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Monday, August 9

postheadericon Throwback Tacky Tila: Edition 2

Our first Throwback this week comes from an interview I found on web archives from when Tila was 19. Yes, just a tender 19. I'll link it up, but just quote it here in the interest of space. Here's the lulz.

On the day of October 24, 1981, a miracle entered the world. That miracle was me, of course! HaHa! My mom was pregnant with me while we were on our way to America, the land of many opportunities! I guess I was too anxious to come out already so I decided that I couldn’t wait for America. I decided that Singapore would be an excellent place to be born. So Singapore it was!

And the world cried. Even then, America knew they needed to try and stop Tila from being a citizen.

A few years after I was introduced into the world, my Mom, my Dad, my Brother, my Sister and I (the youngest of three) finally came to America. That’s a pretty long way from home, which was Vietnam. We all had lots to learn and many new things to adapt to, but I must say, the process was very memorable and life changing.

How do you go from "on your way" to stopping there for a few years? I travel a lot. If I gave birth on the road to say... France, I wouldn't put roots down in Germany for a few years. My earliest memory, vague as it were is from a theme park and my elderly great grandmother giggling riding one of them 6 man rafts down rapids (ironically, she was elderly then... and lived to 99 last year, maybe the "little things" really is the key to life!). I was 4. How is the process memorable to a newborn, or even a child up through age 3 or so?

Growing up I have always lived on the edge….always! I was always caught hanging out with all the “bad kids” that got in a lot of trouble at school. Even in elementary school I would always find myself in the principle’s office, waiting for my mom to pick me up for being bad. I used to live in an apartment complex that had nothing but boys there. I ended up being friends with many, many boys. I learned to play like them, talk like them, and even worse, smell like them…ewww!

Okay, horrible grammar and spelling aside, as a parent, if you know your young daughter only has boys to play with, I'd think I'd be arranging play dates with girls or finding a better place to live. This whole complex had nary a girl?

I remember me and my ‘lil boy gang broke into an abandoned house that was filled with dog shit. We then started picking up the old dog doo, and threw it at each other. I remember that day when I came home to my mom, she had this weird look on her face, and I knew she was wondering why I smelt like shit. HaHaHaHa! I never ceased to amaze her. Then I remember when I graduated to middle school, my parents’ hopes, and wishes for me to become a better child would never happen. I kept getting in trouble throughout the years, and didn’t become a young lady until high school. I don’t know what hit me, but I threw away the dirty ‘ol pair of jeans that I wore daily, and started looking more feminine. From that day on my life started changing….

Playing in dog shit? I don't know about you guys (and girls) but I had a lot of guy friends (a few girls too) but who the fuck PLAYS in dog crap? What possesses someone to do that? Oh gee kids, I think I feel like looking disgusting and smelling so bad people throw up? When your mama looked at you like that, it wasn't amazement, it was disgust. You know, sorta the way her face contorts when she thinks about you now, except you smell of booze, pills and rotten vag. Nothing special though, she didn't become a lady (snort, cough, gag) until high school. Most girls don't. They haven't hit puberty.

Never once did modeling ever pop up into my mind until one day while I was shopping at the mall. I was walking around when a well-known model scout gave me a proposition to become a model. I decided to give it a shot, and from there I just received more work. I remember thinking to myself, “I have potential?” HaHaHa! Even though modeling is pretty fun, I always knew that I wanted to become an actress. I always had dreams about the Hollywood hills, and I used to always see these bright lights in my dreams. I never understood what they were about, but now I realize that it’s just what my heart calls for. I want it so bad that I actually have dreams about it. So hopefully one of these days my dreams of becoming an actress will come true…..

With love,
Tila Nguyen

Does that dirty old man with the camera and the pink car in CryBaby pop into anyone's minds? A young girl (19 already, so likely 17 when "discovered") in a MALL and some dude propositions her to make her a famous nudie cutie to make good bootie? Bright lights in dreams... too bad they didn't foreshadow Tila laying in the middle of an airport runway. That last line makes me think of Moulin Rouge - the slut/prostitute will sleep with anyone for any reason just to become... *dramatic breath* a real actress....

Moving on to the "FAQ" section:

Q. What kind of qualities do you look for in a guy?
A. I love a man that is tough, rough, yet also has a soft side….get what I’m saying? Kinda like the Marlboro Man! HaHa! He seems so rugged and manly, yet he also seems like he takes good care of the wife and children. I always crack people up with My weird ways, but if a guy can actually make me laugh….oh god, that’s it for me! That is just such a HUGE turn-on. I also feel like a man with ambition, confidence, and a good sense of humor is also a turn-on. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention a man with manners and some southern hospitality is good too! Someone who is not dependant on me would be nice. I have a very busy life, and I expect the guy to have his own life as well. I am a very independent gal and I always need my time and space. Sharing something special with someone is good, but good can go to bad when it’s just too much time together.

There are so many things wrong with this. I was unaware gang bangers had southern hospitality was the first thought that came to mind. Anyone else notice the way Tila wrote "he takes good care of the wife and children"? Like, she wants a man that does that already... taking on a married man with kids? Maybe some of them Japanese men are. Though some of these men in her life recently, she claims have no cash and no job. Guess she was wrong on what she wants in a man.

Q. Do you have any future plans or goals?
A. Yeah, I plan to sit on my fat-ass all day and hope to look pretty forever! HaHa! Just Playin’. No, seriously, I really, really, really hope to become a HUGE actress one day! I’m trying to work sooo hard on becoming one. I know it’s gonna be real hard because everybody and their mama wants to become famous, but I’m not gonna give up on that dream. I’m not gonna just pack up and move to Kali just to come home one day and tell everyone that I’m a failure. I can cry all day and all night from rejection, but I’m not gonna give up ‘til the day I die.

You got your wish baby - BOW CHICKA WOW WOW... BOW CHICKA WOW WOW BIR WOW! Juvenile joke coming in 3.... 2.... 1... - yeah, you know it's gonna be... soooo... hard... how hard is it? But yeah, so she packed up to Cali, lives like a slob in an apartment and has no career. She isn't going to pack up to Houston... you know why? Cause no one there wants her, her family disowned her and most people there want to kick her ass for her moochery.

Q. What do you like to do on your spare time?
A. Ummm….gosh, I like to do so many things, but I’d have to say I love extreme sports. I love doing things that are hella risky like sky-diving, rock-climbing, skiing and all that good stuff. So far, I’m trying to find a place where I can ride a big horse as fast as I can. I think horses are beautiful creatures, and I get kinda turned on watching a man ride his horse, ya know what I’m saying? Hehehe…So, yeah….I guess I love doing adventurous things unlike clubbing and doing drugs all day.

Is this not the typical pageant answer? There is no articles nor photos of Tila doing any of this in existence. Let's pause for the "unlike clubbing and doing drugs all day" comment. Her "tours"? Strip clubs. Her addictions? Meth, Ambien and painkillers. Muah ha ha.

Q. What kind of music do you listen to?
A. To tell you the truth, I listen to anything that makes me feel something. I love Alternative, dance, and reggae, but I mostly enjoy rap and hip-hop. I just luv to get down and dirty when I go out dancing! =) Oh yeah, another thing that you would’ve never guessed just by looking at me is that I also love ballroom dancing. I just love it! I love watching those ballroom dance competitions. They come up with some pretty tight moves! When I watch those competitions my heart starts racing and I imagine that I’m one of the dancers like Cameron Diaz did on Charlie’s Angels….hahaha!

Maybe it's just me, but where does one go dancing? Especially to hear rap and hip hop? I thought she didn't go clubbing? Brief non-Tila comment... has it really been that long since Charlie's Angels came out? Wow, I'm old and I'm only going to be 27 next month. Back to Tila, she'd never have the grace of that dance routine.

Q. What do you always find yourself daydreaming about?
A. For some strange reason, I always find myself lost in my own little world. I always Daydream about long summer nights and me falling in love. I always imagine that I’m running around in some park at night with my dream man chasing me. We then fall down to the soft, dewy, grass and kiss passionately in the night while I lay on my back, gazing up at the stars. My heart then starts to ache every time I think of magical things such as that. Maybe one of these days it’ll happen...who knows?

You are still lost there dear. So how many times did you daydream about falling in love? Getting engaged? Honestly, this is just a bunch of crap lines, but she was 19. When you actually get married and have kids, you look at grass and see stains.

Q. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
A. Well, ten years from now I should be 29. By then I’ll already be a super-star, and Maybe be married. I’ll probably be traveling all over the world discovering new things and will be happier than ever! I’ll be attending some ballroom dance competitions with my hubby in Paris, London, ummm…well you get my point. =)

Soooooo... this is probably the best piece in this whole article. I like how she phrased that "I should be 29". Like what, she thinks she's going to die? Or she can't be sure on her math? I vote both. Super star - hmmm.... rolling around in dead bird feathers on a red carpet, faking death, suicide.... married in dance competitions. Nope. Guess she failed. She did make it to London to bang someone else's hubby though.

Q. What is your dream car?
A. My dream car? I would have to say a sliver ferrari. It doesn’t matter what kind, as long as it’s a Ferrari. To be realistic though, I would have to say a silver Mercedes Benz S500 or a Lexus LS430.

Not a baby blue Lambo?

Q. What gets you most excited?
A. Thinking about sex. It’s on my mind all day everyday! =P

So what she is proving here, is that she never grew up? She never changed from 19 to 29 by realizing sexualizing your life gets you nowhere?

Q. How would you describe yourself to others?
A. I can be your best friend or I can be your worst nightmare! You make the call, but Overall I’m a chillen kind of girl. I’ll be your typical homegirl to chill with and have fun with, although I can be one crazy bitch sometimes! Lol…Just don’t piss me off and you’ll be just fine. =)

Yeah, I'm shaking in my boots at a 5 foot cokewhore. Ironically, I counted up 14 people she's screwed over in just a year's time. I don't think she can be anyone's best friend, except her dealer's and football head over there (who is probably her dealer too).


  • Age: 19
  • Birthday: October 24, 1981 ( yes, a Scorpion!)
  • Height: 5’0 am I tall or what?
  • Weight: 98 lbs. Don’t let that fool you, cuz I eat like a pig!
  • Measurements: 34B-24-35
  • Dress size: 1-2
  • Shoe size: 5 ½
  • Hair: Blond, for now! =)
  • Eyes: Dark Brown
  • Place of birth: Singapore
  • Ethnicity: Vietnamese, quarter French
  • Zodiac: Scorpio baby!
  • Hometown: For now Houston, TX
  • Turn-ons: Guys who smell good, have a good sense of humor, and confident.
  • Turn-offs: Cockiness, bad breath, immaturity, and no sense of humor.
  • Favorite Color: lavender
  • Favorite foods: Vietnamese and Chinese
  • Favorite song: Too many to list
  • Favorite store: Gucci
  • Worst pick-up line: Do you know who I am? Please!
  • Best pick-up line: Don’t say anything at all, just smile at me and walk by casually.
  • Hobbies: Extreme sports, singing, dancing, sex, and eating lots of chocolate….
  • Here, we see a short list on Tila... I particularly like her ethnicity. That was certainly a different story when she was preaching on and on about her "baby" she was going to have. Sure French and Vietnamese were in there, but so was about 15 others.


    Hannah said...

    So she was talking out her ass at 19 too. Favorite part:

    "I always crack people up with My weird ways, but if a guy can actually make me laugh….oh god, that’s it for me!"

    I love how Tila has deluded herself into thinking she's this funny, goofy, lovable person. Sure, she makes people laugh. But has anyone ever actually been laughing with her so much as at her? Didn't think so.

    And EPIC FAIL about being a huge Hollywood star by now. Hah, this whole thing is hilarious.

    boytoy said...

    did you find any of the nude pics and videos from back in the day?

    There is this one website that has a full list of these pics and videos that i found a few yrs back

    MsWonkyTits said...

    Nicely written! What a bunch of lies spewing out of her mouth even back then. Where was the Marlboro Man when she needed him yesterday? She could have had those smokes right away. LOL.

    Hannah said...

    In that interview she says she's been living in Houston since she was only one year old. So even at 19 she was a pathological liar. This girl was just destined for success!

    Joann said...

    First of all I did not welcome you to the TRS staff Seola, sorry about that. Like your writing style. It fits in perfectly with the rest of the TRS group. Happy to have you on board.

    As usual Tila's story of her origin differs every time I read it.

    When Tila was 19 she said "My mom was pregnant with me while we were on our way to America"

    "guess I was too anxious to come out already so I decided that I couldn’t wait for America.

    I decided that Singapore would be an excellent place to be born."

    "A few years after I was introduced into the world, my Mom, my Dad, my Brother, my Sister and I (the youngest of three) finally came to America."

    I'm with you on this Seola...let's see...on their way to America, stopped in Singapore to have Tila, stayed there for three years THEN decided to continue their journey to America. WTH???? What's wrong with this picture???

    She's telling this story at the age of 19 so why didn't she mention having being sent to juvenile hall when she was younger and hanging out with a Mexican gang, being pregnant and having her bf hit her in the stomach with a hammer and chunks of her baby fell out so she went into a closet and cried, having 6 near death experiences and the list goes on and on, all before she was 20 years old.

    Here is one reading of her "early life"...

    When I discovered how much Tila lies, I definitely don't believe 90% of the things she claims happen to her while growing up.

    I do believe she got turned out sexually and used at an early age though.

    Joann said...

    LMAO at Tila's meth rants:

    # A TO THE MEN! 8 minutes ago via web

    # But the Bi-Polar DOWN is the WORST, HOWEVER, that's why you appreciate LIFE SO MUCH MORE, when you're back UP! So I see it as a blessing! 8 minutes ago via web

    # If it were not for me being bi-polar, I wouldn't find so much creativity running through my mind. Thoughts run fast, light speed! 9 minutes ago via web

    # @beyondbettyjean God made some of us bi-polar to be special. Use it.

    That's a damn shame to tell that girl God made her like that to be special but BBJ don't have enough sense to question it so let her continue to think being bi-polar makes her special.

    Skank bitch is and the nitwit army don't even realize it.

    shabbycat said...

    Mswonkytits- lmao at the Marlboro man comment!

    I want to add my mother was (passed away from cancer 2 yrs ago) bi-polar and I'm gonna say from what we went thru because of her bi-polar was pure HELL. My mother was a pure sweet angel and her disease did shit to our family that was horrific! Brings me to tears thinking of it. What would have been a blessing would have been her NOT suffering cuz ya she was funny fun and energetic when she was up but fuck , when she got low and I had to worry sick about keeping her alive, it was nothing id wish on anyone. She was a great artist and very intelligent person but the fucken bi-polar made sure she died penniless and without health insurance. Arghhhhh this shit Tila does makes me so angry. Bi-polar my ass you skank! You are something far worse and dangerous to others. I am gonna stop now. This shit hit a cord with me and I could go on and on cuz I am so mad.

    Love you gais

    Whoever it is that does that lisp spelling cracks me up and I LOVE it.

    shabbycat said...

    Please count me in as an official HATER , ROTSPOT army member cuz I'm through tryin to be nice! Fuck that lying skank inbred!

    Mom said...

    She was only 19 when she did this interview. I find it sad to see how hopeful she was for the future and how terribly she has screwed it up. I think this is beyond the point of being funny or entertaining anymore. I am guilty of following her crazy antics and getting a good laugh at her expense but maybe it's time for something to be done. She has young followers who are greatly influenced by her and that could be very dangerous. She needs to get help before something happens to her, or she influences her followers to do something to themselves or others. Does anyone know any information on her family so they can be contacted? I know they want nothing to do with her, but it is worth a try.

    Anonymous said...

    I'm gonna say it again: I think we're mere days from a big childhood sexual abuse reveal. I can't believe she hasn't pulled that out yet.

    Madame Toast said...


    # There's a Cot Damn "DISEASE" for every fucking personality trait people have! ITS ALL BULLSHIT! ADD, Bi-Polar, ETC ETC... BULLSHIT!

    I realize nothing can really be done and that Tila will continue to spew her bullshit all over the internet, but if she suffered from half the crap she claims she would never EVER say the things she says or think she is doing anyone any good.
    As I've said before, I've worked for years with kids with a range of mental/physical disorders, issues, diseases, what have you...and yes, I do understand what she is trying to convey in her weird little hogul way but someone needs to shut her up. Kids are so easily influenced and I can only think about the interview where Tila had mentioned how she advised Casey to go off her medications.........who does she think she is?
    I am a firm believer in embracing who you are and not being ashamed or feel like you have to hide the truth BUT Tila needs to learn how to speak to her fans since we all know 89% of them are minors and hang on her every word.

    I just hope nothing happens to these kids in the name of Tila, for Tila or influenced by Tila.

    All this nonsense is just further proof Tila suffers from nothing but a huge imagination and that her "therapist" are nothing more than a few stuffed animals sitting on her couch staring at her blankly.

    I never thought I'd say this but I look forward to the day there is nothing left to say about this mess. BUT until then, I'll get my lolz on and hope for the best when it comes to her young fans.

    BKiddo said...

    MsWonkyTits, the Marlboro Man reference is classic! Love it!

    BKiddo said...

    I also meant to say, nice job Seola.
    That's alot of info I never knew. I never gave a crap about her untill she started pulling all the bullshit with Merriman, and then of course her disgusting antics before and after Casey passed away.
    So, Thanks!

    janelle said...

    These latest rants are under my skin as well. She is actually glamourizing bipolar didorder. Well this bitch never ceases to amaze me. Being bipolar detroyed my sister's life and put our family through hell in the process! I'm do disgusted!

    booga said...

    tila has always thought she was hot shit shes a conceited little bitch growing up and sneaking into clubs underage with her sister's id. Its funny how she bs that shes not into clubbing. I've seen some pictures of her before she was famous in clubs that stupid skank. What really bugs me is how she thinks shes sooo great and important.. as for porn with her herpes infesteed ass even that cant save her now.

    booga said...

    tila has always been a concited fucked up little bitch thinking shes hot shit. MY ass shes not into clubbing I remember her saying she used to sneak into clubs underage using her sister's id since they look alike. Then theres pictures of her before she was famous in the clubs with her sister and friends. As for her doing porn maaann thats nasty with her herpes and other stds infested pussy whod wuna tap that?? Shes dirtier than paris hilton and homeless ppl.

    shabbycat said...

    I am almost positive I saw a tweet by the skank encouraging another "bi-polar" person to not take her meds cuz she quit hers. Oh ya that's great FUCKING advice.

    Ben said...

    There's a video that's linked to her IMDB page in which she also talks about moving to Hollywood to be an actress, funny how now she says her dream was always about the music and that's why she moved to LA.

    No, she failed at acting (and even Paris and Kim have had bigger roles than she had) and that's why it's all about the music now. But hey, if you can live comfortably off 14 people downloading 2 songs then I guess I'm in the wrong profession.

    Unknown said...

    We all know Tila is a fauxmosexual by now, just one of those skanks who make the rest of us bisexuals look bad by perpetuating the notion that girls are only into girls to turn guys on; but if we ever needed any proof that Tila is not bi or a "lesbian" as she so often claims, there's this imterview where she talks about her "dream man" and only mentions guys when she talks about her turn-ons.

    And shabbycat, she pulled the same stunt with Casey, convincing her that she didn't need medication and that all she needed to overcome her diabetes was Tila's "love". Look how great it turned out for her.

    Unknown said...
    just thought i'd post a rather funny photo :)

    love you rotspot!

    Joann said...

    I agree that Tila's not bi, but only uses when it's convenient to promote herself.

    I don't know if this has been posted or not but read and enjoy:

    Fatty McFatterson said...

    The comment Tila made about suggesting Casey not take her meds always left me kinda off kilter. Casey was well aware of the potentially deadly outcome she'd encounter if she didn't take her meds. She had been hospitalized twice that year for diabetic issues. I can't imagine Casey would listen to Tila, a woman she only knew for a month, about not taking meds she had taken for most of her life....unless Tila had taken control of her meds because of some stupid fight, and she knew that she was to blame when Casey couldn't get those meds over the holiday weekend. Tila may have been trying to set the scene for when it was inquired why there were no meds in Casey's home. She could then say, oh she decided on her own she wasn't going to take them, instead of admitting she was playing tug or war with them because she and Casey were on the outs and she was keeping the meds to fuck with Casey.

    BKiddo said...

    Oh Fatty, you're not kidding, I feel the same way.
    I've got two senerios, but they both end up with tila being pissed because Casey couldn't supply money.
    I think tila locked up Casey's meds. on purpose, and it sure as hell wasn't for Casey's well being.
    I also think tila made that video with Casey as leverage down the road to hold over Casey's head.

    Fatty McFatterson said...

    If Tila really is responsible for Casey's death, then all her nuttiness makes sense. It's one thing to play crazy for attention, but when your crazy accidently kills someone, that can be damn hard to live with if you're trying to hush it up.