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Tuesday, May 11

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First of all, Uncle Eddie wants to say YAY FATTY!  We finally snagged that bitch Fatty McFatterson to write for us, and you can see her first post here.  That makes a total of 4 writers here at the Rotspot, which is no where close to Tila's 20 blogwriters, but we do a better job so figure that one out.  Also, lots of you have professed your joy at us getting Fatty to write for us, saying you love her comments.   We actually do not like her comments, but she paid us each $2 and a pack of Marlboro reds so SOLD AMERICAN, am I right?  JUST KIDDING FATTY, WE LOVE YOU!

Okay so moving on.  The other day someone alerted me to the fact that Tila isn't quite the first gossip blogger in her neck of the woods.  It's none other than my 9headed boo himself, Mr. Bradshaw!  OMG!

And look, he wants to dethrone Perez too!  Isn't that precious!?  Jesus you two, get an original idea.  And no, I don't mean taking credit for fads that already existed, like androgyny (and I'm not even kidding you guys, Bradshaw takes credit for that, as well as the whole chain thing).  I can't believe they're STILL trying to dethrone Perez.  Jesus.

Anyway, that just made me laugh, and you know how Uncle Eddie loves him some 9head.  Any time I can post on it you know I will because I basically worship it in church every Sunday and this is like penance for all the horrible things Uncle Eddie has done.  Church of the 9head - Join us, won't you?

Speaking of the horrible things Uncle Eddie has done, last night I was watching Tosh.0 and they showed a clip of a man who spent 6 years injecting his penis with silicone and I had to scour the internets to find this video!  (Yes I linked to it, suck it).  Anyway, as I was searching the Tosh.0 blog, I came across this GEM (lol Bradshaw speak) regarding a certain midget meth-mouthed mogul's blog!

"As she says 'There has been many celebrities that I know a lot of juicy, dark secrets about.' [sic]  Celebrities like, um, Tila Tequila.  And, uh, the chick who died who i was supposedly married to or whatever."


"Oh, and around the 1:30 mark, she suggests that she might get naked on the site too...because that's what reputable journalists do!"


I love showing you guys the random shit I find because I know we all share a good larf over it.  But let's get to the MEAT, okay?

So yesterday, before inundating us with "OMG MY ALBUM IS OUT IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL AND PROFOUND AND I OBVIOUSLY DON'T KNOW WHAT THOSE WORDS MEAN BECAUSE MY ALBUM IS NOTHING LIKE THAT," Tila gave us the heads-up that Katy Perry was named #1 by Maxim's Hot 100.  I didn't go to the blog because, well, Tila sucks, but I did catch the opening paragraph on Facebook (and thankfully that's all you really need).

As you can imagine, most of the comments were as the ones you see here, with a few fans still kissing Tila's ass in the hopes of recognition...or tit pics, or nude ustreams.  Because these fans are too young to know that a mere google image search of "Tila's tits" unleashes a whole bounty right into your computer's screen.  And no, even though I linked to the man who spent 6 years injecting his wang with silicone, I am not going to link you to a google image search of "Tila's tits."  PRINCIPLES, PEOPLE, I HAS THEM.

Anyway, if you're like me, you might be thinking to yourself that Tila sounds just a wee bit bitter in her article.  It might be the random POW!!!!!! stuck in there, just a hint.  I wonder why Tila would be bitter about something like that?  Oh wait, no, it probably has to do with the la times writing this:


Thanks go our girl Monique, aka MissTilaOMG on twitter, for commenting with this linkOh, to live in Tila's world, where everything surrounding her is "beautiful," and "profound," but only to Tila.  To everybody else it's crab infested and smells like old beef jerky that's been slathered in mayo and left in the sun too long.

Hey, anybody got $2 I can borrow?  There's this really beautiful and profound CD I wanna buy...I have some neighborhood kids I wanna torture.  Thanks in advance,

Uncle Eddie

P.S. Here's a really good article on Tila's EP: Click it, bitches!


Isis said...


And when you Google "Tila's tits" Google asks you "Did you mean Tyra's tits"? As in Tyra Banks. That's right Tila, Google thinks your tits are irrelevant.

deluwiel said...

more randoms:

dv40 tweets: "RT @oddible1: Just got out of a meeting at KTLA and ran into Tila Tequila....she is NOT pretty at all." LOL!!

and here's the video of her live at KTLA this a.m.:

ack, ack, and ack.

Elizabeth said...


ArtistJess said...


Uncle Eddie, I wish you were my uncle!

Anonymous said...

Fatty is a girl? Lmao. I thought it was a guy.