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Wednesday, May 19

postheadericon Tila's too stupid to attempt a "Play on Words"

Good morning lovers!!!!

So, while here I sit, recovering from my drunken stupor from eves past, I tripped and stumbled over to the dirty leprechauns blog....(not to worry, I wore a full body condom).....

And because she fails at EVERYTHING, I don't know why I expected anything different....but I chuckled quietly to myself (or it could have been a bong hit) when I realized what I thought was a complete and utter fucking mess of retardism....only to realize that it was the porn muppets attempt to be comical. Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, Prince of Asia Throughout Time...? yeah? no? nothin? hmmm....

A little letter to you Tila dear, you're stupid. Completely and utterly no holds barred fucking stupid. I'm going to go ahead and give you a mulligan and say that maybe, JUST MAYBE you did attempt a play on words, albeit a pathetic failed attempt...but MAYBE.

I'm not completely convinced though that you didn't in fact write "Prince of Asia" and mean "Prince of Asia". Do yourself a favor you ill fitting twat-bandaid, and give it up already. You're not attractive, you're not funny, and you're not important. Here's me, just being a helper. It's what I do.

And just for shits and giggles, let's all point and laugh at yet another Tila Fail. *sighs happily*


TilaTruth said...

can't see any words unless i highlight the page. what the friggggg :(

The Gnome said...

Working on it...
TRS is adjusting column spacing and'll be back to normal asap.

Jenn said...

Geez, she seriously gets dumber everyday (if that's even possible). At what point will she realize that she's just a fucking failure and should stick to stripping?

On another seems that Perez just keeps kicking her ass at everything (see link)

B_McBitcherson said...

*pointing and laughing* Hahahahhahahahahahahahahaha, Tila's stupid.

And a whore.

B_McBitcherson said...

This is OT but I just haaaad to share it.

This has GOT to be killing Tila:

"Travis Garland, the former boy-band singer whose first solo single will receive an unprecedented national debut on "American Idol" next week, can thank gossip-maven-turned-music-business-power-player Perez Hilton for his good fortune. That's because Hilton, who has brokered his online success into a bevy of business opportunities, used his pull with the mastermind behind "Idol" to help his young protege score the coveted slot."

meid620 said...

11812 San Vicente Blvd, Level 4
Los Angeles 90049 CA,,

Is that really her address?

babayxdyme18 said...

Just wanted to say that I love this site! I visit it every day :) Keep up the god work guys!

Peter said...

I am in NO WAY defending Tila but this brilliant story was written by her sister Terri.

Terri was also responsible for the stories on Steve Nash & Drew Barrymore that Tila's blog cited from The Onion.

Tila slammed Perez for having his sister writing on his blog but Tila does the same thing? At least Perez's sister can tell the difference between a parody site & a real gossip site. Also, Perez's sis is smart enough to spell check/name check her crap.

I guess stupidity is hereditary and runs strong in the Nguyen family. :P

Eduardo Retardo said...

No, meid620, that isn't her address. It's been posted here before - her real one, that is.

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