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Friday, August 20

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Many years ago I befriended a wonderful 81-year old lady named Connie. I'd go to her house, late at night, and we'd watch Howard Stern together. In the 1950's she was banned from her bookclub for introducing racy novels to the ladies. Absolutely the most badass little old lady I ever met.  I had to help her move her belongings when she was forced into an assisted living home. One item was her brass bed. As we took it apart she explained how her late husband was so delirious with pain from cancer, he bent the headboard rails by grabbing them and twisting. Though he was given morphine for his pain, it wasn't enough. Sadly, he died in that horrible pain. Two years after we got her settled into the assisted living home, she too succumbed to cancer, but not before begging her doctor for more morphine than he was allowed to give her. She told me at times the pain was so horrendous that she actually stopped feeling it, her mind would just take her to another place. Her doctors, she explained, felt giving her more morphine was a certain death sentence. At 83 years old, tomorrow was just as much a death sentence. It was heartbreaking knowing this dear lady had to watch her husband die from the most horrible pain imaginable, and now she was reliving the whole nightmare with her own. 

Since then, I've witnessed the effects of cancer and the oftentimes horrific, excruciating pain that goes with it. Each time, morphine was the drug of choice prescribed by the physicians, and often it was just a bandaid, so to speak. The drug is so highly regulated, and so difficult for doctors to justify prescribing, that it seems oftentimes, that only certain painful death will loosen the doctor's hold on their prescription pad.

What does this have to do with Tila? Well, if you take a look at the video shot yesterday on Robertson, by, you'll hear her in the first minute mention that she's on good drugs, that the cashiers in the store she just exited asked if they could have what she's on, and she wondered why they would want to be on morphine at work. Of course, she's weaving all over the place, and kinda stumbling. She claims it's because she's dizzy from the morphine.

Morphine. An opiate drug so powerful, that doctors used to have to hand-write prescriptions with certain codes to ensure the prescription wasn't being forged. A highly-addictive drug that would never be given to an addict without a justifiable reason and under the direction and supervision of a physician. A drug that cancer patients, in the throes of pain, often have to beg for, because doctors have to dole it out in limited amounts to ensure its not abused. A drug that is often the last resort for doctors and cancer patients to control pain so great, no human should ever have to endure.

Morphine. A drug Tila would like us to believe was prescribed to her 7 days ago for 2 tiny cuts on her face that required neither stitches nor glue. Two tiny cuts that have no auxiliary bruising. A drug Tila would like us to believe she's been taking every day for 7 days after receiving those 2 tiny cuts.

My friend died an agonizing death, because her doctor took great care in trying to relieve her pain, and yet not allow her to abuse the drug. And Tila wants us to believe her pain for two little bitsy, teeny weeny cuts, was so great that a powerful drug, used primarily for the excruciating hellish pain of cancer,  was needed to control it for the duration of a week. 

Fuck you Tila. Fuck you and your moron army who believe every lie out of your ugly, twisted little fat mouth. Fuck you for thinking you're such a badass, yet you whine about the pain of two little cuts. My 4 year old broke the radius bone in her arm, and every bone in her wrist from a fall at the playground. Guess what? No morphine. No pain meds at all. She was casted up and sent home. I kissed her owie, and that was the end of it. She didn't send the pictures to TMZ. She didn't parade her little 3-foot tall self down the street begging for attention. She didn't threaten to sue the playground.  She wasn't "in" bedrest for a week, not even a day. She didn't whine for a week, hell, she barely whined for an hour. My tiny little girl took her lumps, and walked away. That is badass Tila. 

And my friend, Connie? Fuck, she was as "G" as you get. She wore orthopedic shoes, support hose and polyester pantsuits.  She'd kick your little pansy ass from here to fucking Florida. 

Go ahead Tila, milk this situation. Try to cause problems for ICP and the Juggalos. For a minute you actually had the concern, the support and the sympathy of many around the country. Haters actually came to your defense. Guess what Tila, you're changing the haters back to haters, and your supporters to haters. Juggalos that might have supported you, are now realizing why the ones who threw shit at you, felt compelled to do so. They are thinking if they could only turn back time one week, they could have enjoyed the same luxury of throwing shit that they just condemned.

In closing, you claimed you were driving your LEASED Lamborghini while under the influence of a Schedule II controlled substance. Hope your idiot army doesn't think that's an appropriate option. We know your doctor did not give you morphine, but you were definitely on something. 

Keep on lying bitch, you're writing the script for your karma right now.


Jennifer said...

Ughhh!!! My very good friend who had health problems very recently spent a month in and out of hospitals. She was bleeding internally. She almost died. The doctors had to remove parts of her reproductive system to save her. She was in constant pain. One of the strongest persons I know, crying incoherently into her hospital bed. The doctors gave her Tylenol for her pain. And Tila expects us to believe she scored morphine for her scratches?!? Fuck you Tila you have no idea what true pain is. Whatever 'pain' you have ever gotten are from ass-kickings you deserved 100%.

FUYU said...

I can't believe Tila went out shopping and wasn't pelted in the process. I seriously don't think she's safe anywhere.. not even walking down Robertson.

I was touched by Connie's story. Connie and your little girl really are bad-asses Fatty. I don't know what it's like to have a broken bone (I'm a lucky one) or even imagine how horrible it is to endure the pain from cancer. I can't even endure cramps from my own period sometimes.

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

Wow. Tila is an ugly fucking bitch. Of course, we all knew that. I hope this whore loses everything and rot on streets until she dies.

When I was a little girl, I was at a playground with my Aunt. It was just her and me. I went down on those corkscrew-type of slides and stupidly, stretched my arms out at the sides. As I was going down, my right hand banged really hard against the steel pole which fractured a finger.

It was painful all right. But, I took it like a real person and sucked it up. I had to wear a finger cast for few weeks and by then, it healed and I was able to move that finger again. See, bitch? No morphine or fucking bed rest! Stupid cunt!

Oh, by the way, this isn't the worst accident I've ever had. I believe I was the same age or younger. Mom warned me not to go on the exercise bike we had in our old house and I ignored her. While she was gone, I sat and messed around with it. When I got off, I felt a quick sharp pain on my right foot. I looked down and my bottom sock was red instead of white.

This time, I did really cried. I was horrified because I never saw so much blood before. I had the courage to take the sock off and discovered the machine tore a piece of my skin off from the toe area. I even formed quite a pool of blood from the bathroom. Fortunately, my older sister was there to help me. Mom was angry, but she and our father took care of my wound and it healed. Shit, you would expect to get a scar from it, but oddly enough, I have no scar whatsoever.

My point is, Tila, if my accidents didn't end me in bed rests, then, surely your stupid incident doesn't warrant bed rests or morphine, either! You're just attention whore! Fucking die already!

Anonymous said...

I've said before she meets some of the criteria for Munchausens by internet, the more modern term being virtual factitious disorder.

Read this and see if you recognize anything . . .! (from Wikipedia, but can be sourced elsewhere)

People who demonstrate factitious disorders often claim to have physical ailments or be recovering from the consequences of stalking, victimization, harassment, and sexual abuse. Several behaviors present themselves to suggest factors beyond genuine problems. After studying 21 cases of deception, Feldman listed the following common behavior patterns in people who exhibited M√ľnchausen by Internet:

-Medical literature from websites or textbooks is often duplicated or discussed in great detail.
-The length and severity of purported physical ailments conflicts with user behavior. Feldman uses the example of someone posting in considerable detail about being in septic shock, when such a possibility is extremely unlikely.
-Symptoms of ailments may be exaggerated as they correspond to a user's misunderstanding of the nature of an illness.
-Grave situations and increasingly critical prognoses are interspersed with "miraculous" recoveries.
-A user's posts eventually reveal contradictory information or claims that are implausible: for example, other users of a forum may find that a user has been divulging contradictory information about occurrence or length of hospital visits.
-When attention and sympathy decreases to focus on other members of the group, a user may announce that other dire events have transpired, including the illness or death of a close family member.
-When faced with insufficient expressions of attention or sympathy, a forum member claims this as a cause that symptoms worsen or do not improve.
-A user resists contact beyond the Internet, by telephone or personal visit, often claiming bizarre reasons for not being able to accept such contact.
-Further emergencies are described with inappropriate happiness, designed to garner immediate reactions.
-Other forum members post on behalf of a user, exhibiting identical writing styles, spelling errors, and language idiosyncrasies, suggesting that the user has created fictitious identities to move the conversation in their direction

josephgein said...

mrsgein here: You're absolutely correct, Fatty. I work in the Pharmacy field, and have never heard of an ER doctor precsribing a Sched. II opiate if the patient in question is not COMPLETELY proven to be opiate/opioid tolerant. Morphine(depending on the strength)can be a death sentence(chest locks up, breathing stops.) How could the doctor feel comfortable using his DEA number on a script for a known "celebrity" addict? Suffice it to say that, yeah, we all know she's lying. She's not on Morphine unless she bought it off the street from the same guy she buys her meth from. Thanks for listening.

josephgein said...

Awesome comment, khandersuk. I would have thought that this was written specifically about Tila. Uncanny.

Unknown said...

I've not got much to say on this Fatty but thank you for sharing your story about your friend Connie, she sounds like she was some lady. When you compare Little Miss Gutterslut to an individual that has really suffered or had genuine obstacles thrown at them in life - and fought on, it's almost sickening that she dares to think she has suffered in any way.

Unknown said...

I take morphine daily and its NOT due to cancer. I will not give the satisfaction of listing my medical condition as to why I would need it but I will say it is used to control a chronic pain issue. I take 30 mg pills 3 in the morning and 2 in the evening and I have been on it for over a year. Its not that the drug is as sacred and hard to get as you say. It is often the next step for those with high opiate tolerance who no longer get relief from the vicodin percocet families. There is a long acting version that can be easily regulated and is not easily abused. If I am able to access this medication with ease, I dont find it the least bit difficult to believe she can as well considering what we know about doctors in Hollywood and their affinity for passing out opiates. Sorry that your 81 y/o friend had issues having her pain regulated, but I hate to tell you, you are wrong in the assumption that it is hard to obtain.

chey said...

@Julie - just because you have found a dr that will prescibe such a powerful drug does not make it easy to obtain. For every one story like yours I have heard thousands like Connie's. I find it impossible to believe that any dr, anywhere will prescibe morphine for a few cuts and bruises. They would lose their license. Hmmm, anyone want to call up the American Medical Association?

My morphine story - years ago I broke my arm and shattered the bones in the elbow. The x-ray tech, a medical professional actually yelled out "Oh my God" when she saw the x-rays. They gave me morphine, but not a script. I had to go to the hospital every morning to get a shot. I would lie there for about 2 hours throwing up so after less than a week I said I would just deal with the pain.
Doctors know how addictive and dangerous it is so they're not going to hand it out like candy.

Unknown said...

Julie, It might be also about who you are. I fell of a cliff, shattered my knee cap and had to have it replaced with plastic, broke my ankle, broke 4 ribs and my leg at the knee bent upwards. Know what they gave me? Tylenol. Some people are troopers and can just deal. Others.... they are Tila who got 2 tiny scratches and they sue.....

Fatty McFatterson said...

Morphine isn't impossible to get, and for some people, it seems easier than for others. This is my experience with people who have needed it and have had doctors who were very conservative in their approach to dispensing it. My experience has been that doctor's are very careful, especially outside a hospital environment.

My mom takes morphine for chronic, excruciating pain not associated with cancer. Her doctor requires her to submit to drug testing, and she's watched very very carefully.

I actually suspect the reason Tila waited to get back to California to see a doctor was she wanted to see her own doctors to persuede them to give her scripts for harder stuff than she really needed. She would have had a much tougher time persueding a strange doctor to give her the type of meds she's used to.

I do appreciate everyone's opinion and experiences with this drug, in particular, because I realize there's a range and I've only covered one small segment of that continuum. My point wasn't that it was a hard drug to score, the point was that Tila is trying to tell us her pain is so bad that medication usually reserved for cancer patients and folks with moderate to severe pain is appropriate for 2 small scratches. Morphine is not on the front lines for pain, like Tylenol, Vicadin, Percocets, and others.

Unknown said...

I completely agree. If she mentions the phrases "a brutal attack" and "violence against women" one mire tine I may be forced to make a several thousand mile trip to slap the fuck out of her.

A brutal attack is having cigarettes put out on your feet so you're unable to run away.
A brutal attack is being thrown down the stairs then dragged back up them by your hair, and so it starts again.
A brutal attack is being kicked so hard in the abdomen, you miscarry the 4 month old fetus you didn't even know you were carrying.

Two superficial cuts is not a brutal attack that a doctor (my boyfriend is one) definitely wouldn't prescribe morphine for. Tila likes to play the victim, she wants to be a martyr and if she's the poster child for violence against women then they're fucked. She's an embarrassment, parading up and down the street with that ridiculous plaster on her face and threatening lawsuits, acting the fucking martyr.

Those things I listed as examples have happened to me. I don't want to be a poster child for anything, I was too ashamed/humiliated/terrified of telling my own family let alone posting ten million pictures for the world to see. I didn't even care about justice let alone lawsuits. For me surviving was enough...

Sandy said...

I love how Tila has a body full of tattoos, yet needs morphine for 2 cuts on her face. I've never gotten a tattoo, but from what I understand, they don't tickle.

Sandy said...

Fatty, you think itt's possible that Tila waited to get medical attn in California, because maybe she was already on drugs and didn't want them finding out? She wanted whatever drugs in her system to work their way out before being seen/getting bloodwork done? What is the time frame from her Juggalo incident, to the time she actually, physically saw a doctor in Cali?

Alabama Worley said...

Just realize in LA (as here and in large city) people are less on the hard shit and more on pills.

She waited to get home to go to HER dr or at least his prescription pad. Everyone who has any credibility in the celeb world gets hooked up with a quack (as do a lot of other types).

But if she had a 2nd trimester mischairage she would have required some opiates, why wasn't it mentioned then. OH because she couldn't sue the chair.

IF this goes to court she will have to submit her dr bills, including her prescription costs.

Anonymous said...

Fatty, thanks so much for sharing this story. Your friend Connie sounds like an amazing, badass woman.

The saddest part of this whole Tila spectacle is that her fans are missing out on meeting and being inspired by real people who have done REAL, amazing things in their lives. Two examples for me are my late Gramps and my late Uncle, both of whom served in WWII. They knew the real meaning of "Army." And they both continue to inspire me, even though they're gone. Those of us who have Connies in our lives know how much one person can change your life forever, just for being them.

I wanted to puke when I saw Tila had named herself Hero of the Week for her harrowing 15-minute survival of a lip-syncing performance. Gramps and Unc survived real battle, and when they were battling Parkinson's and cancer at the end of their lives, you heard nary a peep of complaint--those are real heroes.

It's too bad people like Mittee and beyondbettyjean choose to admire someone like Tila instead.

Sandra said...

Wow Fatty thanks for sharing your stories Connie and your little one are "badass".

I've had 5 broken bones in my life, stitches more than 8 times and three surgeries. No morphine, some strong opiates but they were needed. A week and a half ago I was diagnosed with MS, I cried for about 2mins and got over because well what can I do, may as well enjoy life not feel sorry for myself. For 6weeks I've had double vision and partial paralysis and I still went to work as a hair stylist everyday working 40 hour weeks. Making people feel sympathy for you over two small cuts is so low and sad. Doesn't she realize everyone in the world has a story (much bigger and worse than hers), everyone has seen or felt suffering, I can't believe she doesn't feel embarrassed whining over this. It's just unbelievable.

And you are right the people that did feel sorry for her are now realizing it's all another attention ploy. I find it so funny she's getting ripped by all these news outlets and TV shows, she's now just sealed her fate as a punchline.

Sandra said...

Oh and I just caught Tila in another lie she posted this twitter-

Damn ya'll type too fast I cant keep up! LOL ok well I think Im gonna go play dress up now! Then organize! I'm a neat freak! LOL brb xox

I thought she always says on her videos how messy she is, gosh she can't even keep basic lies straight, especially ones she has said alot.

Annabelle Warren said...

I have been given Morphine for Chronic pain and after surgery (to bring home) but it was very closely monitored and I had to bring in my bottle each appointment to do a pill count. It's not impossible to get but it isn't easy either. Docs will prescribe it based on your medical history, medication sensitivities, allergies etc.
I bet she could convince a doctor in L.A. to prescribe them for her especially if she proves she has a tolerance and needs the stronger medication because of her tolerance. I'm not talking about addiction but someone who has been on them a long time will have a higher tolerance so stronger and stronger meds are needed to produce the same pain relief. If she went into her Docs office crying that she had a terrible headache and was "beat up" by bottles hitting her head, she might be able to convince her own doc she needed the stronger medication. Especially docs to even semi famous people. They seem to be able to get strong drugs more often than the average joe (usually when they don't really need it)
Dilaudid is stronger than Morphine and it can be prescribed to take at home but again there has to be very good reasons for it normally (unless you are rich and or famous).

If I went into my doctors office and asked for Morphine for the small cuts to the head I'd be laughed out of the office and possibly flagged for drug seeking behavior. There are unscrupulous docs that would give it for such minor maladies but they cost big money and service the "elite" mostly, IMO.

Tila makes a mockery of REAL pain and the ones who really need that education for REAL PAIN who cannot get it because of assholes like her who fake it for drugs. I have never wished ill on someone but after this latest stint I wish her harmed so badly that she will feel the wrath of every lie she has told and every persons REAL PAIN that she has mocked.

California Dreamin' said...

I am loving the fact that more and more media outlets are losing their sympathy for this attention whore. While most of them Dont support violence, they ARE calling her out for being a moron and a sympathy hound.

You don't pick a fight with someone carrying a loaded gun any more than you would taunt an angry crowd of juggles and juggalettes. She is a pathetic idiot :)

Shawne Merriman has to be laughing his ass off right about now!

Anonymous said...

A direct loogie hit from the famewhore's diseased mouth into the faces of people who've prayed for death to relieve their loved one's agony. Disgraceful mockery of true pain for her own publicity.

Unknown said...

OK, so I consulted with Mr. Jayden's Chunks who just happens to be an MD. Morphine is a drug prescribed for more than cancer, especially chronic pain conditions, but there is no way no how a reputable physician would give anyone a morphine script for two little owies on her head and a couple of body bruises. They wouldn't even give something like vicodin. Tila is either lying to make her condition sound so much more dramatic (imagine that!) or went to some kind of Dr. Feelgood and did not end up at an emergency room as she claimed. An ER physician would never prescribe something like this. The mister actually thought this was funny. Then I told him about "on bedrest" and he wanted to know who the hell was telling me all of these tall tales.

The other thing he mentioned was that she shouldn't be covering those scabs. She's only doing it for effect and they're not going to heal properly without circulation.

Unknown said...

after having recently undergone emergency surgery to have my perfoated bowel repaired, i was given dilaudid (synthetic morphine) i couldnt have told you my name, where i was, let alone walk anywhere... so fuck you tila. you do know know what real pain feels like... try being disembowel and having your insides rewired.... try having 5 feet of your fucking colon removed and the rest sewn off and rendered useless.... try spending 5 days in the ICU on so many drugs that you dont even know your parents or your husbands faces.... they gave me a pump for pain (but it was regulated by the doctors, couldnt go over a certain dose in a certain time period)... one night i pressed that pump 40 times in 2 minutes because i was in agonizing pain... i am still in pain and on painkillers but hardly an addict. so fuck you tila. fuck you. i would love to fucking disembowel you and show you what real pain is bitch. come to florida, we're the same size, and i know i can take your bitch ass... post op even.... fuck you, you whiny little 'gangsta' wanna be... i hope you experience *REAL* pain... i hope someone runs you over in your own lambo... i hope someone cuts you from navel to nose....

I have experienced (and still do, on a daily basis) real pain. So step off bitch, I know you read these comments you said excuse for a human being, may you rot in hell.

With Hate,

Una said...

I seriously laughed when i heard her say she was on morphine. You have to have two cells as your brain to believe that.
She is good at manipulation. I don't think her army actually listens to what she says as in to the words themselves, they just go with the tone of her voice or her writing as she does it. She could say the sky is black and they will all go with it, not because it is a fact but because of the way she says it. I've noticed that while reading her stuff. It's not about what she says, it's how she says it.

Unknown said...

Wynona Rider. nuff said.

Anita said...

I took care of my mother when she had cancer, her last days were spent in so much pain, pain I could never imagine going through, and yes, her doctor gave me liquid morphine to give her. I sat day after day watching the strongest woman I have ever known suffer until she finally passed away. So FUCK YOU YOU PIECE OF SHIT, tila. I really hope and pray that someday you do feel that kind of pain. I hope and pray that one of your std's kills you and i hope you suffer for a long time. Then you will know what true pain is.
Keep up the great work rotspot.

Seola said...

When my husband was about 10 years old, the dumbass decided to climb some headstones while his mother and grandmother were visiting a family's plot.

He climbed, he tumbled and the headstone fell on his face. (Thank God he lived 20 minutes from Mayo and amazing plastic surgeons - one tiny scar.) His doctor to clear out the blood and stone had to stick his finger in his cheek bone. They gave a 10 year old with a crushed cheekbone and face meet hanging out some vicodin for 3 days then Motrin.

I do concur that Morphine isn't the hardest to get in some senses. It seems with cancer patients (5 of my husband's family has passed in the last 7 years from cancer) it's tougher. I was given it for my pelvic bone when vicodin and percocet didn't work and I didn't feel relief from Opana ER. However, in my case and the one mentioned by Julie - it was a progressive prescription. Tila had no prior scrips that we are aware of that would have been strong enough to include morphine.

All the issues mentioned in these stories, my own stories, etc. have progressively worse issues. Tila suffered two scratches. I do believe there's a possibility she may have been given some muscle relaxers if the doctor felt she was banged up enough all over (self-inflicted or not), but certainly not morphine as the first line of defense.

Unknown said...

Great post! My daughter broke her nose a couple of weeks ago. Her "medicine" (as Tila calls it - WTF?) was Tylenol. I herniated a disk. My medicine was "suck it up because nothing will help anyway." I've had migraines for 30 years. I have painkillers but they last me a whole year. Given the bad publicity surrounding doctors and prescriptions these days, Tila wouldn't get morphine for scraped face meet.

Unknown said...

Well said, Fatty. I felt sorry for the little..oh, I cannot even come up with a word to express my complete loathing and disgust for her/it. She deserves everything she got and more. Much, much more.

Unknown said...

If a doctor did prescribe her morphine for those tiny scratches he should be investigated.

My sister had a C-section and they gave her Tylenol 3 for 3 days after she got out of the hospital. Was she still in pain after 3 days? Fuck yeah! She was told to get just extra strength Tylenol.

When I had my appendix out as well as when I had 4 impacted wisdom teeth removed they hardest thing I got was percocet.

My sister in law was on a morphine patch and other drugs for a long time due to back surgery, when your on it for chonic pain you can function and go about your day but you certainly run out of steam fast.

I'm thinking if she was really on it she would not have the energy to get dressed up and go shopping.

Although she is an addict so who knows what her tolerance is.

Also side note: does she really think anyone believes that her necklace is a real Chanel?

Oh and her happiness at being photographed is so telling. She is so happy to be back in the spotlight. Even the pics she sent into TMZ one of them she looks like she is smiling. I don't know about any of you but if I was in morphine needing pain from those cuts I wouldn't be smiling and I would have gone to the ER to get them looked at instead of getting on a plane home. Just saying.

Ben said...

Fatty nailed it, the exact reason Tila waited to go to the hospital in CA was for the painkillers. With the injuries she sustained I doubt any hospital would've stitched her up or given her painkillers. And even if they gave her a few vics she would've asked for more and something stronger and outed herself as an addict.

If she does have stitches it's because she has a dirty doctor that she's probably screwing for her scripts.

Anna said...

Sandra, I was diagnosed with MS three years ago and I know how you felt. For three days I was a total BITCH to my husband. But it is what we make of it and I choose to make it an obstacle to overcome. Nothing like a life altering condition to really kick your butt in gear/

California Dreamin', Are they calling her out? I haven't seen a lot of articles indicating that and I have been looking. So far the closest I found was one that pretty much said "She had it coming but it still wasn't cool".

Joann said...

I have read the comments and the various stories touched my heart.

I read some situations here that had me shedding a tear and I personally don't know anyone on this blog but I can understand why this skank telling people she is on morphine WHILE OUT SHOPPING is like a slap in the face to people who have or had family and/or friends on Morphine and know all too well under what circumstances this drug is administered.

I hope at least ONE of her young army robots use their common sense or ask someone in their family about this drug.

A legit doctor will NOT subscribe Morphine to anyone unless a person is near death and they are trying to ease the pain of their last days or their illness/accident is so dire Morphine is needed for pain at this point even though they will recover.

SMH at this idiot OUT SHOPPING and actually admitting she's on Morphine.

I wish we could find out who her doctor is or if she is buying off the street.

Fatty McFatterson said...

I think we all know no legit doctor would prescribe morphine and bedrest for a week to a young patient who got pelted with mostly empty plastic bottles and cans. If Tila is on morphine, she got it off the street.

What pisses me off is I suspect this is all a big buildup for her lolsuit. She figures if she casually drops these mini-bombshells, about being in bed for a weak, being on morphine, etc, that it paves the way for her to say to a judge, 'look, i was in bedrest for a week and on morphine to deal with the agonizing pain of my non-existent stitches, and I have the proof, just look at these pictures TMZ posted and the video from my shopping trip'.

I notice she often feeds info to the media and when the media quotes her verbatim, she says 'SEE, the media agrees with me, that wasn't on my blog, that was on TMZ'. So those pictures will all of a sudden be TMZ's pix and not Tila supplying them with pix.

I want to ensure the bitch has no legs to stand on in front of a judge and jury. She's savvy enough to know that the big headline story (brutal attack by juggalos) will stay on people's minds far longer than the corrections made to her story, which may never make it to the mainstream.

If this ever goes to court, I want the defense to have a clear cut path to the truth.

Here ya go ICP!!! And you Juggalos and Juggalettes owe me some sodey and HoHos! Thank you.

treva said...

Im an RN and I work in a pain clinic. A vast majority of my patients are on narcotic pain meds. Morphine ER and IR are two of the most widely used pain medications. Now, my patients are ALL on disability from their conditions. Most have had multiple surgeries. A lot have cancer, and most of those are terminal. I'd estimate that 40% of my current patients will never see 2011.
My patients sometimes literally crawl into our clinic because their pain prevents them from walking.
FUCK YOU TILA. If I had a 28 year old, apparently healthy, woman walk into my clinic and ask for Morphine Sulfate for SUPERFICIAL facial laserations, I'd turn her around, and kick her ass outta my building myself.
You are SUCH a fraud. I know that reason that SO MANY people hate you is because you've mocked so many troubles that people suffer from by PRETENDING you've suffered the same things.
so, as a pain nurse, who is bipolar, who has had multiple miscarriages and a stillborn child, I have ONE thing to say to you Tila: FUCK YOU.

Anna said...

Fatty, I luvs ya! I'll be more than happy to pitch in for the Sodey and the HoHos, even though I only just recently discovered Psychopathic Records.

You all are amazingly fierce bitches! Luvs you all for that.

Unknown said...

In my earlier rant before I forgot to add:

I was a prescription drug addict; I took anything that was a benzo, barbiturate or opiate and morphine was a particular favourite because I was seeking oblivion... And frankly, there's nothing better.

I'm English so I'm not totally sure about US laws on controlled drugs but I can't see that their particularly different. I have epilepsy (the result of a head injury) and a few months ago I had a seizure, caught my head on the corner of a unit as I hit the floor, causing a fractured skull, a bleed on the brain, concussion and 4 fractured ribs.

I had to have an op to reduce both the swelling and stop the bleeding. Post surgery my head felt as though it was going to explode with pain. I'm not a mard arse, I'm a grit my teeth and bear it kinda girl but the pain had me verging on hysteria. I actually thought it was going to drive me to insanity

Getting to the point now, sorry! Because of my history with abusing opiates doctors were very reluctant to give me any kind of analgesics even though I'd done rehab (y'know the real way without telly camera's and a pay cheque at the end of it) and I'd been clean for more than a year. After 5 days I was given a PCA though it would've been set to a higher dose had I not already had the history I do. To be honest I think I only got it all because my boyfriend is a doctor and while they may've not trusted me, they trusted his word. Despite that it was made very clear while I was on morphine I was not going to be discharged. Because of that I was in hospital almost a fortnight longer than I medically (as far as recovering from my op) needed to be.

I also have a drug called Midazolam which belongs to the Valium family. Diazepam has been routinely used to stop seizures for years but midazolam is the new wonder drug as it also protects the brain from Status Epilepticus and it's not as invasive when administered (diazepam = rectal, midazolam = buccal). Anyway this is a recorded drug not controlled (apologies I don't know the US equivalent) yet there was an ethics meeting regarding whether I should be prescribed this... Basically whether the pro's outweighed the cons. Their duty of care re. my epilepsy means they didn't have much choice BUT it's under the proviso I don't have access to it and I am routinely tested to make sure the levels if it in my body (I unfortunately need it regularly) correspond with the what it should be based on the times my boyfriend has administered it.

Tila got those meds from a dirty doctor undoubtedly. Society likes to think such thing doesn't exist; a doctor
wouldn't abuse his position or take advantage of someone's addiction thus vulnerability. I never once acquired my drugs
from a dude on a street corner...

I'm trying to make (and hopefully have done!) the point that as known abuser if prescription drugs I am watched very closely by the medical profession. I can't see in the US it's much different. I am very upfront about my drug abuse with my doctors though unlike Tila I'm not proud of it, the contrary BUT I have no intention of going back to that life again... It was hell and I wasted the latter of my teenage years on a man who beat me and chasing oblivion to try and forget those horrors in my head.

I used to find Tila entertaining, now she sickens me. I may not have a "Lambo" (does anyone else wanna scream when she types that?) but I can finally look myself in the mirror and like who I am...

Apologies for the rambling length of this post and if you're reading this bit then thanks :)

Anonymous said...

on the news in chicago today (talk radio, am780) they made the most LOLzy statement:

"tila tequila is not taking any crap.. especially after it was thrown at her at the gathering of the juggalos".

Unknown said...

My mother & father currently have cancer. My dad has battled 6 different types alone (trust me, they are writing textbooks about him LOL) in the last 2 years. My mom just got diagnosed. Both are doing amazing by the way, so I am not complaining. I am beyond proud of them and the fight they continue to do so with dignity. Both have been prescribed dilaudid and morphine. My father was a top gun pilot growing up and I can tell you while he was on morphine, he was FLYING. He was not the same man. I was happy however, that he was free from pain. (or free-er I should say). Dilaudid made it impossible for my mother to get out of bed or stay awake. Neither had used pills previously. But they warranted the need for those medications. Not a scratch. I had septicemia a couple years ago and was on dilaudid for a week and I was telling friend from the ICU that mermaids were styling my hair. LOL. I needed the dilaudid because I am on opiate therapy for a neck injury from a car accident (norco) so my tolerance was higher. Even so, every thing I've had done since - a root canal, etc... I've never been prescribed ANYTHING that strong. It's always been lortab 5's or vicodin 5's. I pass. She is totally using a quack doctor or ordering ONLINE (which sadly I had some friends who used to do with addictions years ago). I know that prescription drugs like that are monitored in some states. California, I'm not so sure. Some pharmacies have a database where you cannot get too many scripts filled in a short period of time. Like I said in an early post, I left there 4 years ago, so I have no idea what it's like now. But I was raised there and I don't remember it being THAT easy. So she's got to have some nut job giving her something that she's mixing with something else. Whatever it is, she's abusing it or she wouldn't be slurring her speech and acting like she does. She won't win a case. They'll require medical records. (I'm in a lawsuit right now for that car accident). They will want her records for the last few YEARS to prove she hadn't had any other issue that could have caused her to bleed worse, etc. That would be explosive for her. My guess is this will fade soon. Maybe when her porno comes out. Lying witch.

My heart goes out to all of you and your experiences. I know we're united in our efforts to bring truth to this woman - but behind it all - we're all real people and it's heartbreaking to hear how her lies are hurting everyone.

Unknown said...

Oh and just to cheer you up


Tuesday said...

F&*$! I love this blog! :)

@ khandersuk ...WOW! Just wow! I have never heard of Munchausens by internet but, that is amazing. I do have experience of being around my father's mother, who did have Munchausen Syndrome. Yes, it's "grandmother" but, I despise calling her that.

She would feed us food and we would all get violently ill, having to stay with her, miles away from our home. If we weren't sick from her, she was sick or, the other family around her was sick. We cannot prove murder but, quite a few folks died not long after she started taking "care of" them. It took YEARS and YEARS for us to put all the information together. Munchausen Syndrome is very rare. We knew nothing about it for the longest time. She's dead now. It was quite the joy knowing that she will never be able to harm another again.

ANYWAY, I was bit in the face by a dog, some years back. I had a pretty small bite, considering the size of the dog (100 lbs. Half Chow/Half German Shepard), but eventually, I had 3 plastic surgeries, one was a laser surgery. I had 18 stitches in total. Not once did I get morphine. LOL! I did get some prescription, pain killer but, I think it was just Ibuprofen. For the laser surgery, they gave me a vicodin or something before I left and, that was it. I did rest. You bet I did but, only like a day or two.

For the record, I'm the BIGGEST baby in the world. I had ONE contraction when I was pregnant and asked for the epidural. HAHAHA!!! My friends always laugh at the big wimp I truly am. Seriously though, people are really understanding of me, but I guess it's because, I don't go around saying, "I'm a bad ass." I think my own friends would throw things at me if I said such a ridiculous thing...haha! No, no, no bad ass here.

Tila is so full sh!t. Now she's saying she got pulled over for speeding and no mention of going the wrong way on a one-way street or, passengers without seat belts.

Question: I can't figure out for sure- is Tila stupid or, does she think everyone else is stupid? Honestly, I really can't decide. Could it be both? LOL!

Liarface Raney said...

I had a close friend die of leukemia. He smoked pot like most people do. He sadly got a batch of bad and it caused fungus in his lungs. He was given the choice for chemo and morphine or to allow the fungus to take over his lungs and suffocate. He was given the choice to die from suffocation or cancer. He chose cancer over that.. with morphine to ease the pain. He was not able to be treated with an antibiotic and still do chemo. it was one or the other. He chose the chemo and morphine over suffocating. I feel the pain of anyone who has to watch what I saw. Morphine is for people who can't deal with anything else... it's not for cuts and bruises.

He died in pain due to his leukemia and I'll never forget how he said he didn't want to suffocate to death. Fuck you tila.

Anonymous said...


Great write-up as usual. Love the blog.

Like almost everyone else, I have experienced serious pain (or known someone who has) and NOT (apparently) had Tila's experience with doctors prescribing prescriptions all willy-nilly. I have syringmyelia, secondary to a congenital brain malformation (fixed with surgery). The syrinx, or cyst, exists in the spinal cord and slowly expands taking up room and pressing on the nerves. It can be extremely painful. I have been prescribed anything from Tylenol 3 to Dilaudid (more recently), but most often been told to take Advil (or similar). Believe me, nerve pain is not equal to TINY facial lacerations.

ANYWAY, I also wanted to say that Tila has NO LEG to stand on in a trial. I think we all know this. I was also injured at work (now two years ago) after being assaulted by one of my students, which caused physical and mental injury. I have a lawsuit pending against the city (I'm a city worker) so I can pay my medical bills. A judge recently threw out the case on a technicality. We're fighting it, but my case is a LOT more valid (and my injuries more serious/more permanent) than Tila's fake publicized ones. There is NO WAY that her lawlsuit will ever even be filed. I wish she would just shut the fuck up and go into hiding for a good, long time.

Anonymous said...

Fatty, Thank you so much for your story about Connie. It was moving and it reminds me of how fortunate I am every day. (More of that in a minute.) To all of the people who posted your stories above...You all moved me to tears and I am sorry for all of your pain. We all share a common bond that goes so much further then just hating Tila and I appreciate you more then you know.

Many of you know that I had surgery in June. What you don't know is that I had a total of 14 surgeries in a 16 month period of time. 6 of them were extremely complicated surgeries. This last surgery I had kept me virtually bedridden for the last 2 months. To top it all off, They found out I have a Brain Tumor in my Left Temporal Lobe, which will require surgery, but we will be able to put that off for a little while because at this time it hasn't grown too much from when it was first discovered. If I was single, I wouldn't care so much, but I have 2 small beautiful boys who are 2 and 3 and a husband who is in the Military. All of this makes it tough to maintain a normal life for my family but we remain strong because we know that we'll get through this together.

I see 5 different Doctors but receive medications from only TWO, My Pain Management Dr. and My Neurosurgeon. It can be argued that yes, I receive stronger medication because of my class, Insurance and status, but honestly, I always have plenty of medication left over at the end of the month and I have always asked for non-narcotic medication before taking the hardcore medication I have to take now. It also helps that my husband also goes to each and every appointment with me and he is always there to verify what it is I'm taking and how much. We did that as a safeguard to ensure that I would never become too dependant on painkillers. I take Dilaudid and Oxycontin everyday, and have Norco, Percocet, Vicodin and a few others in my drawer. When you have had as many surgeries as I've had in less then a year and a half, your stash grows quickly. For me, I have always weaned myself off my morphine pump at the hospital (Sometimes within 12 hours) and I only take medication AS NECCESARY. My Dilaudid is so difficult to obtain that only 2 pharmacies in my city carry it. The very first time I went to fill it after being released from the hospital, they thought it was a forged prescription because they very rarely see prescriptions for it and they called the hospital and asked to speak to the Doctor who was in Surgery. They made me wait until the next day for my pain medication because they wouldn't fill my Oxycontin either. Here it is 2 years later and they know me by name and they are as sweet as can be when I come in now!

Anyhow, My point is this....There are many, many people who are in genuine pain and they use these medications responsibly. I am one of these patients. I cringe when I see the medications I use daily just being tossed around lightly by people as if they are recreational drugs. These are powerful drugs that are very dangerous. I do not ever drive on them. I don't care for my children alone on them. Hell, I rarely ever go on Facebook on them, LOL! The people who get these for minor aches and pains by Doctors who are willing to put their careers on the line for someone else's addiction are just amazing. My Pain Management Doctor is constantly monitoring me, but I am a very low risk patient, so I am very fortunate that I am given leeway in changing medications if something doesn't work for me, whereas some people aren't that lucky.

Tila is Lying out her ass and we all know it. She isn't on anything from a Doctor and if she is, then her Doctor will be on Trial when she eventually overdoses. Oh God, what a happy day that will be.

Fatty McFatterson said...

I'd like to take a moment to thank Tila for bringing us all together. There is so much heart and soul in your comments. I am saddened for those who are facing challenges for yourselves or loved ones. It's not always easy,but family and real friends offer a support that unfortunately Tila will never experience. For that, I feel bad. Oh wait, no, that was just gas. I don't feel bad because she has been guided to the path but she refused to take the first step.

She's an idiot, and I have no sympathy for her.

My prayers are with all who commented here.

Joann said...

I'm looking at this reality series this morning called "Jail".

The police brought in this woman who was arrested for shop lifting and when they patted her down they found a meth pipe in her pocket and 2 more in her bra.

The police also fond Morphine pills on her and I immediately thought about this post.

Like you said Fatty, if Tila is on Morphine she got it off the streets just like this woman did.

Buttercream Royale said...
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Anna said...

Argh! Why am I STILL seeing 'poor baby' articles about her? Geesh!

I put this comment down in one of my other posts, but it does bear repeating.

What does she think will happen if she actually does this? What promoter is going to want to work with her? Who is going to want her involve in anything they do if she is going to drag them through the mud? Is she trying to get enough money so she can live the way she wants to and that's it? With her addictions to various drugs and fame, how long is that really going to last?

What serious celebrity or entertainer would want to risk putting themselves in a position where they are not marketable, usable or even desireable? Is she TRYING to kill her career?

I don't get what she is doing or what she is trying to do! Anyone have any thoughts?

treva said...

Leave it to Fatty to get all of us riled up!
Luvya Fatty

Joann said...

Anna....IMO, Tila has obviously been going downhill with her "career" since A Shot Of Love 2 went off the air.

I did read she turned down A Shot Of Love 3(now that I know how she is I find it highly suspect she turned down ASOL3) I think for some reason MTV let her go.

I think she's so deluded about herself and her "career" whether from an overinflated ego or from the drugs she does or both...that Tila has no grip on reality about herself at all.

I'm sure she won't take advice from anyone because she thinks she knows everything and she can do it all herself. BIG MISTAKE.

I guess she still riding on the popularity she had with Myspace(pulling in over a million people) but I read she might have gotten all those people illegally...anyway that ride is over.

From what I have read up on Tila, her whole "career" has been based on sex or something of a sexual nature.

Look at her ads and her videos she's in on her piece of crap blog? Look how she dresses for her bar hopping tours?

Every single area of her naked body has been viewed by millions of people. She can't sing/rap.

The few movies I have seen her in she's been half naked or acting in a sexual way.

Tila needs to be honest with herself and do the porn thing 24/7. She does not have a "career" other than porn.

She's trying to change her image but she's failing miserably because she has no idea how to do it, so she lies constantly about what she does and what she has going on in her life.

She's a phony and people can see it...well everyone except her idiotic army.

Outside of anything of a sexual nature Tila is lost, that's why she screwing up her "career".

Anna said...

Thanks Joann! A lot of that hadn't occurred to me.

One thing that did occur to me...

She is really going on a PR binge with this. Being seen with band aids, talking about bed rest and painkillers and I was thinking about that. She would not do that unless she was trying to win sympathy. But what for? Does she think this kind of a case would require a jury?

Last I checked, only criminal cases have juries. This would be a civil case, otherwise she wouldn't need her own lawyer. And the judge presiding over the case would insist on a lot of physical evidence outside of

"This is what was reported according to the victim's account"

(S)He is going to want to see medical records and police reports. Assuming she actually has a lawyer on retainer, she should already know that.

Joann said...

@Ann...You must not be familiar with Tila's sick ways at all.

She is extremely manipulative, a chronic liar and will do ANYTHING to get what she wants whether it's sympathy, attention or whatever... just for attention. It's a sickness with her.

IMO, this lady is a sociopath. Google that word(sociopath)and see if the markers don't fit Tila and read the old posts on this blog about her.

That's what this blog is all call Tila out on her lies WITH PROOF so people can see what she is really about and who she really is.

Her lies are too many to ignore and her inappropriate behavior towards minors is sick. She needs to be banned from the Internet.

Cybilseyes said...

*raises her hand* I had brain surgery after years of chronic undiagnosed pain. I was on a cocktail of many opiates and non narcotic pain relievers until they figured out what exactly was wrong and how they could fix it. They offered me morphine scripts after the surgery and i held it in my hand as they explained that after taking that drug for a short period of time *they handed me a pamphlet* they told me here was a methadone facility to contact when the script was gone. I handed the script back... wrapped my head (with a wound that resembled a shark bite) back up, and left the office. I am fine. Tila is a pussy. Nuff said.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Tila doesn't know the first thing about how a court works. She has some stupid scenario in her pea-size brain that tells her things operate one way, but her thoughts rarely mirror reality. Tila has it in her head that she's got a judge, a jury, and a whole nation watching on tv as the 300-pound Juggalos slowly drive the freeway in a white Bronco.

Can you imagine the skankified going-to-court clothes 9Head has already laid out in anticipation? Hell, she'll be lucky the judge doesn't mistake her for a hooker from the previous case!

Unknown said...

"She has some stupid scenario in her pea-size brain that tells her things operate one way, but her thoughts rarely mirror reality."

Welcome to Hollywood!

Anna said...


I am familiar with her modus operandi, but sadly, I think I am giving her more credit than I should. Thanks for the smack upside the head. Brought me back to reality.


Considering the toned down look she was in the last time she ventured out, I think we'll all be surprised (and amused) by what he chooses for her. Remember, she is finally showing us the REAL Miss Tila...snicker

Joann said...

@Fatty...I don't know about her looking like a skank in court.

Remember that picture of her going to court or somewhere and she was showing the bruises, from the Shawne Merriman fiasco, on her arms to the TMZ paparazzi...she was all covered up looking like a business woman.

She has clothes to match all of the scenarios from inside her delusional mind when she acts them out for the public.

If the GOTJ lawsuit even goes to court Tila will show up dressed damn near like an elderly woman.

Can't wait for you guys to jump on this. Tila has decided to completely redo her piece of crap blog site because celeb gossip now bores her...Hahahahaha.