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Thursday, August 5

postheadericon Pulled Over: A Love Story

Your average Rotspot reader: Man, I wish Tila would get her dumb ass pulled over for pulling so many stunts in "her" lambo!


There are so many lolz in this video.  I can't quite make out what she's screaming, but MAN, can't you feel the love from the Paparazzi?  Like, when the one says he'll get $5 for this recording?  Tila must be really high up on that market then, right?  A whole 5 bucks!  Hot damn!
Hey Tila, just because they yell "We love you!" doesn't make it so, you fucking simp.

Watch out!  Shawne Merriman's behind you!

According to TMZ (you can read their post here):

In the end, Santa Barbara police tell us Tila received one ticket for going the wrong way down a one-way street ... and another ticket because her passsenger was not wearing a seatbelt.  

But not one for blowing through that red light RIGHT AFTER they let her go.  Nice, Tila.  That's not even cute.  Aww, but according to Tila, everyone who meets her is SUPER nice to her, right?  LOL yeah right skank. 


Fatty McFatterson said...

Fucking EPIC!!!

I wonder if Tila 'manifested' herself getting pulled over bwahahahhahahahahah. All the negativity of the jelis haterz worked its magic!!!

Love how when the paps were trying to be good samaritans and told her she was going the wrong way down a one-way street she told them to fuck off and seconds later was pulled over. So much for all the love and sweetness and light she's always mouthing off about to her Moron Army.

And then....she runs a fucking red light, but the po po do nothing. Damn.

Stupid fucking cunt. I'll be first in line for her lynching if she so much as has a fender bender in that death machine. What a role model for the impressionable youth on her flog...oh wait, they're not old enough to drive.


Anonymous said...

My fave? "Maybe they'll smoke us out for this"

Yaaaa even a bowl of REALLY nice weed is worth 2-3 bucks TOPS~ Hahahah...

The "I'm a lawyer" comment CRACKED ME UP. <3

Anonymous said...

Oh God, she needs to get the fuck out of my city, seriously.

Unknown said...

What do you think she was doing with two beefcakes in the seat?

Trying to get into character for her new porno maybe?

Or were the characters getting into her???


SammiDe said...

The best part is the commentary!! HAHAHA - So glad TMZ left it in!!

Ben said...

And the bitch was yelling back at the people video taping her.

Guess when she gets back it's going to be another "fucking haters" got her pulled over.

The way she sped out of there through a red light they should've nailed her again.

One thing is guaranteed, she's still getting fucking high.

Tess said...

God! Someone take that car away from her. She hasn't even had it for a week and she's already been pulled over because she can't read a "one way" sign?!

I love the Paparazzi in this video laughing their asses off and calling Tila a dumbass ..and Tila thought that car would make her look cool! FAIL! I just hope she doesn't kill someone before her lease is up!

PSG said...

LOL that was fucking Epic stupidity!!!!!!!!! OMFG!!! She's defintely gonna crash that lambo.

Like Tess said I hope she doesn't kill anyone in the process.

Triple digit horse power and a single digit I.Q. ...not a comfortable blend.

HottyRotty said...

Hahahaaha <3 That would be us if we were the ones that got to video it! I <3 these guys!

chey said...

oh that was good. It was pure comedy gold from beginning right to the end when they made the vroom vroom noises as she pulled away. I wish we knew who these guys were, I'd smoke them up for this video.

Strands said...

The video is seriously made complete by the dudes tapping it.

I keep watching it just to hear them heckle the shit out of cracks me up. I smile just listening to them.

Agnes Agony said...

Damn! My speakers are at max and I can't hear what they're saying (a bit o' hearing prob).

Can someone transcribe it?

Pretty please?

Joann said...

That was funny as hell. Those guys were slamming her big time.

I know the skank ain't dealing with a full deck but is she really THAT DUMB to not know she was on a one way street going in the wrong direction.

We know she can't spell but can SHE READ???? Two tickets already and the skank has had the car for what...a week. I still say she don't own that Lambo but at the rate she's going, she won't have it for long.

Skank was so embarrassed she blew through a red light to get the hell outta there.

That officer should have flagged her ass down again for going through that red light.

Tuesday said...

She doesn't even know basic rules of the road.

Ya know? I can understand this from a 16 year old. Not that it's okay but, it would be expected. She's an adult in her late 20's. She should know better than to put others in harms way like that. Very juvenile.

How pathetic is your life that you spend your adult life trying to impress teenagers? At least someone like the Fonz tried to teach the kids morals and respect. This bitch is only teaching kids how to act like imbeciles, get STD's, and be proud of not having a formal education.

This is truly a sad case. It will keep getting worse as she gets older.

SaigonWhoreNumeroUno said...

Hmmm, tried to submit a comment from my cell phone and it didn't seem to work so I'll try again.

I can't even laugh at this video. My stomach turned and cringed when she punched the gas and ran through that red light. My son and i were hit by a careless driver who was speeding in a 35 mph zone and it caused ongoing physical and emotional damage...not cool.

People like this don't realize that there are innocent families...small children, who do not deserve to go through or have their lives altered by a scary accident; especially one caused by an idiot who is showing off. It absolutely sickens me that law enforcement didn't pull her over again when they saw her rip through that red light. That goes to show this person, thing, whore thinks she is above the were those cops thinking? I am so glad no one was coming through that intersection right at that moment.

I used to say I wished no harm on Tila, but after seeing this I wouldn't mind if she lost control of that hideous vehicle, drove it off a cliff, and fell off the face of the planet. Some would consider those harsh words, but I believe it could quite possibly save an innocent life or two...lives of people who are productive members of society with friends and families who love them and are proud of them.

So yes, Tila can die and I believe the world will be a safer and better place. I stand by that, won't change my mind. and won't apologize for saying it...ever.

Mary said...

Off point but have you seen who Tila's former bodyguards/veterans/rapists (all according to Ms. McSyphillis herself) are currently working for? According to TMZ it's none other than Oksana Gri.... Gre... Grig... Mel Gibson's ex. Lord how I missed that bodyguard's 'tache! As if that woman didn't have enough crazy in her life she's gone and added some more by proxy. I have my Jelis Hatin' fingers crossed that this is worthy of an 'open letter' from the Hogul herself *sweats with anticipation*

Anonymous said...

These guys are my heroes. I wish more people heckled Tila in public, then she'd know everyone thinks she is a big joke. Muahaha

Evie said...

I wonder why she didn't just show them her professional racecar driver certification...

OneEyebrowRaised said...

Scumbag cunt needs to take this clip to her doctors and make it her daily medication/mantra...maybe then it'll get into her vapid, alien head that she's a fucking joke that has absolutely no credibility or respect whatsoever.

Tila honey, letting you in on a little secret...they're only nice cos they know you'll suck their dick after little encouragement (in the form of: Hi, how are ya and a smile)

Anonymous said...

holy shit. what a fucking MORON.

OneEyebrowRaised said...

I'm just about to make this a whole lot more sweeter..
Rotspotters, picture this:

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Tila'sDealer's avatar

Tila'sDealer · 2 hours ago
Great video on TMZ of Tila getting pulled over. Apparently she was really coked up and the cops turned the camera away before she through up outside the window of the car.

Puuuuuuure class

B_McBitcherson said...

Hahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa, and you know if the whole thing wasn't caught on tape she'd be telling everyone the cops let her go without ticketing her cause she's so hot and errbody loves her. Well I love you, tila. I loooove laughing at you!

Noname said...

This is all too damn funny altho I am poed the police didn't nail her for burning out and running a red light, wtf? I thought she was on vacation at some resort? HAHA Busted again or was this taken before her"vacation porno gig"?

Maybe those 2 dudes were her "hostars".

She is always saying how much the paps love her uh I didn't get that vibe from this vid altho they did try to warn her but the way they were talking about her just warmed my evil little heart. Plus "$5.00 for that vid" as one of the paps said. Guess she's not as hot as she thought she was. LMAO

suz said...

this car should make her easier to find... i live in so cal... hmmmmm

Unknown said...

I love how her dear diary entry says that she will let her tila army of halfwits and morons drive her new lambo. what a dipshit
Also, One of the comments to her most recent dear diary (about driving 180 on the freeway) said "Too bad you didn't get the "Lambo" dealership to sign an NDA. We know the truth about "your" car now. " any ideas what he's talkin about? Did the dealership confirm that she didn't buy the car? Did I miss something?

boytoy said...

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SammiDe said...

hahaha, I know right I was thinking the same thing Rotty! LOL, she probably was 2 HA, considering it appeared like she TRIED to have the cops make the guys leave but THENNNNNNN she heard them say BUT WE LOVE YOU TILA, LOL! What an idiot! I seriously think we should get people to email that police station and stress the concern with the officers ALLOWING her to SPEED away like that and RUN A RED LIGHT right in front of them!!!!! WOW, and they did nothing! This is AFTER they pulled her over for DRIVING THE WRONG WAY, seriously? And they did nothing? Wow.....I agree with Tess she is gonna KILL someone in that car its been what 2 days when this happened, just unbelievable!!

Whatever I FUCKING hate you Tila! And I love you ROTSPOT gals/guys! ♥

K.R. Omen said...

ROFL! Those guys didn't even work for TMZ. The commentary was hilarious and of course the jelis h8trz are going to get blamed. I don't want to stereotype here but, who drives the wrong way on a one-way street and how ghetto is it to cram three into a two seater.

Noname said...

If she continues to drive this way while LEASING that car, even a short term lease, she will end up killing somebody. The skank is a dnger on the road. And that car is BUTTFUCK ugly. Who would even want a baby blue car of any sort. UGH! She probably wanted it because it stands out as ugly as it is. And NO, to all those little tila army people and tila herself reading this, I am not JELIS or as adults spell it jealous.

Madame Toast said...

it starts with a ticket, ends like Nick Hogan. He's a "professional race car driver" too huh?

I pray no harm comes to innocent people but its obvious she is a moron and irresponsible. If you live in LA beware the smurfmobile.

BKiddo said...

The commentary was amazing, I wish we could hear what she was yelling back.
So disappointed that the cops didn't go after her for burning out and running a red light.
Who in the sam hell does that right after getting a ticket?
It'd be nice if they made her return the car early, before the jerk hurts someone.

Joann said...

I sent a an email to the proper authorities.

The dudes who were taping it(TMZ said they were not their paparazzi) said she blew through a red light, the screen cap on Tila Truth shows her car in the middle of the intersection and the light on the car's right hand side toward the top is green, not red. She should definitely not be driving at this point.

I don't know how this officer did not see this.

It's by the grace of God no cars were coming in the opposite direction. It would have been a fatality for sure.

I also sent the SBPD a link to her twitter page where she said..."hey guys..fuck the PO PO's...LMAO".

I want them to know how she really feels about them. LOL.

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

I received a reply from Sgt Noel earlier today. I would like to share with it you guys but is afraid if I published it, he could get into trouble. let's just say the cunt got more than just a traffic violation. Sgt. Noel sounded very agitated! He's like, shut the fuck up, you guys! I'm aware of what that twat did, now leave me the fuck alone!

Joann said...

Tila and Mr. Bradshaw are both probably high as a kite right about now, playing head games with people on twitter and most of these fools are believing this BS.

"# I'm tweting this just in case I die in my sleep, so you guys are my alibi so if I die in my sleep, u all know its @MrBradshaw's fault ok??? 18 minutes ago via web"


They're both imbeciles and act like they're 16 years old.

PSG said...

Is this weird or what??

I don't know if anyone else here remembers "Angelyne". But ever since Tila got the lambo she has been totally reminding me of Angelyne's pink corivette stingray that she used to drive around LA back in the 80's.

And low-and-behold did a spread on Angelyne today!

For those who don't remember her: Angelyne was the orignal "famous for being famous" gal, in the pre-internet days.

Amidoinitrite said...

Omgggggg, I hope I don't see her anywhere on the streets of Los Angeles. Good thing she only leaves her apartamansion in Studio Shitty to get nasty ass cheeseburgers. She is seriously going to end up hurting someone & Santa Barbara police are so wrong for letting that red light slide.

On twitter, she's talking about how she'll get married in the next couple of years BUT NOT JUST YET & how she's drunk off of first 3 shots of vodka, then she changed it to chugging a WHOLE BOTTLE. Says she feels like dying (WHOA BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR, TILA).

I wouldn't be surprised if she died.

She's allergic to alcohol & all.

Yeah. Totally allergic. Maybe it was only Tequila she was allergic to, but don't ask because she's gonna tell on you. Yeah, she's going to tell her pitbull lawyer.

Of which she has.

deluwiel said...

@MadamToast: "Smurfmobile" HAHAHAHAHAHA classic!

Jim said...

Posted 7 hrs ago. This could be good!!!

Actually, it wasn't 3 shots of Vodka, he made me chug a HUGE BOTTLE OF VODKA AS MUCH AS I CAN!!! I puked!!! LMAO! I can't hang ya;ll
about 7 hours ago via web
If u guys dont see me tweeting in the next 8 hours, then know that I died of alcohol poisoning! Fuuuuuck I KNEW I shoudn't had done that!
about 7 hours ago via web
omg.......... I feel a fever! My face is getting bloated, nose is clogged, rash is breaking out! AHHHHHHHHHHH! FUCK IM GONNA DIE??? NOOOO!
about 7 hours ago via web
I'm tweting this just in case I die in my sleep, so you guys are my alibi so if I die in my sleep, u all know its @MrBradshaw's fault ok???
about 7 hours ago via web
about 7 hours ago via web
OH MY GOD! @MrBradshaw made me take 3 shots of Vodka & I dont drink and I feel like I'm about to die right now!!!!!!!!!! #NotKidding
about 8 hours ago via web

Jennifer said...

Here is another screen capture I took from where her car is very obviously in the intersection and the light on the other side is still green.

There is no way SBPD can claim that she did not run the light in this one.

Danielle said...

From Tilatruth:

"You can contact the SBPD at the following e-mail addresses...

Anonymous Tips -
Police Procedure -
Public Information Officer -
Station Officer -
Traffic Supervisor -"

MsWonkyTits said...

She seriously is going to harm someone. I cannot believe they didn't pull her over again. How the FUCK did she not get a DUI? You know she was on some kind of shit if she was driving the wrong way down the road?! That video she posted on the highway going 180mph absolutely terrified me. She's a reckless bitch.

Anonymous said...

OMG, i emailed the LA Police about her running the red light, and they emailed me back some BS. They also stated she didn't appear to be under the influence of anything. Yeah fucking right lolz