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Wednesday, May 26

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It seems that Tila just doesn't get it.  I mean we called you out on your ORIGINAL EXXXCLUSIVE outfit for the "Maxim party" so why in the world do you think you can get away with MORE LIES!?!?  Ohhh that's right!  That Ambien that you snort gives you hallucinations and delusional thoughts.  I guess Tila expects everyone else to be a drug addict and live in her little la la land.

Personally made for YOU huh Tila??  That's pretty funny because for a whopping buck sixty-five I can get the EXACT same jacket, minus the bedazzling that 9Head added to it.  I swear you need to stop using the same belt and shoes over and over to try and make "new" outfits.  It really makes you look stupid.  Seriously.  Look, Rotty here is just trying to help you out!!

Source:  Etsy

I'm right aren't I?  I mean, didn't you say the line was "Pantora"!?!  God you REALLY need to get better at this lyin' thing.  It's getting ENTIRELY too easy to catch you in them.  Oh and that model rocks it WAY better than some gutterslut has been, just sayin'...


The Jezebel said...

lol this post when innnnnnnnnn on tila..fodder for the jelis haterz hahaha

Anonymous said...

I don't know, I recycled my Barbie outfits too. Malibu Barbie + legwarmers = Workout Fun Barbie.

Porn Barbie + belt & shoes & Red Bull out the ying-yang= Super Club Fun Barbie.

Lisa said...

Cripes. That shot of her on the couch looks like something I fished out of the sink strainer the other night.

Anonymous said...

Her outfits are atrocious, but her shoes are cute! Most of her shoes are from Velvet Angels and they're affordable. Tila, there's nothing wrong with admitting that you're a mogul on a budget :P

Sheriff Gauncent said...

Look next to the Red Bulls on the table. Isn't that the same little glass dish with white powder on it that she had in the hotel room? It looks like there are lines it in as well.

i_am_that_girl said...

No one should wear a jacket as a dress. It does look cute though.

Cathy said...

I must remember this pose for next time I get pictures taken. Apparently if you wear little and always put your feet on furniture that makes you a mogul....GROSS

Joann said...

This is the second time, thanks to Fatty and Rotty, that Tila has said a designer has designed an outfit PERSONALLY for her and we find out this is not true.

First was Michael Costello and now Andrea Pitter. This is a link to Andrea's page.

Nobody cares if she wears a copycat outfit but to say these designers make these outfits PERSONALLY for her is pathetic.

Sank is a bottom feeder in the worse way.

RNB007 said...

"minus the bedazzling that 9Head added to it"
Ohh I have been under the weather but y'all never let me down with the LoLz!
<3 you all!
Ryan Neil

Candace said...

You totally can see the powder lines (YAY SNORTING AMBIEN!) in the bowl on the table.

And in this picture:

You can see she has powder on her leg and the couch. She's even a sloppy snorter. Jesus.

Oh, and just in case she deletes that pic, I put it on tinypic too:

Tyranny4U said...

/flog session begins

With all due apologies but I have to make a confession ... I kind of like that jacket.

On the model, that is.

I have a similar black version minus that sateen sheen from an 11 years old Benetton purchase. The style reminds me of the mid-late '80s (/sigh I soo miss!) and the riding coats that (Vivienne) Westwood, Sprouse and Gaultier had in their design collections.

/flog session ends

Oh Miss Titty McFugscarson, when will your shenanigans end? You're not fooling anyone with your sad prancing and 5150 role playing on the world's largest schadenfreude stage.
You're not even intelligent enough to have any sort of foresight to see how all your antics will eventually end up with you being given a much deserved face full of fail pie.
I wouldn't be surprised if all your hangers on "friends" are only enabling you just to get their jollies on with your public ridiculing and humiliation. What a sad existence. Sucks to be you.

Joann said...

IMO, I think Mr Bradshaw dresses her like a skank edgy clown on purpose because he know people will be laughing at her behind her back. LOL.

jenn said...

have you guys seen this? according to radaronline tila is addicted to "ecstasy" now and that will supposedly show this addiction on celebrity rehab. even though she's already said it's ambien...

Clementine said...

I hate to be a party pooper but those arent drug lines in the ash tray and it isnt powder on her leg and sofa either.
Ash tray has a design etched in it. You can see that they over lap near the corner. As for it being on her leg and sofa that is the reflection off of the vinyl sofa, you can see the outline of her leg and the fake croc pattern reflection on her leg. Its just how the flash is hitting it.

Im not defending skelewhore but if you look at the pics you can see that all that is in them is a desperate skank, a vinyl sofa that needs to be burned and a table with enough redbull to give an elephant heart palpatations.

I dont know why she feels the need to lie about even the tiniest thing. Why not give the designer props by saying that is who she is wearing?

Right now on her blog she is talking about how Ellen is copying her by starting a record label! Because everyone is copying her cos she is soooo famous. Notice how she never brought up Matt Salling from Glee after that one post? It was so obvious that he had no clue who she was and was disgusted by her so she dropped it rather than continue the lie that he was super into her.

Joann said...

jenn, I read the Radaronline post and I'm willing to bet Tila is on a lot of various drugs but her main problem is psychological. That's where she needs major help.

What her and/or the "source" needs to do is keep Casey's name out of their mouths about anything they did together. Casey is not here to defend herself and a lot of it is probably blown up anyway.

And as far as Ellen coping her by getting a record label...I doubt if Ellen has ever heard of Tila.

deluwiel said...

She's saying Ellen is copying her? Are you kidding me?!? Wait... it must be because Ellen is so grateful to her for blazing the lesbian trail that allowed Ellen to come out, right? Ellen looks to Tila before she makes any kind of career move, I'm sure. LOL
One thing Ellen is probably doing differently, though - I'll bet she has a record label that actually exists in the real world that other people can find and such. Oh, Tila - you make it so, so easy to mock you...

Jennifer said...

Plus... There's been all the controversy over LiLo's pic from Cannes where there are lines on the table. We all know that TT recycles other people's drama and apply them to herself. Who's to say she isn't staging some 'dramatic' photos, knowing her haters are willing to jump to conclusions, therefore fueling more talk with her name attached to them? Especially with all the debate as to whether she will or will not be on Celeb rehab.
This all seems too staged to me.
But I do NOT doubt she really does have a problem.

What I would love to see is her getting thrown into an environment with NO alcohol, NO drugs, and NO internet. Now that would be quite a reality show.

Ima said...

OMFG! It's been over 24 hours since I've gotten any sort of Rotspot update and am going through some serious withdrawal here.

Serious withdrawal.