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Friday, May 21

postheadericon Dear Diary, Tila takes a hostage!!

First off, let me just start this post off with....

Curious and Curiouser....
Now...Moving right along.

Last night, the porn muppet decided she would reveal to the world, what it looks like when a guy is basically blowing you off blushing bashfully.

Really, you just have to watch the video to see how into the dirty bitch he is. My personal favorite is where she's desperately clutching onto him like he's the last cheeseburger before a nuclear war.

Now come on guys, clearly you can see how he's tripping over himself to get the hell away from her in her crusty pants.

And honestly, how could this mug not turn the masses into stone on?

While I'm being completely honest (that's how I do fuckers)...I feel the urge to say that this bitches face is scarier than Medusa's...and that broad had snakes coming out of her skull....FUCKIN' SNAKES!!!!

Tila goes on to claim how they swapped numbers, but then immediately asks her army of tweens and perverts whether or not homie is married and/or dating anyone....

UPDATE: Hey Tila, just a heads seems Mark Salling already is dating someone else---his talented & beautiful co-star Naya Rivera. **Special thanks to Peter for the 411...**

I also really enjoy the part where she doesn't know who he is...and if I could, I'd mushroom stamp the ho for even USING the name Leonardo DiCaprio...I've stabbed people I like more, for less....

Here's the gremlin and her latest victim. I suggest that Mr. Glee take himself home and dip himself in bleach and iodine...QUICKLY!!!

Ah the epitome of class.

P.S.- Here's the entire blog entry to spare you from having to go to the dirty leprechauns blog. Why? Because I heart you bitches.


The Blotspot said...

lmao! Bleach and Iodine might not cut it where Pumpkin Tits is concerned. I'd suggest lye and a mixture of hydrochloric acid instead.

i_am_that_girl said...

Bitch needs to stay the hell away from Mark Salling. HE'S MINE! Ok, not really, but damn, isn't he hot?

Peter said...

Gnomey, please break Mogultard's heart (which is curiously located in her rotspot) and break the news Mark Salling already is dating someone else---his talented & beautiful co-star Naya Rivera.

For a gossip blogger, she sucks bedazzled balls. News of Mark & Naya dating hit most gossip blogs weeks ago, including Perez's.

Love you <3

gymicrae said...

I find it interesting the amount of energy you can put into hating a person. I'm not passing judgement; just taking note.

I will say this: Some people think it's mean to pick on the emotionally disturbed and retarded.

Anonymous said...

Lol, she looks like a deranged Mikey Mouse with those gloves on. If she's trying to hide the fact that she doesn't have enough money to get her nails done, she could just copy Michael Jackson's style and put bandaids or white surgical tape around her fingers. She totally looks like a clumsy ho trying to latch herself on to someone famous in an attempt to try and stay relevant.

The Gnome said...

Hating on her really takes very little time out of my day. There's still plenty left for punishing my liver AND my penis!!!

I won't argue about her being emotionally disturbed and retarded though....
BUT, I'm not going to be polite to a cockroach. Even if it's burrowed in to some irrelevant place in society..

Clementine said...

Wow she is a complete desperate fucktard. Didn't know who he was my ass! Someone pointed it out before but when she lies she always makes up these elaborate back stories "I don't watch tv so I don't even know about this Glee show."
It's really sad that she doesn't even have the social skills left in her pea brain to know when a guy isn't into her, at no point in that vid does he follow her, she is on him like dog on a bone and he is like "get your fake tits off me!" he dunks and she goes to give him fist bumps and he walks the other way! Of course he was gracious and posed for a pic he probably had no clue who the fuck she was and though she was fucked up on something fan and after he posed for a photo not realising she was already making up some mental fantasy about him being her new boyfriend.

It looks like he was playing some ball with some other guys and she was probably like "Oh he's on tv in that hit show I'm totally going to bag him." and stumbled over onto the court and started groping him while he tries desperately to get away. Anyone that knows any body language cues can see what is really happening!

tila said...

Good luck competing with this girl, TIla!!

Miss Ella said...

Miss Hogul has a talent for inducing primal secondhand embarrassment. It may be her only talent. Witnessing Miss Hogul publicly engage in such a classless act of desperation is delightful.

---quick--- Take a picture! :O

Joann said...

See, this is one of the many, many reasons why we know Tila is so full of BS and a waste of time.

She's shooting hoops with Mr. Glee, claim they swapped numbers(which I don't believe) then the nitwit skank has the nerve to ask her "fans" to tell her if he's married or has a gf because she's not a homewrecker. WTH.

Tila, and I hope you read this, you're a grown ass woman, why didn't YOU ASK HIM before you gave him your number what his status was?

Tila creates these scenarios to make people think(her moronic army mostly) she's important and to get publicity just like she did with Amber Rose. Remember, she said she swapped numbers with her too.

In reality, Tila didn't swap numbers with anyone. She probably gave them HER number hoping they would call her and they never do.

She's not relevant so she latches herself on to anybody relevant who will give her two seconds of their time and runs with it for the publicity she desperately wants.

Nobody wants you Tila. You are a bottom feeder and the people in Hollywood know that. They are laughing at you and I think deep down you know that.

Stop making a fool out of yourself and GO AWAY.

Lisa said...

If she's such a POW! celebrity gossip blogger, how come she didn't A) know what "Glee" was, and B) know this dude had a girlfriend?

Because she's full of shit (and meth, and Ambien, AND Red Bull).

Helena said...

She looks like the crazy Aunt who always gets pissed and gropes younger guys at weddings.

You know the sort...the old slapper Aunt...who you have to invite but embarrases the hell out of you...

They turn up looking a sight, get wasted...all the hot guys make fun of her ...then she bangs one of the waiting staff in the kitchen at the end of the night!....And collapses in a drunk/wasted/wet patch heap on the floor.

According to wiki he is 27, the hogul looks about 20 years older than him!

The Gnome said...

I don't know what kind of weddings you're attending, but you can be damn sure that I better be invited to the next one!

B_McBitcherson said...

Wait a minute, isn't she the one who posted that wonderful instructional video on how to get and keep a man? Was there a section in there about chasing the man around while he tries to flee? I must have missed that part. Nice of Tila to demonstrate though.

She really just looks like a desperate troll, he looks like he's just being polite. Basically, what Joann said.

S said...

This is what I don't get - how does a GOSSIP BLOGGER not watch TV? The only way you can know who the main players are in the entertainment business is to know what's hot, which means watching TV, movies etc. I'm not saying she should spend all her time watching shows, but she should have an understanding of the hit shows and their casts. Ridiculous.

I saw this video earlier on her blog (sorry), and I was super embarrassed for her. That's typical desperate skank behavior and well...she IS a desperate skank so I guess she's showing her true colors.

Monique said...

This article appeared early Thursday, WAY before Tila's "Dear Diary" post.

Ben said...

Keep in mind the hogul already has done a post on her blog how something was "better than Glee". Funny how she compares something she HAS NEVER SEEN BEFORE.

I don't get how her army of sheep takes everything she says at face value. I bet if she said she was going to the moon on Sunday at least a few would believe her, definitely that kid mittens, he believes anything.

K.R. Omen said...

Wasn't Shawn Merriman spoken for when Smegel put her hooks into him?

Anonymous said...

LMAO have you guys urbandictionary'd tila?! so funnnny XD

Clementine said...

Ben - Yes she did! She linked to some College Mens vocal group and said something about how they were better than Glee!

Also if you go over to 9heads blog(which is even worse than hers!) he has the full video it appears to be taken by him and the photos by Garry Sun...the only two people in the world who willingly deal with her! It is even more embarrassing to watch because in that vid you can clearly see Matt trying to walk away several times and she chases him and drags him over for a photo! He is totally just being polite but also trying to get away.
Theres another vid of her dancing with 9head, I refused to turn up the volume though as I dont want my unborn child to be horrified by the sound. I am pretty sure she says POW in it though.

Isis said...


Shawn was with Gloria Velez and he went to the P. Diddy White party and fucked Tila

Here's an interview where Gloria talks about it:

BKiddo said...

I wonder if this is how the whole Merriman fake abuse fuckery started.
Can you imagine (or don't-you'll be safer that way) having this greasey haired, wonky niped, ground down teeth, crab infested snatch (with stupid gloves), clamp on to you.
Mr. Glee handled that horrid moment with grace, and got the hell outa there.

Tila's said...

I can't get over how ugly Tila is now. She looks like such a fool in that video.

Emily said...

HER HAIR IS FALLING OUT! Jesus Christ, she hurts to look at.

livvey said...

If she is supposed to be a celebrity blogger, why would she have to ask her "army" fans the marital/relationship status of a celebrity?

Anonymous said...

Watching that video left my mouth hanging open in shock. She was really aggressive and as is typical in Tila's world, she sees things how she wants to imagine they happened and not what really happened.

She says he was blushing. Her explanation implies he was attracted to her. Not that he could have just been hot, or embarassed to have this notorious woman aggressively hanging all over him.

In her description of the ball thing, she says she didn't know who he was until after. So why exactly was she insistent on getting her picture with him, who was a nobody at that moment? Her story doesn't add up and once again we see the evidence of her media whoring by her focus being about getting the photo snapped and not actually meeting the guy.

Helena said...

Gnome, Your on!

But only if we can go in Miss Hogul inspired outfits!

Being serious for a second, she is just like the stereotypical older slapper, who can't face the fact that young guys don't fancy her anymore.

Looking at her recent photos, I can't believe that she is in her late 20's still. No way!

deluwiel said...

a few thoughts:
1. Salling was blushing because he missed all his shots.
B. Tila "shooting hoops" - Slutinese term meaning stumbling around on a basketball court flapping your hands and yelling incoherently to get a hot guy's attention.
4. What in the name of John Frieda is up with her hair?

kristi said...

If they did swap numbers it is because Mark is a nice guy and probably doesn't know the wreck that is Tila Tequila. Not everyone is fortunate enough to know about the beautiful resistance.

Part of me is so tempted to ask Harvey on TMZLive what he thinks about the 'gossip blog' that the little troll is writing, but I have this feeling that it wouldn't be answered.

And lastly, the blog looks great! How in the heck did you guys change everything over so fast? Doesn't it normally take like half a year to prefect? Geeze you guys must be like...superheros. Oh are! Keep up the good work!