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Wednesday, June 23

postheadericon New Stuporgirl!

You guys, this might be the best Stuporgirl we've ever had. Don't forget, you can add the artist on twitter and send her ideas: @StuporGIRRRL

And now, Uncle Eddie proudly presents to you...


Now we've gone through all of the Seven Deadlies. Have any ideas? Something you'd like to see? Please send them to the artist! You can also post them in the comments here if you don't have twitter.


BKiddo said...

Stuporgirl just keeps getting better and better and never disappoints!
For some reason, the ears are my favorite.

Isis said...

stupor girl 12 days of christmas is much better! you should do that

Chi said...

oooh what about 12 signs of the zodiac?

andmommymakescrazy said...

how about the 10 commandments? I am sure she has violated ALL of those

Anonymous said...

That is the best use of a sword I've seen since the last godawful made for TV Highlander movie.

By the way, Tila's bragging about a new Russian FHM cover, for July and August -- calling out us poor poor haters on our logic and ability to see bullshit before we smell it. She totally sure these are recent pictures, and that they can't possibly be old... because, "well shiyat, I luv talkin' bout myself, and if I can't talk about me, then I'll just talk bout the hatez, and the religions, and the demons in my cooch."

The pics are from an Aussie mag called Ralph, around 2008 -- FHM just photoshopped a pic for the cover and pulled almost everything from the Ralph shoot.

I've come up with a new word for her bullshitery,


links to the Ralph issue:

google image search of Ralph and Tila, shows another "recent" shot that was in the 2008 mag:

< \ cuntass >

kristi (myhrette) said...

Oh. My. God. This was so epic!

Sheriff Gauncent said...

The assininity of her bullshitery is never ending!

Vintage Pink said...

We need more posts!!!

Anonymous said...

Another masterpiece!

And another vote for the 10 commandments, since the Gremlin is an angel of the lord. *snarf*

Anna said...

How about Stuporgirl through the ages? Caveman, Medieval, Dark Ages, etc? For a challenge...


Sheriff Gauncent said...

I just sent and email about her twitter page. Her conversations with minors knowing her fan base in minor children with her posting links to her naked rants.

I suggest you all do the same.

Vincent said...

Vulgar and disturbing, I love it.

Joann said...

Thanks for the links to her pics apocryphalyou. I have to admit back in the day Tila was pretty and in a few of those pics she has that "fresh yet sexy" look but the skank has fallen on some hard times because now she looks old, tired and worn out.

She makes me think of those old played out movie stars who are still trying to stay relevant in this day and age so they go around looking like clowns with the ridiculous makeup and wearing clothes that make them look foolish on bodies that have had more than their share of plastic surgery.

Sheriff Gauncent said...

How about Stupor Girl the professional wrestler fighting Anton Levay (founder of the satanic church) in a cage match!

Treva said...

I know it would only work for prolly one installment, but I'd love to see Stuporgirl as a registered sex offender...

BKiddo said...

Thank You apocryphalyou and Sheriff,
Those words will come in handy when I rip the nurse who keeps slapping Fentenol patches on my Dad, when he doesn't need them.
Sorry I slid off topic a bit, but I'm pissed.

BKiddo said...

How about this, The cronicles of tilas lies?

Alabama Worley said...

I think the new stuporgirl should be "Tila getting to America" just imagine how you can piece that shit together!

1070 family boards a make shift raft..


We need rot spot Tshirts! You can say it was born in 1070 and everything. ;)

I still think someone should put together a timeline (factual) of her face so we can see the ravage of her despair because I'm having a hard time figuring out when photos were really taken. I can figure some things out based on her clothing because of when designers were popular and when she had money.

You know I was glancing through her Myspace (yea I know). I don't even have a fucking myspace account and haven't in 2 years so some photos I couldn't see. What I did see, photos of her and Casey..people as of TODAY were commenting how they wanted a 3some! What.The.Fuck. other people were asking when her baby was due, seemingly unaware of anything recent. I have to wonder how do THEY NOT know of her life now? Even worse is that you can see in her writing when she was sober and when she began using heavily. At one point she could spell. At one point she was "soft" looking. At one point (2 years ago) she looked barely 19. NOW 2 years later she looks almost 40 and like she's had a hard ass life.

Kids this is what a touch of money and fame will do to a person who's already a bit rotten on the inside.

Mark said...

"Wow! The other Scout Master never told me I could get a merit badge for learning to cook meth!"

GhostofChunks said...

Not to hijack anything here, but I had to share a piece of awesomeness of my day.

So, I woke up this morning and said to myself: "Self, we really need to change the oil on the car. Hey, why not use that service shop we always use... he now has WiFi access so I can keep up with all the "Lies, Loves and FAILS of Tila Tequila" goodness!

So, something hits me that maybe today I'll check Alien Breath's flog. I type in the name of the site and wait for Mr. Google to finish taking a shit and have a sip of moonshine - oops - coffee so he can go out back and crank up the Internet so I can see this blog that a few people talk about because never in the history of the Internet has so much failure taken place in one spot.

So, I'm waitin' and waitin', and finally, I get some message from saying that I do not have permission to access the little hogul's site.

Oh, the horror of horror's that went through my little head. Did Mr Google make good on his promise to give the little slut the name of my ISP, the address of my little house of ill repute in West Bumfuck, Ohio (reminder: Sale this week, all services, 50% off in anticipation of an FBI raid the week after the Fourth of July) along with my mugshot and a copy of my DL?

Things were surely swimming through my little head and it sure as hell wasn't Mr. Google's sperm unlike someone we know.

Anyway, I looked at the little message explaining WHY I couldn't view Tila's site. It was BLOCKED by the WiFi site for having inappropriate material, namely what they deemed pornographic images. So Tila, not only is your blog a FAIL, but it's BLOCKED at a few WiFi hotspots!

But wait, I can see the little protest forming as you kick off your lucite hooker shoes in advance of a little mogul tantrum.
Oh, all the legit celebrity blogs are blocked so it's not just me!

But wait there, Alien Head: I did a little research starting with the big guns of gossip, TMZ... ah nope, they be there.

Oh, I can here you saying it now: Tila's Rot Spot has to be blocked, they aren't a legit gossip blog! Nope, fail again Einstein! Waves to Rotty and the gang! You all came in loud and clear. So did the rest of these gossip blog sites:

Perez Hilton - check!
Zennie62 - check!
The Tila Truth - Yep! We see ya!

I could go on all night but won't, as spending any more time on you tonight would bum me out seriously and hey, the dog's not going to let herself out!

But I will leave with this: classy gossip bloggers rejoice!!! Tila's little flog is totally BLOCKED at a major, nationwide automotive chain WiFi's hotspot, while all the "good" little gossip bloggers are allowed! There is justice in this world! I really won't say which chain it is because I'd hate it if she convinced her little tween army to make a bogus boycott of it. I have no idea what form it could take as the vast majority of her little half-wit tween army doesn't drive yet (thank heaven for small miracles). I guess I could worry that her 50 year old wanna be pedos could boycott but the majority of them haven't left their mom's basements since 1989, don't work and can't afford their own car, OR have their driver's licenses suspended or permanently revoked for some reason or another. All these reasons aside, I'm sure that the court-ordered chemical castration drugs have zapped any motivation they might have had to do ANYTHING productive in life, so I guess I really don't have to give them a second thought either.

So, what to do, what to do? Should I post the name of the wonderful automotive chain that doesn't support Ms. Wonky Nipples?

Ah, forget it I'm tired and I want more pizza if my dear hubby hasn't snagged it first. So good night, and everyone have a Goodyear! *wink wink*

Dung said...

i think tila is such a dictator. she has her poor "army" attack people when they start to question her. she wants to blame other people for bad things and keeps all the credit for the good things to herself. now she says she is "God's angel" next thing she will claim she is God. only a sick woman like tila can make something tragic (ex situation with Haiti and Casey death) into her own personal gain for publicity.

alison m m said...

What about Stuporgirl looks for a job in the REAL world?

Eduardo Retardo said...

These are all great ideas! These should keep the artist busy for a long, long time. :)

Thanks guys.

rob said...

I would like to see Stuporgirl training and using HER mind-controlled slaves against the Illuminati's. It would become a classic piece of literature- the struggle between good versus evil, the ambiguity of what and who is ultimately 'evil', and the corruption and exploitation of innocent minds by someone more calculated by themselves. Epic. Tila could have fembot gun nipples, but alas they always fail because she can never get the gun barrel to actually aim at the person she's standing in front of. Tila army training would involve weaning, potty-training and suggestive diaper removal. The illuminati wouldn't stand a chance.

kristi (myhrette) said...

@BKiddo there is no way to chronicle the lies without it taking the next 20 years and Stuporgirl moving up into a four panel!

Wait...that would be kinda awesome. Never mind! ;)

andmommymakescrazy said...


you can see a time line in images of tila's head at

she talks about the massive changes

Ima said...

@ Ghost of Chunks - wanna bet she blames "The Others"?

vicky said...

I would personally like to see a stupor girl with the writers of this blog living with pedo's in Bumfuck Iowa. That would crack me the fuck up.

And Apocryphalyou..I love your comments, I must say. As for Ralph..any skank can get into it, just get your bogan boyfriend to send in a pic of you in your undies and voila! your a Ralph chick..

Funny, i had a falling out with a girlfriend who's Spanish Fillipino, 4 ft something, as skanky as Tila and thinks she's top shit cos she got into some Ralph pageant with other plain ass chicks that are like a low rent Heidi Montage(or whatevs the fuck her name is)..insipid little insecure bitch..

Wow, I actually had a REAL Tila in my life..fuuuuuck

SatansIlluminati said...

I just cannot get past the wonky nipples, how about the adventures of Tila and her two sidekicks?

Nikky Raney said...

Have i told you lately that i love you

MsWonkyTits said...

@ghost of chunks- brilliant post! That just made me feel so warm and fuzzy knowing she was blocked. My day is getting a little better.