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Monday, May 31

postheadericon Wow. Just wow.

It seems the Bitch read my post about what a pathetic loser she is for not acknowledging the true meaning of Memorial Day. She countered with this:

I hope to hell I didn't inspire Crack-Head Annie to insult every man and woman who has served our country throughout history. Whitney Fucking Houston? Seriously? Dr. Drew can't be called soon enough if this is how she responds to Memorial Day.

For two hours I was at the bookstore reading this book by Dr. Drew, The Mirror Effect: How Celebrity Narcissism Is Seducing America. Check it out on Amazon, you can read several pages. If ever there was a biography on the making of an Idjit Midget Mogul, this is the book. He captures her to a tee. The fact that she's not used as an example of this personality disorder is only because she's a nobody, and Dr. Drew illustrated the book with blurbs of real celebrities. He talks about all of it--the highly sexualized image, the disregard for negative consequences in the pursuit of any attention at all--good or bad, the heightened feelings of superiority and the sense that the whole world looks to you, when in fact, we're all blind to that which you think makes you a star. 

I hope every one of the Army of Morons and HalfWits reads this book. Your little hero is a dangerous person, to herself and to her fans. She's brainwashing all that you think is normal because nothing she does is normal, yet she assures you, if you don't think she's normal, you're to blame. You're somehow abnormal. A hater. Enabling her, by sticking up for her bad behavior is just as deadly as if you put the crackpipe to her mouth. You're doing her no favors. You're actually making her life that much more intolerable to her, to the point she has to get so high that she can't have a cogent thought exit her brain, and she has no concern for the damage she does with those thoughts. You, the Army of Morons and HalfWits, have created her. And you will be her demise.


Anonymous said...


Joann said...

Didn't I just say in your prior post that I bet she didn't even know what Memorial Day was all about and a few other people said the same thing.

Now I loved me some Whitney Houston back in the day, but please tell me what has Whitney got to do with Memorial Day and how has she made this a better world?

Sad to say but Whitney turned into a crack head and totally ruined her God given awesome vocal chords in the process so I ask you again, how has she made the world a better place.

Give it up nitwit, honestly, give it the hell up.

Lisa said...

She added the bit about "serving our Nation" hours after she posted it. At first it was just about loved ones.

I honestly think she had NO idea what Memorial Day was.

deluwiel said...

she's ridiculous.

that's all.

krissylu said...

Ugh, she is such a disgusting person.

jayden said...

Ironic that so many military men and women lost their lives so that her Viet Cong hooker ass could come to America and she doesn't even know what Memorial Day is about.

Alabama Worley said...

So I take it she forgot that one of her "baby daddy" was a war vet?

Cathy said...

OH BTW Well said Fatty Love LOVE LOVE your posts!

Cathy said...

Mr Google couldnt tell her what memorial day is? I thought he was on her "Staff". What an absolute and utter moron.

Whitney Houston? Last time I checked she was a recovering crack head coming out of an abusive relationship. How has this person secured our freedom. Did I miss her deployment to a another country to fight for us. Did TMZ miss her bootcamp pictures. ( NO TILA Celebrity boot camp does not count)

As a wife, sister in law, neice daughter in law, and grand daughter of armed forces service people, F*CK OFF TILA! Use Mr. Google and see what this day is supposed to be about. IE NOT YOU!!
Please go back where you came from so you can learn to appreciate the freedoms that you have here. Maybe then you will know who to thank

Whitney Houston....LMAFO

Seagal said...

My Father served in the Korean War and I had a couple of cousins and friends that served in Viet Nam and a couple friends that are serving in Iraq. For that idiot to put Witney Houston in the same post and use her as an example of what makes our nation a better place is a slap in the face to these honorable and selfless men and women.

Again I say : "FUCK YOU TILA!"

Rotty (TRS) said...

Rotty (TRS) said...

Anonymous said...

When I saw this last night, I decided to sleep on it, because I really was just too upset to write. You see, My Great Grandfather Died in World War 1, My Grandfather served in World War 2 and my Great Uncle is still listed as a POW/MIA after fighting in Europe and Korea. He was Captured in Korea, Held as a prisoner and tortured for almost a year before he finally died. His body has never been found. My DNA is on file in a National database in the hopes that when his remains are found, they can bring some part of him home and we can bury him.

This is all very fresh to me, because just 2 weeks ago, my Uncle decided to send me all of our family heirlooms having to do with our Military history, seeing I am married to a Soldier who has served our Country for 19 years. I see my Husband put on his uniform every day, 5 or 6 days a week and leave our 2 baby boys to protect our freedoms. Every time he deploys to foreign countries its been from anywhere from a year to 22 months at a time with only 1 visit home.

In his 19 years, He has been Mortered, Bombed, Came across IED's, Had friends killed, had friends commit suicide after coming home and experiencing PTSD from War, and as a Supply SGT, has had to clean off his friends blood and body parts off weapons and body armor after they were killed.



As a family that has had may sacrifices for the love of our country, I am disgusted that she has no idea what people have gone through and continue to go through on a daily basis for her freedoms.

I would gladly pay to see her at a meet and greet and punch her in the mouth and take one for the team if given the opportunity. Somehow, I think my relatives that have passed would understand that it was done in their memory.

Anonymous said...

I'm so touched by everyone's comments, particularly Like Really?. What an awesome, compassionate bunch of folks gathered here. I'd like to salute all of you and your loved ones who are serving/have served our country.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Really Tila, that was a moving tribute to not only those who have fallen, but those who will continue to stand and serve our country.

I am so impressed by the comments all of you have left on these blogs. There's a compassion and spirit that belies all your jelis haterz personas, and I am proud to stand among you.


BigPoppaPhat said...

who the hell voted 3.5 stars in approval on her post? 12 people I assume? Just another example of her braindead ignorant fans.