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Saturday, August 14

postheadericon Bang! Pow! Boom!

This is how Rotty celebrates!!!!

I really wish I could have been there to witness it.  I'm not really into violence but I'm not going to lie and say that I wouldn't have sat back and watched with a fuckin' grin on my face.  Yes, I'm a mean fuckin' bitch.  Suck it!


Fatty McFatterson said...

As I commented over on Twitter, maybe right before the beat-down the Juggalos threw out their bipolar meds like Tila suggested.

Thanks Rotty! BANG! POW! BOOM!

Joann said...

HaHa..that was a fitting video Hotty. Kudos.

I think she got off easy. A scratch above her eyebrow and a cut on the side of her face...I was hoping for some teeth knocked out, eyes swollen shut and lips all bruised up plus some other stuff.

Personally, I don't care what anybody thinks of my comment. I am a fair minded person but Tila got what she deserved. I have no sympathy for her at all. Skank was forewarned.

Maybe some newbies on this post don't know about her like the regulars do and don't know about the things she has done and has gotten away with.

I think about the underage kids she has flaunted herself in front of nude and semi nude on Ustream and her nasty dating site and I feel like beating the crap out of her all over again.

I hope you read this skank. You should take a warning from this and clean up your act but we all know you won't, so don't be surprised when another group of people give you the beat down you so richly deserve.

Unknown said...

I'm not going to say anything that hasn't already been said by a couple people. but I figured I'd give my two cents.

I absolutely DO NOT condone violence and no matter what I think of Tila, do I think that she deserved getting hit. No one does.

HOWEVER. I DO think this was a calculated move on her part. I think she knew full and well what she was doing when she tweeted about the event, when she signed up for the event, when she taunted the attendees and when she continued to STAY on stage. Do I think she deserved it? NO. But I think she planned it. I know that doesn't make a lot of sense, but neither does she. I think she knew that if she got hurt she could use this for publicity. As other people have brought up - Tila didn't go to the hospital or file a police report. Instead she took photos and spoke to TMZ. She had every intention of making money off of her pain. She wanted some press for this. The thing is, she thinks we're stupid enough not to realize this. But the press is already catching on. Most stories are already bringing up the fact that almost every time she has done this in the past it has been a lie or exaggerated in some way. She may not have thought it would be this bad, but any judge is going to see that everything she described was TOLD it would happen to her prior to her going on stage. They can use her computer to track her website usage to even see if she's read the stories. I mean, if she's seriously planning on suing for a large sum of money - those other lawyers can absolutely request her files to see if this was premeditated on her part. She cannot just delete her emails. Everything leaves a trail. No one deserves to be hit, but it's going to be very hard for her to win a case with the evidence she has behind her. They will want to know why she didn't go to the police and why she chose to go to the event knowing it would be violent. She'll probably be sent on her merry way again. If she's smart, she'll walk away - because this was an absolutely stupid publicity stunt. My guess is this was something to take away from the fact that she doesn't have her car anymore, the porno is coming out, etc....

I think the kind of people that would throw shit at someone really need to rethink their own priorities... LOL as fatty said - perhaps they stopped taking their meds as Tila requested. Perhaps they all deserved each other. TILA knew she'd get sympathy for violence. Which really sucks, because she gave Rhianna none. Karma won't forget that.

Ben said...

I thought this was funny from the NY Post:

Juggalos have been classified as a gang in at least four U.S. states, though fans claim Juggalos are a “family” and not involved in organized gang activity.

Doesn't that sound like her "Army" that she's trying to organize. BAMFScott has an address he's trying to give out for people to beat some ass of the guy who supposedly did it. He must have a rapid fire arm to be the only one of the 2000 who Tila said did it.

I wish they had just thrown shit, I am curious for the vid and police report. Even the promoters said it was only 100 or so people, not a 2000 person lynch mob.

She's going to stay away from twitter for a few days to work the Army into a frenzy while she self medicates and plots the next publicity stunt.

Unknown said...

All rise! I, Justice Jayden's Chunks, call the court to order in the case of Thien Nguyen Thi Thanh v. "The Juggalo Owners!"

Suing "the juggalo owners." Could that retarded dwarf get any dumber?

Anonymous said...

Okay 1st time hearing an ICP song...DAAAAAAAAAAAAANG that is some ghey music! It cracks me up that people as scary and violent as the juggelos love that ish.

However, EXCELLENT vid rotty! Perfect song choice for it.

Unknown said...

sorry for all the zillions of posts you guys, that's why i deleted some!!

SaigonWhoreNumeroUno said...

lol. Love the video.

@Joann: Couldn't agree with you more. I would personally like to beat her ass...but tis a mere daydream...therefore I must live vicariously through some kids in bfe who are fans of shitty music. *sighs*

I found this is comments on another blog and it made me go haha:

"Gee Wally, she sure got beat up"!

"Boy Beaver, you just don't get it. This might all be a publicity stunt."

"What's a 'licity stunt, Wally"?

"That's what Z-list celebrities do when they need some attention, right Eddie"?

"That's right kid...heh heh heh. Somebody's giving somebody the business"!

Moral of the story...Ward Cleaver...

"See Beaver, some people are just trashy. Tila Tequila is one, and mix in some Juggalos and you've got a recipe for trash. And Eddie Haskell was right about the business. Someone got it alright".

livvey said...

I'm sorry, but this kind of sickens me. I can't stand her, but I don't think she deserved to have her personal safety put in jeopardy.

It looks like some of the pics were doctored. For example, for supposed blood, that's an awfully strange color. It almost looks like she edited the pics to make the injuries appear worse. Given she did that with the Shawn Merrimam arm bruise pics and the whole Jane meet incident there is a level of skepticism if her injuries are as bad as she says they are or if this is another cry wolf situation.

Photo fakery aside, if she did have anything happen to her, I think it's wrong and I think it's wrong to celebrate someone getting hurt.

boytoy said...

what was said that the abouve comments had to be deleted????

Was it "bad"

Madame Toast said...

Usually when you are going forward with a lawsuit your lawyer (especially when you are in a celebrity status type situation) will advise you to not talk about the suit or the people you are suing.
Which is why her referring to the people she is suing as the "Juggalo Owners" is idiotic on her part. She probably signed something when she was asked to perform, being there is a history of violence at this gathering I can't imagine they don't have all their bases covered. So who is Tila really suing?
Nobody is my guess! but with Tila you never know. But lets think about the number of times she has cried lawsuit in just the last few months...that is what I thought.

Someone had said it before and after looking at the pictures again, its sad that she had to take the pictures herself. Where are her people?
Further proof Tila is drowning.
And the whole HIPAA comment from the police lead me to believe there is a lot more to all this than we will ever know. She's lost her mind, she is doing irrational things and putting herself in danger trying to keep her name out there. She's doing it to herself so I have no pity.

tizerri said...

I really LOVE the "blue eye shadow" black eye she has. You can clearly see the powder of it under her eye. Alot of the blood could be nyquil AGAIN.

It is just like Tila to make something BIGGER out of it, just like the Shawn M. bruises.

The Girl Who Cried Wolf.

Anonymous said...

Yikes, what's up with all the deleted comments. Everyone on here knew what was going to happen, even when ppl said there were things planned out tht were worse than piss and eggs. A lot of ppl on here wished for horrible things to happen to tila also. But whatever. It's done and over with. I think she deserved it, and I also believe she made the pictures worse, the blood looks fake , plus I won't believe one fucking word out of her mouth until we hear what the juggalos say, ESP @sailorvesta . We all know how Tila lies and exaggerates shit :p

SammiDe said...

I Agree w/Goldenhum!! No doubt she KNEW, and I HOPE they EXPOSE HER if she ATTEMPTS to sue!!! SMH at it all!

Unknown said...

bahahaha, this made me laugh a lot. god we're geniuses.

Unknown said...

Whatever happened to the good old days when an incident like this would happen and then their lawyer would release the pictures along with a statement condemning the incident and the people who participated, then say that he and his client were considering legal options...

Oh wait, we're talking TILA, the Z-lister who's only cohort is that retard Bradshaw.

She begged for this before it happened, she encouraged it while it happened and she's milking it for all it's worth now that it's over.

She deserved it, case closed.

Anonymous said...

I lifted this from TMZ comments - accounts from people actually there are starting to come in and of course are giving different versions to what Tila described . . .

i know people who are at the festival and i have spoken to them today about it. She is not telling the truth, first off,there were only about 200-300 people in attendance at her performance seeing as how it was at 4am and most of the people were off doing more interesting things like attending the comedy shows,sleeping,hanging by their campfires,or at the other stage watching actual musicians perform.Secondly,nobody chased her to her trailer. Did they throw things at her? yup but name me a festival where that DOSENT happen to artists the crowd dosent like? did some people try to climb the stage and throw things at her? Yes. Security whisked her away before anyone could physically accost her. Why were people throwing things? because she was so drunk and completely messed up that she wasent even trying to lip sync to the track,she was standing there swaying back and forth looking like a zombie.

Posted at 6:47 PM on Aug 14, 2010 by Chris

Unknown said...

sorry that was me with all the deleted comments. i was trying to post what i did and every time i posted it - it said it was too long. so i tried to shorten it and repost it. that's the only reason i deleted all those comments. they were exact repeats of what i said before. no drama. no excitement LOL. just me, being stupid.

Nana426 said...

Wow, I'm finally going to comment on Tila here. I love my Rotspot.
1st of all yes I'm gonna say it as others have, I do not advocate violence. What happen with Tila and the juggalos, well it wasn't right. BUT sometimes when we push and push and we walk around hurting others at the drop of the hat, all for publicity, karma sneaks up and someone gets hurt.
I came along back when she 1st accused Shawn of attacking her, I was curious as to who Tila was.
I don't hate Tila, when someone has a mental condition you don't hate. She is very narcissistic, my ex is just like her and I thought he was bad. The reason Dr Drew didn't take her on is because of that, it's not treatable. People read up on it, and you will see Tila's overall behavior clearly.
I feel bad for the young kids who do follow her, she doesn't care for them, she uses them for her own gain of remaining fame. People with her condition, are charmers, manipulators, they thrive only on drama good or bad, they will create a sceanario, cause serious drama and twist it to blame it on someone else. She has done this to Shawn, leo, Garry, Casa, Game, The Bodyguards, The Hiltons, The Johnson's, and she had some indirect part of Casey's death. I believe Bradford will be next.
Bradford tweeted last night how could people hurt a woman like they did to Tila. I was pissed at him, how dare he. Where has he been with all that Tila has done to others, just recent she accused Garry of slashing her, trying to rape her and stalking. Bradford u sat back and said nothing, u know it was a lie, but you said nothing, u still stand by her. Why ??? I really believe she has something on you and you're afraid ,or it's the drugs she supplies you with. A real friend stands and helps a friend to get help, you're an enabler.
I've said what I need to for now.

kellymae said...

Rotty - hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *deep breath* bwahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaha......ok, I think I have it under control....wait....nope, shit....bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

I've missed you guys.