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Saturday, May 8

postheadericon More people angry at Tila for her fail blog

So...looks like Tila is pissing people off right and left by copying and pasting their work on her OMG OF ALL BULLSHIT blog.  Check out this article written by Dave Lieberman for OC Weekly, who is justifiably annoyed with Tila for copying and pasting his Cinco De Mayo post.

How long can this possibly continue?  How much longer are people going to let this happen before they file the appropriate legal action against her stupid meth face and force her to shut her stupid bullshit down?

Thanks to our loyal reader Deluwiel for the heads up.


jenn said...

i don't understand what this idiot keeps coming up with all these "business" ideas. none of them have been lucrative. she clearly doesn't seek professional or legal advice before starting any of these endeavors because she is always getting into legal trouble and/or they all just fail miserably.

if she is going to take the time to start these so called businesses why doesn't she try to do it right or she might as well not bother at all.

i don't understand why she just keeps wasting her time.

Anonymous said...

She is a fuckin moron. I am so glad more and more people are getting angry with her.

Found some new pics of her. Why does she always wear that belt? She shouldn't wear it around her waist. She should wear it around her neck and pull it tighter.

Joann said...

@TRS..I posted a comment on Mr. Lieberman's site that he was not alone being plagiarized by Tila and to check out this site to see what she is really about.

@jenn..IMO, Tila has little or no working knowledge of running a gossip site or any other business, or she just doesn't give a shit and again, IMO, she has no staff.

Maybe her and one other person, which in her mind makes up a staff, are running this gossip site by how the other gossip sites look. P&C other's articles then put in her own misspelled comments. IMO, she takes a shortcut by P&C other bloggers work, not knowing it will come back to bite her in the ass.

I'm betting she never checked anything from a legal stand point. IMO, she even copied part of TBS disclaimer.

Tila has this overwhelming need to feel important so she gets an idea that flashes into her mind, probably while high, makes up a name for it, proceed to tell the world that this will be her next venture/s but she doesn't put much work into these ventures to be successful and comes out looking like a fool.

You can't be running a business yet still going on tour, on twitter, making appearances and think your business is going to be successful with one person on your "staff". That's why her shit fails.

She wants the recgonition, but she don't want to do the work and she has probably ran everyone away from her who could help her.

READ THIS TILA: A real mogul has SEVERAL businesses that have been up and running for YEARS and are still successful because his/her businesses provides a good service, brings in huge profits and have a LOT of people under him/her who know what they're doing.

Tila thinks she ONLY need a lot of businesses in her name to call herself a mogul..doesn't matter if they're making money or not. Hell, I can do that and call myself a mogul.

Tila doesn't have clue, that's why the mainstream media laughs at her. They know she don't know what the hell she's doing.

Jacqueline said...

She is a true multiple failure...I wonder why she exist. The creator must love idiots like her, otherwise it would have wired her brain properly.

Rachel said...

I agree with all the posts here. I just wish someone would take her to court over it but maybe they don't want the headache or she is that insignificant to them...

deluwiel said...

You guys are the best!!

jayden said...

Her blog's been up for only a couple of days. She says she has the paps "on lock." She claims to have a staff in the hundreds. Yet she still can't come up with any original material. Biggest Tila fail ever.

deluwiel said...

Those Hilary Duff pics in her lead blog? Came right from "Meet The Famous" - who solicit celeb photos to SELL to other outlets and then the photogs get paid. Ummm... let's see... I'm gonna take a shot in the dark here and say that she didn't pay squat to copy and paste these.

What part of copyright infringement and proprietary rights does she just not understand?

Anonymous said...

Let's remember that Carlton Jordan's supposedly blogging for her. Carlton, of course, also has a "new writer" who gently uses 85% of existing text (and snaps) without sourcing:

Exhibit A (see comments also):

Exhibit B:

Funny that Carlton couldn't figure out where his "new writer" found this article to borrow as it took me .002 seconds.

"So if I create a half-assed sentence or two to lead-in, it's original, right? Then I can copy the rest verbatim?" NO.