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Saturday, May 8

postheadericon Copy and Paste do not a gossip blog make

I think, really, all of her entries that aren't only about her must be completely stolen from some other site.  Case in point, today Tila posts this:

Wow Tila, here's a couple of things I noticed.

#1: YOU ARE A FUCKING IDIOT.  Her name is RIGHT FUCKING THERE ON THE COVER OF THAT MAGAZINE yet you still spelled it incorrectly.

#2:  Gee, those look like footnotes!  But your article doesn't have any footnotes, Tila!  Hmm...

Tila, that's Daisy Low's wikipedia entry.  DOES IT LOOK FAMILIAR?


#3: Wikipedia is not a credible source, Tila.  You are complete fucking fail.

I mean, is this what your blog is going to be?  You regurgitating fucking Wikipedia entries and acting like it's fucking news you came up with?

I really think the world would be a better place if she would just die.  Especially if it were really slow and painful, like from an illness.

Thanks to my homegirl Daria for the heads up on this shit, and shoutout to my girl in the comments there!

Update! Princess Dumbass fixed the spelling error in her post! Aww, it's really too bad I already capped it and put it up here. Gee...


Fatty McFatterson said...

Damn!!! I got beat out on this. I just read the wiki on her and was rushing to spill the news!!! Well it's good to know fellow rotspotters are on top of this stupid shit Tila pulls.

Hey Uncle Eddie, how do I get a hold of you via email?

Anonymous said...

I was trying to find a way to email you and point out this Wikipedia cut and paste story and you posted it in the time I was searching! I guess she thinks it's her own if she throws the word 'FIESTY!' in toward the bottom of the cut and paste entry. And misspells feisty along the way . . .

The funny thing she has never clocked is that Mark Ronson, ex of Daisy, is well known in the UK and is brother to Samantha, Lindsay Lohan's ex. I had read something Tila wrote about Samantha being a nobody until she met Lindsay, which isn't actually true, she's been around for awhile and has a very famous brother.

Terri said...

I think someone needs to start a blog that posts (caps) all Tila's stupid posts.. and I mean ALL, so the people like ME, who REFUSE to go to her site, can enjoy the LOLZ!

The ambiem has made her so delusional!

tizerri on twitter

Terri said...

@khandersuk it's her's if she misspells the name in the 'headline'. right? haha

EXCLUSIVE... my ass.. ha!

Eduardo Retardo said...


Fatty McFatterson said...

Check your mail dood!

Anonymous said...

She's been stealing off ONTD too. Really annoying.

deluwiel said...

On Twitter she's threatening to interview lil' Justin Bieber - I'm sure there's not a chance in hell of this kid getting within 50 yards of Tila. She says she's going to interview Gaga, and wants to interview Madonna. Yeah, right...("Miss who? Tila... who?") I knew she couldn't come up with enough stuff to fill a blog for a week, but besides the garbled crap about herself there hasn't been 1 single original post since May 3. She was bragging about having all the paparazzi at her beck and call, all these celebs lined up for interviews in front of The Green Screen. Now there's a new thing - her "Blind Items". Since she has no sources of her own for actual gossip and people are calling her out for cut&paste blogging and she can't make stuff up using real people's names without getting sued, what's the logical solution? Make stuff up about anonymous people and call it a Blind Item! Brilliant, Tila. Smells like desperation...

Anonymous said...

The best things about her "blind items" are that it's SO easy to find the photo she used and figure out who it is (e.g., the Kim Kardashian one), AND if you do click on the photo, the idiot used "KimK" as part of the web address. FAIL.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed Tila is going after women quite viciously, but men are not getting the same treatment? In direct opposition, she is SUPPORTING the likes of Chris Brown. Highly complicated psychodynamics abound.

Clementine said...

Really a Whos That Girl on a Vogue cover model? Who also happens to have a famous the next one going to be Stella McCartney? Or Peaches Geldof? Arent guessing games suppose to have some sort of surprise to them? Like -Oh I didnt realise that celebrity had a teenager. Surprise!
(sorry my laptops quotation key is fucked. Im not a moron who doesnt punctuate!)

How long until she realises that her blog is an epic fail and her servers crash losing everything? Its suppose to be a celebrity blog so why does she keep talking about herself?

On the celebrity scale she ranks under that girl that had a walk on in that one episode of My So Called Life that she won in a Sassy magazine contest.

Anonymous said...

@spagtalunan - Earlier when I read the 'kimk' photo name on your post I went and looked at it and saw the same thing. I just noticed on her site she's altered the photo and also removed the 'kimk' to make it 'tilasblinditem.' She really does check this site a lot, doesn't she!

heather said...

i was cracking up..and now (after reading this site/comments) she tried to change the post and add quatations around the wiki parts she cut and pasted, but she even managed to do that wrong. Her poorly written comments are mixed in there..HAHA

Anonymous said...

@ khandersuck - You're totally right! She is such a tool. However, if you click on the new image, you'll see that the old one is STILL there, along with the same file name. She is SO dumb, she can't even bother to delete the older photo off her site. Lame.

deluwiel said...

We seem to be forgetting that she has a staff of 20 working on this site for her. Well, once Miss Boss Mogul Bitch Queen of The World rouses herself from her drug stupor and realizes what's going on with her Epic World-Changing Gossip Blog heads are gonna roll!

Monique said...

She has went from 110,564 visits on Wednesday to 21,619 visits for Saturday.

deluwiel said...

OMG - I love it. "haters" aren't the only ones calling her out.

How long do you think it's going to be until there isn't anything on her blog except pictures of herself (apparently she dug one up from 5 years ago to put on there today), bogus blind items that she makes up, and her typical verbal diarrhea about whatever stoopid notion pops into her head at that minute. erm...wait. Doesn't she already have a site like that? MissTilaOMG flushes down the crapper in 5...4...3...

B_McBitcherson said...

A real day in the life of Tila:

10:00 am: climb out of the crab cave, swig some drank (it's got jolly ranchers so she is all set for fruits today - gotta stay healthy for the fake baby!) and start reading perez immediately.

10:45 am: pop an ambien and red bull, it's time to get to work!

11:15 am: "what was I supposed to be doing again?"

12:30 pm: ".....aaaand paste! Blogging is hard work! But POW!! I'm good at it!"

12:45 pm: Check rotspot.

12:55 pm: change blog accordingly.

1:07 pm: check rotspot.

1:10 pm: change blog accordingly.

1:15 pm: go to corner store to pick up some "crab food".

2:30 pm: time for my medicines! And more blogging! Copy paste copy paste, la la la laaa!

2:35 pm: check rotspot - those haters are sooooooo jealous!

2:40pm: change blog accordingly.

2:43 pm: check rotspot.

2:47 pm: change blog accordingly

3:00 pm: check rotspot

3:10 pm: change blog accordingly.

3:15 pm: begin seeing aliens, ask one to write an exclusive for misstilaomg.

5:57 pm: wakes up in a daze, "omg, there's a fucking mountain in my room and it's coming right at me!!!!!!!!!!!" While running away, trips over chair, dents head.

6:00 pm: after some more "medicine", is calmed down after being assured there is no mountain, it was just mr. Bradshaw's forehead as he was walking in the door.

6:02 pm: check rotspot.

6:03 pm: get the idea.

Eduardo Retardo said...

B, your comment is filled with factual truths. I enjoyed it and the lol it brought.


B_McBitcherson said...

Awwww, thanks Uncle Eddie! <3

Tiffeh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joann said... post had me cracking up, especially this part:
"2:40pm: change blog accordingly.

2:43 pm: check rotspot.

2:47 pm: change blog accordingly

3:00 pm: check rotspot

3:10 pm: change blog accordingly."

That's exactly what Tila does.