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Monday, May 31

postheadericon Cuntzilla Misses the Point Of Memorial Day

First, a moment of silence for all the fallen veterans throughout time. Without their sacrifice, our right to free speech (among others)  might have been taken from us. Today our family honors my children's great grandfather, who was killed in the Battle of Guadacanal. Though I never met him, I remind my children of his sacrifice and we give thanks to all he did and all he died for. They know his name, they know his history. They know, because we care enough about what he died for to remind them that this is not their country to enjoy, without the acknowledgement of others who gave their lives.

It pains me to bring up the name of the stupid bitch who posts photos of scantily clad women as a 'present' to all of us on Memorial Day:

This bitch, who I refuse to name on this day, should be kissing the ground and visiting the gravesites of US soldiers who fought to make this country free so that her own family could escape from whatever oppression and hardships they found in their mother-land  and have a chance of enjoying democracy and freedom. She should take one moment out of her day to reach out to the "one million viewers" she gets a week to give a shout out to veterans and acknowledge their sacrifice. But no. 

I guess it's my fault, really. I mean, it's not like I expected to visit her site and see anything less. It's just the thought that someone who has reaped so many benefits from the blood spilled to make this nation, you'd think she'd have some clue as what this day is about.


Anonymous said...

Fatty, I am so glad you posted about this. I saw the title of The Thing's post and became blinded with rage. Who the fuck calls Memorial Day "sexy"? She's so far beyond stupid, it's incomprehensible.

What's next? "Have a sexxxxy Holocaust Remembrance Day!!!"

Lisa said...

Exactly. I left a comment to that effect, not that I expect her - or any of her army of retards - to really read it and comprehend just how thoughtless and shitty her post was.

She's such a sad, warped, twisted excuse for a human being.

Both of my grandfathers served in WWII. They truly were the "Greatest Generation."

Anonymous said...

true. today is about remembering our veterans who fought for our freedoms and rights and for soldiers enlisted and those that served in the military. like you said, what can you expect from her? when she said that "i will make you happy any day" phrase whatever it was, it made me think of "me love you long time 5 dolla sucky sucky' from full metal jacket...ha!

hope everyone had a good memorial day anyhow

Sheriff Gauncent said...

Agreed. But should be come to expect that we will never see a post of hers that do not contain the words I, me, or my?

BKiddo said...

Our dear sweet Fatty, I adore the hell out of you.
We're a Navy family, if my Husband didn't get a scholarship, then he would've gone to the Marines.
My Dad was on the U.S.S. Oriskany, I used to come home from work, I was 20, and we'd crack some beers and he would tell me about his time on the aircraft carrier. He was one of the "Call the Ball" guys.
Maybe that's why I love Top Gun soo much. There's nothing sexier than a F-16.
The bitch doesn't have any type of morals and thinks everything should revolve around her. Why should she care about her freedoms and who died for her to spew lies and fuck up other peoples lives.
Hell, in the very least, I figured she would take yet another opportunity to fake mourn Casey.
And I'm glad about that part, but it also goes to show that she has no clue what Memorial Day is all about.

Anonymous said...

Heh, what do you expect from someone so selfish and so involved in herself. Yes, Memorial Day is the start of the summer, but do not forget those who have given so much to allow us to enjoy this holiday with our friends and family.

Anonymous said...

Funny how you make a post about how this fucking poor excuse for a human being doesnt honor the vets, and LITERALLY an hour later, she BRIEFLY honors the vetrans. Here is what she mentions:

Memorial Day is a day that we are to remember our loved ones, and those that may no longer be with us.

In our World’s History, few have been able to share and spread a sense of love, through a gifting of the soul, quite like Whitney Houston.


shannon said...

she just posted a memorial for whitney houston on facebook. what a dumbshit.

Tess said...

So obviously Tila read your well written post, Fatty. At 8pm tonight, she makes a pathetic attempt to blog about Memorial Day and clearly demonstrates 28 years old ..that she's never given one moment of thought to what this day is really about..! smh

Joann said...

Fatty, I hear what you're saying and I agree. First, thanks for that warm and heartfelt tribute to not only your children's great grandfather, but to all the men and women who have paid the ultimate price for this country. I can never forget what they did and what they stood for.

Tila is lost in her own pathetic world. I honestly don't believe she has it in her to express gratitude or say I'm sorry about anything.

She is too wrapped up in herself and probably has no idea what Memorial Day is truly about and could care less.

She's pure filth and where there's bravery and gratitude you won't find filth and where there's filth you won't find bravery and gratitude. Tila acted true to her nature on this day.

Anonymous said...

I hope this isn't completely inappropriate, but the kind comments about our veterans made me think some of you might be interested in donating to, volunteering with or signing a vet up for Honor Flight.

Anonymous said...

Fatty, Thank you for your wonderful post....I just left another post under "Wow", but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your post about your Children's Great Grandfather. I too am trying to remind my sons of their history and instill in them about the sacrifice their relatives have made and continue to make. You always post exactly what it is I'm thinking and I appreciate your moving and powerful words. Thank you for your Family's service to our country, but most of all, your rememberance.
Happy belated Memorial Day.