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Friday, May 28

postheadericon Tila Continues Giving Advice...Sort Of

Hey kids.  Do you remember that episode of Saved By the Bell where Zack, Screech, and Lisa open up the Teen Line because Lisa is really good at giving advice?  And Zack, that money-hungry hunk of love (rawr!) decided that Lisa's advice was TOO good, so he fired her and started giving bad advice on purpose, thinking it would wreak havoc on everybody's lives and make them keep calling in for more?  But then OMG SHENANIGANS when he got the phones mixed up between Kelly (also rawr!) and her little sister Nicki...

So Tila has started giving advice on her fail blog, and I'm thinking she's taking a page straight from the classic Saturday morning show I still watch every morning on TBS (seriously, I know everything about that goddamn show, ask me anything) because WOW is this advice pretty shitty.

So first off, way to recycle that picture, Tila.  I thought you were some mogul, and Garry Sun was your friend...couldn't you get him to shoot NEW pictures of you for your "advice column?"  Instead of the one of you checking into your hotel in NYC?  Also, Support is the wrong email for this type of thing.  Just saying.

The letter starts out talking about how much this anonymous girl (I can't imagine it being a Tila Fan, the letter is not blatantly retarded) loves when Tila talks about herself.  Good, because that's what most of Tila's response is.  Anyway, anonymous goes into how she's struggling financially due to medical debt and being laid off as a 23 year old paralegal.  She had to move into her parents house.  She even admits to being put into a  mental health facility in her past (no, I'm not that much of a dick, I'm not going to make fun of that).  She recently broke up with her girlfriend and now she doesn't feel like life is worth living.  She basically feels like shit and can't get out of bed due to her depression.  She ends by telling Tila that she dreams of moving away to NYC or LA and becoming a model.  This is what Tila chooses to focus on.

So Tila begins her response by saying how it's MUCH HARDER being Tila than it is to be this girl.  I dunno, Tila, this girl seemed to have a REAL relationship.  She wasn't using someone for the money they didn't have, a drug buddy, and I doubt she met her significant other in a grocery store during a super skanky photo op.  OMG it's so much harder being Tila!  Because the world is watching!

Tila then continues by BLATANTLY IGNORING this girl's financial situation and saying "OMG you should move to NYC!"  Because it's super easy to go from broke, moving back in with your parents, and not having a job, to just picking up and moving to New York City, right?  Of course it is!  Hell, really all you gotta do is snort some Ambien and you might get lucky enough to hallucinate that you're there!  That's both money AND time efficient!

She continues "you'll meet new friends and lovers very easily."  Yes, I fixed her typo.  YOU'RE WELCOME, TILA.  I love this part especially.  I know you're sad about breaking up with your girlfriend, the only person you've ever loved, but go whore yourself out in NYC!  That'll make it all better!   Then Tila says she was only there for a month and she met every single person who was somebody (who was somebody).  What!?  Really, Tila?  Let's say, hypothetically, that's true.  Then how did you fuck up this bad to become a social pariah!? 

Then Tila talks about her love life.  I found this part to be especially lulzy.  She's obviously not talking about Casey.  In fact, because of her typo, I thought she was talking about a dude for a while there.  You know, that's one thing you gotta hand to Tila.  Even though her life is obviously SHITE, she always remains optimistic.  Personally I think those kind of people are idiots, but hey, what can you do.

Anyway, I'm sick of breaking this shit down.  I'm sure you've read it yourself and you've formed your own opinion.  I just hope that nobody who REALLY needs help ever emails Tila, because all they're gonna get is Tila talking about herself and ignoring the bigger issues at hand for the fun "like omg!" answer.  And that's just sad.


Seagal said...

Oh yea, telling a girl who is depressed and broke to move to NYC is brilliant advice as we know the minute she gets there she'll meet fabulous people, find a great job, meet the love of her life and find an absolutely gorgeous apt.


This is the worse advice you could give someone in this girls position. The odds are not in her favor moving to NY especially w/her financial siuation. And then take into consideration her emotional state you're looking at a disaster.

Instead of telling her the obvious, to get into some counseling, etc. Tila, as usual, focuses on herself. I swear TT is the scum of the earth and I pray, if that letter was real which I am having a hard time believing, that this girl does not take her assinine advice.

The Fight Clubber said...

I actually went on Tila's site after reading this post because I wanted to make a public comment to the girl who wrote her a letter (I decided not to after realizing that it probably wouldn't be read with so many comments posted.)

Whether or not this is fake, anyone who is suffering from depression should not solve their problems by running away to New York and becoming another person. This new advice column is just as sickening as the fake charity she was marketing. More and more she proves to be a ridiculously stupid woman who poses a threat to the naive. I just wish it would stop. I don't say this as a "hater" or someone who is "jelis". I say this as someone who is concerned that one day one of her schemes is really going to hurt someone.

rob said...

Surely it's illegal to publish advice without training and qualifications? I believe it is in the uk at least, and for damn good reason. This is a real low.

Ray said...

I really hope if this is a real letter, they dont follow it.
OMG i cant beleave this bitch, if she is really giving advice to people that will think she really cares,... :(
I honestly dont know where to begin.. WHO the F is she talking about , the love? the dude she meet in her midnight drug trip shopping thing? PLZ keep exposing this mutt.
Tila your a whore.

Ray said...

mmmk , i reread it again. The 1st thing she say's is it gave her the idea for the new columns.= she sent herself it to explain some crapppy thing on her site.

raenoherod said...

This makes me so upset. I cant believe the advice she gave her. She didnt even give her steps into a right direction at all. You have to take steps... its a process recovering your life when you go thru so much all at once. This makes me mad, but more so sad. I wish she would stop leading so any people into the wrong directions and concentrate and getting her own life together. I mean for goodness sake, this lady is about to enter rehab... how the heck is she in any position right now to give ANYONE advice?!?! I really hope that girl doesnt jump at her advice and at least asks the people around, like her family who genuinely care about her for a second opinion.

Vincenzo said...

Hi! LOVE this site, constantly lolling. In the first part of the most recent article you misspelled "wreak" by writing "reek" in terms of "wreaking havoc". ;) got your back. Have a great day and feel free to delete this and not post it. :)

Jen said...

I've been following this blog since the beginning & in comparing the type of people on here vs. the type of people on HOgul's site; I have to say, we (yes I include myself cause I'm SO narcissitic!! LOL) are quality people. You go on TT's site & the fans are young, immature who's biggest argument in defending TT is that we're jelis. I have to say, as a 35 year old woman, I worry about the direction TT is leading these young people in. Her reply to this poor young lady's problems is completely ridiculous & scary. Imagine this 24year old takes her advice & picks up and moves?? Then finds herself IN NYC, broke, alone, without her family - what do you think will happen to her depression then? Tila needs to be shut down. It's from entertaining to scary & I worry about these kids. Is there any way to get the police involved? WHY on earth haven't they put her on a 5150 hold? Something has to be done.... to get rid of this bitch once and for all. Aghhhh..... It aggravates me so much. Thanks for letting me vent! LOVE you guys.

Rotty (TRS) said...

@Vincenzo - Late at night, even us awesomesauce writers make typo's :) Thanks for the heads up and I corrected it this AM for Uncle Eddie!


deluwiel said...

Tila's "advice" only illustrates the fact that her grasp on reality is tenuous, at best. The solution to all your problems? Just leave and go somewhere else. Abandon one idea or project or direction and jump into another one without any preparation and pretend that whatever went before just didn't happen. Um... there's an old saying that goes something like this: "No matter where you go, there you are." Tila emotionally, psychologically, and intellectually simply isn't capable of dealing with issues. She runs, she lies, she covers up, she makes excuses... please, please, please - I sincerely hope no one actually takes anything she says to heart.

P.S.: Did you happen to see her "blog" yesterday? The one about her being God's angel again, yadda, yadda, yadda? It's just too bizarre, and pretty funny how she tries so hard to sound all poetic and wise. *snicker* *snort*

Anonymous said...

OMG this cunt is pissing me off to no end! She has no credentials to be passing off horrible advice to anybody. The bitch can't even handle her own life and there is no fucking way she can give advice to anyone else. I just hope the person who sent the e-mail disregards Tila's advice and seeks help for her severe depression.

The cunt thinks that since she's a "celebrity" that she's more than qualified to hand out advice like candy to whomever will listen to her. The only advice she's qualified to give is how to snort Ambien and how to roll around on astro-turf.

Ben said...

Unfortunately the only way for Tila to be stopped is for some poor sap to take her advice. For this girl to move up to NYC, be homeless for a few months and have her parents come and rescue her and ask her why she moved here and for her to say "Tila said it would fix all my problems"

Most of the media (except FOX but that doesn't surprise anyone) is ignoring Tila. Which pretty much means she has free reign on those people visiting her website to fill their heads with lies. She tried to pass of a lie she made in one post as gossip people were making up about her (about her fooling around with Amber Rose).

It's going to take tragedy for Tila's fans to see the light since some of them are so delusional it's not even funny anymore. And we know tragedy won't help Tila see the light, cause that would've been Casey, or losing 2 babies back to back in the span of 4 days.

Even poor Rob is so desperate for a break he's on Tila's bandwagon. "She's the only one who believes in me" Yeah, sorry buddy, she also believes she's an angel as well. You're fucked.

Ben said...

btw, I think the reason Tila hasn't been 5150'd is because she doesn't leave the house. Her and her "staff" are blogging there 24/7. If she was out and about in Hollywood, randomly stumbling through shops and cafes she'd get snatched up. She only seems to leave her apt for events and "meetings" (aka refills). She'll go days before even mentioning food. She's a shut-in, that's why the cops don't get her.

Fatty McFatterson said...

I considered taking on this article when I read that advice column thing last night, but frankly, the whole thing seriously depressed me. I mean, I just threw my hands in the air, and thought, holy fuck, this stupid cunt of a woman is giving the worst advice possible in the situation, and not only that, her Army of Morons and Halfwits are applauding her and swooning about how she really cares about her fans.

Tila, I hope you read this. Depression and mental illness are nothing to take lightly. From the sounds of this letter, my only advice to this young woman would be to seek professional counseling immediately. Anyone who says right out loud that they are depressed, that they are overwhelmed and that they are slipping in a downward spiral, needs professional intervention and the support of people who care about them.

New York City is one of the top most expensive cities in the world to live. You can't even get a studio for less than $1500 a month. I have friends there, and they struggle to make it there and they're employed. NYC sees a thousand girls come in every week looking to be a model. Guess how many actually make that work for them? Combine that with depression and mental illness and no money and low self-esteem, and what you have is a recipe for another Tila. No, not Tila-the-successful-mogul, Tila-the-isolated,depressed,desperate-for-attention,self-destructive, pill-popping/snorting-addict-who -is-estranged-from-family. Is that the path you think this young woman should take?
Please Tila, I beg you. Rethink this idea of an advice column. As mean as I am, I can't find anything funny about that column or the damage you could be doing to your readers or those who take your advice. You can't even manage to live your own life in a healthy way, how can you begin to think you can lead others to a healthier state.
Good job Uncle Eddie. Thanks for taking one for the team.

Lisa said...

Now she's posted a picture of HERSELF as "Hottie of the Week." She looks like she's positioned herself as a tampon cannon, ready to fire her plug off into the sunset.

But, yeah, seriously...I hope that letter isn't real. I can't imagine anyone so desperate that they'd ask an Ambien-snorting attention whore for "advice." But evidently Tila's also a LICSW, in addition to being a mogul, celebrity blogger and Future Ambassador to Vietnam.

Clementine said...

I know her fans are morons but even they have to be smart enough not to ask this cunt for advice on anything other than being a lying whore. I am assuming that Tila just made up this email to show off her awesome advice giving skills to get more emails from her fans.

Telling someone to run away from their problems and not seek help for depression is incredibly irresponsible. How anyone with even half a brain cell in their heads could think this was sound advice is beyond me. I just love the fact that Tila is shocked such a pretty girl could possibly be depressed...yes because only ugly girls ever suffer from depression because they are ugly. WTF? Fuck I could go on and on about the insane bitches advice but we all are on the same page so I don't need to!

If someone says they are depressed you instantly direct them to seek professional help. Plain and simple.

I hope that the letter is fake because if that poor girl takes any of Tila's "advice" she is going to end up in an even worse place.

Ray said...

LOL someone comment here a few days ago "why does she has a hotty of the week.,daily" :) or something like that

maya said...

haaaaa she totaly wrote that letter herselfe!OMG like some one totaly depressed would ever ask tila 4 doesn't make sense, it has no logical explanation what so ever, so i've decided it's A NOTHER TILA LIE:)))!
cmon think a little...would u writte or even admire tila if u were depressed???umm i really don't think so....
on the other hand it's excatly what i would write right after snorting a whole bottle of Ambien...
.....just sayin'

B_McBitcherson said...

Another great post - I don't have anything to add that all of you haven't already. I'm feeling a little Tila burnout, mostly because the more I think about it, the more I think she really is taking everyone for a ride. Every time she does something ridiculous now I'm rolling my eyes and thinking it's just to get on TV.

Why the fuck would you admit to being a pill popper and then turn around and try to give someone advice on their life? And who would ask a washed up drug addict for help? The whole advice thing is just as contrived as everything else she does. Ugh, she is just such a disgusting waste of body parts and silicone.

Anonymous said...

I'm praying this letter is a fake...and if it's not a fake, that this girl will clearly see how stupid Tila's advice is and seek help with a professional instead.

I say this from personal experience. I suffered through a major clinical depression when I was 28, and my experience was similar to the one noted in this email. I felt like I was in a black hole with no way out and it was the most hopeless time of my life. If someone I admired had given me advice like Tila's, it would have only deepened my depression, not given me hope. Even though I was depressed, I wasn't stupid...I could clearly see that the limits and adverse circumstances surrounding my life were real, no getting around that. My saving grace came from good friends, family who loved me, and a great counselor helping me to make my way out of the black (with a little help from carefully prescribed and monitored medication).

Tila telling this girl to just pick up and move to NYC with no money, no support around her, and that everything will magically become a Cinderella story with a happy ending is about as delusional as one can get. And dangerous for the vulnerable willing to enter into her fantasies.

Thanks for posting this, Eduardo.

Jenn said...

Maya, it is highly plausible that Tila would make up this "depressed" girl. However, its also very much possible that this girl, if she exists, would be stupid enough to seek help from Tila. Speaking from experience, when you're clinically depressed, you look to everyone and anyone for advice. What Tila is doing is terrible. This dumb bitch is trying to give out advice on how to start a new life only to leave out exactly how she got where she is today. If she wasn't sleeping her way to the "top", she was posing nude at any chance she got. There's nothing wrong with posing nude. But Tila needs to cut the shit and stop acting like she "made it" just by being an exceptional individual. Now look at her. She's right back where she started...a broke dumb whore.

Francine said...

There's little left to say that hasn't already been said, besides how utterly dangerous and damaging this woman is.

To advise a severely depressed person to move away from their family - their main support network - during such a fragile time is irresponsible and horrifying.

I hope to God this letter is fake, because Tila has just served up the perfect recipe for suicide.

Anonymous said...

when i read this, i couldnt help thinking, what if this girl who is suffering from depression, takes her advice. what if she moves to new york, but it doesnt work out for her? what if something awful happens to her, which causes her to spiral more into depression. the fact that tila, who doesnt even know the girl or her full situation, just tells her to move out there, is awful. just because that might of worked for tila, it does not mean it will work for someone who is susceptible for even writing a letter to tila tequila for advice! tila has alot of followers, she should use it for good. i dont understand how they dont see her as the vile, selfish, vain, lying, egotistical "hogul" that she is...and tila knows how to entice her "army" by making them think they can become true friends with her...ugh

Cathy said...

There is a special place in hell for people like Tila

Anonymous said...

what if this 24 year old woman takes tilas advice and moves to new york, and what if she falls in with the wrong people, what if she cant afford to pay for her apartment, what if she cant find modeling work, what if she spirals more into depression. tila answered her by being her usual egotistical, selfish, vain self, making it about her...talking about HER. maybe it worked for her, being the slut hogul she became....this girl is suffering from depression. she needs help. guidance. she will get over the girlfriend that broke her heart. she needs to work on herself first. (i wrote another comment but i think it didnt work...i hate when that happens!!!)

Ben said...


Hell? Tila's an angel, she said it herself. Doesn't that make it true?

The Jezebel said...

this is the worst advice ever..tila might as well as told her to strip to support herself while she's in new york...considering how she's broke...a trash bag of ones should be enough for the 1st months rent lol

Cathy said...

@ Ben
Ahhh yes how could I forget and angel of God. Perhaps in her infamous grammatical accuracy she really meant angle. She an obtuse angle of God. Like so obtuse she came from hell?

ktpinkie said...

If you thought that letter was bad, check out @Carleana25. She talks to Tila like she's God. It's sooooo disturbing. That girl really needs help!

allen said...

hello all,

Tila's interaction with her fans is what dragged us into this MESS.
For us it was Tila's interaction with minors with some of them being VERY CLOSE to US.We all remember our teen years when our parents were "no longer cool" As parents you hope that you instilled in your children what is right and wrong.
For us this letter is an example of why we choose to battle against THIEN.I don't think there is anything legally wrong about this particular letter because the young woman is 23.We are not big twitter,facebook or blog people. We refuse to visit her gossip blog and would encourage others to do the same.Let the bloggers capture the insanity of THIEN.

We would like a list of the advertisers/companies that support THIEN THANH THA NGUYEN gossip blog.THIEN this is how adults settle things.

Allen and FRiends in Prescott AZ
Thien you have our names and addresses..Come get US!