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Monday, May 3

postheadericon Oh yeah, Perez should be REALLY scared.


And the gossip blog is up! It actually launched when I was in the middle of typing that last post. I'll sum up my initial thoughts.

1. It looks really cheap. And it's on wordpress. LOL, a "professional" blog on wordpress. Uh huh.

2. This is the best part:

3. Everywhere it refers to itself as "The #1 Gossip Blog in the world." Since it's been up like, 20 minutes, I don't think you can really judge that yet (unless you're a stupid bitch completely up their own ass).

4. She has a section called "Got M.I.L.F?" which consists of 2 pictures of her looking skanky and one picture of Sandra Bullock, also looking kinda skanky. Don't get me wrong, I like Sandy and all, but...well, whatever. The best part of that section is this:

5. She makes a post refuting our claims that Jayden's Angels was a scam. She says she had no address for it - except she did, and we've posted it before. We also have her on ustream two separate times asking for donations - one time saying that anybody who donated would get a "special treat" from Mama T. I bet that special treat is herpes. She then includes emails she apparently sent to people "begging" them to help her set it up. So basically, all she's shown us is that she's too stupid to address the facts (what, was it a fake YOU on ustream soliciting donations, Tila?) and that she never, in fact, had a charity WHICH WE SAID FROM THE BEGINNING.

6. Her letter to Lindsay is hilarious. She begins by acting like she and Lindsay know each other and are friends: "To be honest, I remember us chatting for just a few minutes as there were a lot of fucking lurkers around and you know how that goes. It’s hard for us to keep in contact when those lurkers maybe the same people who will backstab us." Uh huh. She then continues: "I even tried to contact you on your Twitter but fuck all that Twitter bullshit! This is real. This is the only way I know that I can contact you and I KNOW you will read this." LOL. But the best part is this: "I literally told my friends a few days ago that it’s so sad that Me, Miss Tila, Once just a Myspace girl turned Reality star, and I now have surpassed Lindsay Lohan! Girl that is sad!!!! Cuz to me, you were the LEGIT SUPERSTAR, THE MOVIE STAR! And now, you have let a once Reality Star, Miss Tila, Surpass you!!! Come on girl!!!!!!" OUCH. On what fucking planet does Tila fucking meth-mouth Tequila surpass Lindsay Lohan? Okay you guys gotta read it, it's so funny.

She then follows this with like 3 or 4 pictures of HERSELF in New York. Wow.

7. So then I thought "I wonder if I can post screen caps of this shit at the Rotspot for all of our lovely readers?" So I checked out her legal page. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

 Yep, that's it! That's her entire legal page!

8. Wanna know how legit and professional this shit is?

 At least Perez Hilton knows how to use Google when he can't spell someone's name.

9. Speaking of Perez Hilton, does this remind you guys of anything?

 At least Perez Hilton's use of MS Paint is cute in that minimal effort sort of way. Yours, Tila, just looks pathetic.

10. Let's make it an even 10. In case you were wondering, according to Tila, it's Khloe Kardashian "whored herself" at 15.

Uh huh.

Oh and Tila can't let shit go. I know, this comes as a HUGE surprise to you all.

 Jesus Tila, how long ago did you date him? Who the fuck even cares about Jared Leto anymore?

There. It's exactly the train wreck we thought it would be. Don't expect updates often on this shit, because it's a horrible blog and I hate it already. It has no "home" feature (it does, it's just really small) and there's just too much bullshit being thrown at you with surprisingly little information. If she's really been working on this for 4 months, then I'm the goddamn Virgin Mary. Oh no wait, that's Tila. Well, you get my drift. I'm only updating you all on it because you expected it. Don't get me wrong, if she posts something hilarious we'll update you on it. God knows she'll plug it enough on her twitter and facebook. Go if you want, her little poll on whose blog this one will dethrone could always use more votes!

Peace out, bitches!


Joann said...

Yes said. Old news, pictures of herself and a lot of lies slamming people.

I left about 5 comments on various articles basically telling her to get a freaking life, stop lying and who cares about something that happen 10 years ago. I went back a few minutes later to see "if they had been approved by the administrator to be posted" and of course they weren't.

This is not a gossip site I will be visiting everyday and the articles are way too long. Will check in from time to time though. I also voted "none you stupid biatch".

John T said...

Your review is very thorough and full of badassery. Thanks for shedding the light on this whore in a way that doesn't require me having to add even a single hit to her hit counter.

Joann said...

meant "You said it".

waisostupid said...

How'd she get You guys should have kept that.

"I now have surpassed Lindsay Lohan!" ... in crotch shots.

kristi said...

So, basically this is like her Buzznet blog, but pretending to be a celeb blog, with really fake information that she makes up as she goes because she's POW BOOM LAME like that?

If she isn't careful, she'll find herself getting sued for defamation really fast, which will be funny. So strike that and we'll all say 'keep up the good work Tila! Whore...'

God I love you guys for keeping up this blog. It's my daily fix of schadenfreude.

Monique said...

Just a heads-up, she is tracking the traffic of anyone going to her site. Really isn't that huge of a deal, lots of sites do it.

Tilatakedown said...

i hope she gets sued right into the poor house , maybe i hope.....this blog shall be the end of her...make sure we all dont give that bitch a single hit...since the opening of hers i make sure i go to perez's TWICE AS MUCH lol

KD said...


Joann said...

Has anyone see this before? It's an article from back in February of this year and it was written by Carlton Jordan. I know they are friends now but this is my first time seeing this article. Seems she did have a staff at one time for her OMG site.

She probably copied the "thoughts of the day" from Global Grind. Russell Simmons is always spouting off stuff like that.

I know damn well Tila don't have a clue what some of those quotes mean and who in the hell is intimidated by her? lol.

Monique said...


Monique said...


sorry, here is the correct link:

Fatty McFatterson said...

Hmmmm. Found something interesting over at, mainly that Perez has his own record label, Perezcious Music. Now, *taps finger on forhead* think, think, think, oh yeah, along with a celebrity blog, like Perez, Tila also has a record label, like Perez. I always knew Tila was a copycat, but didn't realize her jealousy and envy of Perez runs so deep she has to go after all the things he goes after.

Oh, and her blog is just as stupid as I thought it would be. Plenty of controversy (did you see the n-word article *eyeroll*)that she hopes will make it into more mainstream media by tomorrow. Her stupid followers are thrilled about the 'inside scoop' (lies) Tila tells. I see major slander suits coming up. If people have a tendency to believe your lies, you're n big ass trouble!!! CAN'T WAIT!

Ray said...

i'm starting to think she may be smarter then i gave her credit for... I've never hated someone so much. is that what she wants?

Monique said...

@Auntie Fatty

Perez also has 2 books published, the copyright for "Queen of All Media" and trademarks for Perez Hilton Music and clothing.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,
I realy need your help!
After reading in this blog i was really shocked. Tila and her behaviour is a danger for children and teenagers! So I wrote to the Hot Spot and told them to delete my profil, 'cause I working with children and I can't handle this!
But they didn't delete my profile. They asked for some proofs that tila is a danger for kids so I sended them a link to your blog. But they said: "where is the evidence that she's harming children? Also, joe francis and his company nothing to do with tila's hot spot."
What can I do? I want my profile deleted there! If there's anybody with a good hint for me please write to
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Ok I send them another (grumpy) mail and now they sendet me a link back! It says my profile will be deleted in 24 hours! Hope so! :D

Anonymous said...

SO,she went from calling Sandra Bullock a Nazi to calling her her favorite M.I.L.F.?? BAHAHAHAHAHA

deluwiel said...

okay, this is a riot - under her "Dear Diary" after babbling about how she got sick after NY and had bronchitis:
"Plus I kinda did a quick estimate from when I started snoking at the age of 15, until now at the super duper Sexy and Confident woman that I am at 28, you will not believe this, but had I not smoked at all, I would have saved at least $5 million dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO FUCK THAT SHIT!!!!! I spend $5 Million dollars just to give myself lung cancer??? Hellz naw! So yes, I totally quit today!!!

First of all, "snoking"? HA! Secondly - $5 million!?!!? How much does she spend on a pack of smokes? Oh, wait... those must be those $1000-dollar-a-pack cigs made with rare imported hybrid tobacco that only the very elite AAA-list Hollywood mogul music producers smoke. or, she smokes somewhere in the neighborhood of a thousand packs a day. Idiot.
I think she just used up everything she has to get this site launched and from now on it'll just stagnate. There's no way Tila has the discipline to gather fresh stories and actually take the time to post them every day. The launch and demise of her world-changing gossip blog all in one day. It's epic. *yawn*

sniff said...

What comes out of my own ass can dethrone Tila from this toilet of a blog! Absolute effing piece of shite!

Isis said...

I have two blogs, and I own two websites that I blog off of. I am a broke college student/starving artist and yet I still managed to do all that? But I'm supposed to believe she's a millionaire?

Tony said...

You ladies here at the Rotspot rock! Thanks for keeping us posted. I refuse to give that wackjob the satisfaction of a hit from me at that piece of shit blog, once was too much. Do we all smell lawsuits? LMFAO

Anonymous said...

I expected a hot mess of epic proportions but I'm actually disappointed by the blog. Yeah it completely and utterly sucks, but its also BORING. The articles are way to long and just go on and on about nothing (mostly about how awesome POW Tila is), and like everyone is saying before, its OLD news. She said someone broke into Paris' storage space "about a year ago"... Um actually that was around 2005/2006. Jared Leto? zzzz. Oh and I love the posts about Nicki Minaj and Kim K and how they need to admit to their plastic surgeries cuz Tila admits she's had her tits done (horribly). You guys should do a side by side face analysis of a pic of Tila today and one from years ago. OBVIOUS nose job, and her cheeks and chin are way more streamlined and defined.
Anyways the blog was so boring its not even worth going to for a laugh.

Isis said...

I just did a search of and....nothing. I'm a Sagittarius, a natural born competitor, so the last thing competition of any kind does is intimidate me. She is one self-absorbed human being.

Jenn said...

Excellent breakdown TRS. Her site is really quite terrible. She writes like a 15 year old who is pissed off at all of the popular girls in school. Geez. Nobody cares that Paris Hilton sucked the D. She had a sex tape 6 years ago...we know that she likes to get down...the jig is up!

The most disturbing thing about her site is the post on Miley Cyrus. I had to click away from that because...oh I don't know...Miley is a minor in that picture. Tila seriously is a pedophile.

I definitely won't be visiting her site again. And I hope that everyone can keep it to a minimum to keep her hits down.

Anonymous said... is worth $403.20

allen said...

It has been a while since I posted and I was really hoping that Tila would move to Texas and lead a nice quiet proper life.I also hope the "anti" Tila people don't go to her gossip website because she could make money off this.Maybe just let the resistance "bloggers" capture the insanity.
The I.R.S and the U.S. government are well aware of Ms. Nguyen but TRS did a great job on how to register a complaint a few months back. Tila filed for an extension for her tax year 2009 but at this time I am not sure if she received it.I have more to say but I think she reads the blogs. The question you want to ask yourself is why would Tila post about Jaydens Angels now? I will laugh out loud or what ever that expression is when what we think is going to happen actually happens. It is just a matter of time! Carry on and enjoy Life.Living well is the best REVENGE. ALLEN from AZ

Jen said...

Have you guys seen this? I thought it was too funny not to pass on...
ps: Can someone please step on her & squash the life out of her???? PLEASE??? For the good of mankind????!! :)- Great job as usual guys!

Isis said...

These are the upgrades you can get on a account. Note the $90, 25GB extra storage option, etc.

chey said...

I'm so glad her site is recapped here and on ontd so I don't have to go to her site and give my computer herpes.
You'd think that someone on her "huge team" that is working on the blog would have basic spelling and grammer skills - worsesest dresses and powerfule force? I nearly choked from laughing.

Really Tila? said...

Thanks Danielle, I was going to post some data that I thought might be of interest to our fellow readers seeing Tila is bragging about how she is bigger then Perez, TMZ, etc. Lets take a look at those numbers at shall we?

Tila's Tilatequilaomg site is worth.... $8971.20

Her misstilaomg site is worth $403.20 as Danielle stated in a prior post. Her TWO websites value combined is a whopping $9,374.40! NINE THOUSAND, THREE HUNDRED, SEVENTY FOUR DOLLARS AND FORTY CENTS! POW!

Lets now compare other sites shall we?!?!

TMZ: worth $11.59 Million , $9.9 Million, $26,726.40, Radaronline $1.88 Million, $1.95 Million,

But I saved the best for last..... is worth.....Wait for it....


Damn she's a boss bitch, isn't she?! And she's offering Perez and his Mom jobs? Bitch please!

Anonymous said...

isnt perezhilton also on wordpress? when wordpress crashed around last weekend, i tried to access his site but his page was blank & there was something about wordpress on there...