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Wednesday, May 12

postheadericon Tila can't be THIS delusional? Can she? She puts the 'idjit' in midget!

There's lots of jumping up and down going on over at Tila's Cut & Paste Blog over a musical review that came out yesterday on Best Week Ever. Click here for the article.

The reviewer seems to know Tila the way we know Tila, genital warts and all, so the fact that he gave props to her Depeche Mode's single Blue Dress means it's either passably good or the guy's been hitting the wacky tobaccy... and hard. I listened to the track, but could not watch the accompanying video, as it was so god-awful raunchy and disgusting. Tila's vocal range is pretty narrow and she can't hit the lows or highs, but with some serious behind-the-music electronic wizardly, she might be able to sound adequate.

So, what's the big hullabaloo about? Well, dear readers, it's one of the reviewer's closing sentences:

Clearly, Miss Tila doesn’t have the pipes of an Alicia Keys or a Jennifer Hudson, but neither does Madonna.

With that simple statement, Tila ran with this headline over at her blog:

Madonna comparisons?????? Tila did you read the article? Madonna comparisons? OMG I just about rolled out of my chair laughing (good thing I'm not prego, or we'd have another Tila mischairage on our hands!) Tila doesn't seem to get that he said NEITHER Tila NOR Madonna could hit the notes of more accomplished singers. That's like saying neither Tila nor Madonna have 5 legs and 3 eyes. I wish he had said that then we can read Tila gushing about how a reviewer compared her body to Madonna's!

I'm not going to say more beyond this because this is the type of news I'd be wringing my hands in anticipation of Uncle Eddie's take.


thisisgarbagehoney said...

Wow. Let me wipe the vomit off the corners of my mouth for a second. She has officially surpassed Heidi and Spencer as the Biggest Shit Show in America. I read this blog faithfully before bed each night, and I would like to thank the writers of this blog for causing my dreams to be filled with cuntscabs and wonky tits. I really appreciate it... Thanks guys.

thisisgarbagehoney said...

PS please go look at the picture she posted on her 'gossip' site where she calls herself a barbie or some shit.... The 90 year old wrinkles on either side of her mouth literally look like they are dripping with straight meth. I am not one to generally judge on someones looks but it is almost scary how rapidly she is aging. Meth is a helluva drug kids!

Ray said...

I can see the comparisons to Madonna cant you? they both have two arms and legs and...and...mmmm

Did she link to the review from her site? so her "fans" can see it unmolested, or just use what she needed to give her headline a good spin? i refuse to go there and give her 1 hit.

Joann said... long as he didn't say outright "Tila has no vocal range and that remake was terrible", then Tila will try and find any little nugget she can in that article, or any article about her, that she thinks sounds remotely in her favor, blow it waaay out of porpotion and run with it.

She sees what she wants to see, not the truth. That's how desperate she is.

Rachel said...

"That's like saying neither Tila nor Madonna have 5 legs and 3 eyes." - LMAO! The quote of the day!

This man is clearly on the same happy pills Tila is if he thinks her version of Blue Dress is anything other than awful.

suz said...

she and her strappytard look like a bag of smashed up assholes! eeww

Pixilix said...

If you go to the artical on the page about tilas sonogram i liek how it calls her a raging slut at the end of the artical man that made me giggle so hard ^-^