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Saturday, August 14

postheadericon Oh Goodness Kids - Tila Did the Work For Us - 2 UPDATES BELOW

Well, poor Tila. TMZ has some awful pictures. But....

What's that?

What did Tila do before trying to sell her stories?

What did TMZ do to make it look worse?

Oh kiddies, you see, TMZ did NOT put the photos in order of which they were taken.

Tila renamed the pictures in chronological order.

Say what?

Yes bitches... the cut picture first, was not taken first. TMZ deleted all real EXIF information BUT Tila was so gracious enough to number the image files. 1-12. I kid you not my darlings. Now, would that be enough to think twice? Yes. But what made me think 3 times? The backgrounds. I explained in my Twitter feed that I felt that the injuries were inconsistent and the backgrounds matched for two different injuries under the eyes. Well, putting these pictures in order of number (appropriately named Tila#_Full) matches the background from the trailer, to the car, and finally at her hotel...Here, I present the pictures, in order and tell me if and how this changes your opinion.

Above are trailer pics, notice funky ceiling, lots of wood paneling type stuff around. Think 70's trailer. Why in the last pic is the shirt half off? Blood stain is similar but a bit off between 1, 2 and 4. Missing in 3.

Car pic of course. More blood on the shirt than before, fragmented blood in two directions, with both the same color indicating stains would have happened at the same time.

Hotel pics, the walls are stark white, lighting is more ambient, hotel lamps and hotel bedding. Blood stains change direction from first two sets and within this set. Darkness, direction and missing the second stain which only appears in the car.

Why does number 11 look out of place? The background shows it's at the hotel, same corner as the underwear pic. My personal theory, she got dressed by then and then decided to take another snapshot.. with flash and waited too long for the temporary mark she put on herself underneath the circle. What makes me think that? Because the original shots with the worse marks in photos like in number 10 have deeper clothing marks from the waistband.

Other inconsistencies - Tila was reportedly in terror in her trailer for an hour... magically, she had a forward blood trail. This would be consistent with a person leaning their head forward. The second trail would have to be made at a different time to be straight down. Think about when you cry. With your head down, does it roll towards your nose or down your cheek. When your head up, does it roll towards your nose?

Lastly, I asked for some feedback and no one could explain, but all fights, things thrown at people, when struck in the face on bone to create a cut, it's always splitting. The force of the solid object does not pierce but rather creates enough force between the facial bones and the skin to cause basically a rupture. (I know that's so medical tech of me.) Tila's cut appears jagged as if it was made by a small, sharp object being dragged against the skin.

Tmz is now reporting that after Tila landed last night in LA, she was seen at the hospital for a band aid holding her cut, that when removed was "squirting blood". The first thing that came to my mind is Ozzy Osbourne. Yeah, strange... in his book (which is FABULOUS) he had an incident during a photo shoot where some dude busted a real mirror instead of a stage mirror and he got sprayed across the face. When he got up in an airplane afterwards, his face exploded like a tomato because there was glass embedded and there were wounds. Not the totally same but somewhat. I'll tell you why...

You see, Tila's photos above clearly show that the any bleeding had stopped, if she was gushing at the time, a still photo would have shown a bead of blood. She was able to stop it by a BAND AID for 24 full hours. There are no arteries at that point in her face. Once the bleeding stops, clotting takes places ASAP. Wounds that small in that spot (according to a nurse I asked on my Twitter in private) would not continue to bleed and most certainly wouldn't gush. Especially if it didn't initially gush to begin with because the cut would not be deep enough to cause a reaction. Now, if a band-aid were used, after that period of time, it would have scabbed behind it. There are also no band-aid's present in the TMZ video, she does have huge glasses, but a band aid holding back that much blood wouldn't be a little tiny circle they use for giving shots. It would have been substantial, especially to rip off a scab on a hole so small. The pressure from the plane take off and landing would most certainly have caused some bleeding in mid-air for any laceration deep enough to "squirt" so long after the fact.

I would also think, a doctor would not stitch a day old wound, if bleeding was able to be controlled for hours previously, even if we were to assume it had started bleeding. I've seen worse, I've had worse (a Mikasa vase fell from a top shelf and smacked me in the face and I got some nasty cuts to my cheek and eyebrow, thanks for the freaking wedding gift Grandma) and even though I didn't seek medical attention and my eye was swollen shut for a day, from those seeking attention for cuts that small, a butterfly bandage was used.

Current police statements as of this writing (as noted in Kansas City's online site for one) that the sherriff is stating "Tila claims" "Tila alleges" in these stories. There are no details available 36 hours after the incident.

TMZ has posted yet another story on Tila. Some things still aren't adding up.
Sheriff Tom Seiner tells TMZ "things got out of hand" during the show this weekend. Sheriff's deputies were on scene at the time of the Tila incident because they were already responding to reports of a stabbing.

Seiner tells us there is no way to single out perpetrators in a crowd of thousands, but officers will be searching YouTube over the coming days to see if there is video of the incident and if they can ID anyone that way.
A) We have a sheriff that has refused comment to all major news outlets and media. He speaks to TMZ.
B) No confirmation of Tila's story, just "things got out of hand".
C) Cops were on the scene, yet according to Tila, she stayed on stage after an assault, po po didn't notice or attempt to save Tila.
D) Cops were on the scene, yet Tila was chased and her guards beaten.
E) Cops were on the scene, yet Tila was terrorized in her trailer at length.
F) Cops were on the scene, yet Tila's SUV got completely busted up.
G) Cops were on the scene, but none of them treated Tila for injuries or closed her wound.
H) We have a couple of YouTube videos of people claiming either they, or a friend were arrested. Cops stated there was no way to single out and did not confirm any arrests were made. This one is subjective of course, but still doesn't add up to who is saying what.

We can assume this ordeal, from start to finish lasted at LEAST 20 minutes, forget Tila's timeframe. In that whole time, cops were not protecting Tila, couldn't make arrests and their detective work will come from watching YouTube. That means the cops, who were on the scene, in all this commotion and in Tila's estimate of EVERYBODY in the crowd chasing her and taunting her, the police wasn't able to get even one single person.


Anonymous said...

Not sure if this helps but once upon a time I was drunk and hit my head on a really thin, metal bed rail. Funnily enough, I had the exact SAME mark Tila does on her eye, except mine was the opposite way (okay, so they're not the exact same). I hit my head really hard, on a thin piece of metal. How the hell did hers happen? C pop can would have left a huge bruise or bump, especially if it were full.

Alabama Worley said...

her legs look like mosquito bites...(Some people welt - my sister included because she's allergic - when bitten).

I'm really confused by the thing on her hip that's purple.

Anonymous said...

***Edit to first comment I made***

If it were a beer bottle that hit her eyebrow, why aren't there more glass cuts on her?

SammiDe said...

Wow, do you really think she would cut her OWN FACE? If she went THAT low then she is SO FAR GONE nothing WILL BRING HER BACK TO EARTH! SMH!

SammiDe said...

OOPs and I forgot, I noticed as well how she numbered the pictures, lol! She is so stupid!!!! No matter HOW MANY TIMES we all call her out she NEVER ceases to fail to pull the same IDIOTIC mistakes again! WTF Tila LAY OFF THE PIPE AND LET YOUR BRAIN GROW SOME BRAIN CELLS BACK ALREADY! Stupid man. :roll:

Unknown said...

Her hair is covering that "mysterious" blood stain you speak of. In pic #7, the stain on the collar of the shirt is still there, the shirt looks stretched out at the collar by then if you're comparing #7 to #5, it's being pulled down. That dot of blood next to the collar is STILL there in picture #7, it's just being covered by hair. It's exactly in the same position as picture #4 which if you use your imagination and put the hair in that same spot, you can see it would cover it.

Dee said...

I think the marks on her hips were made from whatever clothing she had on. If you notice the 2 lines under the half circle (in the more severe pics, #10, I think) are consistant with the imprint from her clothing. Like someone may have grabbed her by the waist band of the pants she was wearing. I'm thinkin' a bodygaurd, and not some pissed crowd member. Those were basically clothing burns/ irritations, which is why they disappeared fairly quickly.

As for her face, I'm betting she squeezed it so it would bleed more than it was supposed to. I'm guessing it was some small rock made of stone (LULZ), and not a bottle or whatever. That's just my opinion. She knew better, and pretty much should've expected this. Not that I'm saying she deserved it, but I kind of am. She lived through it, and is doing fine, I'm sure. If worse had happened, I'd probably feel bad.

Unknown said...

I'm confused. Are pics 9 and 11 both showing the right side of her waist/torso? If so, in one pic she has the arrow shaped mark and then that magically disappears and turns into what looks like a bite mark.

Seola said...

Sammi - I'm not entirely saying she did it, but I'd be willing to bet there was maybe a dot that was gouged open intentionally. Otherwise, she did it herself. That particular cut was, in my opinion, NOT made by a can.

Shedevil - I'm going to try and follow you so forgive me if I get a bit lost from jumping. I didn't mention #7, my comparison was between the blood, no blood and the big blotches totally visible in the first set. The collar itself, which I think is what you are speaking of, is not there at all until the hotel pictures, meaning she'd have to have been bleeding at a constant rate for 2 hours. It's completely absent in 5 for sure because where the shirt is pull in 7 would have put it close to her collarbone... the severity and size wouldn't be covered by a small bit of hair like that.

16 - yes, they are showing the exact same spot at different times. My thoughts are possibly (and this is speculation which is why I didn't include it in the initial post) that she made that arrow shaped mark with makeup, went to get dressed, decided to take another picture and the makeup rubbed off on her clothing leaving behind the circular mark.

Ben said...

Wait a minute, are you saying Tila is distorting the facts? I'm sorry, it doesn't sound like her at all.

I'm curious if the bruises will show up many days later like they did in the Shawne Merriman accusation.

I would just be expecting more swelling and bruises since she was hit with giant boulders the size of volkswagons, or what ever her story of the moment is.

Ben said...

Anyone else find it funny that this comes just days after finding the interview where she happily talks about being in a poo fight?

Purgatorial Road said...

I doubt she went that far to cut her own face. This is the first time EVER when I somehow feel quite sorry for Tila Tequila. She did look very terrified on pic #2. I remember the feeling when you were humiliated and assaulted by a large crowd. It is an absolutely horrible experience and I don't think anybody (except murdered and rapist) deserves this. Although it's very stupid of her to walk on stage with that nasty attitude and provoked the audience like that. I guess this will be my last time I say anything about Tila Tequila. She's so pathetic (in a very sad way) that I'm just gonna read this blog while shaking my head.

Anonymous said...

Notice the picture of the "crescent" shape on her hip keeps changing shapes... she is DEFINITELY altering that!! Wonder what else she doctored.

Bridget said...

i hate the fact that this happened to her, really i do because it's violent and vile.

that said, as always, she apparently finds a way to exploit that shit (though to be fair, TMZ obviously chose the order the pics were presented in to make it more salacious)

Agnes Agony said...

I noticed that weird arrow-shaped marking too. It looks like the letter M in the watermark is causing it to look that way but the third pic in that series shows only the semi-circular mark and no purplish bruising.

Is she seriously trying to pass of her eye shadow as a bruise a la Shawne Merriman's imaginary beat down? All I can see is that both eyes are somewhat puffy due to crying. She does appear to have a slight bump where the cut on her eyebrow ridge is.

You're right, Seola. Lacerations almost always splits the skin, akin to the tops of a loaf of bread. If you watch enough boxing or MMA sports you'll see what facial lacerations would look like. And it will hella bleed too. With the lack of any stitches, that laceration was not a serious injury.

I'm still perplexed over those markings above her hip. The horizontal welts can be made by wearing severely tight clothing. I wear black tights all the time and get that discolouration too from prolong wearing. But the "arrow" ... WTF is that from?

Tess said...

I work in an ER and have seen hundreds of facial wounds after someone has been struck in the face. Sometimes the skin "splits" causing a laceration and sometimes it results in a contusion like that seen on Tila's face. It looks typical of a wound caused when someone is struck with a rock or some other hard object.

I'm not sure I agree that the two pictures of the crescent shaped abrasions are of the same wound. The one in her underwear appears thicker and less curved while the one in her jeans is thinner and almost a half circle. Its possible that one photo is taken as a mirror image and thus is actually on her left side. I suppose it could also be that one picture is taken the night it happened when there's more inflammation and the other is taken in the morning when the inflammation has mostly resolved. Not sure.

The blood drips on her cheek in picture 5 looks like she put some water on dried, caked blood and let it run down her cheek maybe tilting her head so it dripped in two different directions. My guess is that wound didn't bleed for long so she created the drips for dramatic effect when taking the picture in her car.

She obviously took pictures of her wounds at different times and in different locations. I see nothing that really proves her wounds are self-inflicted and none of the pictures look like she put make-up on her wounds to me. Although they certainly are not serious injuries, they look real to me.

Unknown said...

To be honest, even if she did do what you claim she's done, it doesn't really matter considering we know she had shit, piss, beer bottles, and possibly bricks thrown at her. We can deduce that she knew this was going to happen and made a deal with TMZ. Whether she made her cuts worse is negligble, really.

I mean, cmon, she had shit thrown at her.. literarily, LOL.

Anonymous said...

This has been pure LOLz since she got on her jet plane of doom.
for such a bad ass 3 foot little ninja she sure did pussy out with the quickness.
waaah im a gangsta
waaah im hardcore
waaah im boss lady

lmao! Tila, all you are is a used cum rag.

Sandy said...

Here's a curious thought. Still pics, not video. Why? She could have displayed her terror to the max in a video and explained her injuries. I dunno, it just seems strange that she did a series of pics in different locations like this.

Also, did Tila number her pics or did TMZ?

Sandy said...

I'm still confused about the numbering of the pics, but I'll take your word, Seola, that Tila did this and not TMZ. I have no idea what EXIF is, but are we sure TMZ erased it and not Tila? I'm so confused with this topic, lol.

deluwiel said...

the disappearing blood stain on the shirt to me also looks like it might be hidden in a fold of fabric or covered by her hair in a couple of those shots. The one thing that stands out to me is the blood streaks coming from what almost look like puncture wounds on her cheek. There's one blood streak that's dried... then there's no blood streak... oops! wait... it's back again... now there are two streaks of fresh blood... then we're back to one and it's dried again...
I can't make much out of the last pics except bruised/scraped areas on her hip or ribs or whatever.
I agree with those who have commented that she knew what she was walking into. This kind of thing has happened before to other artists, her management or whoever booked this for her should have known it would be at the least humiliating and at worst potentially dangerous for her and she went for it. And now the big payoff - media attention, sympathy, and the possibility of a monetary settlement. Christmas has indeed come. For Tila.

Just One of Many said...

Okay, yeah, the picture order thing is some Inspector Gadget shit, which is wayyyy above my head, so I'll just take your word for it, Seola!

My question is, why did bitch get dressed in a man's white shirt and then dump Faygo grape all over it?

I'm not a doctor or a nurse, so I am no laceration expert. What I do have to offer is a legal perspective on this one.

Tila threatens "lolsuit" at everyone. Everytime she feels she is "wronged", she tells the world that the lawyers of which she has are already filing a lawsuit or a restraining order, even if it's 3am...magically, her lawyer gets out of bed to start filing that suit so he can be first in line at the courthouse in the morning. When I awoke yesterday morning to news of a brick being launched at her face, the first thing I thought wasn't "poor Tila", it was, " this bitch is going to profit off of this."

If Tila did sign a release, without us actually knowing what the release said, she probably has no cause of action. I mean, this isn't the first time that this sort of thing has happened at GOTJ, so certainly the lawyers of which the juggalos have aren't stupid enough to let a performer on stage without some sort of relinquishment of liability. The only way that Tila might have a case is if the venue/bodyguards were somehow negligent in their duties. From the little 12 second video I saw floating around the web and other's accounts of what happened, the bodyguards were far from negligent--they were trying to get her off the stage and hold her back when she was taunting the crowd. The bodyguards acted within their scope of duty in protecting her--she egged the crowd on with her words and by taking her top off, unleashing the wonk. Not only that, when she stayed on stage after objects were already being thrown her way, that's an "assumption of risk", a defense to negligence. She knew that she could possibly be injured, yet she stayed to taunt the crowd.

I don't condone violence against women, or anyone for that matter. But this wasn't an incident of domestic violence. It didn't matter to the crowd that Tila was a woman; all that mattered was she was stupid, obnoxious, talentless, insulting, and didn't belong there. It's a little irritating that people want to comment on not condoning "violence toward women" or shaking their finger at TRS for the pro-beatdown comments--in this situation, I don't know why women acting badly should be exempt from the consequences of their actions, especially since we don't really know if her injuries were caused by a man, a woman, or herself.

I hope that her attorney explains this all to her, and just like 99% of her lolsuits, this one magically disappears.

Anonymous said...

I certainly don't condone audience members hurling huge stone rocks at performers.

Having said that, good grief --- I've had worse injuries from a drunken tumble in my kitchen.

If self-inflicted, she didn't do a very good job. If not, they don't mesh with the massive assault she describes.

Sandra said...

Haha " looks like the shit hit the fan!"

I wonder if she'll sue the "poopertrators?"

TRS rocks!

Misty said...

I think we probably should have seen this coming. Does anyone else find it unusual that in the pre-gotj days, not once, not once, did Tila respond to any tweets with the warnings. I found that very unlike Tila - to not respond at all - she just ignored, ignored, ignored. I believe this whole thing was planned. She knew what would happen and saw the opportunity to get media coverage and yet another LOLsuit filed.

Great job with the pics - I could see something was off with them from the beginning, now it is very clear. Did anyone contact TMZ or the other media outlets that are continuing to promote this story and show them this?

Unknown said...

So here's the thing - Juggalos just as disgusting as Tila. This vile person's youtube handle is "rapeandkillpeople" for fuck's sake. He's claiming responsibility for the attack. He is saying it happened like she said it happened. He is saying he was there.

I'm not saying that Tila is not embellishing the story for more sympathy. She probably is. I'm not saying there isn't added make-up, there probably is. But to say that she deserved this kind of treatment is fucking gross. To say, "She had it coming" is also fucking gross. No one deserves to be brutalized.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else find it quite ironic that she sold these photos to TMZ and it is listed as an "exclusive" on their website, and it wasn't too long ago that she went off on her flog about how TMZ "stole" her exclusive??!

Seola said...

Tess, I appreciate your input on the cut. Without any other area bruising and the red mark next to it being blotchy, why would a 1 lb can of metal leave no bruising? It would be extremely illogical for a can to hit her side and leave that mark but none on her face throughout the minimum 2 hours apart these photos are taken. As for the crescent pics, there are several things to consider about being the same - for one, there is someone there taking the pics of her, so using a mirror wouldn't be all that realistic for just one picture. I suppose it could be possible she decided to mirror flip one picture for delight but her adornments suggest otherwise. Given the lack of attention to detail with the blood streaks, I'd have a hard time thinking she was cognizant to flip a picture for one shot.

What makes this part inconsistent is not only the severity of the injury that changes, so does the location and the blood streaking (and disappearing). The bruises are in the same spot (unless she magically ended up with the exact two same bruises on the exact two same locations on opposite sides).

Sandra said...

Ooooh BTW on one of the other posts someone was asking why this wasn't on Encyclpedia Dramatica- it is now, it's on the Juggalos post, so funny they wrote-

A horde of Juggalos decided to give Tila a makeover for free at one of her concerts. The result was a better and Improved Tila......... One of her best concerts ever.


Seola said...

Sandy, a couple of things on the picture numbering. If you go through their gallery, each gallery doesn't follow a specific naming scheme unless it is their own photogs. While this alone wouldn't have made me think *ALERT* I was downloading them because the backgrounds didn't match and I wanted to put them in order. I was intending to show how the ceilings and decor show the different locations. It was already done for me! As for the information, we know Tila can't erase the digital image information.

She left important information on the date and time photos were taken on her Jane "arm meet" fiasco. The full information is missing from these and most likely, it's common so their pictures of celebs and such cannot be pinpointed. It would be smart. There's also the burning question, if we were to assume TMZ numbered them as Tila sent them in, why didn't they put them in their own order, but instead, uploaded for maximum effect.

Seola said...

Megan, I think we are all in agreement that guy is a douchebag. I don't necessarily believe his account either. Guys like that love to hype shit up to make themselves look bad ass when I'd venture half me earnings, he probably saw a few things, maybe smacked somebody, but that big black bodyguard with Tila in TMZ's video would have damn near killed him. While I'm using quite an extreme example, the theory applies to what I'm about to say. When Americans are attacked on their soil at embassies, UN compounds, etc. at least a dozen terrorist groups claim responsibility. Well, to douchebags like him, he wants to be the front guy.

You don't go into someone's territory, insult their mothers and then ask to be hit... and then expect not to get hit. If you knew neighborhood A was Bloods, and you walked in waving blue and get smacked, do you stand there and say "So what?" to someone's face? The Juggalos are classified as a gang in four states. Are they all like that, no. But majority are.

This was not a random act of violence. It was carefully calculated, warned about weeks in advance, and even while being smacked with stuff, she stayed, took her shirt off and taunted the crowd. I haven't seen a single person say that all 2000 people there were at Tila's trailer. I do believe a few chased her down, but from anything I could find (which doesn't mean a lot, but is curious) there is only a few reports of arrest, no property damage complaints (like her SUV would have been) and no transports from the grounds to hospitals that are in police blotters. Confirm anything, not necessarily, but it's curious.

She inspires true hatred among many, many people. It's not over little things either. Hatred erupts. Some people there DID know her history. Not all I'm sure there was mob mentality as well, but there is only so much a human can take (while Tila sits around claiming she'll stab you, cut you and is a hard ass) before they snap into harming someone.

Unknown said...

I see what you're saying - I do. But here's a woman who weighs what, 90 pounds?

I look at it this way - If you have a Chihuahua barking growling at your ankles, what do you do? I laugh and give it a firm "no". I don't punch it in the face. That's what Tila is - a scared, shaking, pathetic little dog. If she's saying she's going to cut you, you fucking laugh, you know she's not going to cut you. Because that's stupid. Booing would have been sufficient. Throwing food if you really must, I guess, but in no way should she have been maimed.

Listen, the build up to this was gross. What happened was gross. Tila is gross. Everything about this is gross. I can't see how anyone can say that someone deserves to be stoned for being a skank, ho, liar or whatever. Our society should be above all of that. We are above that kind of hatred.

Misty said...

I just looked at TMZ - the new article about how Tila went to the hospital right after she returned to LA. This is what I mean, it's a PR stunt, an opportunity for her to get media coverage (right before the release of her porn vid, no less).

Tila is reading every blog she can find about her herself and acting accordingly - everyone questioned why she didn't go to the hospital, so she did. She is such a little low life lying skank. TMZ should be ashamed that they gave her coverage - TMZ garnered lots and lots of hits to their website.

The only part of this that keeps me LOLing is the the comments on the articles and blogs - 98% are absolutely hateful. The other 2% are people saying "shame, shame" we shouldn't condone violence. Well, I don't condone violence, however, loss of my soul/humanity or not, Tila had it coming and I'm glad the Juggalos delivered it to her.

Should I dare hope that whatever this ploy of hers was this time - it backfires? I doubt it, she has no self awareness and is so f-ing delusional - how could you read the articles and comments and not realize how hated you are - I don't know how anyone could live with the exception of true socio-paths, of which she obviously is.

Sandra said...

Yep, she's totally milking it. New story on TMZ she says she flew out from Illinois and then went to hospital to get stitches and when they took the bandaid off "blood squirted everywhere." How can blood squirt everywhere after 10 or so hours out of a little cut? It's not like it was cut on an artery, and a little bandaid wouldn't stop blood that was ready to explode..... I've had stitches about 8 or more times and those cuts don't look deep enough for stitches. She is going to drag this out as long as she can.

She probably took her Nyquil with her.

Anonymous said...

Here's the poor little victim in action:

BKiddo said...

Ahh Ben, You're right!
It wasn't that long ago that she wrote about much fun she had in the abandoned house of dog poo!
Nice catch!

Ben said...

Don't forget, that loyal bodyguard who dragged her off the stage and protected her life is probably going to be sued also. She mocked him in her TMZ story so why not include him in the LOLsuit.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the info that you gathered.
after reading it all and seeing the photos while being trained in combat related wounds I don't actually believe any of her claims. While I believe she was pelted with objects I am leaning towards the idea that she helped the injury's along and her bodyguard is not saying anything seeing the potential payday or that she is fabricating the story's that she is releasing to make sure her story is out first before that of the concert owners.
In a court of law it will look very bad for Tila that she keeps releasing all of this information essentially making the defenses case for them while the potential defendants have remained quiet and professional.
I feel it was all done for the potential law suit and nothing more.

what happened to her being psychic? shouldn't she have known?

Unknown said...

where did her twitter post go about buying a shitload of cool stuff to spray at the crowd? perfect timing "glitch" it seems?

miss natalie j. said...

First post here from a long time lurker, whoo!

I just wanted to add my own experience here. In the pictures of her face closeup, when you can see that the cut below her eye looks like a "chunk" is missing, I also have my doubts that simply being hit in the face would make that type of mark. As you said it should have been a "rupture".

The thing about minor face/head wounds is that they look so dramatic when they're not. They're tiny little things that bleed like you've cut off a limb. I have a scar very similar to that mark right next to the corner of my right eye. I hit my face on the top corner of a large, old metal door(long story of how I was up high enough to achieve that.) The corner was very sharp, and it bled enough to drip on to my collar. When all was said and done, though, it was just a few drip marks, despite the bleeding looking pretty epic.

It only took me around 5 minutes to stop the bleeding. I didn't even put a band aid on it until a few hours later, and it didn't start bleeding again. I'd think, with my cut's proximity to my temple, it would have a better chance of "squirting" than a similar cut would on a cheek, and it never even came near that. Just a small stream for a few minutes.

Anna said...

OMG! Did anyone see the lastest story on TMZ on this? Apparently as soon as Tila got back to LA she went to Cedars Sinai to get her face stitc hed. She is saying that as soon asn the band aid was tken off blood started to squirt.


If she was bleeding that bad, what band aid could have held it in? Seriously, I hope Psychopathic Records sees this blog and uses the information in it to countersue or whatever.

Sandy said...

Thank you, Seola. You helped clear that up for me. Very interesting.

Unknown said...

The simple truth is that all cuts on the head and face bleed far more than anywhere else on the body because there are many more blood vessels in the skin there and they are close to the surface. A small superficial wound will bleed like a muthafucker. Generally a wound needs to be stitched up within six to eight hours, but you can go up to 24 hours if a wound is particularly large or deep. Tiny face gashes like these wouldn't require stitches, especially that long after the fact. She's just milking it for the attention and the potential lolsuit payout she sees looming on the horizon. (Oh, and probably hoping for a script for her beloved narcotics while she's at it.)

Joann said...

I personally believe she did certain things to herself after the fact to get sympathy, press play and possibly a big money lawsuit.

Some people are saying it was vile what was done to her...well, she's a vile skank so she got what she deserved.

It's obvious things were thrown at her but I don't believe a big brick hit her in the face.

She would have been knocked unconscious and her face would be all bloody and bruised to the point her face would be black and blue, not just a cut on her cheek and a scratch over her eyebrow.

I read this same account in the few blogs that are reporting this........"Tila continued to perform during the attack, even though she was visibly bleeding. A witness reported to that the attack intensified after Tequila took her top off".

Why would any woman continued to perform while people are attacking AND take their top off to boot.

Why didn't she run off the stage then instead of taking off her top? IMO, the skank was going for the beat down(to sue and get press), sick as it may seem, and it went further than she expected and got completely out of control.

Tila was told beforehand what would happen to her if she went to this event so it's not like she didn't know what was in store for her.

Once again...what happened to Mr. Bradshaw, who is ALWAYS WITH HER at any event?

He didn't go with her because IMO he knew what she had planned and didn't want the crap and piss thrown at him or get a possible beat down too.

You know he thinks he's "pretty". LMAO

Fatty McFatterson said...

Considering the carnival-like atmosphere, mayhaps a few Juggalos thought they were playing the Wack-A-Mole-gul game.

Alabama Worley said...

You know I even think the youtube guy probably wasn't even there to begin with honestly. I really think he just is one of those "wish he coulda been" & went on and on about it. Odd that he's home the day before ICP played when he's such a huge fan and that his account is identical to hers.

Anyway I don't know where beer bottles are coming from (or the term) as it strictly states that none are allowed in. Once you leave the camp ground you are checked (coolers etc) as you venture back in. There is no glass allowed for this reason.

Someone was stabbed though, with what? Who knows.

blank said...

I can't believe that TMZ is feeding into this. Is it that slow of a news weekend? Please. Get over it. You were warned, you knew what was probably going to happen...this is just another publicity stunt so that you can garner the attention you're so addicted to. An addiction that is likely stronger than you have to drugs.

Well played you skanky little troll. Well played.

Unknown said...

The BEST part of my day is my morning coffee, my morning cigarette and my daily dose of rotspot. I love each of your girls more and more. Thank you for everything you have done. Her demise is just right around the corner..mark my words.

Solo Girl said...

You are reading into the pictures too much. In picture # 3, why would you see blood there when the shirt is scrunched up? There are folds in the shirt.

And the other picture hair is covering the photo.

And does it matter what order they are in? REALLLY DOES IT FUCKING MATTER?

I don't think so.

I don't like Tila, but come on, this is a bit much.

Ben said...

Anyone else notice that the return video of her crying was filmed by Carlton Jordan, a person Tila screwed over?

The fact that she just stood there, pulled out her blackberry and cried instead of moving past them was just publicity, but man Carlton rode her hard. This Karma thing is hilarious.

Shame the "army" doesn't get the hypocrisy of laughing while she mocked Rihanna and Perez then crying when it happens to her (for real this time).

Tuesday said...

The inconsistencies that folks are talking about, shown on her right side, are different locations. It took me a second to see but, that wider one with the "arrow" or whatever is lower. The one that looks like a darker bite mark is higher up on her waist.

Tuesday said...

Okay, never mind my last comment because, if it were two different ones, you'd should be able to see both of them in the top pics. It looked like the other one was a lot higher but, it's not.

I'm so confused...maybe one is a "mirror" pic??? Different sides? I don't know.

I like the point someone made about her not doing a video. How does Tila NOT take a video of all this? That does seem quite strange.

She claims on her FB, she has the number 1 celebrity blog but, she immediately runs to TMZ to tell the story? Why wouldn't she save the "exclusive" for HER blog? She just "bought a Lambo", what does she need money from TMZ for? She's so FAKE!!!!

How do these army nitwits still believe her??

Solo Girl said...

Also, Maybe it was barney fife.

Who the fuck knows.

Alabama Worley said...

having been at raves back in the 90's when shit was large in #'s and outdoors: When things went from peaceful cult like to brutal beatdowns.

I can tell you cops are little to no use because people will actually go at the cops and do shit to distract them because of drugs being there.

I honestly believe that the cops didn't do a decent job and a lot of people aided in that. There are enough videos out there now that people will be questioned (maybe).

I dunno I've been to a ton of outdoor shows were drugs were really really there in huge volume and most of the time other than undercovers that are present, the cops just ask for those throwing the show and nothing more. Typically as a promoter you anticipate at least one visit from police and take care of it as close to the front as you can.

I believe most of what she said based on a ton of people's time lines but NO ONE has mentioned police.

Anonymous said...

LOL....Tila blubbering..fakely.

Anna said...

Oh wow! Just saw the vid! She's really hamming it up, isn't she? And if you listen you can hear them giggling when one of them calls her 'the most beautiful girl in the world'.

That's pretty funny

Bridget said...

what alabama said.

Bridget said...

one thing that has been neglected to be mentioned here is that the juggalo festival is specifically held where it is because there are nowhere near enough cops to control it, there are no regulations in's taking advantage of a location that is incapable of hosting it (sort of like when germany's love parade got moved out of berlin to a much smaller town this year and people fucking died)

not everything is a super professional coachella or lollapalooza

Unknown said...

well touch me in the morning and then just walk away. that whole thing is nuts!

Vicky said...

I've got to say, this bothers me so much on many levels. First off, violence like this is sickening. Secondly, the best reason why violence ISN'T the answer is because all you do is make yourself look like an idiot. Violence makes you lose your credibility. Now Tila gets to play the victim- so basically, the violence backfired and she wins.
This is why I love reading all your blogs here at the rotspot- because you battle her insanity with truth and logic.

A side note about her injuries- I know a lot about all of the injuries she received having played 4 years of high school field hockey. I saw many cheek/eye wounds just like that and the splitting and openness is exactly what happens. They bleed like a faucet and usually look really bad because there's not much "meet" over your facial bones, so it easily cracks down to the bone, often needing a couple stitches.
As for the lack of bruising- being hit with a field hockey ball often didn't leave bruising. It left calcification's the size of golf balls under your skin. If she was pelted the way it was explained, which honestly I believe she was, I'd guess she has more minor sized bumps that wouldn't really show up on camera, especially with flash. I've taken pictures of wounds before, and something interesting is that they almost never look as bad in the picture as they do to the naked eye. I have no doubt she noticed this and forced her facial wounds to look worse for the camera.

onlyhalfcrazy said...

Tila just went to the gathering as an easy out for her "singing" career. Despite all the warnings from various people she went ahead and "performed. Why? Because she new shit would go down, and she knew she could a)use it as a way to gain sympathy from TMZ and other media outlets b)use it as a way to back out of her record label after experiencing such trauma.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe she actually took off her shirt! Did she think that would somehow help her?!

kellymae said...

It is like motherfucking christmas bitches!

I know what you all say about violence being wrong.....or some such nonsense. Listen, I don't know about you all, but violence has been something in my life at one time or another both as a reciever and a giver. My first husband was a giver, but instead of rolling into a ball and dying I got the hell out and learned to defend myself.

Tila made me a permanent enemy when she decided Chris Brown was maybe not a bad guy.

If I came across the bitch, believe me there would be a lot more damage then the little bit she has right now, but I will FUCKING TAKE WHAT I CAN GET.

You will have to excuse me, I feel a need to cook a turkey.

kellymae said...

@Isis - ahahahahahahaha OMG I say that all the time. Whenever something really surprising happens.

Fuck, I'm laughing so hard that someone else uses it that I put pop through my nose.

Seola said...

Megan if that damn chihuahua had bitten my toes off, you think I'd stop at a firm no? Telling Tila "No" hundreds of times doesn't work, you try, she'll threaten violence against you first.

We have no corroboration at this point and now video where no rocks are seen. Again, I'm not taking Tila's word for it. I'm skeptical that it happened the way she says. It wasn't nearly that bad, she faked injury. Now we have the whole ER a day later story.

If she was hit in the head by a brick, that would be too far of course. But fact is, she wasn't. She got pelted by a few things. I understand what you are saying, but my point is that what you are saying is only based on her story, which is highly discreditable, unbelievable and no one is going with it.

Anonymous said...

tmz posted a new vid of tila on stage im sure you all seen it by now...

i know ron jeremy, who introduced tila on stage. my friend, who is friends with him, told me that ron said they were throwing shit at her from the port a potty.

im not so sure what to believe.

in true tila form, she embellishes and is milking it.

boytoy said...

"Considering the carnival-like atmosphere, mayhaps a few Juggalos thought they were playing the Wack-A-Mole-gul game."


Megan your gross,you must be new here. And that is the world in which we live in.

boytoy said...

this story was posted on the gossiprocks forum and some guy made a video with his opinions and view of the matter casue he was at the event and the way he describe what happened i couldn't stop laughing.

Anonymous said...

the part of the bruise that disappears in later pictures looks like she was just wearing her pants too tight. hah.

Laust said...

I detester Tila and her dumb ass antics and all but wow to this... I mean Beiber (I hate his candy ass) got plastic bottles and one clunked him in his big head (lmao they kept replaying it on the tv) but rocks and piss and shit? Bottles? Ouch! And if Tila did indeed get hit in the face with a rock then shouldn't there be bruising and not only a cut??? Rocks hurt and hit hard when thrown and she should have a bruise.

I feel for her in this incident but at the same time...if you have "fans" or people concerned for you coming up to you to say "DON'T GET ON THAT STAGE THEY WANT TO HURT YOU!" and you feel in your gut that you shouldn't even go then DON'T GO ON THE FUCKING STAGE!!! Her pride got in the way here and if I were in her stripper shoes, I wouldn't have even bothered going up on stage at all!! And another thing...she was up there on the stage and when the bottles started flying, she should've gotten off stage! And another thing...she was endangering the guys that were protecting her from the flying objects! Think they didn't get cut up and diced?!? They should've told her to get off, pull her ass off because she was endangering other people, like audience members that were in the front and those guys standing infront of her.

Never mind, I don't feel that sorry for her now that I'm reviewing all of this! She needed to swallow her pride and CANX! Obviously wasn't worth it!