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Friday, May 28

postheadericon Fail Blog Sinks - Whole New Low

I used to watch Rob and Big all the time, and Big Black used to say "This is HNL - 'hole 'notha level."  And guys, this is seriously HNL.

GUYS.  Guys.  It's 1:22 pm for me right now.  This is one of Tila's Facebook updates for her blog:

See how she's A) bringing up news that was posted everywhere else yesterday?  and B) making the same "Different Strokes" joke that everybody else made?  Also, see how it says 56 minutes ago?

Yeah, so she posted that after Gary Coleman passed away.  We're talking like, almost an hour after it was reported.

Here's the article on TMZ:

I saw Tila getting a LOT of flack for it on the comments to that post on Facebook, so from what I understand someone has updated her post.

I realize a lot of you aren't going to find this funny.  I don't particularly find it funny, myself, I'm just sitting here shaking my head at what a fucking MORON Tila is.  Some up-to-date blog you've got there, Princess Dumbass.

Also, RIP Gary Coleman.


Thanks to my girl Brixie Rose, who grabbed screen caps of Tila's two blogs regarding this:

Good thing, too, because my SUPER EXCLUSIVE sources (aka Rotty) tell me she's just pulled the first blog down, edited, and re-titled, then re-uploaded it.  Yes, Tila, that was the right thing to do.  Except, even better would have been to get up-to-date information and copy/paste that, not information from yesterday.  Sorry boo.


Anonymous said...

oh lord...really! did she posted that about him like hour ago..damn..she seems to be very late and very stupid..

de-thrown who??! when you are late with are not going to be queen of all media.far from it.

seems like failer for me! youself a favor darlin (tila) and quit the business

looks like i heard the news before her. i read this like 2-3 hours ago

RIP Gary Coleman

BigPoppaPhat said...

she pulled the post lol, it looks like she checks up on this site often.

Isis said...

Aww RIP :(

Ben said...

Tila spends her nights snorting ambien and writing up blogs that will be posted during the day as she sleeps off her binge. Problem is stuff happens during the day. If she was up like a normal person she'd be able to be up to date on everything.

Thien Ambien is seriously so fucked up if you told her it was 7 o'clock I guarantee she'd say "AM or PM?"

deluwiel said...

what troubles me is the last couple of paragraphs. Tila didn't write it, for sure. "A Hollow Hand"...I'm sorry. What the hell does that mean? "Any person with a keen spiritual understanding would know..." really? To me, it sounds like they're kinda implying that Gary just didn't get it.
Whoever did write it needs to leave the preaching for a different blog. Totally inappropriate to insert this into a report of someone's death.

Joann said...

Awww hell guys. I just saw this on another gossip site and if it's true, all I can say is someone may get that beat down after all.

Frankie, Keyshia Coles's mom, is suppose to be on CR4.

Frankie use to have a show on BET with Keyshia's sister Neffe called The Frankie and Neffe Show until a petition was circulated to ban the show. Frankie is pure GHETTO.

Check out this interview with Frankie. F*cked up mess.

Jen said...

I'm surprised she didn't turn it on her saying "I too know the devestating effects of knocking your head... I had a miscarriage, remember? Could you imagine if I had died?? OH MY GOD - what would the world to without me? Who would carry on God's work? How on earth would my minions survive without me??" Cause we all know, EVERY post or "exclusive" that Tila has direct links to her life. AGHH.. BTW - Ben, thank you for answering my question about the 5150 (on the other post). about we all pitch in some money and have her whacked??

BKiddo said...

I don't really care too much for her stupid, "Differents Strokes" actor had a stroke headline.
Matter of fact, it really pisses me off.
Ya know, all the credible entertainment/gossip sites out there, have class and compassion when someone is ill or passes. Not make up some fucked up play on words title for a story like Tila did.

Emily said...

LMAO at Tila for being the RotSpot's most avid reader and #1 fan! She must check this blog obsessively every time she posts on her joke of a "gossip blog", just to see what she needs to change and/or remove. Sad, pathetic little girl. Too bad Celebrity Rehab is just feeding her worst addiction: attention. Lovin the RotSpot lately thanks for the lolz.

Betty said...

If Tila had any tact at all she'd at least apologize. Joking about someone's health and death is just sick.

K.R. Omen said...

Mind you, this See You Next Tuesday tweeted that her wifey was in a coma, a day after she was found dead.

Anonymous said...

@BKiddo: Agreed--the headline and "coverage" is in very poor taste. She could look to Michael K. at Dlisted for a few tips. He is brilliant at including a quip in an obit, but still showing compassion.

I've think that when Tila realizes something she's done is a complete failure, she starts ramping up the superlatives, i.e. Everyone was there! I'm a supermogul! etc. Like if she says it enough, it makes it true.

(Off topic: is anyone else suspicious about Gary Coleman's wife's seeming eagerness to pull the plug??)

Ben said...

Okay, I'm sure you'll cover this, but I have to tell someone, and you guys are the only ones around.

She just posted that she's NOT going to be on Celeb Rehab. So basically she says "I'm abusing drugs, but I'm NOT GOING TO SEEK HELP cause I just want to lay in bed and dream of happiness and my army will support me."

Seriously, wow. I'm speechless after one of her posts for once. By the way if she ever realized that everything she accuses someone of doing to her, she's done to other people. If she ever realized that, her head would explode. Here's hoping that day comes soon.

Joann said...

Ok TRS..Tila posted a new Dear Diary about something that happen to her but she was going on and on about how great she was and blah, blah, blah but never getting to the point. I got bored and stopped reading.

I'll wait for one of you guys to break it down as only you can.

Joann said...

I decided to go back to her latest post and read the comments and judging from a couple of comments Tila will not be doing CR4 but I don't know why since I didn't finish the reading the post.

Ben said...

The funny thing is I bet her army will use the excuse of "she'll get help privately". Shit, if she wouldn't get help when she was PAID for it, she won't get it privately.

Alabama Worley said...

Her latest blog post is apparent of a few things.

1. Onyx is not with her anymore. Someone keeps stating Skylar has her.

2. She's not going on CR4

3. She "fired" Leo and Carlton

4. She obviously finds flaws in her new appearance because she won't post new photos and that screams insecurity.

BKiddo said...

Ha! Jen, you're right, I'm suprsied that she didn't twist this into something relating to her. I bet she's kicking herself right now for forgetting to do that.
I think the same thing about Colemans wife. She reminds me of Jeff Conaways wife.

boytoy said...

Tila is alone again with no family or friends, no advisers, no dog. The only thing tila has are her drugs and blog.

Tila is alone in her big bleak black hole of life, day in day out eith only her drugs to care for her.