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Tuesday, May 18

postheadericon Exclusive! Which Z-List Celebrity is a Terrible Blogger?

Oh shit, that's not an exclusive.  You guys already know!

So okay, here's some funny shit for you guys.  I know you guys enjoy funny shit.

Last night Tila posted something she ripped right off the TV.  You guys ever seen that show What Would You Do?  Uncle Eddie loves that show.  I remember last season they faked a guy spiking a girl's drink and dragging her off, and one of the patsy's was SO into it.  I think he high-fived the fake would-be rapist.  That's some fucked up shit.  So here's Tila not getting that it's set up for a hidden camera TV show:

Yeah, it's wrong, idiot.  That's the point.  The point is they make people witness others doing FUCKED UP SHIT, watch them react or not react, and then make social commentary at how fucked up or society is.  Uncle Eddie is kinda fucked up too, because the comment I included made me LOL.

Hey, it's better than citing The Onion as a source and not getting that it's fake news, right?  (Yeah okay she apparently did that, too, but she deleted it before Uncle Eddie woke up.  Anybody got a screen cap?  Here's covering it.)

Here you go, kids.  Munch on that for a while.

P.S. Everybody applaud TRS for making The Rotspot pretty.


While Uncle Eddie was posting this, Tila tweeted:

First off, yeah fucking right.  Secondly, I'm sure all those adoption agencies are just LEAPING at the chance to give your fucking crazy ass a kid, Tila.  You're exactly the kind of person who should be a mother.  I wish I was Vietnamese, so I could count down the days until you become an Ambassador for my people!  Tila is a role model for sure.

And on that note, Uncle Eddie just threw up in his mouth.

Update #2 

Spiked Tequila has the screenshots up of Tila sourcing the Onion.  This one stood out especially to me, seeing as how I live in Suns territory and all:

Durr it doesn't even look real!!  JESUS I WONDER WHY, TILA.  God...dammit.  What can I even say?  She knows she's an idiot because she pulled the posts.


Samantha said...

Where did she get that ABC "had the full story and was airing it on Wednesday?"

brixie19 said...

Hey girls - The blog looks BEE-yoo-tiful!! Great job making it snazzy!! Keep the good work, chicas. <3

Rebecca said...

"SMHD"...Haha! wtf does that stand for?

Her fucking blog makes me wanna give my brain an abortion with a coat hanger. All she ever does is shit on the same four or five people and try to make herself look like less than a piece of shitty trash with huge boob job scars. I can't imagine this dumbfuck standing up for anyone--an eight year old could kick her ass.

Ray said...

I thought i had come to the wrong site for a sec :) Looks good i like what you have done with it. has a screencap ofthe onion post.

Hope said...

Pshhh...As usual, she posts only half of the story then turns that shit in to all about her. I commented on it, but her Army was all over it telling us we are "Jelliz" because we corrected her. It's too easy someitmes. Did you ladies see her rambling rant?? Some good stuff there.

The blog looks really nice! Congrats!

Lisa said...

Wow, this is purty....but, wait.... No green screen? WTF? (he he he:)

Seagal said...

She got mad at a friend and put a cig out on her own leg? Yea, that's the grown up way to deal w/anger. What a role model she is for all of her little "tila army" zombies.

And she actually believed that show was a real story? She definately has shit for brains.

Seagal said...

OOPS..I forgot to tell you that I am loving the new "face". Great job!

Monique said...


I know EXACTLY where she got that comment from. I was watching 20/20 on Friday night and they were advertising that "What Would You Do?" would be on this Weds. night.

The Jezebel said...

man tila is just fuckin retarded... and what was up with that dear diary she did to the "higher upper" dis bish CRAZZYY or wat ahem *coughs* crack is wack! ugh can i officially start tilas prayer circle lmaoo all donation proceeds to saveahoe foundation.

Joann said...

Tila is a crazy bitch when she's not mad. She's not telling us something we don't already know.

Half you guys seen how she promotes her gossip site on her twitter.

I know people promote things they are involved with on twitter but they will say "hey check out my site at blah,blah" or "download my songs on itunes" and be done with it, but not Tila.

She goes on and on and on with a list of the ALL the exact same articles you can see on her piece of crap gossip site. If her site was as popular as she says it is she wouldn't have to do that. SMH.

Kri said...

Thanks for posting everything. As much as it pained me to be more traffic to her site, I just really could not NOT watch the train wreck. But now I can come here RAWR

Kay said...

I was very disturbed by Tila's lie about putting a cigarette out on herself. Of course, I don't believe her but it's yet another thing Tila trivialises; self harm.

I KNOW she's lying but that's beside the point; miscarriages, rape, defending woman batterer Chris Brown and now self harm are things that should never ever be made fun of.

As someone who's experienced 3 of those 4 issues, I find Tila's comments on them scary when her Tila Army consists of those who haven't yet reached the age of consent. I called her out on her many tweets about "raping" some randomer and she tweeted me back with "well Im sorry that happened to you but u cant be negative about it. Stay strong. Be lucky ur a survivor! I was too! zxox" SERIOUSLY!

I'm don't "av know hoomur" (I assumed she/he/it intended "humour") as one of her illiterate child fans informed me. Hey, I'm English... Self deprecating is my middle name but if poking fun as such issues is "hoomur" then I'll pass.

Rant over!

PS, Tila isn't a retard! ;) My job is assisting adults with moderate to severe learning disabilites and they are funny, kind, honest, sweet, brave, loyal amazing people who've actually lived through hell and are "survivors".

Tila is none of those things.

Rachel said...

LMAO @ Rebecca's comment!

Love the new look guys, it's great. That Meth Midget is such a hypocrite, didn't she call all of us retards recently and now she's giving out about how wrong it is to lambast other people? I've not gone on the blog in well over a week and it looks like I'm not missing out much.

Lisa said...

more fan art :)

Noor said...

Yep, the Tila Army clearly has the haters outnumbered.

deluwiel said...

I believe the tag under the article sums it up: Flagrant idiocy. There's just not much more to say. BTW - The new layout rocks.

Ray said...

She skanks it up enough, next time she goes shopping at midnight flashing her ass,we should beable to see a cig burn, but i am guessing its a herpes thing lol.

B_McBitcherson said...

Loooooove the new site, guys!

I always knew Tila's blog would be the failingest fail that ever failed, but she has surpassed my wildest expectations with this Onion business. I'm laughing my ass off that the OBVIOUSLY fake picture of Steve Nash scared her.

I can picture it now - Tila, hard at work in the crab cave, stumbles upon She has hit the JACKPOOOOT - TMZ and Perez don't have ANY of *these* exclusives, POW!! You know she was super excited.....until about the time the internets started collectively laughing at her.

Cathy said...

LOVE THE NEW BLOG LAYOUT!! So pretty. Yeah so apparently she also copied the onion about a Drew Barrymore coloring booked. Apparently she has no idea that the onion is full satire.

Saw that one yesterday screen caps and all. What at MORON.
Yes Tila all of the nasty marks on your body arent from meth picking its from cigarette burns....oh wait didnt you tell your Army that you quit smoking. Apparently I didnt get the memo that you restarted once again you fail.

Latifah Laniyah Nene Jackson said...

I LOVE that show Eddie. BTW, you make me happy "down there" Keep up the good work, your posts are my fav. xoxo (come ova fo some chicken)

K.R. Omen said...

OMG, she sourced the Onion? I'm done, son. She is in the front running for a Darwin award.

Isis said...

Honestly I talked about an article I saw on "The Onion", but I knew it was fake. The article just gave me ideas to write about and I had to source where the ideas came from.

Elizabeth said...

i loled pretty hard core at the fact that she thought that picture of steve nash was real.