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Saturday, May 29

postheadericon Innate Ugly=Tila Nguyen

So, I was just lounging around the house, being jelis and hatin', when I thought to play with an anagram generator (check out my blog title, EPIC!). Oh the fun that can be had! Now before y'all start bombarding me with jelis hater comments 'cause this is a legit Tila truth blog, lemme tell ya, relax Agnes. It's ok to have a little fun every now and again!

For example:

Thien Nguyen = Nine, Yet Hung (a veiled reference to 9Head. Who knew he was well-endowed! Don't judge a book by it's massive forehead people!)

Tilas Rotspot=Tots Stop Liar

Jelis Haters: Liar He Jests (must be referring to Uncle Eddie) AND Jail, She Rest

misstilaomg=It Is Slag Mom (I guess she's a milf after all!)

tilashotspot= Shat. Toil. Post. (the story of Tila's life)

mischairage=Is Chair Game AND, also, I Has Cage Rash (duhhhh!) , another: I Is Hag Cream (so that's what's in that bottle by her bedside to treat her cage rash!) AND...Is A Hag Crime bwaahhahahahahaha!

lawyers of which I have: Liar Who Chase Five. Why?... (so that's how they figured out how many jelis haters to come after!)

no life jelis haters: Jest One Elfish Liar and Jest Elfin Hoe Liar and She Tis Felon Jailer

lindsay lohan: Old Shiny Anal

casey johnson: Enjoys No Cash and Has Con. Enjoys. (I guess Tila made her life a little brighter)

mogul of which i am: How I'm Fail Cum Hog (sub-title: The Tila Tequila story)


Ben said...

"Old Shiny Anal"

Honey, that thing hasn't been shiny in years.

Anonymous said...

What I find absolutely hilarious (and has no bearing on this particular post whatsoever) is that Tila continually does multiple "hottie of the week" and "spotlight of the week" despite the fact that a week hasn't even passed. However, you only see her do her "Tila Army member of the week" once a week. She probably realizes that she couldn't do a Tila army member of the day because she'd run out of people FAST. I wonder how long she'll keep up the army member of the week, or I guess she could just randomly make people up and google pictures of randoms. Just an odd thought...

Eduardo Retardo said...


Oh my God, I don't know which one is the best.

carlos said...

Due to my horrible insomnia I just spent way too much time coming up with some more anagrams.

A Liquor Tits Declare
A Dialect Squirt Role
LA's Cordial Queer Tit
A Recalled Trio Quits (I assume the trio is Jane, Caroline & Tila)
A Cradle Loiter Quits
Liquors. A Lie. Detract.

Tamale Log I Quit
Llama Ego Quit It

A Lesbian Tits Norm
A Lesbian Trim Snot
A Brainless Tin Mot

Anonymous said...

I really hate myself for monitoring this, guys, but I'm hoping this might have a happy ending for us (i.e. 5150 or death). This bender she's on is becoming epic. If her tweets are any indication, she's only slept about 4 hours in the last two days and her posts are becoming more manic and incoherent.

To the Tila Army of Halfwits & Morons, I look like a h8r with no life. However, while their leader locks herself in her apartment alone, crushing up pills and begging strangers to talk to her over the computer, I will be enjoying time outdoors with family and friends today. Cheers!

BKiddo said...

This is fun, but I've only done one so far.
A Freaky Itch
A Fart Hickey
Yack after Hi

I'm gonna some more and be right back. I've got a few hours to kill before the BBQ.

BKiddo said...

It's me again Margret-(sorry old Ray Stevens song).
I've got a few more, keep getting sidetracked, so this is all I could think of.

Ant Mop

Bed Bound Phoney
Bed Bunny Poohed

Enjoy your BBQ's all!

B_McBitcherson said...

Lmfao, I just read her post on Kesha (who she has taken to calling "kosher" which is really just the most pathetic attempt at an insult EVER.) and is accusing Kesha and a producer of stealing her swagger and writing skills. So THAT'S why tilas songs suck so much ass and kesha's raking in the dough!

Nightingale said...

From her Twitter

# Speaking in Lindsay, since she doesn't seem to love herself anyway, do you want me to write something juicy I know about her on my site? about 9 hours ago

# Plus doesn't she have to start memorizing movie lines for her next PORN FLICK? here @lindsaylohan get it 2gether about 9 hours ago

# If it was someone from the "HOOD" do u think they would treat that person the same as they did for Lindsay?? HA! I don't think so honey! about 10 hours ago

# Yes I just tweeted to Lindsay Lohan to stop partying for once & I know it's memorial weekend but still! Shit she got off REALLY EASY! WUTEVA about 10 hours ago


B_McBitcherson said...

Oh poo, I had posted a comment before the kesha one about how awesome this was and it made me lolz. Well it did!

Isis said...

How I'm Fail Cum Hog sounds like a dish at P.F. Chang's.

And honestly I love to sit back and lurk at attention whore's going ape shit when they realize someone's ignoring them. It's become somewhat of a hobby of mine. Lindsey is completely ignoring Thien and Thien's completely lost her noodle.

BKiddo said...

I just checked out celeb. tweets, looks like she moved on from Lilo to Beyonce (sp).
Earlier today or maybe last night, because you never know with our super great mogul, she tweeted that she gave her staff the weekend off. Then later on she says that she went to pee and had to delete something one of her staff posted.
In anycase, sounds like she's pissing people off agian, and she'll be at it all night.

Bridget said...

one thing i noticed is that for the past48 hours there have been no advertisements on her site.

that always bodes well.

Tyranny4U said...

Agnes?! My name is Agnes. Are you referring to me? What have you got against myself or my namesake?

/sarcastic pout


Anonymous said...

haha! its like it has some truths to it! the word generator knows! it is even telling the tots to stop her from lying!!! this is so funny! poor casey johnson, ended up with a con....

amyrebecca said...