MC Chris! yeah she knew...SHAME OF YOU TILA!

dingetje said...

Pff Rotty , you're one hell of an angry woman.
The rot spot used to be my favotite site ever but you guys are just to angry for me.
I hope you will find a way to get all taht enery out a more positive way.
All the best.

Prof. Chaos said...

Jesus. I leave town for 10 days and I miss all the fun! Took me an hour just to get caught up on the drama.

Bitch will play this out until her porn drops.

I love the comparison to the Justin Bieber concert. LMAO.

Fake hair, fake tits, fake story. blah, blah, blah.

Unknown said...

I love this site, more so now for posting that Bieber clip, too funny :) That kind of action is the norm at an outdoor gig in the UK. ( Not the kind of " venue " that gutterskank played on her UK " tour " )

I was " nearly " feeling sorry for her until i remembered she's a lying skank.

Team RS

Joann said...

I don't condone violence either...against people who don't deserve it, i.e, because you're in a different ethnic group, you're gay, you're heavy, etc., but when it comes to some people, their actions, over a period of time, will warrant a beat down or a lock down because their behavior is so toxic every thing they touch comes to a bad ending. Tila fits this category to a "T".

She's like those psycho crazy chicks you see in one of those Lifetime movies.

You can't reason with them to change their behavior because their psychosis has completely taken over their personality and they don't believe they are doing anything wrong or they are too weak to change

To get what they want they will do anything and everything to anyone and this includes family.

In the end they all have to be put down.

I have done enough research on Tila and seen enough proof on TRS, Tila Truth and Spiked Tequila that IMO, Tila is a sociopath.

She's not gonna change and there is no doubt in my mind she can and will be dangerous in a physical way.

As far as I'm concern this skank is long overdue for a ass whipping and it's warranted in her case.

Anonymous said...

Her "crescent" shaped injury looks like an old love bite. Lol, is that BamFScott's handiwork?

She's just milking this incident so bad. Even fucking Bieber took a water bottle to the face like a champ, unlike our gutterslut troll here.

Sexylette420 said...

LMAO thank u for all ur research on how dumb this bitch is.. She should have totally looked at wat she was signing up for ... At the Gathering and at shows.. WE ALL!! JUGGALO'S AND PREFORMERS GET SMACKED IN THE HEAD WIT WATER BOTTLES AND SO ON!! i have even gotten kicked in the stomach by a preformers.. NOT ON PURPOSE!! an hit in the head with a bear bottle.. THIS BITCH IS SOOOO FUCKED UP IN THE HEAD> THIS IS PROB THE ONLY REASON SHE SIGNED UP TO GO!! UGH!! BUT SHE SIGNED A CONTRACT AND WAVER!! ICP KNOWS WAT THERE CROWD IS ABOUT AND PEOPLE WHO PREFORM THERE SHOULD REALLY KNOW WUT THERE GOiNG INTO> I LOVE THIS SITE!! TOO FUNNY!!

Haley said...

The worst part of all of it is how she has no shame in using something like violence against women to promote her shitty image and get pity from people that should, but often do not, know better. I love how it's worth suing over when others injure her, but totally different when she injures herself. This woman is a complete bag of garbage and should be sent back to wherever the hell she came from. I've had enough of her shit.

They should have put Tila in the dumpster with the rest of the trash that they picked up from that concert.

SaigonWhoreNumeroUno said...

I agree with this entry 100%. I know it's human nature(with most normal people) to feel compassion towards other people when they are wronged, but my mind couldn't understand why people who have been pretty outspoken about their hate for this woman were all of the sudden defending her...KNOWING what a lying sack of shit Tila has proven herself to be over and OVER again. Nothing is ever as it appears with this chick so it's best to sit back and wait for new details....folks, you don't even have to be all PI about all of her drama. Give her 2 things....time and enough rope....the lies have a way of bubbling to the surface in a matter of days EVERY TIME there's a new "scandal" surrounding her.

And no...I refuse to add the obligatory "I do not condone violence" sentence to any of my comments because it's not the way I feel. Fuck that bitch.

What pisses me off the most about this whole ordeal? She is lying and getting exactly what she wants....MORE PRESS before the release of her shitty porn. She is trending on major search engines: 13th on google; 4th on yahoo the last time I looked.

For fucks sake, don't be so quick to believe this master manipulator piece of cracked out whore shit next time. smh

Unknown said...

Yes HottyRotty

You are right

Garry Sun

a.k.a. Prophecy

a.k.a. The man you wish to speak