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Friday, June 25

postheadericon Tila's biggest fans react

I was reading the comments to my last post, and I saw Fatty say this:
I never posted those tweets in my blog the day I reported on your stunt, because the kids were just that, young teenagers, and I didn't want to exploit their real-feeling grief of the moment, and I didn't want to bring more embarrassment to them when they realized you were just fucking around.

Well Fatty, you're a nicer man than I, because I'm about to show you how they're all reacting to Tila's blog post in my previous post in which she said basically that a lot of her real fans knew it was a joke.

Well Tila, I have 5 of your biggest fans right here.

If you're around twitter at all, you know that Mittiee is like, Tila's biggest fan ever. He is. He's an obnoxious, arrogant little turd, but he's like 15 (excuse me, Mittiee hit me up on twitter to have me make the URGENT CORRECTION that he's 16. Yes, this is what he had a problem with - that I got his age wrong. Oh god, so sorry. There's such a huge difference!) so we can forgive him for that. He also doesn't have the mental ability to argue with the "haters" as he calls them, so eventually he just stops trying and makes himself look more stupid. In any case, here's how he reacted to reading that shit tonight:

Feel good about yourself, Tila?

How about BeyondBettyJean? She and I used to chat back in the Hotspot days. She's a big Tila fan for sure. She was Tila's Army Member of the Week once, and I think she won that incredibly stupid "Make a video to show how much you follow my every idiotic word hate Piggy Perez!" contest. Let's see how she took this news:

Nice! How about now, Tila? You feelin' good? Let's continue. So these next three kids aren't anybody special. What I mean by that is that they don't stand out enough for me to know who they are, except that they argue with the "haters" a lot on twitter. But I know they're totally up Tila's ass, as is evidenced by these next tweets, and I see how they reacted to the blog she put up tonight:

Okay this next one I need to preface a little bit. This kid...oh my Christ. I don't even know that this is a kid - I don't know that any of them except Mittiee are kids. But this one needs to learn the definition of a mistake PRONTO.

Ugh, I wonder what their parents think? Okay listen, this wasn't a mistake. A mistake isn't something you do over and over again. A mistake is something you learn from and, in this caliber, you never do again. It's not fucking hard to not pull a suicide hoax, kids. Unless you're a grubby little attention whore.

What we need to remember - and more importantly, what TILA NEEDS TO REMEMBER, is that she has a following of CHILDREN and YOUNG ADULTS. Look how worried these people were! And she feels good doing this to them? Is she implying that they aren't "REAL" fans because they didn't know it was a joke? Because they worried about her she questions their allegiance? Some role model you got there, kids. Seriously. Grow the fuck up. You're the reason she's doing this. You're the ones who kiss her ass no matter what she does. You're the ones who show her ZERO consequences for these actions, thus telling her it's okay to jerk you around. I'm sorry, but this is what you get.

You know, I have some Tila Army on my twitter. They're decent kids. Yes, these ones are kids. And you know what they tell me? That they don't like it when Tila calls herself their "Mother," or their "God/Religion" because they already have one. They aren't in the Tila Army the same way these people above are. They don't live and breathe for that vile woman. They think for themselves. So I salute you, you free thinkers of the Tila Army. They're just looking for acceptance, and for friendship, and I can't fault them for that. But some of these other ones...whew. I just don't even know.

Parents, take an active role in your kids lives. The end.


Fatty McFatterson said...

This is an excellent post Uncle Eddie. It really reaches to the heart of how Tila is leading these poor people by the nose, and exploiting them. She knows good and well that all these kids believed her, because she has told them to believe her. I'm glad the Gaga thing is in the news, because it gave Tila the opportunity she needed to turn it around and make it about her.
Right now the 'real fans' who she claims to have been on the joke, are few and far between. Most reacted like those you showcased, and wonder why they weren't on the joke as well. How very sad.
I'd go back to June 4 on those tweets to prove how those readers felt at the time, but you pretty much proved my point.
Oh, and even though Tila's 'real' Army may have known about the joke, Tila claims 1 million hits a month on her flog, that means she had to think over 140,000 people would see that post (yes, I know she doesn't have nearly that many readers, but in her mind she does). What about the 139,924 readers who aren't 'real' Tila army? Who would be so irresponsible to play an inside joke, when most of the people aren't insiders?
Oh, some nimcompoop commented on her flog today, that us haters are never happy, because now that she apologized, we're still pissed. No. Tila didn't apologize to her haters. She didn't apologize to the LAPD, the LAFD, the emts, the dispatchers, the city of Los Angeles, the State of California, the casual readers, the people who heard through word of mouth, or the regular fans and Army. She only apologized to the 'real' fans and Army. The 'real' ones, who seem to number a grand total of 2 people.

Also, she didn't thank the haters (myself included) who spent half their day on the phone trying to coordinate her rescue. She didn't thank LAPD, LAFD, emts, dispatchers, and all other people involved in that fiasco, whose motives were pure and who refused to give up on her.

What Tila did was shit on all of us. The sad thing, is the biggest shit hit her fans and Army who weren't in on the joke. I can rinse the shit off at the end of the day, for the fans and Army, it may take a few more rounds with Tila before the stink of her shit is rinsed from their mouths.

alison m m said...

... and what REALLY gets me is that we are upset about her fucking fucking inconsiderate vanity because we care about young unformed human souls ... and if she weren't meddling with them we could concentrate on other issues like the oil spill. Tila is an oil spill, a moral oil spill out of control ... but why do I care? She couldn't give a rat's arse ... oh yeh, I begrudge her existence, I think that she should have to pay back to the grid for breathing.

Ima said...


necro_wafer said...

@beyondbettyjean has been pretty vocal on the comments section. I predict Tila will flip her shit and "ban" her from the "army" the way she has with some of the others who've dared to question her.

I just hope that girl stands her ground and realizes that Tila's approval means absolutely nothing.

Anonymous said...

Up until recently it has been fun to watch the trainwreck that is Tila Tequila continually outdo herself in the vile, skanky, narcissistic behavior department. But lately, and especially with this stunt, it's no longer fun to watch. Now I just want it to be over and for her to get her FINAL comeuppance. I have never, ever wished anyone dead...but in her case I am making an exception.

BKiddo said...

I hope the few remaining fans she has will finally realize that she basically just kicked them in the teeth for caring.
I wonder if there's going to be little army meltdowns here and there, because some will have finally figured out that tila has been lying and manipulating them for so long.
Great post Uncle Eddie

Seola said...

Nother - I have said the same thing about not wishing her dead. I've been quite vocal and told those who don't like it, to not follow me - I'm not cool with people jumping up and down with it. That said - I have, just like others towards me, recognized our differences and let that point of contention go... until this stunt.

I actually caught myself saying that I wished she were dead. She contributes NOTHING at all to society. She worries people needlessly, takes up city and county resources that could be TRULY saving someone's life, she tries to ruin people's lives and careers in her temper tantrums and I'm a bit ambivalent that she didn't have something to do with Casey's death. Tila is the one who said she got her to stop taking medications... but brought street drugs into the equation.

Like my open letter - the things she "jokes" about happen EVERYDAY to us "little people". While I am blessed now to have babies coming down the line, hearing her make such a joke of adoption (we were considering because of the struggles to get and stay pregnant last time), rape (imagine feeling petrified, frozen, scared, crying and even dirty to the core so much you shower 12 times a day for a week, scrubbing yourself raw - to see a post about Tila thinking rape is funny and a joke topic, bringing those emotions back), and suicide (which while I won't go into specifics, has touched me in a way and I know after my letter and some of the comments to me, touched a nerve with dozens of readers of just my letter alone) - she absolutely is a WASTE of air, space and attention. She does NOTHING in life... and I mean that.

I've never found a person that I've wished that much ill, had that much hatred for or believed that there was no good in their heart until Tila. I've long believed that everyone has at least a little good in them. She used to be pretty once, she could have had a long career attaching her name to REAL charity work, trailing with the breast mold she did... but she chose this path. I did not choose it for her. And this path is straight into the depths of hell.

Bar Harmonies said...

lol, she's responding to comments on this post;

Kitschy Kitten said...

Well said. She honestly makes me sick and the world would probably be a better place without her around.

Ben said...

That bitch has gone crazy. Now she's claiming she has been clean for months before CR4 called her up and she's changed to being addicted to Ambien and not painkillers.

She's still such a junkie it's not even funny.

Anonymous said...

This doesn't have much to do with her suicide attempt, but it says a lot about Tila's values and outlook on life. This was posted on her twitter about noon today, again speaking about her haters:


I've known some pretty empty and vain people in the course of my life, but I honestly don't think I've ever known one as completely obsessed with looks alone as Tila seems to be. The only thing that matters is what she looks like on the outside (and babydoll, your habits are aging you FAST). She seems to have no ability to understand just how UGGLLLYY and deformed and hideous she is ON THE INSIDE WHERE IT AFFECTS YOURSELF AND EVERYONE AROUND YOU THE MOST.

And by the way tila, it doesn't take any special skill or looks to get a teenage boy's dick hard. They're hard half the time as it is for no reason at all.

Joann said...

Very insightful post Eddie.

In a way I feel sorry for the few die hard army fans, some of whom you mentioned in your post, who follow Tila blindly and in some ways I don't.

A lot of her minor fans and young impressionable adults need to wake up and learn to think for themselves.

They are not in an army headed by someone who cares about them, they are being led by a sick habitual liar who USES them for her purposes of feeling good about herself.

Tila knows exactly how to "work" her army for control...with sex...which is why she's always half naked on her videos she puts up for them on her blog...with those saynow phone make them feel special that a "real celeb" would take the time to talk with them. Once they are hooked she lies to them by telling them she loves them and proceeds to use them for her own selfish reasons to glorify herself.

I'm pretty sure she don't like them at all. In her warped mind, they are probably no more than pawns she uses to do her bidding.

Tila could tell her army to volunteer at a senior citizens home in their city or state to help the elderly, to contact their local city hall and find out which programs they can join which will help them make a positive difference in their town, mentor young ones who are less fortunate than them in some capacity or even post on her blog their thoughts about the oil crisis in the gulf and what they think should be done. Something positive.

Instead, this skank tells her army, among many other ridiculous things, to attack the haters, she is an angel of God, Oynx is the army's General of State and to show her some respect(show respect to a dog). If this isn't sick I don't know what is.

Tila preys on the innocent and the weak and TRS is doing a hell of a job calling her out and showing how she really operates but until these kids and young adults learn to wake up and think for themselves they don't stand a chance against Tila's madness.

She knows all the tricks to pull and the majority of her army are too naive or simply don't have the smarts to figure it out or see through her sick deceptions.

Anonymous said...

i feel very sorry for those that say they thought jane was real. im actually quite in awe. that is not how MPD works!! these kids obviously are not very bright. i think most of the reason why she has fans is because she gives them the false hopes and dreams that maybe they can meet her and hang out with her and go shopping with her on robertson blvd. she interacts with her fans which is cool, not many 'celebrities' do that, but she also uses it for her own selfish reasons...

Jon and Liz Edmunds said...

I admit I was curious about what her followers said. And none of them said anything about how they understood she is a drug crazed individual who is clearly trying to hold onto her 15 minutes of fame.
Most the people on there wrote comments that would make anyone who faked a suicide attempt feel like maybe they should of atleast actually tried it.
I had a good friend of my brothers kill himself. BUT he had a reason that he felt he couldnt go on with life. He suffered from seizures, and even though he that isnt a excuse none of his close friends knew. In fact most of them thought he was doing ok. He was upset they took away his license, and he couldnt get a job because of his seizures. He wasnt able to provide for his family a way men are expected to.
Tila pretended a suicide attempt at getting attention. WOW that makes one think. She should just "attempt" again but this time try it with a fist full of ambien and hopefully one of your entourage finds your skank ass. I pity Tila. I hope she knows that when people do a special on us She probably will only get 1 minutes. Because in the end she is just a flash in the pan.

Tess said...

These are tweets posted this morning by one of Tila's Army fans who responded to Tila blog about her cutting being a joke:

"@TilaOMG will you please unblock my other twitter account I cant stop crying I just want to die. U r my biggest fan. about 3 hours ago via web"

"@TilaOMG my feelings were just hurt bcuz i prayed 4 you for weeks and then you say the whole thing was a joke with Jane & block my account about 3 hours ago via web"

"So I should stop following u is that what u r saying @tilaomg ? I don't understand ur comment? I am just crying now!!! I luv u Tila! about 3 hours ago via web"

"@TilaOMG You blocked me after I was in ur army for a year! just cuz I asked about the Jane thing SMH Tila ;("

Obviously these kids not allowed to express their feelings or opinions to Tila without being blocked by the disgusting bitch. Its really sad that so many feel they have to kiss her pathetic ass just to remain a fan.

It makes me physically ill to see Tila mess with the minds of these kids. It will eventually backfire on Tila as her young fans mature and begin to see Tila for the effing low ball she is. Some already do!

boytoy said...

I wanna thank Fatty, Gnome, Edurado, and Rotty for bring this blog to life. If this blog wasnt here today tila would still be doing whatever-it-is-she-does and "fans" and people would still be believing her.
I've been trying for yrs to call tila out on her shit along with few other people with no hope. In some areas i have succeded.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eduardo! I am not one to stick up for Mittiee but over here, including the Netherlands, the age of consent is 16 and seeing as you go on about Tila stripping for minors he can challenge that as he is no longer a minor, whereas if he was 15 he would be.

So there is a big difference between 15 and 16 over here.

MsWonkyTits said...

Nother, I couldn't agree with you more. She's not even fun to make fun of anymore. She is seriously deranged and I am so very concerned for these kids and "lost" or just plain stupid adults who listen to gaddamn word she says.
Thanks for the great post Unc!
Everyone remember not to visit her flog so we can take her down sooner. Our lovely ladies here kep us all up to date. This second can't be soon enough to get this bitch off the internet and away from her "Army". Is Rotspot getting more daily hits than her yet??
(By the way, Chandall, I'm so excited we are all 16 again! that's like, so totally cool.)

Nikky Raney said...

This post makes me smile. It was great and I appreciated it very much. I hope that it will make an impact. It really should, because people need to realize what makes sense and what is just batshit crazy.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post as usual Eddie. Tila knows how to manipulate these impressionable teens and young adults by giving them attention and making her fans feel "special". By doing so, Tila validates some aspect that these people need: may it be that they are indeed special, they exist, feel like the belong to a group, etc.

@BeyondBetty knows what Tila is doing is not right in so many levels; she has expressed on Tila's FB page that she loves her and she just wants her to get help and get better. In essence, fans like her are enabling Tila to continue with her cunty, manipulative ways to stay relevant in the media. Do I feel bad for her? Yes, in some aspects because she seems like a smart person; she blindly excuses Tila's constant lying so she can bask in the little community they call the TilaArmy. Is she keeping her blinders on so she won't have to suffer the social repercussions from Tila and other fans for going against the grain and speaking up? Who knows?

jayden said...

Tila preys on the young and weak ---- impotent social outcasts without love and support in their lives. She twists and manipulates their fragile emotions only to make herself feel better. She offers them a false sense of intimacy with a "star" when the truth is she would never have anything to do with them without the "fence" of the internet. Just look at the way she behaved at her garage sale, particularly towards the mom and daughters who drove across the country to meet her.

Tila's "army" serves only one purpose: to boost Tila's ego. I only hope that the children who are involved will eventually grow up and leave it behind without major psychological repercussions. The unstable adults? I think they are lost forever and the entire world will get to deal with them and how much worse Tila has made them.

Lexie said...

I'm embarrassed to say I've been part of the "tila army" but after reading about the whole suicide post being a joke, Ive had enough of this crazy biatch bs!! My friends brother committed suicide back in 02 & its nothing to joke about!! Actually I've had a problem with Tila this past year but I stayed around because I had met some really cool people in the tila army that Ive become friends with. I admit I use to think she was a cute girl with a fun personality but I cant deal with her antics anymore!! So this weekend Im going to tell the "tila army" that I'm no longer a Tila fan but I want to stay friends with them! I have a feeling tho that might not go over well with some of them & if thats the case so be it! If they dont want to talk to me anymore & ban me because I don't like Tila they aren't worth my time!!
Even after Tila said the whole suicide thing was a joke, some of the tila army still stand by the commander of bs! WTF "everyone makes mistakes & we are no one to judge others"??? This biatch lied about suicide, miscarriages, adopting babies, etc etc. The list goes on & on! I guess its ok to lie then?! Seriously some of them stay on twitter 24/7 waiting for Tila to tweet anything! Some of them are young & naive but let me tell you there are plenty of tila army over 18 that worship the ground she walks on! Are they delusional like Tila or just plain stupid?! Both! Other then those people there are a few tila army that are really nice genuine people that just happen to like Tila which I hope to stay friends with....I do regret putting up with Tilas bs for so long & feel bad that Ive pretended to be a full on soldier of the army over the past few months!! Im not the only one that feels this way! Theres been a few Tila fans today that no longer care for her anymore after that post but as long as the rest of her army keeps praising her, I dont think shes going anywhere for now & neither are the tila army!
On that note lets see what the tila army says to me after I go AWOL! This ought to be interesting!

Anonymous said...

What pisses me off is that I suffer from depression and before I got help, I self harmed. Its a horrible thing, its shameful and to be honest, its fucking hard to quit doing it. When you get in the habit of dealing with your emotions with a knife/razor blade/whatever, its hard to break that habit. It took me a long time to be able to deal with my emotions and actually seek help and stop that shit. And now this bitch is making it all into a joke.
Its one thing to joke with your friends about emo kids and cutting, its another to tell a ton of people you just cut yourself up and have them really worried about you and then go 'IT WAS A JOKE, CALM DOWN'. Self harm is a serious issue and yet again, Tila is making fun of something that should be taken seriously.
I honestly can't think of an insult vile enough to throw at her.

Anonymous said...

Her absolute and utter refusal to simply provide a direct answer to a direct question regarding her lies and bad behavior reminds me of my narcissistic ex. I thought he was bad, but even at his MOST narcissistic he wasn't 1/100 of the narcissist that Tila is.

Thank you rotspot for having the intestinal fortitude to follow and report on this. She should consider herself lucky that we're all "hating anonymously behind a keyboard" because if I ever met her...let's just say I have never such a strong desire to punch someone in the face...and I'm sure y'all are with me on that.

Drexel Spivey said...

@Kat Its great that the age of consent is 16 in your country, but Tila doesnt live there. She lives in the US and the servers she uses are located in the US so she is bound by US laws and not yours. So the age of consent in your country is for all intents and purposes irrelevant, so 15 or 16 Mittee is considered a minor in the US.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever watched a documentary on Charles Manson? I saw one a few months back and the ranting and raving lunacy reminded me of her. I wouldn't go so far to say she is exactly like him, but the fact she needs an 'army' to validate herself, her repeated deceptive statements, disorganized speech and her megalomania . . . well, the similarities are there!

deluwiel said...

@Lexie - good for you for standing up and speaking out. You obviously have the brains to know when you're being lied to and played. I hope the friends you've made on Twitter will stay in touch with you. As for the others - the majority of them WILL outgrow the "Army" and move on to much more interesting and productive things. It's inevitable. Tila, however, has somehow managed to get stuck at 14 and will be stagnating there until she dies. Imagine a 50-year-old Tila gyrating around in front of a bathroom mirror in her underwear making kissy faces for the webcam...


oh god. *shudder*

Fatty McFatterson said...

Lexie I'm glad you have the courage to speak your mind and stand up for yourself. I guarantee there are many in the Tila Army who wish they had your confidence and strength. For many, they are lost in the delusion that being associated with Tila makes them something special. To recognize you don't need her and can stand on your own, is a really important step in your own independence, and also Tilas. When her army can feel they can call her on her bullshit, they disarm her. Disarming her is her first step to recovery.

Good luck. We're not an Army, a family or a religion around here. You will not be validated for who you associate with, but we will share some laughs with you and maybe some rants.

Welcome to the world.

paul said...

so this girl that used to be a tila army person is now a resistance member, and she tweeted this, Emily Caldwell, @tilaomg if this is the "real miss tila", who is that bitch always making fun of fat people and hating on people more famous than herself?.....And Methheads response...@EmilyCaldwell The person that I just fired. There is a staff that blogs." right ok, Tila

K.R. Omen said...

I was watching my Hulu Queue the other day, catching up to with my back episodes of V. I started to laugh as I watched Anna, the alien leader, manipulate the visitors with talks of rapture, love and blessings while she systematically plotted against the resistance with scripted assaults and cries for sympathy from the masses. LMBAO. I wonder if our alien is coming up with this in her own delusional mind, or stealing straight from ABC. JOHN MAYS LIVES!

Chunksaplenty said...

@joann I think Onyx deserves the most respect out of anyone can you imagine having to be with that crazy bitch all day LOL that dog is a freaking saint.

Also I think that most of tilas "army" will probly out grow her I remember when I was 13 to 14 and all the crazy shit I was into I look back and I'm embaressed by it now I think when most of them hit they're 20s they'll do the same.

Oh and btw I've been a long time lurker of the rotspot and finally decided to post just to say how much I love this freaking Blog LOL seriously u guys r hilarious.

Ben said...

Apparently a few of her fans ran and told on Alina who used to be a hardcore fan but saw the light. Now they're calling her a traitor and other stuff...way to spread the love to a 15 year old you assholes.

Also, didn't Tila say that her next "others" post would be about how the Catholic church is in line with Satan? Funny that she tweeted:

"I call upon Thee, Saint Germain, for Protection to to help guide me with knowledge, balance & ease. Rid the people who are diseased w/hate."


She really can't go 10 minutes without contradicting herself.

deluwiel said...

yeah, she was babbling on last night about angels and protection and white light... all kinds of "spiritual". Ever notice how she goes off in that direction when the truth comes out about something? (i.e. the UK "performance")? Like deflecting any criticism or questions because she's so in touch with God and angels and that makes her special and elevated. I'm sure any psychologist would love to have a few sessions with her - the journal paper would be epic.

Anonymous said...

Just a comment about the recent "St. Germain" tweet Tila left. I don't know how familiar you guys are with southern hoodoo (NOT voodoo--the two are different), but some of the things Tila has posted and tweeted in the past few months tells me that she (or someone near her) is familiar with hoodoo folk magic. The reference to St. Germain as a guardian, having mirrors around herself to reflect back negativity to those who send it towards her, the "voodoo doll" pic she posted a couple of months back (that was a hoodoo DOLLBABY--used to influence the minds of those you wish to dominate)...all of it shows she's dabbling on her own. I'm familiar with this stuff because my family's from the south and it's a fringe part of southern culture--mostly known in the black community, but plenty of whites also know what it's about and practice it, too--more prevalent than you know.

It's been my experience in the past that when people begin to get deeper in hoodoo practice, they also begin to become quite paranoid and also more obsessed with protecting themselves from the devil and those who might harm them through hoodoo. Some practice it in a very innocent way--love spells, that kind of thing. Some go way over the top--spells to harm others, destroy relationships, etc. Whether you practice it to draw love or to harm, though, hoodoo has a way of really warping people's minds if they're not all that stable to begin with.

Anyway, I think it's something to watch for more evidence of in the future.

Nikky Raney said...

Lexie's comment ftw.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Eddie all I have to say is WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! JOB WELL DONE!!!!! It is post like these that make me LOVE the rotspot! *hahhahaa he only cared you messed his age up not called him all those names! wtf?!? LMFAO that right there proves how young he is!! SMH! :P

*Also this is good because now JUST MAYBE her Tila army will wake up and realize WHY YOU ALL call her out on all this stuff! It is ONLY TO HELP them not HURT them!! Ungrateful brats!!! They need to be put over someones knee, STAT! *LOL*

BKiddo said...

This bitch, ya know, the one who called Shawne Merriman a Monkey face, is now tweeting that she's going to the BET awards.
She might wish she was invited, but I doubt she was even a thought when they sent out invites.
HA! tila is a party crasher!!

Anna said...

I saw that, after her plugs for her love advice...sigh

Can you crash a party like BET? I thought they had bouncers up the butt for that sort of thing?

Alabama Worley said...

I agree about hoodoo (I have practiced) it's very prominent around Greeks / Roman Catholics. As soon I read she was calling upon saints I knew what she was up to. Vodun and Hoodoo are so different. Truly.

But the reason I'm writing anything is because she is stating she's going to the BET awards but she hasn't been to any of the preparties all week nor was she at Sean John today (where most everyone was at). Granted there's a lot of shit going on tonight but anywhere I went or had friends had, no one had ran into her.

If she goes it'll be interesting to see where the hell she will be sitting (outside against the wall) lol

Anonymous said...

Good now maybe we can get Lizzie and a few other Tila army members who might decide to break off W/Lizzie,! Her strength alone and her speaking out might just give some of them the push they need,ya know?!?!

Also Nikky is on TMZ's blog roll and other Major MEDIA sites as well maybe she can showcase your BLOG of the ages, the vids get ACTUAL INTERVIEWS WITH EX TILA members and JUST HOW OLD THEY ARE AND WERE WHEN STARTED ALL PROOF AND ADMITTANCES OF HER POSING NUDE and trying to get them to do the same (probably to sell the screen shots of these young impressionable kids to some sick pervert-ugh it fires me up) AND THEN JUST MAYBE A BIG NEWS SITE (WE WILL HAVE TO EMAIL ALL TO LET THEM KNOW AND A LINK TO THIS BLOG AND ALL PROOF) then FINALLLLLLLLLLY MAYBE A NEWS STATION WILL DO A STORY ON HER AND MAKE PARENTS MORE AWARE. OUR NEWS IN PHILLY IS ALWAYS BEGGING FOR STORIES LIKE THESE TO BE CALLED IN SO THEY CAN INVESTIGATE AND WARN PARENTS OF THIS OR THAT!! AND MANY OTHER TOPICS (uGHHH sorry caps forgot and dont feel like rewriting all this) but really ALL this needs MUCH MORE attention now and you guys have all the proof we need to do this, I wonder WHY it already HASNT happened since the RADAR story first broke but then again THESE NEW horrifying proof of tilas only fans ages NEED TO BE PUBLISHED ON MUCH LARGER NEWS SITES ughhhhh, enough is enough she needs to PAY FOR HER CRIMES!! WE NOW have YOUNG VICTIMS coming forth to SPEAK BY ALL MEANS ANY USED TILA ARMY MEMBER YOU ARE WELCOME HERE!!!!!!!! SEND THE ROT SPOT GaLS YOUR INFO AND STORIES!! PLEASE HELP US HELP OTHER YOUNG CHILDREN KNOW THE TRUTH!!!!!!!! PLEASEEEEEE!

Alabama Worley said...

I don't think Lizzie or Mittie or anyone else like that would visit this blog and believe it. They believe in being "true" and wouldn't dare break that rule.

I believe they believe Tila knows if they "betray her" by visiting other sites. They wouldn't come here and if they did or have it would be enough to convert them. They are far too naive and seriously deranged to go away from her.

I know I'm going to be called mean for calling them deranged but people Lizzie has a fucking alter to Tila. AN ALTER TO TILA TEQUILA. No sane person builds an alter to another human being they've never met and is OK. I had to say never met and such because as a person who has practiced hoodoo, you do build alters etc to love and saints for various petitioning. What she's doing is building a shrine because of obsession nothing less.

These are kids that would kill themselves if she did and really sadly there's nothing we can do to stop that, that's something that should be in their parents hands. It seems as though their parents don't have a lot of interaction with them though which leads them into this mess to start with.

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for all your comments about the religion Hoodoo! Insane, and sounds VERY much what Tila is doing!! But the truth of the matter that just makes it all the more disturbing! Wow, this lady really needs to _______ ! Fill in the blank w/whatever you WILL! *Smh*